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  1. Phoebe147

    Bridging Visa Working/ Medicare Conditions

    Thank you Paul. Really appreciate your help.
  2. Phoebe147

    Bridging Visa Working/ Medicare Conditions

    I also see here on this link that is the 010 Bridging Visa states 'none' on conditions this means he could work? Does this mean he can apply for a Tax File Number etc and apply for roles? https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/bridging-visa-a-010#When
  3. Hello community We have submitted my partners visa application for Australia and are now in Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801). My husband has completed all medical requirements and according to the records on the Immi portal the application is pending approval which can take 23 months and he has been granted a bridging visa. He arrived in Australia on a visitors visa and applied onshore for the partner visa, the bridging visa was approved and we were told it would become active once visitor visa expires. The conditions on the visa approval document states 'none'. During this time while we wait for an answer, is he able to work in Australia and have access to Medicare? Or could it be close to 2 years I will need to support our family? Does he need to be put onto a temporary visa from a bridging one first and if so, how long does this take? I have emailed the department but no reply. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Thanks Paul. Have you ever seen an application not considered if character limit is shorter than 2000?
  5. Hello I am finalising our relationship evidence statements (financial, social, commitment etc) and i noted there is a 2000 word limit. My bullets pointed approach is comprehensive but only at 1000 words. Does anyone think or know if not hitting the 2000 word limit makes a difference or your application is not seen as as full as others may be? I am sticking to facts and ease of reading for the reviewer. I can bulk out with more minor details but don't want to just add for adding sake. Thank you for your time! Phoebe
  6. Hello there In the application, it is requested that we submit only 2 names of witnesses to complete a 888 form. Should I include more as a back up? I have a mix of family, friends and family friends submitting one. They also state that applications need more than just these types of people, who would they be referring to? Bosses? Co-workers? Thank you for your help. Phoebe
  7. Thank you for your reply. Very helpful.
  8. Hi all We live in Singapore, my husband is British, I am an Oz citizen with a child who was born here earlier this year. We are desperate to come home to Australia but I am confused as to what to do about the visa needs for my husband to join us. We were wanting to apply for a onshore partner visa once we landed in Australia. DFAT is saying that immediate family members need a visa before they can arrive / travel to Australia. Does this mean we need to apply for a visitor visa to get to Australia and then the partner one once onshore? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Phoebe
  9. Ok - thank you for your help.
  10. Hello all Can anyone help me clarify the restrictions with the onshore partner visa: 1) When they state you need to apply with onshore, does that mean the moment we land in Australia that day we could hit submit on our application? Or do you need to have proof you are living in Australia, ie. we need to have a tenancy agreement etc? How do you prove you are in Australia at the time? 2) How do the medical checks work - do you have submit then do the checks in Australia? 3) Once we submitted my partner would be on a visitor visa only as I am the one with citizenship. When would his temporary visa be potentially approved so he could apply for work? I am just trying to gather what the chain of events would be for us arriving and setting up our life together whilst we await the outcome as we have a son and I am trying to plan best case scenario and worse? Thank you for any guidance or experience
  11. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Thank you - great advice. Will do just that. Appreciate the insight.
  12. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Great thank you for this insight!
  13. Phoebe147

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    Thank you for this - so helpful. I appreciate it!