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Found 180 results

  1. Hi, I have submitted an EOI for a 491 visa Victoria offshore and waiting for an invitation. Meanwhile, I have got an offer to do a Master at a NSW university and hoping to apply for a student visa. My concerns are; 1) Can I apply for a student visa while I have an EOI in the system? 2) If I get Student visa and relocated to NSW, will Victoria invite me? On the Live In Melbourne site it says, if you are an offshore applicant, you have to be in offshore to be nominated. 3) If they nominate me while I am on onshore, can I go back to my country for short period and submit the application? Will that be valid?
  2. Hi all. Lets make a discussion around the 820 visa applicants, especially those who have applied in 2021. It would be great if anyone shares their story from date of lodgement and any RFIs and 820 grants. My story: Lodged 820 application on Sep 2021 Received s56 rfi on Nov 2021 did police checks and medical and lodged all requested docs on late Nov 2021 status: Further assessment todate.
  3. Dana Chike

    Partner Visa

    Hi Everyone, Need some advice/some to easy my mind. My husband came to Australia in 2016 on a visa with his ex wife, we met while they were taking some time apart to work on things and I fell pregnant, his relationship with the ex wife ended in May/July 2019 he applied for his permanent residency on the ground of domestic violence in 2019, he got a letter a natural justice letter saying they received unfavorable information and they're giving him the chance to comment on it. Basically that they broke up/divorced in 2017 and we lived together and began a relationship in February 2019 which I believe they got from Centerlink. She gave them the information about when they broke up and got divorced but the divorce certificate doesn't match that information and in the document she said they broke up 10 days after they got married but they opened up a joint account 3 months later. I gave the dates for February to Centrelink based of the information I was giving by Centerlink. We've decided to apply for a new partner Visa then withdrawn the old one, we have a child together who's 2 and got married in August 2021. I just want to know what our chances are and what obstacles we might face? I'm very stressed as he earns a lot more than me and if he was to leave Australia I would struggle and would we become homeless.
  4. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/covid-19-visa-concessions COVID concession announced for certain offshore family visa applicants who are onshore - ie in Australia. Nothing for parents as yet … The concession will apply to certain applicants for the following Family visa subclasses: • Child (subclass 101) visa • Adoption (subclass 102) visa • Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa • Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa • Partner (subclass 309) visa Best regards.
  5. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/covid-19-visa-concessions COVID concession announced for certain offshore family visa applicants who are onshore - ie in Australia. Nothing for parents as yet … The concession will apply to certain applicants for the following Family visa subclasses: • Child (subclass 101) visa • Adoption (subclass 102) visa • Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa • Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa • Partner (subclass 309) visa Best regards.
  6. Hi everyone, how you going? My partner and I have an EOI in for VIC 190 and are currently just waiting to be invited. We are over in Bali for the next 5 weeks before returning to Australia where we will both be on tourist visas. If we are selected while we are here in Bali and apply, are we able to return to Australia and even be there on this tourist visa when the 190 visa is approved? We are under the impression that a tourist visa does not necessarily come under the 'onshore' category, therefore allowing us to be there on holiday to then swap straight onto the 190 residency, despite having applied offshore. Can anyone help clarify? THANKS
  7. Elliejonessxo

    Partner Visa onshore

    So my partner is from aus and I'm from the UK, I have a 6 year old to a different partner. So were wanting to apply for an onshore partner Visa, we've got permission from my sons father for us to relocate with my son, so that's not a problem. However, we've just realised that I cant come over on a visitor Visa as obviously its temporary and I'm expected to come home. What Visa should I be getting before so we can lodge the onshore partner Visa? We have all relevant evidence etc x
  8. I thought that I would start a thread for the few crazy people who submit for Onshore Partner visas this month. Submitted: 18 May (Online) Relationship: Defacto Police Clearance: Front loaded Medicals: Will attend next week Current status: Awaiting Case Officer
  9. Faisal1

    190 on bva

    Hi there , My name is Faisal and I am currently holding Bva and I have federal court hearing due In December 2020 for my Tr 485 refusal visa ,I applied for Eoi online and got invitation for 190 visa nsw state nomination skilled ,now I am not sure if I can apply for 190 on shore or I have to go offshore to apply for my visa because at the moment I do not hold any substantive visa .
  10. GoogoobarabajagalInStraya

    Partner visa 820 granted!

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared advice and experiences in the short time I've been posting on the forum. So pleased to say that my temporary 820 partner visa application was granted, on the 29/05/2018 (My Birthday!) 5 months after I applied on 17/12/2017. For those who are applying for the same or similar visas, I had a medical April 17th and was not asked to an interview. I would be happy to answer any questions about documents uploaded, forms submitted etc. It's a massive weight off our minds so thank you to the PomsinOz community!
  11. Sheila2018

    Applying for RRV onshore on visit

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help with some advice about RRV. Our situation at the moment is we we're granted a one year RRV last year which runs out March 2018, and even though we have had a year to get sorted due to circumstances we need more time. Son is going before RRV expires and staying with family. We were thinking of going for a few weeks before RRV expires and applying for another RRV onshore. My question is: How long dose an onshore RRV take to be granted? (assuming it does), I did find something saying it was about a week but I can't find where I got this number from again. Will applying onshore make a difference if we are only there for a few weeks or will they see it as an offshore application? Thanks in advance
  12. 5Whys

    Onshore Visas

    Hi - I am new to the site but I have been going through the posts in general and one thing I’ve noticed is that there is some people who get a little annoyed if someone is applying for a visa onshore. Is there a reason why? This annoyance seems to be aimed more towards the parent visas. It just seems strange that people get annoyed when there is the option to apply onshore. Thoughts. Cheers - 5
  13. Hi All, My wife and I got married recently after my Prospective Marriage Visa was approved and we moved from the UK to Sydney in December 2016. My wife is an Australian citizen and I'm in the process of applying for my Partner Visa 801 from Australia. My question is about documents and evidence. We submitted documents for the PMV online and will do the same for the Partner Visa. I kept copies of my submitted evidence for my PMV and had it all certified in the UK. Can I just use a lot of that again or do I need to get it all certified in Australia now? I know we'll need new declarations and the wedding certificate will need to be certified, but copies of my ID documents and all other documents just seems like so much work, when I could just upload what I previously submitted. I think my police check will be over 12 months very soon too, so I'm hoping they won't ask for a new one. I hope this makes sense. Thanks very much, Greg
  14. Hello, I applied for a Partner Visa 820 with all the required documentation in Melbourne over four weeks ago. I have not heard anything yet from Immigration, does anyone know roughly how long it takes to get a case officer and decision time? Perhaps I am expecting things to happen to quick, but having paid all that money I need to start working pretty soon. Thanks for any help you can give!
  15. Hey! So me and my partner richie are soon to be submitting our application for our onshore 820 visa and I am so stressed that we don't have enough evidence to support our application. I'm only turning 20 this year and Richie is 21, so i'm concerned that our age may not be in our favour either. Richie is Australian and I am British and we met in June 2013 while I was here on holiday We plan to submit the following Basic Docments: Form 47SP & 40SP - The two main documents that are required All legal documents photocopied - Passports/Birth Certificates/Two passport photos UK police check for myself, Australian police check for myself, Medical examination for myself Our Relationship Registry Certificate that was completed Jan 2015 Proof Of health insurance etc ​Statutory Declarations from - Both of Richies Parents, A Joint Friend, Our previous housemate & one of our business suppliers Additional witness statements from - My grandma & My father stating when they met richie, and why they think were genuine etc (they are in the UK so cannot complete Stat Dec) Proof that our relationship is genuine: Statements from both of us - When/how we met/ how things worked out when we were living opposite sides of the world/ our plans for the future with our business Photos of - Us in Australia(JUNE 2013) Us in england (DEC 2013) Us in Australia (APRIL 2014) and then a collection of photos of us with friends/family at social gatherings, meals, parties, on holiday etc since I have been living in Australia (since june 2014) Itemised phone bills from the months we were living in different countries showing that we remained in contact Screen shot of the 76,798 facebook messages we have sent back and forth A facebook "friendship page" which outlines all public communication we have had with each other since we were together (i.e wall posts, tagged photos, events we went to together All Travel Documents - Richie coming to england DEC 2013 when my mum was terminally ill, Me visiting australia on holiday in APRIL 2014, me moving to australia in JUNE 2014, Our joint travel documents for our holiday/flights/hotel on the gold coast 5 additional hotel invoices from other nights we have spent on weekend trips (AUS & UK) with activity invoices too - (Questacon & Madame Tussauds Copies of both of our gym memberships, joined on the same day Statements of how we equally share housework & split all liabilities - Rent, Shopping etc Financial evidence of the relationship Joint lease in both of our names for our unit in Sydney & Joint Bond Receipt Joint utilities bills in both of our names Joint Bank Account (Only from January 2015 though - we never realised it mattered) Joint Lease (along with richies parents on our new mexican cafe business) Joint ABN/TFN for our business Joint business insurance, supplier account letters Receipts etc showing joint payments on restaurant bills & groceries Please be brutal! Is there anything we are missing, or anything that could possibly make our application any stronger? We really want to get this right and just hope that we have enough! :arghh::rolleyes: Please help & Thank you in advance
  16. Thought I'd start a post to see whereabouts people were in applications, keep track of any updates, and of course vent any frustrations! Hopefully there are a few of us on this forum and it would be interesting to hear how people are getting on. I applied 22nd jan, online. No correspondence yet, so have been uploading more evidence and info that we didn't have at the time of application, e.g superannuation beneficiary, and soon joint private health care. Has anyone has contact with DIBP yet?
  17. Hi All, I applied online for my partner visa in mid-March this year, and aside from the payment confirmation/bridging visa email received immediately after submission, I have heard absolutely nothing else. Just wondered if anyone else has recently applied and has any ideas about current processing times? Thanks for your help, Chris & Ash
  18. Guest

    Child visa

    Good morning everyone! so we have our perm 175 visa but we need to get a child visa for our little boy. We received an email update the other day with the prices from 1st September :arghh: so we thought we will go to oz with our little boy on a tourist visa and pay the extra to apply for his visa onshore. just called London to ask if this would be ok and they said we could get stopped at the border and questioned why we don't have a perm visa for the baby. has anyone else taken this route? She didn't say we would be refused entry just we may be asked the question. we will find it really hard to pay for his visa, flights and relocating in a matter of months from each other. having lived in oz for a yr previously we are confident we could go over get settled then apply for his visa before his tourist one expires. any advice would be great thanks
  19. so i applied for my 820 partner visa on the 31st October in Brisbane in person and I was wondering if anyone else had lodged their application there in person recently too? If so how was your experience? I front loaded my application so hopefully it gets dealt with quicker? Also wanted to know how long it took for your application to get acknowledged? Since my working holiday visa expires the 25th of this month, Im hoping my bridging visa will be done by then and I know it wont until the application has been ackowledged? Also, for people wanting to apply in Brisbane in person in the future, make an appointment! I didnt realise you could because it didnt say anything about it on the immigration website and when i got there i was told i was supposed to have made an appointment, but fortunatly it was pretty much empty so they could just see me straight away...
  20. Hey guys! Thanks for all your help with my visa issues up to this point. My British boyfriend and I recently logged a de facto visa and your help was so appreciated. i need to be back in Australia in early feb to start back at uni and our partner visa isn't due to be finalized until early June. My partner is going to come with me on a tourist visa. since feb- June is 5 months it would be ideal for us to apply for the 676 tourist visa that allows stays up to 6 months. however- I've read people have been declined on this visa because of 'recent time spent onshore'.. he has been to Australia on a tourist visa in early 2011 and on a working holiday visa in late 2011- feb 2012... So it has been almost a year since he was last onshore. does anyone know if this will count as recent time onshore? Has anyone had a tourist visa 676 6 month granted with more recent time onshore? if its going to be risky we will just apply for the tourist visa eta which is automatic for Brits! (Right?) thanks in advance
  21. Ok straight out of the hourse's mouth... Just got off the phone with DIAC to clear some doubts; thought might be useful to some there as well. Some of you might have already know this but for the benifit of others; 1. After a GSM application (i.e. 485, 885, 886) is lodged, do I need to apply for a Bridging VISA B to leave the country? A: No. You can leave the country without having to apply a Bridging VISA B however you need the Bridging visa B to RE-ENTER Australia. You can apply for this at an Australian Counsulate overseas, but the risk is that if its not granted for any reason, then you cannot re-enter the country; So its advisable to apply for a Bridging VISA B BEFORE you leave for overseas. 2. How long is Bridging VISA B valid? A: The Bridging VISA B is usually valid for 3 months and you need to return to the country before the expiry date, else it will be invalid, and you will need to apply for another bridging visa at an Australian counsulate overseas (subject to approval). 3. What are the 'acceptable reasons' for applying for Bridging VISA B? A: Visiting family, family wedding, sick relatives etc.. 4. Will my GSP application be put on 'hold' or be stopped processing during my time outside of the country? A: No. The VISA will still be processed according to the Ministerial Direction as set out. However the VISA cannot be granted if the applicant is overseas. If you are on Bridging VISA B, a pre-grant letter will be sent out and you will need to return to the country to get approval. If you need to go out of the country for more than 3 months (i.e. job oppourtunity..) and Bridging VISA B has expired, you can apply for a tourist VISA to enter the country and get your PR validated. Hope it helps....
  22. Jeffster

    Attention Onshore Nurses (in VIC)

    Received this today: "Please find this information forwarded to you on behalf of the Western Suburbs Legal Service Inc. There is expected a large group of approximately 200 (hopefully) international students who have completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree protesting on the steps of Parliament House on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 at approximately 1pm. The reason they are protesting is because the new Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has introduced new requirements as of 1 July 2010 which require all students who have not completed their secondary schooling in English to sit an IELTS test and achieve minimum 7.0 in all components, in one sitting, prior to registration. Students were not given notification of this requirement in advance or prior to completion of their degrees. Students completed around the time this new requirement was introduced. Visas expire approx 30 August 2010. Disastrous situation for the students as their only option at this stage, if they want to register, is to go on a tourist visa (no work rights) and prepare for the test and sit it. Or, potentially go on another student visa. This change is Australia wide and will affect international students studying nursing in each state.
  23. stokenewington

    last remaing relative

    Hello I submitted an on shore last remaing relative visa mid january 2010. Just last month( april 2012) I was assigned a queue number. I just checked DIAC website and it says for those who have been assigned a queue number since jan 2012 , it could take upto 12 years from the date the queue number was assigned. I am gutted. Has anybody have had expereicens with htis visa recently. In the past ( before) 2009 it took on average 8 months for off shore and upto 2 years for onshore. What are my other options? my father is Australian citizen, mum PR, sister( my only sibling) australian and her husband and kids are australian too, Also my father has been on a extended 7 month holiday and has just got back. he is normally resident here. will this have any implications? Thanks
  24. Hey guys... Ive just lodgd my application for my defacto PR visa... how long has it taken for you to receive your visa... the only peope I know here in Australia it has taken them 3-4 weeks.... please advice Kind Regards Tony xoxo
  25. Guest

    8 months and still counting :/

    hi alll , i have not been on this forum for a very very long time now as i had filled out paid for and submitted my defacto visa (820) just over 8 months ago now ( about 8 months and 1 week to me exact) but im still waiting :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: i was told it would be 6-8 months and we applied onshore but should it be any longer ? ive had no contact what so ever, i keep checking my status online and it says im on a bridging still anyone currently waiting and for how long ? i lodged my about the 28th of June 2011 and is there a number i can ring to find out whats happening ? unfortunately my partner misplaced my receipt letter they gave us( we handed it in in person ) so right now i cant get my medicare card ( thanks ed lol) but im hoping i dont immediately need that to find out the progress........ ANY help or input would be much appreciated thanks :yes: