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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, First post here. Our situation is a little unusual in that we are a same sex couple - with me from the UK and my better half Australian. We are living apart at the moment but plan for me to relocate from Merrie Olde England to NSW. We wish to marry so are hoping that SSM legislation will be passed soon to enable this, and are currently making tentative plans based on the assumption that legislation will pass and as far as immigration is concerned will mean the same rules currently applying to straight couples for fiancee and marriage visas will also apply to us. Following on this assumption, I'm a bit confused / surprised about the Class 300 visa. Do citizens of all countries who enter Australia to marry have to apply for the 300 before arriving, or is this only for citizens of countries that cannot use the e-visitor system? Most countries allow people to enter for weddings quite freely, usually on a regular social visit/holiday/family visit visa, then afterwards to apply for the main partner/residency visa. Is this not the case in Australia? We want to do everything strictly legally to avoid any issues, and so will start down this road as soon as we can if need be, but wanted to check to ensure we don't plan for needless expense and paperwork on a visa we don't need. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings! Jasmin
  2. Hi guys, my partner and I are applying for the pmv in a couple of months (august) but are stuck on how to choose a wedding date? The aussie gvt website says currently 75% of applicants are processed in 13 months, 95% in 19 months. With the 9 month window to get married once approved, how do I choose a date to get married? It could basically be any time from sept 2019 to dec 2020 :S It seems that we need the wedding organised with dates, venue and the officiant all booked, right? I'm so worried i'll organise a wedding too late or too early, and not have the visa for it.
  3. Hello all, My partner and I have decided to go with the Prospective Marriage Visa as this seems to be our best option. Firstly I am headed back to the UK tomorrow so I believe we will be doing the online lodging of the visa application. Does anyone know where the application will be processed through and possible time frame for processing time at that location? What do we need to provide to prove we have met in person? Are photos a must? What is the cost of the xray/medical l would need to get done over in the UK? I think that is all for now Thanks so much
  4. Claire6474

    PMV to 820 wait time?

    Hello, Just was wondering about wait times for PMV to 820? We submitted our 820 beginning of June and apart from them asking for a police check from me (sponsor) we haven't heard anything since. I've heard of people bring granted in a month or less? Thanks
  5. hetx

    PMV 300 Help

    Hello All, Here's my scenario: I was introduced to an Aus citizen and we met up a few weeks ago. We have known eachother since highschool, but never kept in touch and we were introduced to eachother by our parents. I have studied in Aus in the same city as him, so we have been in the same events numerous times, but do not have photos together. We are keen on eachother and want to get engaged in December 2017- so I can say that we are engaged, but having the ceremonial engagement in Dec. Since it is an arranged marriage, there has not been a proposal. Since the visa process takes a lot of time, we wish to start the PMV 300 application as soon as possible. He lives in Australia and I live in a different country. Here is the evidence we have and can provide: -Photos from our trip together -bookings for hotels we stayed at together -tour bookings under our names -whatsapp chat -whatsapp phone call (we talk everyday) -photos with his parents -photos with mutual friends -stat dec from 3 friends who are aus citizens -ticket for his trip for our engagement in Dec -we will figure out a date for civil marriage (try to figure out when I may be granted PMV300 and in between the 9 months) and get a booking with a registrar & quote for the wedding venue, the wedding will be in my home country and not in Aus -statements from our parents informing acceptance of our marriage as we are of the same caste/religion -invitations for events we are both invited to, to show social acceptance My question is, 1. can I apply for PMV 300 as soon as possible with the above evidence? 2. do we really need to update photos on facebook of the two of us and provide that as evidence? (We are not quite active on facebook, but have been friends since Aug 2009) 3. What can we provide as proof to show that we are planning a future together? We cannot have joint bank accounts as I do not reside in Aus. I have read quite a few forums in the past few weeks and I am still not sure whether I can start my application straight away. Any help will be highly appreciated Thank you
  6. Hi All, My wife and I got married recently after my Prospective Marriage Visa was approved and we moved from the UK to Sydney in December 2016. My wife is an Australian citizen and I'm in the process of applying for my Partner Visa 801 from Australia. My question is about documents and evidence. We submitted documents for the PMV online and will do the same for the Partner Visa. I kept copies of my submitted evidence for my PMV and had it all certified in the UK. Can I just use a lot of that again or do I need to get it all certified in Australia now? I know we'll need new declarations and the wedding certificate will need to be certified, but copies of my ID documents and all other documents just seems like so much work, when I could just upload what I previously submitted. I think my police check will be over 12 months very soon too, so I'm hoping they won't ask for a new one. I hope this makes sense. Thanks very much, Greg
  7. Just want to see who else applied around this time and what stages you are at etc. I applied 10th June, got my CO and got my medicals all sorted, not just for the long wait
  8. MollyRyan

    Prospective marriage visa help! :)

    Hello all, We are Molly&Ryan from the Uk and we're currently seeking some advice regarding the prospective marriage visa. First a little info about ourselves. We've been together for two and a half amazing years now having spent a year in Sydney when Molly had a working holiday visa. I have PR so I'll be the one doing the sponsoring. After over a year back in the UK we're looking to head back to Aus and tie the knot. As I understand it the applicant must be off-shore at the time of the application but the sponsor does not. It mentions that the sponsor must be able to provide evidence that they can support the fiancé with money and accommodation for two years. SO what we're wondering is if I need to be set up in Australia with a job and accommodation before we send the application off? Or if I can be off-shore as well despite not currently having a set up in Aus? Obviously we want to spend as little time a part as possible but the guidelines for the sponsor seem to be a little ambiguous compared with that of the applicant so some advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading! Molly&Ryan
  9. Hello everyone, I tried to search for a thread for this details but could not find much. I want to apply for a Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) for my partner. Can you please tell me about good immigration agents in Sydney? If possible, please give me atleast 3 options. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Priku
  10. patrickhemming

    PMV Subclass 300 Driving me CRAZY!!!!

    Hey Guys, Just signed up to this as told of this website by a friend who's just moved to Oz. My situation is this: I was in Australia for 12 months and met my fiancee in the end of 2009. We had met a few times and lost contact etc. However a year ago we got back in contact (Thanks to Facebook) and we decided to do the whole long distance thing. 12 months down the line and she has been over for a month long holiday in July and then came back in September and is currently here in the UK but will leave around February. We understand pretty much what we need to do for the visa, photos, plane tickets, hotel confirmations etc from traveling Europe together. We also have the added bonus of her mother coming over a few weeks ago, so we have photos and plane tickets from that too ) My problem is between november and july we dont have our skype logs as we both have had our phones replaced. Skype only records the logs on the device you use so we dont have this evidence as we used our mobiles 99% of the time. would this be a problem? we have facebook chat, just no evidence of calls until July. The other things that are bothering me are the fact that she is halfway through her degree, so if/when my application is successful then she wont be working, maybe part time. I have many friends in Australia who will give me work, so our plan would be for me to come over and work and then look for a place of our own as we shall temporarily be living with her family. Again would this be a problem (the fact she does not have any savings etc)?? I also believe as i spent time on a Working Holiday Visa in Oz then I would need my police check done not only for the UK but also Australia? Did anyone send the health check and background check in with the application straight away or did they ask for it when they're ready? With the new website up and running with immigov im not sure if i should do the application online or fill it out hand written. Not sure if i like the way the website is now. Thanks in advance for your replies, it's driving me crazy as to how to approach the start of putting the application together and also worried that i may 'forget' something. Thanks, Patrick
  11. Hi Guys, It would be great to hear from anyone who has also lodged their Prospective marriage Visa (subclass 300) offshore and get a better idea of timelines. February 12th 2013- Lodged my application (everything expect for police and medical checks as I was advised this would be requested by the CO later) February 14th - Payment taken from my credit card. I believe it is now a 10 day wait to be assigned a case officer and then a much longer wait until the visa is potentially approved. Is anyone else doing this at around the same time as me? My wedding is in October this year, praying it comes through pretty swiftly!! Thanks H x
  12. Hiya, So I have submitted my Prospective marriage visa application (subclass 300) and today recieved confirmation of my case worker. She stated that it would take 8-9 months for the visa to potentially be granted. My issue is that my wedding is in October (so literally 8 months away). She said that if i got married BEFORE the visa was granted, i would have to inform them and they would change it to a spouse visa. I'm slightly confused as will this mean I will have to start the process again? I was hoping to return to Australia with my partner once we are married but I assume this would mean I would have to wait in the UK until the visa is granted. Also, one of the terms of the prospective marriage visa is that you must enter australia, before you ahve been married on this visa to validate it. What if i am granted the visa too close to the wedding and I am unable to fly? Has anyone else suffered this predicament? Help! Honestly, a wedding is stressful enough to plan- all this visa stuff is driving me insane! Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello everyone, I received a PR visa last year and been in Australia for the past 6 months, however I was advised not to add my GF of 10 years to the application since we didn't live together at the time, however now that I'm settled I would like to sponsor my GF to come and join me but I'm not sure which visa I should apply for. We have been in a committed relationship for the last 10 years but we have never lived together because of family issues, do we still qualify for a de-facto partner visa? or should we go for the prospective marriage visa? also because either of these will take at least 6-9 months to process would it be a good idea to apply for a tourist visa first so we can be together in the next few months?. Also are there any migration agents that specialize in de-facto/partner visas? Thanks.
  14. Hi there, I am seeking advice from anyone who has applied for a prospective marriage visa or has successfully obtained one. My partner who is British, and myself (Australian) are in the process of preparing our application for category 300 Prospective Marriage Visa. The only concern I have is with regards to my ability to prove I can support my partner financially as per sponsor obligations. My income over the past 2 years is not very high as I spent a lot of time traveling while on my working holiday visa in the Uk (where we met) and have just returned from spending another 4 1/2 months in the uk on a tourist visa to visit my partner where obviously I coudnt work. I have since returned home to Australia and have started a well paid contract job which will last 2 months but am worried as this isnt a permanent position that it may not be sufficient for the purposes of immigration. Does anyone have and idea what amount of earnings or employment records are sufficient for the purposes of proving financial obligations as a sponsor and if a statement outlining reasons for lower than usual income over the past 2 years or a letter from my parents as guarantors might assist? I had a good university level qualification in an area that I will have no trouble finding permanent employment in within Australia. Any advice in this area would be much appreciated!
  15. Hi, PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA LODGED/ WHAT MAY THE TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS BE?) Madly in love with my aus fiance - we met in Scotland (my land)in March 11 and fell pregnant within that month. We lived together for 3 months until we made the decision to move back to Oz to live and raise a family. My fiance had taken a year career break over here and has now moved back to her excellent job in the Australian Government - i plan to join her in a month. It is now September and we have not yet lodged the prospective marriage visa. But when we do in a week, I am hoping we can get a CO asap and advise them of my intention on heading over early for the arrival of our baby. Q1. Does anyone know if you still need to meet the tourist visa criterion i.e $3000 for 3 months and $6000 for 6 months etc or as she has a job with maternity pay, they may waiver the criterion a little due to her income supporting me? I am a chef but there is no work in scotland so we have found the last 4 months hard trying to save for PMV and flights along with bills being executed over here. Thank you for reading my post. Q2? Can you call up and get a CO immediately for a PMV?