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Found 78 results

  1. Emma260

    Passport Renewal

    Hi Guys, I recently got married back in October 2019, and I'm going to Europe on my honeymoon. I'm looking in to renewing my passport with my new name and there are some questions I want to ask if people have done the same thing. So the picture I took on my iPhone came up as fair on the passport application, is that ok or do I need a better one? Also the website told me I have to send the original copy of my marriage certificate, I'm unsure of this because I am sending it all the way to England just makes me nervous applying for things such as a passport. If anyone has done the same or been through something similar can you please let me know. Much appreciated
  2. Hi, I wanted some advice on which visa route to take for myself (British born UK Citizen) to get to Australia soon after Marriage (2nd October 2020) to my Fiance (Australian Citizen). We are both of Indian Heritage, which as a result as meant that we have been unable to live with one another before marriage. We have been together for 14 months of which we have traveled to each others countries and met up in other countries. We have our chat logs, numerous pictures, reciepts, plane tickets and other evidence to support our relationship. We have some main goals Move as soon as possible after marriage (Long distance relationships are hell :( ) For me to start work as soon as possible (I need my sanity and i do love my job) For us to be able to travel and have couple holidays as well as me be able to visit my family in the UK without having to worry about getting back into Australia. And without jeopardizing my work situation We are getting mixed messages around which visa route to take. We know our options are the following 1. Prospective Marriage Visa (Fiance Visa) Our concern here is that we have a wedding date set with so many deposits paid that we are unable to change the date of marriage. What would happen if we apply for this visa and we get married before we are granted it? Also the visa duration time. 2. Partner Visa (offshore) Although we have been reassured that other couples in our situation have been ok with this visa, the fact that we have not lived together or have financial responsibilities together worries us. We will do but at present this hasn't happened due to us living on the other side of the planet. 3. Visitor Visa for 3 months then apply for Partner Visa (Onshore) on arrival to Australia which will issue a bridging gap visa This for us sounds like a gamble, we have read that sometimes bridging visas aren't granted. Also the duration from the bridging visa to the actual partner visa. We know that bridging visa A will not allow me to travel but as a newly married couple adventures will be the 1st thing on our list. We are aware the bridging visa B will be possible but with short periods away from Australia, and that I could have to wait for a 3 month period again on a visitor visa to be granted a bridging visa which will then stop me from working again. This is all so confusing for us and we would appreciate any advice or guidance that has either helped you and your partner in a similar situation or even any legal advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Myself and my fiancee, are both UK citizens, and now living in Australia. We wish to get married in England, as that is where the majority of our family and friends still live. We plan to get married in June 2012, and have been told that before we do this, we need to "give notice" in the UK, and be in England for 9 days before doing this, together. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to work commitments. My fiancee will be in England for 7 days in July 2011, as she is attending a family wedding, and I will be in England in September for 3 weeks, to attend my best friend's wedding, where I am best man. We will then not be able to be in England at all, until 10 days before our actual wedding day, in June 2012. Is there any way we can "give notice" in Australia, via the British embassy or are there any other options available to us? We really want to get married in England, as a marriage anywhere else would not feel right. Anyone else encountered this? Or heard of this at all? Any advice given would be very helpful.
  4. Hi! I am looking for more information, I am married to an Australian citizen with dual citizenship to the U.K and we are planning on moving to Australia. We are due to have our baby in November and would like to get the visa application ball rolling sooner rather than later. Has anyone else done this? We have been married for 2 years had a house together for 4 years and we also have a dog to bring with us. Any Advice or tips we would be very grateful for. Thanks, Corrinna
  5. Warman_sarahlf

    Getting married on a Partner Visa

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has moved to the UK on a partner visa and eventually got engaged/ married whilst living there? Can’t afford to go though the proposed marriage visa way. We are looking to move back to the UK in October this year! TIA ???
  6. Hello, I am new here but have been a lurker for a few weeks. I am an Australian citizen who has been living in the UK with my now-husband for 15 years (i am a dual citizen). We got married last month in Queensland and have now come back to the UK. We've decided to move to Australia permanently with our two children in 2019 and I wanted to get the ball rolling with his visa. Am i right in thinking that he applies NOW for his temp visa ... which then eventually will turn into the permanent one? I can apply for this visa now even though we won't be there for another 19 months? Our children will have citizenship via me so i won't need to do anything with them besides get their Aust passports sorted out. If anyone else has done this, i'd love to hear from you. I understand the visas can take up to 3 years to obtain so now is a good time to start right?? Do some people wait until they're IN Australia? $7,000 is a lot of money! Thank you for reading!
  7. Hey just wanted to ask , im married to an australian citizen for 7years and we want to move to australia . Do i have to apply first for 309 visa or can i apply for permanent visa 100 avoiding the 309 visa ?
  8. Guest

    An odd partner visa question!

    Hi guys, This is our first post! Hopefully one of you super helpful and intelligent people can lend a hand! We want to apply for a Partner Visa (309) in February next year once we have enough evidence. However we really want to get married in June after we have lodged the application i.e. get married during the application process (or just after if the visa comes through quick!). Can we do this? We know we really should apply for a prospective marriage visa (300) but for cost reasons we want to avoid this as it works out a lot more. Any help you guys can give would be great! Thanks in advance! :notworthy:
  9. stephaniepomroy

    457 visa & not married?

    hi guys, was wondering that if you got sponsored by a company on a 457 visa would myself and my partner have to be married for myself and our children to join him out in Oz?
  10. softener

    Married vs Engaged vs De Facto

    [h=1]I just started filling out an application for a long-stay temporary business visa (subclass 457) and am not sure how I should go about it. My situation: My fiance and I are planning on getting married on the 5th of August, 2012. I accepted a job in Australia and expect to go over to start in September. Therefore when we go over we will be married, but we currently are not. [/h] My question: Should I fill out the application with her as my spouse, or as a de facto partner? When selecting relationship status, should I select Engaged, De Facto, or Married? That brings me to another question. Although we're engaged, should I just stick with filling out the Visa as being in a de facto relationship?
  11. Hi Guys, My passport is currently in my maiden name. Ive sat my IELTS and my skills assesment for which all will have my maiden name on them. I'm thinking of whether to: change the name on my passport to my married name before I submit my visa application or whether to just leave it in my maiden name and fill in the form using my maiden name details Confussed as to what would be best, anyone have any experience/idea? :unsure:
  12. Well its the afternoon really but the song is stuck in my head. To anyone who is interested and knows a little of our trials and tribulations we are headed for the aisle tomorrow. We're very much looking forward to it, and we have made it through our tough time and I'm sure its not our last but we are happy. my poor husband to be is very drunk at the mo and hopefully will be fine on the day. Anyway, cheers my pio pals x x my last entry before I'm wed x x :wub:
  13. Hi there, I am hoping some one can help me with this query as I've spent hours scouring the internet and can't seem to find an answer. I'm from the UK and got my Australia PR visa (subclass 175) granted about a year ago. After it was granted, I got engaged to my (now) husband and we then successfully applied and were granted a prospective marriage subclass 300 visa. Since then we have been out to Australia and got married :-) We weren't quite ready to move out permanently so we're back in the UK at the moment but will be flying out to settle for good in October this year. Our question is how do we go about applying for my husband to remain permanently in Australia now that we are married. His visa grant letter just states that he has to do this from within Australia before his subclass 300 visa expires. All the info I have found points to him applying for a subclass 820 visa - but the visa application process looks like you have to submit a multitude of documents exactly as we have already done for the subclass 300. Is this right? Do we have to go through the entire process again, getting statutory declarations, references from employers etc? We will find this extremely difficult to provide since we will have just arrived in Australia and won't be employed :-( Any help would be much appreciated as I can't seem to find a straight answer. I have tried contacting the Australian high commission but can't get through. Thanks.
  14. Blazingmonkey

    Changing from defacto to married?

    Hi, We are hoping to start the process soon of applying for a 176 State sponsored visa. My partner is going to be the main applicant. We have currently been together for 4 years own our own home so providing evidence for the defacto part will be easy. Question is we are getting married in June (very excited ), is it easy to change when we are married? We want to get it in before the changes next year also if (big IF I know) we are approved before we are married can the visa be changed?
  15. Hi everyone, my husband (29) and me (25) applied for 175 visa one month ago and planning to move to Sydney (from Croatia) once/if we get our visa. My hubbie is main aplicant and he's Mechanical Engineering Technologist so he'll be looking for a job in his occupation. What I wanted to ask you all is what do you think how much money for a start do we need (6 months)? We'll have to rent the apartment or unit (one bedroom is a must) when we get there but I would really appreciate if you could help me to calculate monthly expenses (rent, utilities, food, public transport, etc.) We won't buy a car at first therefore, we'll probably have to settle somewhere near the public transport so any advice is good advice.. :unsure: Thank you in advance. Cheers!
  16. I am from Sri Lanka. I have been living in Melbourne on student visa. One month ago, I finished my course and applied for Temporary Residency (Graduate Visa - 485 subclass) just last week. So I am on Bridging visa A now. In about 2 months time, I have to go to Sri Lanka to get married. Marriage, honeymoon everything will take around 6 weeks. Now if I go to the immigration department in Melbourne and mention this, WILL IT BE A VALID REASON to grant Bridging Visa B? :cry: What kind of proof will they require? How long will they take to grant visa? How soon should I apply for this Visa? Thanks everyone.
  17. I submit my visa application(475-Family Sponsor) on FEB-2011. Still it is being process further. If i get marry before my visa grant, will it be effected to my visa process?.... I suppose to apply spouse visa after the initial entry.... please help me. your reply will be really appreciated.... Thanks a lot Samk6 :wubclub:
  18. Hey guys, Im new to this forum so please bear with me. Myself and BF are planning to go to Oz he is a carpenter so will qualify on the skilled visa. Even though i am college educated nothing on the skills list matches for me! So it looks like i will have to do the spouse/defacto visa. We have been together over a year and living together but have no joint accounts and only his name on the lease of our house. We know its a job proving the relationship but my question is .... Should we just get married? Does this clarify we are together for real? Does it benefit our application process? We plan on marrying in the future anyway but if it means helping with the paperwork we will do it sooner. Anyone have any info on this? Thanks so much xx
  19. Guest

    CO wants more de-facto evidence

    Apologies ... i have deleted this post for fear of being identified ....
  20. Hello all I'm starting this post as I really need help and advice. I sat on this website and another one last night reading horror stories and posts about finance issues in OZ...one whole thread of people saying don't do it, you will be left in financial ruin. Our position - we are 30/31, just married, just sold our house in the Scottish Highlands and are about 25K up after the sale (not something many people can say now eh?). My contract for my job finished in May and my hubby is a self employed Plumber, but still finding it hard. We have state sponsorship from Victoria pending a positive skills test result. We would then be in category 2 and as things are at the moment, would perhaps even get our visa before Christmas. We are at the point now where we have to send off this skills test application as we only have a set time to get this to Victoria to confirm their sponsorship. As some of you know this cost is really high - $2400. So this is the start of our costs and before we fork this out I want to be sure. We travelled the world in 2008/09 and we cannot settle here in Scotland, it's remote, cold and not much going on with employment almost non existent. I'm not sure if we were in the South whether we would feel differently. We are up for a challenge and like doing new things so wanted to emigrate for a better way of life. OZ, Canada and USA were on the cards. Can't get in to USA, Canada annual leave puts me off so we decided on OZ. We worked out that between us we can prob earn 100K - would this really be a struggle? My main concern is that after being there a few years we would want to start a family and so would be reduced to one wage, perhaps 60K then if hubby has got his plumbing licence. I'd want to go back to work but I see child care costs are high also. Do we also really need private medical insurance? I was treated while in OZ when travelling and all seemed okay with their public hospitals? I went online to Cole's to see if I could get a rough estimate for shopping and it didn't seem as bad as some say, especially if you go for own brand rather than the brands we know and love. At such a crucial point in our lives I don't want to make the wrong move and end up back here in a few years, with no money, starting again having not started a family. Any help or breakdown of figures would be helpful xx:arghh:
  21. Hi guys, I have had a search through a fair number of threads of which some are similar but not quite the same to this question. OK so here is the situation. I have been in Oz for just over 3 years now on a 457 (different employers so I cannot apply for PR yet). I am looking to get married next year to my girlfriend who is back in the UK and want to know if I can add her to my current 457 (not a new application). Specific info: We were together several years ago, but have been back together seriously for the last 3 months (so by the time she is looking to relocate out here next year we will have evidence of having been together for over 6 months which seems to be what is required on a 457 in the first place) She is over 31 so she cant come out on a working holiday visa for 12 months by which time I should have my PR application in, she can only come out on a standard 3 month tourist visa. Can my current visa be adjusted to include her? Does it make any difference if we get married here or back in the UK where both of our families are? If I can get my PR application in sooner would I just include her on that application? Or once I have my PR granted can I marry her and she can then live here (I guess this would require a change to my PR visa as well) Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. We would be looking to stay here and at some point in the future raise a family here. Just after my best course of action if it would be: If I can get her added to my current 457 If I would be better to do my PR application and add her onto that application as my spose If my PR is granted before she comes out can I then add her to my PR visa? Thanks
  22. Hi all, I lodged my skilled visa 175 online in May 2009. Not even allocated a CO or anything yet! In the meantime I have met someone, got engaged in January 2011 and we're getting married in July 2011. I'm also in a new job since I lodged my application! Alot changes in 2 years! Don't even know where to begin in adding my fiance to my application, or updating all the details. And because I did my application online, how am I supposed to add to/change it? I think it is ridiculous that it has taken over 2 years and I've heard nothing! My fiance hasn't even been to Oz before so I've no idea if we'll actually even take the plunge, but after all the effort I've been to applying for this visa, it would be a shame to just write it off! Please can anyone advise me as to what I'm supposed to do to to update my application. Even though I did the online app myself 2 years ago, I'm tempted now to seek help from an agency because I just don't understand how to change my app now! Help please! Ruthie :confused:
  23. Hi all, Myself and my partner are both from the UK and are living in Australia on a 457 visa. We are going to Croatia to get married in September, and returning to Sydney afterwards. We are now sorting out some of the required legal paperwork to get the relevant cert to get married. We have been told that we have to place an advert in a local daily paper for 7 days using specific wording about our intention to get married and then sending copies to the British High Commission in Canberra :confused: (seems crazy, but true) so we just called up Sydney Morning Herald and are absolutely stunned as we have been told this is going to cost us around $2000 :cry: to run a teeny tiny advert for 7 days. Thats insane! There must be another option.... Its all to do with getting married in a non-commonwealth country it seems. Has anyone here ever done what we're trying to do? Hoping someone can offer advice, I will be trying to get hold of someone at the British High Commission too.. no idea how easy that will be... Thanks in advance! Chris & Amanda
  24. neilharrison_253

    Working Holiday Visa for Married Couple..

    Hi All I have a friend in South Africa who is under 30 and married. He currently hold a UK passport so would be able to qualify for a WHV. He is however married to a South African girl who is also under 30 but only holds a South African passport. Anyone know if she would be able to get in on his WHV visa. They want to come and visit us and travel and work abit.. Thanks in advance
  25. Hi guys, I want to apply for a partner visa for my fiancee.... we are getting married on Oct and I was planning to apply for her visa after the wedding... but as I was reading the offshore partner visa eligibility, I came across this: Application location To apply outside Australia on the basis of marriage, you must either be legally married to your partner at time of application or intend to legally marry your partner before a decision is made on the temporary Partner visa. does this mean I could apply for her visa as early as this month? as long as I could give proof that our wedding date is set on Oct? any input would be very helpful... TIA