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  1. Contributory visa for my parents

    Only dependent children can be included. OP, once your parents receive their visas and meet the sponsorship eligibility requirements, they could then sponsor your grandmother.
  2. Current 457 visa holders' transition to PR after March 2018?

    But it doesn't say if the people currently holding a 457 need to meet the proposed new rules or whether they would be assessed under the old rules. This is the information that everyone is waiting for.
  3. 186 visa for cooks onshore trts

    That sounds more like it depends on people not notifying DIBP as they are obligated to. If the business has shut down, then the nomination should be withdrawn as well as any visa application.
  4. Visa choice?

    Applicants with higher points move to the front of the line to receive an invitation. Accountant is a pro-rata occupation due to its popularity, so DIBP limits the number of invitations issued each round to avoid reaching the invitation ceiling being reached within a few rounds. So due to the high number of applications, you need at least 75 points to get an invitation and even then it may take a few rounds to catch up with all the other 75+ point applicants ahead of you in the queue.
  5. 489 to 887

    I'm not an agent, but from what I've always understood - all visa holders of the 489 can only live/work in regional areas - when applying for the 887, the primary applicant must have lived in a regional area while holding a 489 (I believe there are a few alternates) for two years and worked full time in a regional area for 1 year. The dependent spouse from the 489 can become the primary applicant for the 887 if they meet the criteria. - I don't think you need to do IELTS again It's best to speak with a migration agent though if you want to be sure. There are several agents on this forum who may be able to help.
  6. Visa 187

    I believe 187 applications are taking somewhere between 9-15 months to be processed at the moment, so you still have quite a long wait ahead of you.
  7. Applying for spouse visa 309/100 from Iran.

    His chances to be granted the visa will depend on the assessment of your relationship evidence. The fact that he lived in Australia previously, that he's Iranian, etc. will only factor in for their assessment of your relationship (e.g. if your relationship started while he lived in Australia, the evidence you have of that, etc., how you've been recognised as a couple by your respective families/friends in their statements, etc.)
  8. Does anyone know the answer to this?

    While it may appear discriminatory, it's about limiting immigration to those who they feel will best be able to contribute to society and the economy. So skilled visas get highest priority and family visas less. And young skilled workers will get higher priority than older ones because they will work longer and contribute more in tax.
  9. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    You may not know if you fail or not because DIBP doesn't assess the health check until after the visa application is submitted and the fees are paid. But assuming you're in reasonably good health, there's probably not much to worry about.
  10. Many people have more than one EOI to give themselves the maximum chances for an invitation. This isn't a problem. There's no condition on a 190 visa that states you must live/work in the sponsoring state and I've never heard that anyone's faced any consequences for not doing so. So it's a moral obligation, not a legal one. That said, there's been some speculation that in future the states may ask DIBP to clamp down on this more or that it may affect citizenship applications (character aspects if people never attempt to live up to the commitment they made to the sponsoring state), but who knows what may change. But certainly states are putting more conditions in place such as often requiring the applicant to have a job offer in the state or to have family living there, in order to improve the likelihood that the applicant will move there when the visa is granted.
  11. Is cancelling a tourist visa...worth it!!

    The bridging visa "bridges" your existing visa (visitor) with your new visa 489 until the 489 is approved. If you cancel the visitor visa, then the bridging visa is also cancelled. Perhaps speak with a migration agent, but a possible approach would be to cancel the visitor visa and although you immediately become illegal, you may be able to then apply right away for a Bridging Visa E - it comes with NO work rights but you can apply to have these added but getting work rights isn't guaranteed and I don't know the timing - if it took more than a few weeks for this to be decided, then it may not be worthwhile to do this. The other disadvantage of the BVE is that it comes with NO travel rights and you cannot get this added. So if you needed to unexpectedly leave the country for a family emergency, there's no way back in without applying for another visa (e.g. visitor and you've no way back onto the bridging visa so no work rights again) or waiting for your 489 to be processed. Before considering this approach seriously, I really would speak with a migration agent because they can explain the ins and outs better and may know the timing for things like the work rights on the BVE.
  12. 2 Month Free lance Work Experience

    If you can provide adequate evidence that it was full-time paid work in the relevant occupation, then yes they would include it in the skills assessment.
  13. 190 visa lodged in September

    If you've uploaded all the documents and completed the health check, then you may never hear when you are assigned a case office. Your first news may be the decision on your visa application. Since you only applied less than 3 weeks ago, you will likely still have several weeks (or perhaps a few months) to wait still.
  14. Has anyone applied for a BVB recently?

    The reason you need a BVB is generally not an issue and DIBP grants them fairly regularly. So wanting to go on an overseas holiday won't be an issue, the only issue will be the timing. AFAIK, the BVB can be granted while you're overseas but it must be applied for while you are in Australia. I don't know all the visas that require you to be onshore/offshore for the visa grant but it seems most skilled/employment related ones don't care and it's the partner ones that matter.
  15. Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    REMINDER - this thread topic is about the changes to 457 visas in order to help those who either hold a 457 or are considering/in the process of applying for one. If anyone wants to debate the general topic of immigration, please start a new thread. In the meantime, it's appreciated if further posts in this thread remain on topic. Thank you.