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  1. I see... So my partner needs to stick through the 482 with his same company until the expiration in February 2022? In which case he can then fall back on our bridging partner visa and apply for work anywhere? Are there no other options for him to be able to move companies at the moment? Can another company 'take' his sponsorship through a transfer? Will this 'reset the clock' on his expiration or will it still be February 2022? Thanks
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for your message. I see. So come February 2022, after his 482 ends, can he fall back on the Bridging Partner Visa and use that to move companies? I doubt the Partner Visa would have been approved by that stage.
  3. Hi all, I am an Australian citizen, while my partner is a British citizen. My partner is currently sponsored on a 482 visa which expires in February 2022. We recently registered our relationship as de facto (in NSW) and are hoping to lodge our Partner Visa application at the end of the year. Unfortunately my partner is really disliking his current job. We've had a meeting with a migration lawyer and he mentioned my partner won't fall onto the Partner Visa Bridging until his 482 expires. He responded with this at the very end of our meeting and haven't had a chance to ask further. My question is, what if my partner resigns from his job? Surely he would automatically fall onto the Bridging Partner Visa and this would give him the freedom to move companies? Thanks for the assistance.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been dating my partner for quite a few months now and we're wanting to register our relationship so he can apply for PR through a partnership visa (he's also currently sponsored by his work but his boss is horrible so I'd prefer him to have the work freedom through a partnership visa). What are some things we can do to provide more evidence of our relationship - e.g. joint bank account? What else can we do? Add each other as supplementary credit card holders? Share a Netflix/Spotify account? What else? Thanks for the assistance!
  5. Hi all, I've heard whispers that people's applications for visas/permanent residency are occurring very rapidly now (like, 2 months instead of 12 months). Has anyone had first-hand proof of this? If this really is the case it may impact my partner as to whether he goes down the PR route through work sponsorship or if we go down partner visa... Thanks
  6. Hi all, My partner and I are at a crossroads. He is currently sponsored at his job (advertising), and needs to now commence his permanent residency application. However, my partner and I are considering him to go on a partner visa instead (by registering our relationship - I'm an Australian citizen). What are the pros and cons for him to go on a partner visa instead of his work sponsorship visa? I also have a few questions, being: 1) What is the cost difference between a partner visa and working visa? 2) Everyone says you need legal advice (and fees) for a work sponsorship visa to ensure your application is perfect. Does a partner visa also require legal fees, or is it quite easy to complete? 3) What is the total processing time for PR through work sponsorship vs through partner visa? 4) I believe if my partner applies for PR through his work sponsorship, then he won't be able to swap jobs/companies. Is this true? Can he swap jobs/companies if he's on a partner visa? 5) I read that while the work sponsorship visa is being processed (bridging visa), my partner won't be able to leave the country even for a holiday unless he gets an exemption. Is this correct? Does this also apply on the partner visa? 6) My partner mentioned even if he does apply for permanent residency through his work sponsorship, he's still not guaranteed to obtain PR as they don't approve everyone. Is this the case for a partner visa too? 7) If we register our relationship, we become de facto. What are the legal/financial ramifications if one of us dies/gets ill/receives inheritance etc. Thanks everyone, appreciate the help.
  7. Brad1549

    De Facto Sponsorship vs De Facto Visa?

    Thanks for the detailed message - greatly appreciated! Hmm it seems like a partner visa may be the way to go. We both live in NSW and I read we can 'register our relationship' to avoid the 12 month wait required for the partner visa. I'd be happy to register our relationship. Does this mean that our partner visa application can still be rejected, though? And finally, if he does go on a bridging visa with his company, I presume he's still allowed to leave the country for a holiday?
  8. Brad1549

    De Facto Sponsorship vs De Facto Visa?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, we do see the relationship being long-term (we've actually known each other for quite some time prior to dating). Unfortunately he's not part of the ENS skills list. So it sounds like entering a partner/de facto visa may not be of any benefit considering it will still take 24 months? Are there any other visas which would be faster than his company sponsorship PR route?
  9. Brad1549

    De Facto Sponsorship vs De Facto Visa?

    Also, in addition to the above, what are the benefits of a De Facto visa vs a sponsorship visa through his company?
  10. Hi all, I'm a 28 year old Australian citizen and have been dating my British partner for 7 months. My partner is currently sponsored by his work, and is now at the point where he can apply for his permanent residency (PR). This will apparently cost him ~$12,000 and will take ~2 years to obtain. I'd be happy to enter a de facto visa with him if it means it will cost him less and expedite the PR. However, I don't think we'll be eligible as we haven't been together/living with each other for long enough. However, I've heard of a "de facto sponsorship" you can do. Could someone please explain what this is? Apparently it would involve me being his sponsor and paying a lump sum. If this means it will be cheaper and faster than getting PR through his company's sponsorship then I'd be happy to do it. Unfortunately I can't find any information on "de facto sponsorships" online though. What are the requirements for this? Thanks everyone