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  1. djianb

    482 employer transfer process time?

    Thanks for this but that is the processing time of new submissions for visas, not a transfer of employer as I’m already on a 482 visa in Australia
  2. Hi im on a 482 visa at present and wish to change employer (same job / duties) does anyone know the current processing time for this? They are a able to sponsor me and have submitted the request to transfer sponsorship over. thanks
  3. djianb

    $150k basic salaries enough

    We Managed to get a Brand new 2 bed apartment in prahran just off chapel and all our bills plus spending whatever we want we can still save over $2k so we are more then comfortable
  4. djianb

    Moving end of the month

    Brill! Thanks
  5. djianb

    Moving end of the month

    Hi me and my girlfriend are heading over on a 482 at the end of the month, we’ve gotta Airbnb sorted for first few weeks whilst looking to secure a rental. can anyone recommend good furniture stores close to Windsor/Richmond/s.yarra (places we’re looking to rent in) as want to start weighing up the cost of what we want etc. Thanks
  6. djianb

    $150k basic salaries enough

    Thought for a monthly Myki it was about $150 and it’s got 2 ppl so c$300? no car or associated costs that’s just for groceries not eating out that’ll come from the surplus money. realistically looking at 50% of our wages is available to spend on entertainment and towards savings
  7. djianb

    482 visa tax %

    Hi Coming over to Melbourne at end of May on a 482 visa. What percentage would I be taxed at for 90k? would I be taxed as a permanent resident?
  8. djianb

    $150k basic salaries enough

    appreciate that and it is very much how long is a piece of string. It was more to see if everyone was going to be replying that’s no where near enough etc etc but none so far so feel better about it.
  9. djianb

    $150k basic salaries enough

    We have no debt as have cleared it all so the $5.5k is for essentially entertainment purposes on a monthly basis. Didn’t Know whether the $5.5k sounded like a reasonable amount of disposable income we work in recruitment so will be adding to the savings with commission.
  10. djianb

    $150k basic salaries enough

    Also we will have circa $14000 in savings aswell.
  11. djianb

    $150k basic salaries enough

    I know this question will have been asked a lot however... me and my girlfriend are moving out to Melbourne and will have $150,000 per annum as basic salaries split into 90 / 60 plus we both work in recruitment so have the opportunity to earn commission. ive worked the following out; $600 food shopping $800 per week rent $400/500 utilities $250 Health insurance $320 Train a month - both Mobile phones are paid through work including personal calls so won’t need mobiles. Leaving around $5000 a month to live off etc.. does that seem reasonable?
  12. Hi, i am immigrating and arriving into Melbourne on 30th May. I have opened a bank account with commonwealth bank and part of verification of the account is I need to provide certain bits of evidence to the branch. its asking me for my tax residency details or TIN but I’m from the UK and we don’t have this information! is it called something else in the UK or know what I need to get to prove my identify and fully unlock my new account. thanks
  13. djianb

    ACRO Subject Access Request

    Mine has just come through today I applied on 2nd April 2019 so took 3 weeks to the day. They get carried out in date order so maybe early May when yours arrives. I’m waiting on 482 visa and had to get this so it can be processed as my certificate said no live trace. The subject access report is very detailed and goes into things like addresses, finger prints, DNA, charges, cautions, arrests, bail etc.
  14. Oh that’s good! Ours was submitted on 16th so hoping it’ll be a similar time, my girlfriend has to have a medical next week as she is a defacto so need to provide that first before a decision will be made. Unless they make the decision pending a positive medical!
  15. djianb

    482 - Current processing times

    Hi nic so you lodged your 482 visa and it got approved in just over a week? thats very good going!