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  1. MaggieMay24

    Nomination 186

    The employer is given a TRN from the moment they submit the nomination. It doesn't mean the nomination has been approved yet. They should let you know once the nomination is approved.
  2. MaggieMay24

    187 Rsms visa adding patner name in application.

    One of my company's employees has a 186 TRT application in process and she recently gave birth. Our migration agent advised that the baby first needs to be added to her existing 457 visa and only once the 457 has been granted, can the baby be added to the 186 application. I assume the same would be the situation for your (to be) wife.
  3. MaggieMay24

    Relocation Package

    The only obligation an employer has is to pay for the sponsorship, the nomination and the flight home if the employment ends and the visa holder leaves the country.
  4. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    The the nomination and visa are both in processing at the same time, they will often look at both and then both are granted within a reasonably short period of each other. If you lodge the application after the nomination has been granted, then the application is done completely separately and you can end up waiting another 12-14 months.
  5. MaggieMay24

    Visa nightmare

    Either of the migration agents mentioned above would be a very good resource for helping you and your daughter review her options and suggesting the best strategy moving forward. So I would suggest you contact either of them immediately. If she hasn't already, your daughter may want to speak with a family lawyer to ensure any shared assets with her partner are dealt with fairly.
  6. MaggieMay24

    417 visa and allied health work

    If you're looking to hire an overseas worker, a WHV is a very short-term solution. A 482 is longer term and a 186 or 187 is permanent, but it will depend on both you and the employee meeting the criteria. It would be wise to speak with a registered migration to investigate the best options that may be available.
  7. MaggieMay24

    Same points in every state?

    You get 5 points for state sponsorship, regardless of the state/territory who invites you. Whether some states will only sponsor people with higher points will depend on the state and occupation.
  8. MaggieMay24

    Advice please

    Is there any reason you didn't try a state sponsored 489? You'd end up in a regional area but I've heard they are looking for nurses in these areas so you may have better luck.
  9. MaggieMay24

    Switching from 190 visa to Citizenship

    I'm not sure where your acquaintance got that idea, but no you cannot apply before having a PR visa a full 12 months.
  10. Your biggest struggle may be getting a student visa if they don't think you're really coming to study (i.e. is your course something that will progress your career). Speaking with a migration agent would be a good idea to get some guidance regarding strategies.
  11. MaggieMay24

    RSMS 187 DE

    Decision Ready was a process that Immigration had a few years ago whereby complete applications lodged through migration agents were given priority processing (the theory being that migration agents would make sure to have a complete application that the CO could quickly review and finalise the visa). They removed this process several years ago. However it's still certainly possible to lodge an application in a "decision ready" state, in other words it's a complete application. Immigration will no longer give it priority processing but the fact that it's a complete application will hopefully make it easier for the CO to quickly review and finalise the visa if they don't need to request more documents..
  12. MaggieMay24

    On bridging visa and not getting paid

    If you have work rights on your bridging visa and you are working, then you are entitled to payment. If you're not getting paid, you should contact Fair Work.
  13. MaggieMay24

    AAT for visa refusal

    Case Officers are under no obligation to ask for further documents so it's up to you and your migration agent to put together a compelling application package for both nomination and application. Still I've heard a lot of applications are getting rejected even with good application packages submitted. I never had to go through an appeal process so I don't know how long they take or whether it would include your nomination and application.
  14. MaggieMay24

    Which Visa? Panicking!

    Too many posts to quote them all, but some additional input for what it's worth... Yes Raul is a registered migration agent and has a long history of posting valuable input to the forum so you'd be in good hands There may be several options (and Raul or any other migration agent is the best source of strategy advice) but WHV to 820/801 application may be the best option since it gives you time here on a visa with work rights to build up cohabiting evidence. You can register your relationship in NSW to waive the 12-month requirement in case your pre-move evidence is weak I *think* the WHV only kicks in when you land so even if it is approved now and you don't travel until later, you still have 12 months of valid visa when you arrive. You can only work for any employer for 6 months so that may limit some job prospects. You can apply to have the 6-month stipulation waived but whether that's approved will depend on several things (having a permanent visa application lodged may help) Your partner will need to update her relationship status with Centrelink. There's something (I think it's form 24 or something like that) she can request to declare that she's still in financial hardship and it may mean her benefits continue at the same level. But if she doesn't update her relationship status, Immigration can and do cross-check other government departments. She can't say she's single with Centrelink but in a relationship with Immigration. There's no income test for sponsoring partner visas.
  15. MaggieMay24

    Travelling on a 457 visa

    Keep in mind that what may have worked for someone else may not work for you. If your migration agent says it could be risky and ignite questions, and apparently it did in fact ignite questions when you did it before, perhaps you should take your migration agent's guidance.