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  1. Hey!! i am moving from Karachi, Pakistan to Canberra by end -October and was wondering of anyone else from the region is in the same boat....if so then lets use this forum to connect!! Tc
  2. visa190till2013

    May 190 Visa Lodge Gang

    Hello everyone!! I got my grant on 23rd August 2013. So its Canberra for me in a months time. updating my timeline for others!! Good-luck all those waiting!!
  3. Ok, so its crystal clear and hopefully people wont start a new thread sooner than later..........You go to sponsored state..........You try to find a job for a few months (like 65 rejections or no reply)..........You DON'T get a job..........You try other states (finally an acceptance or job offer)....you FIND a job..........YOU TAKE IT..........you inform the sponsored state..........they sent you a positive or a negative or a neutral or perhaps NO reply..........You accept that as well..........and you live in the country for FIVE YEARS PAYING TAXES..........which makes you a contributor to a state/country. DON'T THINK THERE IS ANY PROBLEM..........BUT YES DO TRY FOR A FEW MONTH. Now please NO MORE state sponsorship threads!!
  4. visa190till2013

    May 190 Visa Lodge Gang

    hello folks!! Going through the nightmare of Uploading Documents and have few issues. Any help would be great! 1) Despite being uploaded and listed in the below list it still states "required" instead of "received" for half of my document. So should i upload them again?? 2) Secondly my list of documents to upload also includes evidence of work experience in australia as "required" Although i specifically marked no aussie experince. SHould i just ignore that requirment?? ​
  5. visa190till2013

    Human Resource Advisor

    WA definitely has more HR jobs and prospects and the probability of landing a job might be higher. I prefer the east side since i will have the option to apply for roles and eventually have the option to chose a city that we as a young couple like.
  6. visa190till2013

    Human Resource Advisor

    yes the plan is to end up in sydney or melbourne eventually but first as i am applying for state sponsored 190 i will have to live n work in canberra for two years atleast. so thats the down side... but all in all WA/perth cuts you off from all other major cities so that why i chose canberra... and ive already prepapred myself to take position 1 or 2 levels junior.
  7. visa190till2013

    Human Resource Advisor

    thanks guys....a bit of reality check for me and to be honest sends shiver down my spine thinking ill be in a similar dilemma once i make the move in a few months.....i will certainly get in touch and ask for the HR person that you mentioned who at the least reverts back.... i gather you are in perth and where as im planning to immigrate to canberra...so thats even smaller market....... I have 5 years experience in HR and that too generalist so hopefully im not too qualified for the market.... the major thing is i will be the primary applicant and thus will need a job before my savings run out....(plugging in six months worth)...
  8. visa190till2013

    March 2013 190 visa lodged gang

    Hello skydiver! I am almost there with main application and thus was reading up on application status here.... you mentioned KHI and i was wondering if you could share your IELTS score, occupation, state for sponsoship and perhaps education info to better relate timeline as we all are doing here... appreciate
  9. visa190till2013

    Human Resource Advisor

    hello folks!! I gather some fo you have probably reached Australia?? a little unput on the job market for H R adviors would be highly appreciated!!
  10. hey! job links have to be recent... i dont exactly know how they will be presented but i think it should be mentioned in the EOI format/guidelines. Your VETASSESS does most of the work, since it certifies your skill and your experience, rest you will have to reconfirm with an agent or a lawyer. goodluck!!
  11. hey! Ok so the EOI requires you to do your homework in terms of job prospects. However, i believe you don't need to narrow it down to exact designation such as Advertising Specialist. if you broaden you search and search "media sales" in "advertising manager" "sales specialist" "print & electronic" "advertising _________", you will come across a lot more job from which you can filter and justify yourself as a possible skill worker, as the case will be once you get there and will have to consider a wide range and some say even a lower position. Also, if it helps i suggest you hire a lawyer who prepares the EOI (which includes showing proof that you have done your homework on a specific state in terms of work prospects, living and accommodation, life in general and how i why it suits you). Ive hire one just be thorough and increase my chances of a quick SS. My case is very similar ....a very good and comfortable life here but security concerns are making me rethink it all........ waiting for VETASSESS to come through soon ....and ILETS is all 8.5 and 9 (Alhamdulliah) Goodluck!!
  12. visa190till2013

    Human Resource Advisor

    hello gil, thats terrible and a bit disappointing...which state are you in? and have you found anything decent yet??
  13. visa190till2013

    Human Resource Advisor

    hi paula, similar situation, skill Assessed and now doing my homework for which state to apply for keeping in mind HR job prospects... good luck and if i find any information i shall share
  14. Hello, My 1st post here as i got my skill Assessed and now the big question which state to apply for SS. been reading previous posts and yes extremely helpful. General stuff such as weather, cost of living, people and places all understood. Also I checked job websites, compared various states for prospects. But still undecided as none if this information helps me draw a conclusion. Now would really appreciate if someone shed light on the job prospects for a Master in Business Administration degree holder with Human Resource specific 6 years experience. Could really use some on ground tale of happily ever after.