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  1. Thank you for your reply. Very helpful.
  2. Hi all We live in Singapore, my husband is British, I am an Oz citizen with a child who was born here earlier this year. We are desperate to come home to Australia but I am confused as to what to do about the visa needs for my husband to join us. We were wanting to apply for a onshore partner visa once we landed in Australia. DFAT is saying that immediate family members need a visa before they can arrive / travel to Australia. Does this mean we need to apply for a visitor visa to get to Australia and then the partner one once onshore? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Phoebe
  3. Ok - thank you for your help.
  4. Hello all Can anyone help me clarify the restrictions with the onshore partner visa: 1) When they state you need to apply with onshore, does that mean the moment we land in Australia that day we could hit submit on our application? Or do you need to have proof you are living in Australia, ie. we need to have a tenancy agreement etc? How do you prove you are in Australia at the time? 2) How do the medical checks work - do you have submit then do the checks in Australia? 3) Once we submitted my partner would be on a visitor visa only as I am the one with citizenship. When would his temporary visa be potentially approved so he could apply for work? I am just trying to gather what the chain of events would be for us arriving and setting up our life together whilst we await the outcome as we have a son and I am trying to plan best case scenario and worse? Thank you for any guidance or experience
  5. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Thank you - great advice. Will do just that. Appreciate the insight.
  6. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Great thank you for this insight!
  7. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Thank you!
  8. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Thank you for this - so helpful. I appreciate it!
  9. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Wonderful - thank you huge help for me to progress
  10. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Thank you. So to confirm, I just need to progress through application (adding notes to additional documents as I go through i.e. where they ask for identity docs (birth cert etc) pay the fee and then upload all supporting documents. Do you know how the upload happens is it just a one by one upload or a drop box style folder? Appreciate your help.
  11. Hello Does anyone have advice on the format or style of writing best accepted for the relationship details section. I have a lot to note down (I know there is a 2000 character limit), but wanted to gauge the best way to approach (i.e dot point facts or more of a narrative) . Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I commence drafting. Thank you PIO community!
  12. Hi As I progress through the application, there is no prompts to attach evidence. I am presuming that there will be an option at the end to do this? Can anyone confirm this? I have quite a lot of evidence and would also like to know if any one has advice on best practice to submitting evidence (naming conventions, sizes etc) I am collecting all of this on the side as we progress ready to attach. Thank you for any guidance or help. Phoebe
  13. Phoebe147

    Can you go back and edit application?

    Thank you Paul - thought so but needed to check
  14. Hello - I have just started my 309 visa partner application. I am awaiting my sons new passport so unable to add his details in as I go through the immi account flow. I am not able to move to the next page unless details are in there. Could I add in my passport details to progress as a holding place and then once recieved go back and edit the final details in form? I am wanting to progress the other parts of the application and not be stalled for 3 weeks to wait for this. Any advice? Thanks