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  1. Skilled Independent visa

    If you Google "Skilled Independent Visa", the first link on the search results is the government website for the skilled independent visa.
  2. Proof of relationship

    A marriage certificate is proof of your marital status, not proof of your relationship. You may need to provide things like photos, proof that you share finances (bank accounts, credit cards, joint purchases), proof that you live together (mortgage or lease, utility bills or other bills to the same address, etc.) and/or other documents, beneficiary on life insurance/will, etc.
  3. 187 Visa Processing Time

    This thread and section of the forum is for employer sponsored visas, e.g. 187. For information on 489 visas, please visit the Skilled Visa section.
  4. Where am I at with my 187 visa?

    The sticky thread about 187 visas should give you an idea of timeframes, but they seem to vary between 6 months and 2 years, so a bit hard to predict.
  5. You may be misunderstanding. The eligibility for the 100 stage of the visa has always been 2 years after the application for the 309/100 was submitted - so if you applied April 2016 (for example) and your visa was granted Sept. 2016, then you are eligible to provide the updated information towards the 100 visa as of April 2018. So 2 years after you submitted the original application. The OP's issue is that the processing time of the second stage has blown out so people are waiting a lot longer to actually receive the 100 visa. So even if you were to submit your updated documents in April 2018, you may not actually receive the 100 visa until some time mid to late 2019 or even later. The Department is struggling to keep up with the high volume of applications and higher scrutiny required so all visa processing times are getting longer and longer.
  6. 300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    And to expand on this, you need to enter Australia before you get married. So you can't get married in your home country and then make your entry.
  7. 187 Visa Processing Time

    That's an education organisation. The skills assessor for cooks is Vetassess: https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration/trade-occupations/guides-and-fact-sheets For most visas, the skills assessment must be valid when the application is submitted. I'm not sure if this is also the case for 187 DE applications.
  8. If they've done DE, then you need to meet the criteria for DE. TRT criteria is generally easier.
  9. Family in Oz

    If she's your partner, is a partner visa not an option?
  10. rsms refusals what next

    Each refusal is going to be unique to the circumstances. Does your employer meet the criteria for sponsorship? Do you meet the criteria for the occupation? Do you meet the criteria for the visa? So what affects one person may not affect another.
  11. The cost increase is quite significant. My company will still sponsor but I'll be giving management an overview of the costs so we'll likely be more selective in future on which roles we would sponsor. When I came on my 457 in 2013 I think it would have cost approx. $1500 for the whole thing including SBS, nomination and visa and if I'd had a spouse and 8 children they could have come along at no extra cost. We're now sponsoring an employee with a spouse and 2 children and I've estimated the cost at $14,000 from nomination through to English test, health checks and migration agent. One of the big consequences of the cost increases is that companies and immigrants become more cost conscious and opt for DIY applications which can be expensive catastrophes. Fortunately my company has agreed to go the other route and use the increasing complexities as motivation to use an agent for all applications.
  12. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    For some visa applications (e.g. partner, skilled visas) the BVA usually doesn't have any conditions on it. But for a lot of visas the BVA will carry the same conditions as the original visa. Everyone who is issued a bridging visas should read it carefully to understand what it does and does not allow them to do.
  13. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Since a Google spreadsheet can easily be updated/changed/deleted by anyone, you're better off using the forum's official tracker which means only you can change/edit your own details, not one else can: https://www.australia-visa-timelines.com/
  14. The nomination and the visa are two separate applications, so certainly one can be approved and the other refused. If you fail the health or character checks or if DoHA doesn't agree that you meet the other eligibility criteria for the visa, these could cause the application to be refused. But if you're confident you meet the requirements, then I wouldn't worry about it. Just try to be patient and eventually they will review and process your application. There's no way to know how long it may be but generally they are taking somewhere from 8-16 months (yes, a rather big time range) from the time of application.

    If your employer terminates your employment, it's logical they would withdraw the nomination appeal. If there's no nomination, then you have no reason for the visa and it would be refused.