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  1. MaggieMay24

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    From what I've read, it's backwards looking so if there were 100 applications approved today: - 75 were submitted within the past 14 months - 15 (difference between 75% and 90%) were submitted between 14 and 19 months ago - remaining 10 are older than 19 months.
  2. MaggieMay24

    What Book are you reading??

    I'm working my way through the BBC Big Read list, and am currently on Middlemarch. It's been a good process to reading books I may not have otherwise.
  3. MaggieMay24

    How long do you have to move to Aus?

    From your posting history, you've applied for the 309/100 visa. If you've been granted the 309 visa only, then two years after you submitted the application, you will need to provide updated evidence of your relationship so that they can review for the 100 visa. As part of this, they generally assess your intention to live in Australia so if you haven't moved yet, you may need to address this in the documents you submit. I've heard of people applying for the onshore partner visa moving overseas and being asked specifically about their intention to return to Australia when they were looking at the permanent stage documentation.
  4. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    The expenditure must be the provision of training to employees of the business who are Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents. The trainer's salary can be included if their full-time role is to provide training to the employees of the business.
  5. MaggieMay24

    Pregnancy after 186 approved

    The 186 visa does not require you to work for your employer for 2 years after the visa is granted. You need to confirm your intention to do so when you apply and during processing, but once the visa is granted there is no such condition (the 187 visa is the one which comes with cancellation conditions)
  6. I think you need to speak with a migration agent. If you lodge an onshore 186 application while holding a BVA, I'm not sure if the result will be that you are given a BVC (which usually comes with no work rights and absolutely has no travel rights). So before doing anything, speak with a migration agent to understand what will happen in your situation.
  7. MaggieMay24

    Migration to Canada

    Like every country, it will depend on what suits your tastes. I grew up in Toronto and despite what's been posted above, the weather isn't all that bad. Winters can be cold but they only last a few months, summer can be hot but the hottest spells are usually only a few weeks long before it's more pleasant again. Spring and autumn are lovely.
  8. MaggieMay24

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    If you have sponsored yourself for the visa, it is incredibly difficult to get this approved.
  9. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    It was changed to 3 years so the website is updated, but if you are eligible under the grandfathering rules then it is 2 years. And you must have worked for the employer for 2 years since the 457 was granted.
  10. MaggieMay24

    Vacation Days (what's normal?)

    Making an employee forfeit annual leave is not allowed so possibly it could be paid out but the only other possibility is for the employer to direct the employee to use their leave.
  11. 1. I assume you started working for your employer on the 457 on the day it was granted? If so, I think technically your employer could lodge a 186 nomination and you could lodge your visa application on 1 Sep 2019, however I think you'd be taking a massive risk leaving it to the very last day. All it would take is a technical glitch or even planned system maintenance to complete wreck your plans and then you're in the country unlawfully. 2. I've never heard of them, but if they are a nationwide job board then perhaps they may be acceptable. You'd need to be able to show the dates that the posting was live. Yes, you must include the salary in the ad. 3. AFAIK, the published processing times relate to the application. Usually if the nomination and application are submitted together or within a short time of each other, the nomination will be approved and then DHA will go on to processing the application fairly soon after. It doesn't always work this way though so sometimes the visa application can still be several weeks or even months later. 4. Not sure, I'd suggest you speak with a registered migration agent on this.
  12. MaggieMay24

    187 Visa Processing Time

    It's an overall (average) score of 4.5: https://archive.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/corporate/information/faqs/how-can-i-prove-i-have-functional-english
  13. MaggieMay24

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    Is additional payslips enough to overcome the reason for the refusal? Most refusals are due to things like genuine need, so payslips won't prove the business genuinely needs the position.
  14. MaggieMay24

    Bringing visa A cancelled

    I'd suggest you speak with a registered migration agent to see what they may suggest. I'm not sure if you can arrive on a visitor visa and apply to have the BVA reinstated or not. You may simply need to wait until the 407 visa is processed unfortunately. I thought the BVB could be granted while you're overseas (just a huge risk if it isn't approved obviously).
  15. MaggieMay24

    WHV Self Employed Beautician

    I don't know a lot about WHVs, but I think the registered employers is a requirement if you want them to sign off on regional work for a second WHV. Otherwise I don't think it's necessary that they're registered.
  16. MaggieMay24

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Each person should read their grant notice thoroughly (most people skim the first page and are so happy to have a visa they don't read any further), it will explain what conditions apply. So read the grant notice in its entirety.
  17. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    It is technically possible to submit a request through SkillSelect for a 186 or 187 sponsor to nominate you. This would be done if you do not already have a job offer with an employer who agrees to sponsor you for one of these visas. Although it's technically possible to therefore go through Skillselect, the truth is that it never, ever happens. No employer will ever go into Skill Select to search for an overseas applicant who will require sponsorship. Never. So I assume this reference on the immigration website refers to anyone who may have gone through this approach.
  18. MaggieMay24

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The topic of the thread is Brexit, not each other.
  19. MaggieMay24

    Visa 887 Application enquires

    Usually the link to upload documents only appears after you submit the application and pay the application fees. It's generally a good idea to upload the essential documents needed for proving you meet the criteria as soon as possible after you submit your application. So if you only have 18 months residency evidence, it would be good to gather the remaining 6 months evidence quickly so you can upload it before too much time elapses. While the 887 is processing, you still hold the 489 visa and you must comply with the conditions of that (live/work only in a regional area).
  20. As you have noted, you pay $7160 for the 300 visa. The 820/801 is a separate application with a separate fee. The 820/801 is $7160 if you do not already hold a 300 visa, and is $1195 if you do hold a 300 visa. So the 300-->820/801 is total of $8,355.
  21. MaggieMay24

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Immigration is not required to ask for more documents. It's up to the applicant (in this case the applicant is your employer) to provide all the information that supports the nomination such as explaining the financial position of the business.
  22. 2 months is well within the estimated processing times (I think they are 12+ weeks) so I'd suggest she simply wait longer to see how the RRV application goes.
  23. MaggieMay24

    489 work requirements before PR?

    You have a rather broad perspective of the term dodgy. The requirement is that you live and work in a regional area for 4 years. If you want to apply for an 887 visa, you must have worked at least 12 months in a full-time capacity in a regional area and you must have lived at least 24 months in a regional area. The type of work doesn't matter, whether it's in a single job or made up of multiple jobs to reach full-time hours for a total of 52 weeks, that's fine as well. Nothing is secret about it and nothing is dodgy. It may be a bit complicated and that's where a registered migration agent can help assess whether applicants have enough for the 887 visa. But the 489 part of it is pretty clear cut.
  24. MaggieMay24

    187 Visa Processing Time

    You must meet the criteria for the visa on the day that you submit the application. If you do not meet the criteria, an appeal will not be successful. I'd suggest you speak with a registered migration agent on how to best proceed, but you will likely need to withdraw your application and submit a new one if you now meet the criteria.
  25. MaggieMay24

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    In VEVO you enter your basic info (name, date of birth, passport #, country of passport) and it will tell you what visa you currently hold. So if you hold a 457 and apply for a 186, VEVO will reflect the visa you hold today (if your PR has been granted, then it would show 186 instead of 457).