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  1. As well, there's no English requirement for a partner visa.
  2. Visa status

    I'm not sure what you mean by "worked in tax", but you can only work for the employer who holds your sponsorship. If your original employer sold the business and you're no longer working there, then you cannot work at all until the employer change on your 457 goes through. If you are temporarily working somewhere else, then you are in breach of your visa and could have it cancelled.
  3. Working Holiday 417 - Evidence of return ticket?

    You can apply either from within Australia (820/801 visa) or outside (309/100 visa). If you register your relationship while you're here, it waives the requirement for the de facto relationship to be at least 12 months although you'd want to make sure to still have enough time together to put together a solid application with supporting evidence so best to start planning that evidence sooner rather than later.
  4. 190 visa

    You'd first need to get an invitation from the state to submit the sponsorship paperwork. Once the state approves the sponsorship, they notify DIBP who then issue you the invitation to apply for the visa.
  5. Separation on 489

    AFAIK, you can individually apply for the 887 visa as long as you have each met the conditions. Perhaps a call to a migration agent to confirm would be helpful though.
  6. Assurance of Support

    Although likely most applicants have a child as the AoS, it's not necessary. There can be many reasons an AoS may need to drop out but I assume it's either financial issues or they've moved outside Australia. OP - I'm not sure where to suggest you look for another AoS but hopefully other members may be able to give you some ideas.
  7. Hi 

    me and wife both are PR. We applied for evidence of citizenship of my son. But I did a mistake in the form. I misread the form and filled given name as family name and family name as given name. I called immi they told me to fill form 1023 for correction. Now in form 1023 there is no place where I can sign as responsible parent. Second on the first page of form they are asking to fill details of applicant. What shall I fill in the form?? If I fill my sons details then he can not sign as he is just 9 weeks old. 

    1. 186 Visa Compelling Circumstances

      What visa do you currently hold? If you hold a visa that has travel rights (e.g. 457) then there's nothing to stop you making an overseas visit to your family. It shouldn't have any affect on your visa application. If your visa doesn't have travel rights (e.g. BVC, BVE), then you could travel but you have no visa to re-enter Australia on. If you hold a BVA, then you simply apply for a BVB which allows you to re-enter Australia after making an overseas trip.
    2. 457 transfer - New nomination processing time

      457 nominations seem to be taking anywhere from 1-6 months at the moment so it's difficult to predict when to expect one to be finalised.
    3. Giving birth in Aus on a 457 visa?

      Haven't you answered your own question? If the only way you can pass British citizenship onto the baby is if s/he is born in the UK, then that would mean you cannot pass citizenship onto them if they are born in Australia.
    4. Dependent on skilled visa application

      No, he doesn't need to be a dependent when you move, just during the visa processing.
    5. 186 nomination visa

      There's no legal obligation to remain with your employer for any specified period of time after your visa has been granted, so you can simply resign. Resignation is normally done through a written letter handed to your manager or email.
    6. Citizenship after 1 year?

      Please don't post your own email address on the forum. You can contact Raul through the link in his signature.
    7. Child in Australia

      A parent visa may be an option if you don't have more children living outside Australia than living here, but it would be expensive and may require the support of the other parent. A skilled visa may be a much easier option if you qualify.
    8. CPV granted visa - link to UK passport

      You don't need a RRV until the travel rights expire on your PR visa, which would be 5 years after it's granted.