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Found 169 results

  1. Hi, I got few concerns I am going to apply for 887 visa. I work for small family business and the owner does my pay. He is too busy managing whole business. So he forgets to do my pay on time and have also paid my super late. I want to know would there be any issue with immigration for these two reasons. Your replies would be much appreciated.
  2. If I open an Aussie account from the UK before leaving, can I pay in a cheque thats' made out in pounds? Obviously I know the bank will make a small charge and the exchange rate goes up and down etc. But is this actually possible, or can an Australian account only accept payments/transfers in AUD ?
  3. I have never rented before so this is all new to me, I was wondering if anyone actually knows what you have to pay for and what the landlord pays for.
  4. Hi, im a mental health nurse and just been offered a job at Concord mental health hospital. I currently work in acute admissions for working age adults and would like to carry on in this area or possibly a PICU. Does anyone know if this hospital has an acute admissions ward for adults? As from looking online it looks like it just has geriatric care and i dont want to work there. The lady that interviewed me stated there was acute wards and various others that i could rotate round, but i dont want to work in rehab as its too slow paced or with the elderly. So if theres not adult acute or PICU i wont want to take it. Any information on this hospital would be appreciated. Also where could i live? Any advice on this too! I dont drive but need somewhere cheap, so obviously will need to commute but dont know where to start looking for cheap units, it would just be me and my husband. Another thing...what salary can i expect?..i wasnt told anything specific and have seen the pay scales online but just wondering if they are accurate for those on temporary visa and after tax etc. Will we have enough money to live on and enough to save some? We have no debts in UK and arent big spenders. So many questions lol i'll see if i get any replies to this first before i bombard you with more APHRA received my application on 6th November, ive emailed 3 times since then but they just say they cant tell me anything yet and to wait. I know it could be a while Thanks xx
  5. hi guys--we are probably going to have to first store our stuff for about a month prior to shipping. When do people usually pay the shippers--do we have to pay before they come to pack and collect? Any info greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm just wondering what the maternity benefits are over in Australia. We have one child at the moment and plan to have more which may be after we make the move to Oz. :yes: What do you receive in terms of maternity leave and maternity benefits? E.g. how much time can you have off after having a baby, do you get any money from the state for supporting the baby and help with childcare? When we had our son in the UK I was entitled to a full years leave from work with maternity pay for 9 months at £128.23 per week and recieved £20 per week child benefit and when I returned to work I got £7 per week towards childcare costs. At the time my I had only been in my job 2.5 years so wasnt entitled to the maternity pay from my employer but would have been had I fallen pregnant after being with them for two years. Can any one help??? :err:
  7. Ok ladies, important question, how much can i expect to pay for: a) a cut and blow dry b) a wash and blow dry. I've been told to expect a shock when I first visit a hairdresser as they are much more expensive than back home.
  8. Hi, I've been living in melbourne for 4 years though still have a way to go with my student loan, it's means tested so I have to pay an amount each month I have found a way to minimize any bank fees sending money to the uk by creating two Citibank accounts ! One here in Melbourne and my dad opened one in his name in the uk, (you have to be employed in the uk to do so) it's free to transfer between Citibank accounts, I hope anyone else who is in the same situation finds this helpful However, I am still paying it post tax, if I'm correct, in the UK we pay before tax, is this right? sounds pretty good really! Is there a way to pay my loan before it's taxed? That would save me heaps overall! Thanks!
  9. Main story for another time but...... We went to Oz, but came back to the UK after a few months and have since been trying to clear up all the debts that have accrued because of the whole adventure.... We have paid all but one, which is to a cattery in Adelaide, as because we were'nt expecting to come back when we set out, we didnt ahdnt met the criteria for the pet passport - hence our cats needed a rabies jab in Oz, then six months before having a blood test to prove they were clean before they came back into the UK..... Anyway, due to struggling to find work back here, we have not been able to pay all the board, vets bills and flight/customs costs, , whcih has meant that they are still there 12 months on with the bill rising by $600/month for board. The cattery are holding out for the full amount before they stick the cats on a plane (presumably because they do not think they'll hear from us again once we have the cats) so are in effect holding the cats ransom. We cannot raise that full amount (we've used up favours from friends and family just getting there and back and institutions won't touch us while I'm not working), so the normal resolution would be for us to pay the debt in installments, but they are not willing to do that - presumably because the time/effort it would take to chase us for it would be substantial for them. Our question therefore is - IS THERE SOME MEANS BY WHICH WE CAN PROVIDE AN ASSURANCE THAT ANY NON-PAYMENT WILL BE PURSUED IN THE UK WITHOUT IT COSTING THEM? In other words, if we were to set up an arrangement with a UK firm, they could start issuing CCJs etc against us to reclaim the money, Unlike many in this situation, we WANT to pay what we owe them, and just want to find a way to do that that will mean that they have more to rely on than our word that we will pay (which we know we could keep to, but they obviously cannot). Is there some sort of middle man company that can we can go through? Will one or both government be able to help? We have been through the debate over just leaving them there, they are only cats, you have more important priorities, etc - we know only animal lovers will understand our viewpoint of how important it is to get them back at any cost - so can we put that aside and just focus on the practical matter, how to provide a solid guarantee of payments to come..... Any concrete suggestions will be most welcome Thanks
  10. Hello my dears, I am sponsoring my wife for a partner Visa and want to pay her VAC in Australia preferrably via a Credit Card. Can anyone please tell me how to pay VAC for an overseas applicant by a credit card online? Thank you Regards
  11. Hiya there, just moved here on a 457 visa, and looking at options for my son who turns 4 in January. Would I be able to get any rebates from the Qld government to pay for kindy? Or would I have to pay for it myself?
  12. Guest

    Midwifes Pay

    Hi everyone Does anyone know what the pay for a registered midwife is in a public hospital?? in Perth? Thanks Paul
  13. Ive got a Uk tax credit overpayment to pay back. Ive no longer a uk bank account and my oz account wants $25 for each overseas transaction. is there a cheaper way to do this, will hmrc accept payment from my debit card? Does anyone ave experience
  14. Hi, i'm new to this so be gentle lol !! I'm a pipe fitter and a gas welder working in the uk at the mo, i'm currently on £12.91. I've just applied for my 175 visa and was wondering does anybody know much a pipe fitter welder is on in oz ? Many Thanks Tim.
  15. "Interesting" news story in the paper today: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/research-fellow-argues-auction-system-would-better-address-skills-gaps/story-fn59niix-1226140356950 I remember only too well how much it did cost to get here and for all but the wealthy this would be a step too far in my eyes.
  16. Guest

    Lift mechanic pay

    Does anyone know what lift mechanics(electrical fitters) get paid in Brisbane/Gold coast area or could someone please point me in the right direction.
  17. hi Does annyone know how to work out take home pay after all the deuctions and everything? im a nurse who will be earning basic $1900 a fortnight so what exactly will be deducted as im getting very confused!! i will hopefully benefiting from the hospital salary sacrificing sscheme of $500 a week for rent and car and loan so hopefully be paying tax on $ 400 a week, any advice would be very grateful of!! kate
  18. Somebody can tell me how much a certified wall and floor tiler can make a day? I have AQF III certificate and have a lot experience tiling and construction here in USA looking for a job in the near future i`m still here in USA but hopefully move soon to Perth (next 2 or 3 months). Anyboby can tell me if will be hard to get a job? I applied for 176 visa. Thank you.
  19. Hi can anybody tell me what the salary would be for a Division 1 nurse Grade 3B year 1. I'm applying for jobs but can't find up to date pay scales anywhere. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  20. Hi All We are about to start calling around for prices of shipping a 20ft container from london to perth in feb 2012 and was wondering what sort of prices everyone else has paid. I have put a list below for you answer as im sure many other would like to know these answers too. 1. Cost Paid / Any discounts - 2. Company - 3. Packing or Self Packing - 4. From (Area) - 5. To (Area) - 6. Size of container 20ft or 40 ft - 7. Insurance included yes, no or extra - 8. Other costs, if so what? - Thanks for you time Sanjay
  21. Hi everyone, I may have the opportunity to work for an Australian company if I move back to the UK however I'm confused on how and who I'll pay tax to. The company is Australian and doesnt have an entity in the UK, I will be working from a home office and the Australian company will be paying me into my UK account. Has anyone been in this situation or have any knowledge of how the system works and where I will pay tax? Thanks for your help!
  22. zoeburrell

    Pay extra to sit the HSC????

    Hi Fellow PIO Members Does anyone know about extra fees for taking the HSC if you do not have PR. The school my daughter goes to has just been sent a bill for $1000 for me to settle immediately for her to take her HSC exams. The school do not understand this and think its wrong. We are on a 163 Business Owners visa. I know when she goes to Uni I need to win lotto for her to attend until we gain PR next year but was under the impression that as long as school fees were paid there was nothing extra... All thoughts gratefully received!!! Thanks xx
  23. I'm hoping someone out there can help as after searching the internet and both uk and aus tax office websites i cant find any answers! I am a british citizen and my partner is australian. We live in australia and have done for the past 5years . After becoming pregnant with my second child we have decided to move back to the uk and i have a job opportunity working for an australian company however i will be based from home in the uk. The australian company does not have an entity in the uk, they will be transferring wages into my uk account so my question is, how do i pay tax and who do i pay it to? Thanks for your help! uk. My other
  24. Hi, Am currently negotiating with a Big 4 accounting firm for a consulting role on a 457 visa. While the salary numbers are being discussed, they have not mentioned LAFHA yet. Can anyone tell me if these firms pay LAFHA in Perth? I was hoping that, with their large HR bureaucracy, they will offer LAFHA and am expecting them to offer it on their own. Will appreciate any help I can get. Cheers!
  25. can i keep my uk bank account open to keep paying my uk pensions, then if needed to can i still pay uk pensions with oz account. can i also transfer money from oz account to uk account to pay uk pensions