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  1. MaggieMay24

    187 Visa Processing Time

    It's simply not part of the design of the 187 visa. Under the 187 visa, the employer submits a nomination and the (potential) employee submits their visa application. So no need for any invitation process.
  2. MaggieMay24

    187 Visa Processing Time

    There isn't an invitation process for the 187 visa.
  3. I think this is a family law question, not an immigration one. You'd be better off speaking with a family law attorney. As far as giving your ex some support, my suggestion would be to contact her parents and let them know you're more than willing to financially support your child but not based on your ex's demands and her refusal to have you declared on the birth certificate. Maybe her parents can talk some sense into her.
  4. MaggieMay24

    Leaving Employer after 186 Granted

    AFAIK, the only costs the employer must pay is the training levy fee. The employer can require the employee pay the rest of it.
  5. MaggieMay24

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    Will he even have the course completion certificate before his student visa expires? I'd suggest he speak with a registered migration agent to sort out the 485, and to delay any travel plans until he's got his visa and bridging visas sorted.
  6. The cost for a 186 DE visa will include the training levy (must be paid by the employer) plus the costs for the nomination, the visa application (plus dependents), health checks, police checks, translation of documents (if not in English), English test (if you aren't exempt) plus costs of a migration agent (not mandatory but strongly recommended especially if they haven't sponsored before). Whether the employer pays all the costs or expects you to pay a portion is something you'd need to discuss with them.
  7. If your position is eliminated due to the business closing, that shouldn't be an issue for your visa.
  8. There's no legal requirement on the 186 to remain with your employer for 2 years. You make the commitment to during the application process, but after the visa is granted, it's never been an issue that I've seen for people to leave their employer. Of course if someone does it immediately after the visa is granted, it's possible the employer could complain to DHA that the visa holder didn't have the intention to remain with them at the time the visa was granted and perhaps DHA would take steps towards cancelling the visa. But 6 months after I would be very surprised if it was an issue.
  9. MaggieMay24

    Pregnancy when the main name on a 482 TSS visa

    It's always a good idea to speak with a registered migration agent as you've been given some incorrect information above. In answer to your question, we have had employees on 457/482 visas and some have fallen pregnant before and during the 186 visa process. It has had no impact on the visa (if you're mid-stream on the PR visa, make sure to have your baby added to the 482 visa and then to the PR application). While employers may not provide paid maternity leave, as part of the nomination process they provide evidence that the visa holder will receive the same terms and conditions as Australian citizens/PR holders in the same position. As well, 457/482 visa holders are covered by the same national employment standards as Australian citizens/PR holders so you're entitled to pregnancy leave.
  10. MaggieMay24

    190 visa / 5 points for partner

    I assume there should be somewhere to include the results of her English test (a UK passport is sufficient for Functional English, but an English test is required for Competent), but I've never used the Skillselect system. EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read that you've received the invitation. Then I assume uploading a copy of her English test is enough evidence of the 5 points.
  11. MaggieMay24

    Info on Moving to Australia

    I think that depends on the family. Many are willing to take the opportunity to live overseas for a few years even if it doesn't suit everyone.
  12. MaggieMay24

    Married in UK but name change in QLD

    It's not an issue. As long as the name on your visa matches the name on your passport, the name you use elsewhere (bank accounts, email, etc.) doesn't matter. I didn't change my name in Australia until I took citizenship since it wasn't worth the effort and cost to get a new passport and then update immigration. The only difficulty is remembering to book travel in your maiden name.
  13. MaggieMay24

    820 to 801 extra info ?

    You need to supply similar documents but covering the period from the 820 application onwards to show your relationship is ongoing.
  14. MaggieMay24

    482 visa do I need health insurance?

    From what I understand, you need to either have private health insurance or Medicare. With the 457, people with reciprocal Medicare entitlement would take out private coverage until they arrived and could enrol in Medicare, then they were able to cancel the private health insurance. I'd assume the 482 works the same way however I'm not sure on that.
  15. Select a migration agent based on your comfort with their qualifications and experience, not their location. The majority of agents will deal with everything over email/phone/skype so meeting in person is generally rare and unnecessary. We have several very well-qualified agents who post regularly on this forum including @wrussell @Raul Senise @paulhand and @Alan Collett
  16. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    That's not something I can comment on as I'm not a migration agent. If your employer is using a migration agent, I assume they would have considered whether a 187 was more appropriate for you.
  17. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    The 28 days applies to you, the applicant. You have 28 days to provide the requested information. Some COs may review your file immediately after you provide the info, even if it is the day after you get the request. Other COs may simply wait until the 28 days have expired to review whatever you've provided during that period. So there's no hard and fast rule, just different approaches by different COs.
  18. MaggieMay24

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yes, you're entitled to take leave and you can travel within Australia or overseas.
  19. MaggieMay24

    Moving state on a 489

    Similar to the 190 visa, you make a commitment to the sponsoring state when you ask them to sponsor you. Whether this is a 2-year commitment or for the duration of the 489, I don't know. However the 489 visa itself doesn't (I don't think) have any condition that says you must remain in the sponsoring state. However the 489 does require that you only live/work/study in a regional post code, so as long as you haven't moved to Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you may be fine. Until the 887 is granted, you must abide by the conditions of the 489.
  20. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Low risk countries are those eligible for an ETA or e-visitor visa. All other countries are high risk.
  21. MaggieMay24

    Partner visa address issues

    There's no requirement to live together before marriage. If you're applying on the basis that you're now married, it shouldn't be an issue. If you're claiming the relationship before marriage as de facto, then you should address the fact that you didn't live together due to religious regions but in other ways you were a de facto couple. I'm surprised your migration agent couldn't answer this question for you, are they a registered agent?
  22. MaggieMay24


    If you don't have training or experience as a baker, I find it highly unlikely your employer could successfully sponsor you for this occupation. If you're waiting for AAT for a 186 TRT application, have you left that employer and are now working for the bakery?
  23. MaggieMay24

    491 eligibility

    That appears to be a very specific topic about claiming points for studying in Australia. That snippet goes on to say that this will not affect very many people. However if you think it may affect you, I'd suggest you speak to a registered migration agent.
  24. MaggieMay24

    Family balance test

    For the BOF test, there is no leeway. Regardless of whatever relationship exists/doesn't exist between the parent and child, they are still considered in the BOF test.
  25. MaggieMay24

    457 to 186 TRT

    Have you provided specialist reports to give enough detail about your son's condition and the costs/services he needs? Since you're applying through the TRT, there is the possibility of a health waiver although I wouldn't go through this without the aid of a good migration agent to improve your chances of success.