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  1. djianb

    482 visa criminal record

    Hi will be sponsored for a 482 visa in the coming weeks and have already requested police report from the UK on myself. 14 years ago I was arrested for drink driving and subsequently lost my license. Is there a high risk they’ll decline my visa application on this basis? i have no other criminal history and I will be upfront in regards to answering the applicable questions
  2. djianb

    De facto documentation/evidence question

    Stupidly no, only did all of that in Jan 2019. We was planning on buying a house in the UK so didn’t see the point in changing everything as this was the first time she’d left home. Looking back we should of done but I suppose when you’re In a relationship you don’t plan to have to prove it do you and because AUS wasn’t on the cards then we wasn’t trying to prove it to anyone if that makes sense? Worse case She can get a WHV as we won’t be entering aus until June 2019 and by that point we have 6 months with documents etc plus the other 18 months worth of photos / emails / messages etc. I can then ask to put her on my visa defacto correct? If if that is correct how long does that process take?
  3. djianb

    De facto documentation/evidence question

    Thanks. would the information I’ve mentioned up there be sufficient?
  4. Hi I’m compiling evidence in preparation for a 482 tss visa and planning on putting my girlfriend on it as de facto when I apply for it through work sponsorship. it says I need 6 months evidence to add her as defacto is that true? Secondly, I’ve got bank statements of us swapping money between accounts, hotels booked from c9 months ago and flights booked March 2018 which we flew in August 2018. Do they count it from when you booked and paid for it or actually when you fly? Trying to compile as much evidence as possible, birthday cards, Christmas cards from friends and family. I’ve only literally just put her on my tenancy agreement because it was already taken out before we were ready to move in so need to prove other ways rather than living together. I’ve also got 12 months worth of itemised phone bills. thougyts please?
  5. djianb

    Advice needed - so confused

    Hi Im looking for some solid advice please as I’m so confused!!!  im 35 years old and looking to obtain a recruitment job through sponsorship - I personally meet the criteria for the visa etc (so I’m told) My girlfriend who is 24 is coming too, but initially on a WHV. ive been told that because we can’t prove our relationship has been 12 months (until August 2019 - with flight records and photos etc) she can enter on a WHV then transfer onto my sponsorship visa as a defacto? really confused and don’t want to end up that after a year she has to leave. She has a degree and 2 years recruitment experience so matches the requirements to get sponsorship herself, Is that more advisable? thanks in advance!!