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  1. MaggieMay24

    Can we still apply - 187

    It does sound like you were deported and you would need to declare this on any application. If you had your flights paid for you, then you may also have a debt to the Australian government to repay the flights. Even if you were deported, which often results in a ban from Australia for 3 years, this doesn't usually affect applications for a permanent visa such as the 187. I think the bigger question may be whether your husband also has an employer willing and able to sponsor him for a 187?
  2. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Immigration requires you submit a police check that was completed during the past 12 months. They don't care what validity period the country issuing the certificate may stamp or print on it, they simply will accept a certificate that is within 1 year old.
  3. MaggieMay24

    Need help with 457 to 186 TRT

    @Holybell you can contact Raul through the link in his signature.... www.ozimmigration.com
  4. MaggieMay24

    Can my daughter from the UK be put in my visa

    I agree with the suggestion to speak with a registered migration agent. Even though she's your child, you may not be eligible to sponsor her for a child visa (I think the requirement is that they've been your dependent for the 12 months prior to the application but I haven't really looked into the requirements for this visa).
  5. MaggieMay24

    Need some help

    I thought I'd read a post from a migration agent (not sure if it was @wrussell?) that Immigration's policy manual states that if the only reason for refusing entry was the fact that the visa holder intends to apply for an on-shore application, then the visa holder should be allowed entry into Australia. I can't put my fingers on the post though so I could be mistaken. Westly - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. MaggieMay24

    457 transfer approved changed mind

    I'd suggest you speak with a migration agent as I've never seen this situation before. My guess is that your current employer now needs to apply to transfer your nomination back, but that's just a guess on my part.
  7. It depends what visa your husband holds when he will be traveling. If it's a visa that will allow him to re-enter Australia, then he won't need a BVB. If he holds a BVA, then he would need to get a BVB before he leaves. If you aren't traveling with him, you don't need to apply for anything else.
  8. Can be anywhere from 5 minutes later to many many months, there is no way to know.
  9. MaggieMay24

    Visa process / info for beginners - easy read

    If you arrange a consultation with a registered migration agent, they can assess your situation (education, experience, age, etc.) and identify what's the best strategy for you. It's not expensive and would get you onto the right path. There are several good migration agents (including Raul who posted above) who post regularly on the forum and could help you get started.
  10. MaggieMay24

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    I assume if you leave the employer, they will withdraw the nomination appeal and then your visa cannot be granted.
  11. MaggieMay24

    Joining My Boyfriend in Australia

    You also don't need to live together to get a de facto relationship although it's certainly one of the strongest forms of evidence regarding the strength of your relationship. If you don't live together permanently at the moment, you would need to prove that your relationship is still at the level of de facto.
  12. MaggieMay24

    Aged Parent 804

    I assume by "agent" the OP is referring to the Immigration case officer. I'm not aware if you can refuse your father taking the medical check if it's required since I assume the plan is that your mother sponsor him for a partner visa in 5 years? But if your lawyer is also a registered migration agent, I would follow their advice.
  13. Sometimes people simply have bad luck with the timing of visas and their own situation. But as others have said, there's the medical treatment visa and if the person is able to use their health insurance for treatment, then they could do so. But as far as getting government funded medicare, AFAIK that would only be an option while the person holds or has applied for a PR visa.
  14. MaggieMay24

    187 visa medical problems

    Possibly, but I'd suggest you speak with a registered migration agent. Did you apply through the Direct Entry or TRT stream?
  15. They don't have access to any information you don't tell them, but you have to disclose any surgeries or hospital stays as well as current medications and medical conditions, etc.