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Found 59 results

  1. Sam12

    RRV and Partner Visa

    Hi, I am applying for onshore RRV now (2 years resident). But just confused if I need to apply some Visa for my wife as well. She is currently on my sponsored partner Visa - 6 months onshore now.
  2. Hi, The Travel facility on my GSM 190 ( SA State Sponsored) PR recently expired, I have manged to live in Australia for only 8 months in the last 5 years and that too on 2 different occasions. I do not have any employment ties, relatives and friends in OZ and hence unable to show any substantial ties with the country. I am still very much keen on moving to Australia and settling down there. How do I apply to an RRV and ensure that it gets approved ? Looking forward to some responses.
  3. clare27

    Resident Return Visa

    Just wondering if anyone knows why RRVs take so long to process? I understand that the more complicated an application is regarding substantial ties to Australia when not meeting the residency requirements the longer it will take but what is the actual process? Do lots of people assess the application? Surely they just read and review your evidence and then make a judgement? Are they incredibly understaffed????
  4. Tom Brody

    Resident Return Visa

    Applying for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) appears to me to have become a tad more difficult, or maybe it's my imagination. The time schedule for the RRV has just changed to 5 - 10 days, from 5 - 8 days. Not a big difference there so no worries. However the part that I find a worry is "Applications that do not meet the residence requirement will take longer to finalise than the published processing times advertised above. Processing timeframes for these applications can be up to 12 weeks." I applied for a RRV 6 weeks ago. I was in Australia and advised to just apply online via my IMMI account. I did this, and I had immediate acknowledgement and receipt of payment for $365. I don't qualify for a 155, but have mitigating circumstances which I think are applicable and permit me to apply for a 157 (3 month entry) I won't bore people with the details of the mitigating circumstances, safe to say these prevented me from returning to Australia as planned last year. I certainly fall into this category of not having been in Australia for enough days. I really do!! My days had been non existent since 2015 when I had to return home to UK. I went back to Australia in May as my current RRV at the time was due to expire and fearing the worse or being guilty of not activating a RRV granted to me, I made the trip down under and wanted to speak to an Immigration official to try to explain the situation. I was worried about the situation I was in. But I was told "not necesary just apply online through your IMMI account" I am now free of all matters which prevented me from returning, but I fear it is a year too late. In all fairness the Australian Immigration people have been extremely accommodating, sympathetic and kind with my previous RRV applcations. However I feel maybe their patience has been exhausted now by my own failure to return and settle as planned. It may just be a case of tough luck, bad luck and hard luck, but maybe my visa for Australia is shot. I take full responsibility for this and it is through no fault of the Australian immigration or anyone else. It's not really my fault, it is just the way fate has dealt my cards, which sometimes we have no choice but to accept. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and had to wait 12 weeks to see if they are granted a RRV or not? I am doubtful now that my visa will be granted, and I may have to just accept that fate has worked against me, and it is not to be. The next few weeks waiting for an E-mail and checking my IMMI account will be quite tense. For the record when I flew out of Australia back to London, as is the normal practice, a Border Official at the airport kindly spoke with me in private and pointed out that my RRV was about to expire and handed me a leaflet. I explained that I had already applied for a RRV and showed her my acknowledgement and receipt. The lady was really helpful. She then told me that I could actually return without a RRV but that I would need to go to the departure airport very early and the airline then have to telephone Canberra for a Code to permit me entry. I was surpried by this as I had never heard of this before. I thanked her for this advice but explained to her that I would never do that, as I don't think that's a very good thing to do. Knowing the way the airline staff are in Heathrow, I wolldn't trust them to assist me, and I would be too worried about causing a problem, breaking the rules and the law and ending up with a ban.. It is however a contradiction in terms of practice, a genuine RRV application taking 12 weeks to process, yet a way in to the Country through a telephone call and a code from Canberra ? That's not for me as I have never abused the Visa system, or my status as a Permanent Resident and with my luck, I would probably get thrown into jail and never heard of again. ?? Regards, best wishes and good luck to all.
  5. Hi All, I just tried applying RRV for my family online. I reached the last page and there is no questions about the children. How does one apply RRV for children? Any help is highly appreciated. Regards Shisman
  6. Dear Experts / Friends, Good day. We have a situation and kindly seeking some advise 1. We've applied for Citizenship application ~8 months back. As per the current processing times, looks like it will take ~23 months 2. We're a family of 3 and our PR (189) expired (I mean the expiry date) few months back and hence need to apply for RRV as we have a need to travel out of Australia for a very brief time (Personal and not business related). Question Is the travel fine? (~2 months). Hope the travel doesn't affect the citizenship application Thanks!
  7. path2aus

    Return Resident Visa

    Hello All, I moved here with my wife and daughter in 2017 January. My 5 year travel portion of the visa expired Feb 1 2017. I know that I haven't completed 2 years out of last 5 years requirement but is it possible for me to get a 5 year RRV, if I apply now? I haven't bought a home here yet but have permanent job in Adelaide. I was initially thinking of applying for my RRV in January 2019 but due to personal reasons, I may have to visit my home country by the end of this year. Just wanted to check if there is a possibility of getting a 5 year RRV if I apply now. If it will just be a 3 month thing, I will apply probably a month or 2 later. Thanks.
  8. Evening everyone. I have been searching for an answer for a while on here, but to no avail I was wondering if anyone has sat the citizenship test back in the UK? What was the process? How did you get on with becoming a citizen i.e completing the ceremony after sitting the test in the UK? I'm conscious that the timeline is getting longer and longer from applying for citizenship, getting invited for the test/ interview then having the ceremony so this I feel is a pressing issue with people having ties in the UK. Many thanks
  9. asrar

    RRV - Help Needed

    Hi, I received PR in Feb 2014 and expiring next month. I visited Australia in December 2014 for a few days and never returned back. My reason to not return is that I have been working overseas in US with a stable job and do not want to resign. I want to get my PR extended (via RRV) but would like to know working overseas can be considered compelling and passionate reason. Appreciate if someone can share their experience and provide guidance in this regard. Thanks
  10. Dear PIO Members, My wife and I returned to the UK in 2014 to take care of my elderly mum, who sadly passed away in January. Prior to returning I’d been in Australia for 11 years and obtained my Australian citizenship in that time, whilst my wife (who is a non-EU citizen) had been there for 3 years and got her permanent residency (subclass 100). We've made the best of being back in the UK during this time but neither of us feel as settled as we did in Australia, and we would like to return there within the next couple of years. Technically there's nothing to stop us returning immediately except that my wife has now spent 4 years on the 5-year route to becoming a British Citizen. Next year she will be eligible for permanent residency or 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' over here. After she obtains ILR she will be eligible to apply for citizenship straight away because she will have already met the 5-year residency requirement. Unfortunately, by the time she becomes a British Citizen the travel condition on her subclass 100 visa will have expired, and we will need to apply for a RRV to return to Australia. Clearly my wife will not automatically meet the residency requirement for a subclass 155. Yes, we could ditch the route to British Citizenship and come back earlier, but we are now so close and it will be a lot easier for her to travel in the future as she needs a visa pretty much every time we want to go abroad, at the moment. From the previous experience of forum members, what will be her chances of her obtaining an RRV so that we can return to Australia without any issues? I can see that they have really tightened things up in the last few years, and it's becoming a lot more difficult (and expensive!) to obtain Australian residency. Naturally I'm worried my wife might not be able to obtain an RRV, and we will have to restart the process again from scratch when we want to return to Oz! Apologies if I should have posted this in the 'Visa Chat' section – I wasn't quite sure. Many thanks in advance for helpful replies, Martin.
  11. Hi There, I was applying for Aus citizenship and received an error at page 6 stating that I am not able to continue as I don’t met the citizenship requirements and page was showing to calculate if I am eligible or not. I got my PR in 2011 living in Melbourne from 2005. In Sept 2017, when I traveled overseas for two weeks and didn’t noticed that PR expired in 2016 and have to renew it. When coming back from overseas at Melbourne airport, I have to apply for RRV in Oct 2017. So now I have explained these to Home affairs over the call and they told me that you can still apply for the citizenship with paper based option but here is very less chances that you application get enter prior to July 2018. Support Person informed me that I have to explain about those two weeks in a letter to processing officer and since I am living here from 2005 they may exempt me. Just wondering have anyone seen these kind of situation and how much success I have If I will explain the overseas visit and other circumstances? Otherwise I have to wait for Oct 2018 and since rules are changing after July 2018 . Then According to July 2018 new rules I might have to wait for another 4 years. Harry
  12. Our PR visa expires next year. I would like to get my Visa extended for a few more years. What is the process and are the reasons to be very convincing for the DEBP ?
  13. Sheila2018

    Applying for RRV onshore on visit

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help with some advice about RRV. Our situation at the moment is we we're granted a one year RRV last year which runs out March 2018, and even though we have had a year to get sorted due to circumstances we need more time. Son is going before RRV expires and staying with family. We were thinking of going for a few weeks before RRV expires and applying for another RRV onshore. My question is: How long dose an onshore RRV take to be granted? (assuming it does), I did find something saying it was about a week but I can't find where I got this number from again. Will applying onshore make a difference if we are only there for a few weeks or will they see it as an offshore application? Thanks in advance
  14. Aussiebird

    RRV questions

    Does anyone know what supporting documents are needed for a RRV 155 visa? I can't find any info anywhere online? I have 2 brothers in Australia, one I'm very close to, the other not, the one I'm close to helped so much with my husband's previous Partner subclass 100 visa with supporting letter etc so I assume he will need to to do the same with RRV 155 too? My family in Australia are the ties needed for the application. I have an auntie and cousins in Australia but no contact for years, excluding my brothers, so just worried that only being able to get supporting evidence from one brother will affect the application. Can anyone advise please? The RRV 155 process seems quite complicated and worried my husband won't be granted one. The only other option would to get another SC 100 visa but it's expensive now. Thanks in advance. Xx
  15. Hello All I hold Australia Permanent Residence but my 5yr Travel window is expired. I stayed in Australia for a week and I had to come back due to personal reasons. Its been 11 yrs I'm out of Australia, I need to come back now and live there and establish business How can I come? is RRV 157 suitable. Can I be granted a visa? Rgds MI
  16. sohel

    RRV rejection vs PR Validity

    Hi friends, My PR expires on 10th Jan 2018, and so I am going to make an RRV application thru Immiaccount. Question isif the RRV is rejected shall I still enter OZ before 10/1/18 or by the RRV rejection the PR is also cancelled?
  17. Coupleinoz

    PR / Citizenship / Resident Return

    My partner and I, aged 33 and 29, are originally from the UK and Ireland and have been living in Australia for 4 years. We have recently been granted Permanent Residency in July 2017. We saw this visa as a stepping stone to citizenship, which would then give us the flexibility between UK / Ireland and Australia. The complication for us is the recent change from 2 years to 4 years to apply for citizenship, as we wanted to spend few years back in UK / Ireland to get married and spend time with friends and family. We currently believe we have two options: 1) leave in the next few months and return within the 5 year return visa 2) stay for the 4 years to get citizenship. In order to help us make this decision, we are looking advice on our visa, the resident return visa and conditions for citizenship. Specifically: Detail on how the resident return visa works within the permanent residency visa? Do we need to be living in Australia to extend PR / return visa beyond the first 5 years? Could we apply for extension from UK and then return after 6 - 8 years? If we left and didn't return within our visa conditions, is there any other way of returning to Australia later in life? (e.g. company sponsoring to bring me back over when I'm in mid 40's). Can anyone recommend a good immigration lawyer that won't charge a fortune for a 1hr consultancy?
  18. Hi everyone, Im starting to become confused about certains facts regarding the subclass 100 visa. Im hoping someone can help me please? I know the visa is valid for 5 years and it holds permanent residency. If someone leaves Australia to go back to UK during the 5 year period and doesnt return to Australia before the expiry date, does that mean the permanent residency status is lost? We are completing a form 1085 for a resident return visa 155 in the hope we will be granted a 5 year one as we want to move back to Australia for good. Some of the questions on this form are quite confusing! One question asks about being in Australia for at least a total of 2 years in the last 5 years, but we stayed for 18 months on the 100 visa, that does not include a couple of weeks we stayed in Australia to activate the visa. So we were just short of the time frame, but we do have family ties to Australia and we have just come back from a 3 week stay. We are hoping that if we are granted a 155 it will be for 5 years and not 1 year. The residency part is what we want to be clear about. Many thanks in advance, any information is greatly appreciated. Xx
  19. pete fish

    Form1085 RRV 155

    Hi All, we are just completing an RRV as we would like to travel on holiday whilst waiting for Citizenship. Form 1085 is pretty straightforward but do we read it that if we confirm in Q29 ( that we resided in Aus for more that 2 years in the last 5) then we go straight to section C and do not complete Questions 30 and onwards ? It should be straightforward as we have lived and worked in Aus as PR for five years, but our visa expired last October and we didn't expect the Citizenship application to take so long. Thanks
  20. hookturn

    RRV application

    Hello, my PR189 will expire in 1 year and I have not made the move yet. I would like to extend the expiry date. Anyone can advise how to proceed? I have only personal reasons for delaying the move.
  21. chrisdarby

    RRV or ETA

    Hi, I am 37 years old, I am a british citizen but i've had permanent residency in Australia since I was 8 years old, so going on 29 years now. I have a young daughter (6 years old) who is an australian citizen and currently living with her mother, my ex wife, also an australia citizen, in Perth WA. I also have both of my parents and all of my siblings living in Australia as either permanent residents or a couple that have now gotten their citizenship, I visit both them and my daughter regularly. In Feb 2013 I renewed my RRV for 5 years to travel to the UK, I travelled to the UK in May 2013, got offered a very good job, and am now living and working here, and currently earning more here than I can with the same type of work in Australia, coupled with lower cost of living allows me frequent trips back to Australia as well as being able to send over increased financial support to my daughter. Between then and now i've travelled back to Australia 5 times, and plan to continue to travel to Australia (Perth) at least twice a year to spend time with my daughter (she also visits the uk at least once a year with her mother) and to spend time with my parents and siblings in Adelaide. My current RRV is due to expire late February 2018. I have travel back to Australia planned in March/April 2018, after my RRV expires. My problem is this, I have no ‘immediate’ intention to return to australia to live as a resident within the next few years, due to my current employment, the pay of which I can't match in Australia (especially considering the low cost of living where i am now), and coupled with the fact that I am in a long term relationship here in the UK. I have been advised when calling the immigration dept that renewing my RRV annually is going to become more and more difficult with the immigration dept eventually (if not sooner) questioning if i have any intention to actually come back to live and then outright denying the RRV. Within the next 5-10 years (or longer) providing things continue as they have, i have no intention of working in Australia, claiming benefits, using medicare etc, but need access to see my daughter, so I don't need all the benefits that come with an RRV at the moment, but if things change either planned or due to unforeseen circumstances, I don’t want to be cut off from my daughter or the rest of my family, due to a visa issue. What are my options? And what sort of costs are involved in ensuring that I can continue to legally visit my daughter in Australia up to 2-3 times a year. I currently intent to renew my RRV in January for 1 year, but my concern is what happens after that, what will happen if I have to switch to another visa (ETA or eVisitor) or something. I understand that ETA or eVisitor will allow me to visit for 12 months and stay up to 3 months at a time, but without the ability to work, etc which is absolutely fine at the moment, but if I do have to move back at some point either due to: a) Illness in my family in Adelaide or Perth b) issues with my daughter c) changes in circumstances in the UK d) something else. Will getting an ETA instead of RRV prevent me from getting another RRV in the future, I’ve had conflicting advice from two different people at Immigration and Border Control. Can anyone offer any insight?
  22. brock79

    RRV Application - Maiden Name

    Hi, I've just been granted my RRV, which is great as it's practically our 10th anniversary since we returned to the UK. So now that mine has been granted I've just submitted an RRV application online for my wife. I completed all the details as I did with mine, I put my wife's correct current married surname and also listed her previous maiden name, I gave her correct passport details in her current married name as well. After completing the application I received an email confirming it was submitted but they've listed my wife's maiden name as the applicant. Even when I log into the Immi account it shows my wife's maiden name, even though that isn't her current name. Have they made a mistake or are they just using her maiden name because this is an RRV application and her original permanent visa was in her maiden name? I'm just concerned if it's granted in her maiden name then there may be some issue when travelling? It would be linked to her correct current passport with her current married name anyway so it may not matter. It just seems strange that they've listed the applicant with her previous maiden name and not her current married one, unless as I say, it just has to match the original visa? Has anyone come across that before? I'd rather not have to contact DIBP about it if there's no isssue. Thanks.
  23. Just wondering if anyone else has applied for an RRV recently and had a response at all? I applied 10th May and it is still outstanding with no update. Seems to be taking a long time.
  24. Hi Every one, My PR expired in 2013, I was away from Australia for the last 6 years due to compelling reasons. Recently applied RRV and my RRV is approved. I have been working in India for last 6 years, I want to come back to Australia in August. I am married in 2011, we had a child aged 4 years now.Now I want to apply partner visa before I come to Australia as processing time takes more than 1 year. 1.Do I need to provide proof of income/ bank guarantee in Australia to sponsor my partner ? 2.My offer letters, salary slips in India are sufficient ? 3. Am I eligible to apply partner visa if I was away from Australia for 6 years ? 4.What is the better option for me , applying partner visa on shore or off shore ? Please advise. Appreciate your time and help. Thank you.
  25. RWall95

    Am I eligible for a RRV?

    Hi, I had a Residents Visa (176 I think), is it possible for me to get a Residents Return Visa as mine has expired. Also, after it expired I visited Australia with a E-Visitor Visa. Would this cause issues getting a RRV? Thanks, Ryan