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  1. 187 visa leave employer

    You can't simply resign if you found a better paying job. The 187 requires you to stay with your employer for 2 years. There can be exceptions in certain circumstances such as an abusive boss, working conditions not meeting FairWork legislation, etc.
  2. Processing Time For 186 ENS PR Application

    If you have imported your application into your ImmiAccount, you should see it there although the status may simply say Received. The status may never change until they finalise your application, so it's not really much of a tracking tool. Applications are currently taking anywhere from 9-15 months on average so you still have quite a wait ahead of you. Regarding the IELTS, since your application was lodged before July 1st, you don't need to complete an IELTS....
  3. Kidney Partner Visa "GRANTED"

    Congratulations on your successful visa! Kidney transplant is what I would consider the "poster child" of health conditions that result in visa refusal due to the cost and impact on Australians who would already be waiting for a transplant. And George Lombard is the migration agent who is most often recommended when there is a health condition to be considered in the application. It's good that you found George and he was able to assist with your AAT appeal.
  4. ENS 186 Visa Question

    Yes, there's no condition on your 186 that you need to remain any specified period of time. When your application is processed, you commit that you intend to remain for 2 years, but following the visa grant you are able to leave your employer.
  5. Change employer

    On a 187 visa, you're required to remain with your employer for 2 years following the grant of the visa. However your employer needs to follow the National Employment Standards and other Fairwork legislation. Are you paid for the overtime? Are the long work weeks part of your employment contract? If the longer work weeks aren't reasonable, you should first try to resolve this with your employer or contact Fairwork.
  6. Age restrictions on 457 visa

    A lot of people come for a year or two on a working holiday visa, so coming on a 457 is no different.
  7. 489 Tasmania regional Visa

    States don't have the authority to cancel visas, only DIBP can do this. States could perhaps complain to DIBP if visa holders don't fulfill the moral obligation to live/work in the state but I suspect DIBP is too busy to have time to look into any complaints they may receive. So instead states tighten up the criteria for who they will accept for nomination. Perhaps a strongly worded support letter explaining your motivation to move to Tasmania if a visa was granted would help, but certainly moving there would be more likely to help.
  8. Skills assessment

    Each skills assessor will have its own processing time so specifying which one you have submitted to will be helpful information.
  9. Timeline (309-Spouse visa) applied in May?

    Yes, it does. DIBP has some discretion to extend it very slightly but generally people who do their medicals/police checks early in the process run the risk of having to do them again if their visa isn't approved fairly quickly.
  10. Immi Card

    The ImmiCard only was issued to people who held certain visas such as humanitarian and protection visas. It was not something given to skilled migrants, partner visa holders, etc.
  11. 187 questions about workplace

    Adelaide is still a regional area. There's no requirement for you to work in NT, simply to work for your employer for 2 years.
  12. How many Resident Return Visas do we need?

    Even if you submitted a single application (one primary applicant with partner and child as dependents), you arrived each holding your own visa. So you will each need to get an RRV.
  13. Visitors Visa Question

    If you have NZ citizenship, you can simply fly to Australia and settle. You'll be granted a 444 visa as you clear passport control and this allows you to work, apply for Medicare, etc (no Centrelink benefits though). Your wife would need to look at other options - perhaps look at the 461 visa which would let her live up to 5 years in Australia. The 461 can be renewed as many times as needed. I don't think it gives her any government support or other benefits but as a British citizen she would be eligible for reciprocal Medicare. On a 461 she would also have full work rights.
  14. The invitation rounds don't apply to state-sponsored visas. I don't think the states have any set schedule of sending invitations so you may simply need to be patient to see when you may get one. Perhaps others waiting for a Victoria invitation can give an indication how long theirs have been in process.
  15. Academic vs general IELTS

    She should be able to edit the existing EOI with the new points total and it would move her forward in the queue waiting for an invitation.