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  1. MaggieMay24

    Permanent Residency Queries

    I think the OP is simply taking a sensible approach of asking about the potential impact if things don't go as planned and she ended up leaving her employer or even Australia.
  2. MaggieMay24


    The temporary employer sponsored visa has no age limit, but the permanent one is also limited to 45 with only a few exceptions. If she wants to pursue immigration, a consultation with an agent such as Raul would be useful to see what options she may have.
  3. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Not for immigration purposes. IELTS can print whatever they want on their certificate, but Australian immigration recognize the IELTS results anywhere from 1-3 years depending on the visa and whether you're the primary or a dependent applicant.
  4. MaggieMay24

    Visitor Visa 600 and ETA

    You could try another visitor visa, but these aren't designed for people to live in Australia for long periods of time so it may not be approved. I think your daughter and her partner may need to plan beyond your support.
  5. MaggieMay24

    ETA Visa, advise needed

    Never take advice from Australia immigration. If he's not eligible for a 651 visa, she wouldn't be able to apply for one for him. The ETA is the correct visa he should apply for, so if I was him I would try the ETA application again. And I'd have him do the application - personally I don't like the idea of people applying for other people (with the exception of migration agents) because if you mess up, it's his immigration record that has the refusal on it, not yours.
  6. MaggieMay24

    Timeline for 489 Skilled Subsequent Entrant

    REMINDER: We do not allow the CO name to be posted, please use initials only. Thank you.
  7. MaggieMay24

    ENS 186 After Nomination Grant

    Your employer is the application for the nomination step, so they (or their agent) are informed, not you. You will be informed of the change in your visa application when it happens.
  8. MaggieMay24

    3rd WHV Question

    Well your question is about the process, and as already replied, I would assume the process will be the same as the 2nd WHV. Regardless of whether people apply after meeting the criteria or not, and whether DHA chooses to investigate every single application or only every 50th, is up to them. I assume it's not only Canadians and Irish who may try to get a new WHV without having done the required regional work.
  9. MaggieMay24

    VISA Granted

    You were actually eligible for Medicare as soon as you submitted your onshore application. But you can apply for Medicare and cancel your health coverage if you choose to do so. Many people continue the health coverage or change it to another policy based on their personal needs.
  10. It's a "how long is a piece of string" question with no exact answer. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, it could be in 6 months. All you can do is wait and reply to any requests for information as quickly as possible.
  11. MaggieMay24

    3rd WHV Question

    Why wouldn't the process for the 3rd application be any different from the 2nd?
  12. My guess is that there is a fee for the sponsor application, since it would require DHA to do an assessment of paperwork, etc. for which they would expect to be paid. Not sure if that is then carved out of the visa application fee (e.g. $250 for the sponsor application and then the visa application fee is reduced by $250). April 17th will be interesting to see what has been put in place.
  13. It's published on the DHA website that the processing time is 12+ weeks so asking them to rush yours when you've only been waiting 4-5 weeks is unlikely to be successful. As Paul has suggested, I think you're better off rethinking your travel plans and simply waiting or the RRV to be granted.
  14. MaggieMay24

    bridging visa A

    The main benefit is that it allows you to remain in Australia with no limitation on work or study while you wait for your visa application to be processed. However it does not have any entry rights so if you plan to leave Australia even temporarily on a holiday, you need to apply for a BVB.
  15. MaggieMay24

    187 rsms cook nsw

    Immigration does not request medical checks if there isn't already a visa application lodged because the HAP ID is linked to the visa application. Perhaps the migration agent asked for it to be completed, although that would be very strange if the plan was to wait for the nomination to be approved before lodging the visa application
  16. MaggieMay24

    Can a holder of a 143 Parent Visa sponsor a spouse visa?

    Yes, but since there's a 5-year waiting period after the 143 is granted, it's a pretty inconvenient way to go for most people.
  17. MaggieMay24

    Nomination for 482 Visa

    Your employer should be able to provide the nomination TRN to you. You won't get any information on the status of the nomination as the employer is the applicant, but they should let you know once it has been finalised.
  18. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    As soon as you lodge your 186 application, you are entitled to Medicare and you are no longer entitled to claim the exemption from the Medicare levy. In my case, I applied for my 186 in Oct (2013) and it was approved a few months later. I didn't apply for Medicare until the 186 was granted. When I requested the exemption certificate for the Medicare levy, it was only given up to the date I submitted the 186 application, even though I didn't actually apply for Medicare until a few months later.
  19. You can apply to have the 6-month limit lifted if you submit a completed form 1445 (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1445.pdf)
  20. MaggieMay24

    Over 18 is this a problem?

    He must have misunderstood what he was reading as the RRV is pretty clear that it allows the holder to remain indefinitely but only 5 years of entry rights. The RRV doesn't expire, just the travel rights.
  21. MaggieMay24

    186 trt withdrawals

    That's a employment law issue, not an immigration one.
  22. MaggieMay24

    489 visa

    Have you read the information they provide on the DOHA website? It's pretty much a step-by-step explanation of what you need to do.
  23. From an immigration standpoint, your action would be to notify DOHA that your relationship has ended, which you have done. They will contact him to give him an opportunity to comment regarding any reason they should not cancel his 820 visa now that the relationship is ended. He could advise them that you are pregnant and that in order for him to have any relationship with his child he should be allowed to remain in Australia. It's up to DOHA whether they consider that sufficient reason to grant him the 801 visa. He doesn't need to apply for custody of the child for that.
  24. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    There's no way they could give a time limit unless they were to completely change their way of doing things. But as long as they have a limit on the number of visas they will grant but they do not limit the number of applications being submitted, it will cause the processing time to fluctuate. So if there is a limit of 20,000 (I don't know what the limit is, this is just an example) and if 60,000 people apply, there will be very long wait times. This is the situation with the parent visas - there is a limit of about 2,500 visas and every year there are 2x, 3x, 4x or even more applications submitted so the processing time has gone from 18 months to now 5+ years. So the only way they could really give a time limit would be if they close the system to new applications until they process the ones they already have waiting to be processed. This way they could manage the application volumes and be more predictable with the processing times.
  25. MaggieMay24

    Sponsorship advice

    The 186/187 visas have a health waiver if the applicant is through the transition stream from a 457/482 visa.