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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone! I lodged my partner visa application for my wife on 27th January 2019.....got all medicals and biometrics done on 12th Feb 2019 and front loaded all documents....... My wife got an interview call from the embassy on 11th Oct 2019 while she was on a family sponsored visitor visa in Australia... after the interview I the sponsor got a RFI for Online form 40sp and Updated PCC of sponsor..... we submitted all documents on 26th Oct 2019 and pressed the I confirm button as well..... But we haven't heard back from immigration ever since..... furthermore my wife made an exit too from Australia on 22 of October as her tourist visa was expiring.......I'm a Australian PR and our application is being processed in AHC Islamabad ,Pakistan......The average times that most people got visas in our home country are 9-12 months...... but they did got calls for second RFI's.............what worries me that I haven't heard back from them ever since? Can anyone advice is this normal.....and how much more do I have to wait. This is really stressful.
  2. Obtaining Police Certificate From Pakistan. In Other Words No Criminal Record / Police Clearence Certificate In Pakistan Karachi. Police Verificiation of individual stating that his/her stay is clear and verified by standard police sub stations from pakistan. this was required for visa renewal and submission of my family documents as a pakistani national. i was able to get in touch with this service who met our required documents and was also able to get nadra birth certificate , marriage certificate and degree attestation HEC IBCC Pakistan for vetassesses assessment. it was acquired pretty fast and also accepted here by the authorities. thought to share it here to my fellow country man who are not able to travel back to pakistan and get it done as an expat. Salam to every one
  3. Process of obtaining Police Check from Islamabad (Updated May 2019) 1. Completed form (attached). 2. Original passport and ID card. 3. Attested copy of passport (photo page and the one next to it) and ID card. 4. Proof of residence in Islamabad. (Electricty or gas bill or home lease or allotment letter with your name, if you dont have anything with your name on it just bring the electricty or gas bill of the house you living in, bill has to be in your fathers or mothers name if not yours. 5. 1 passport size photo attached on the form (Blue or White background). 6. Bring all of this to Islamabad Police Citizen service Centre F-6/1 Islamabad. (Opposite and on the right side of Mr Books and Nandos, with the signals, they are constructing level 2 of the centre so it looks like you cant go there but level 1 is operational and a very comfortable place to sit and wait). 7. Take a token and wait and then they will fill in all the details and you can pick up the Certificate after 3 days from the same centre, call 051-9201522 to confirm before picking up. 8. NOC if you are government offical. Please note: Some of the information on the form is old so just fill up the form how I montioned above and it will be accepted. Also this is the new way of getting the police check in Islamabad and alot of the local police station doesnt even know of this process and they will just waste your time and send you to main branch in G11. Hope this helps
  4. I have applied for my husband’s spouse visa in June 2017 and received a phone call interview on the 6th of February 2018. Does anyone know around how long I could be waiting for my husband to get his visa? My husband is an Afghan National currently living in Pakistan.
  5. Guest

    FBI Fingerprinting in Pakistan

    Hi Folks, I need FBI clearance certificate for my visa application since I lived in U.S for few years. Does anybody had experience of get the fingerprinting done in Pakistan, on FBI fingerprinting card. I did mine at home with regular ink pad but it was rejected by FBI. I was wondering if anybody has done it from any official agency in Pakistan. Please advice. Thanks.......
  6. Hello, Ive just got a few questions in relation to the Partner Visa 309. My wife is a australian citizen by birth and I am currently living in Pakistan. Initially, we had lodged our application on 2nd of November 2016. We were then requested for biometrics and medical examinations by the Australian High Commision which were completed and sent to the AHC. A few months had paased and we both received calls from the embassy in which we both didnt attend as we had phone issues. In July 2017, my wife had visited me in Pakistan whereby we notified the AHC and after a short period of time, my wife was interviewed. Once this interview was completed, we were asked to provide further evidence for eg: social photos, financials and a marriage certificate. Since my wife has never lived in Pakistan we were unable to get a certificate at the time however recently we were able to get it from another place. Now in saying that our 12 month mark has been reached and we havent had a responce from AHC except that our application is getting mandatory checks done we are trying to figure out AHCs approach. My question is, since we have finally obtained the certificate should we provide it to the AHC since keeping in mind we have already provided them with a letter? Or should we just wait out the time period for a couple more days? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, General question. Its been a year and 2 months since our partner visa application and we still havent received any response. Also, the city which I live in has been given letters advising about the security situation in the city by commissions. Would it be appropriate to send this to the embassy to illustrate the security issues in my city or not bother at all?thanks
  8. Hey!! i am moving from Karachi, Pakistan to Canberra by end -October and was wondering of anyone else from the region is in the same boat....if so then lets use this forum to connect!! Tc
  9. hia

    Migration Agent Pakistan

    Hey anyone who knows the agent Hafiz Muhammad Kamran...a MARA registered from Pakistan???
  10. Dear Friends, I am a mother of 3 from Karachi Pakistan. I would like to inquire about the migration policy regarding children with genetic disorders. One of my sons has cystic fibrosis which is not an environmentally threatening disorder and he acquired it as his parents are first cousins. What are our family's chances of making it thru the medical procedures without getting halted for this particular reason? My primary focus to opt for Australia is to seek better and improved environment for my child , along with state of the art medical facilities. Will my focus prove to be detrimental or helpful to my yet-to-be-lodged application? Would require a through help. Thanks.
  11. From 1 December 2011, the Australian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan will process all new family based migration applications for applicants from Pakistan and Afghanistan. According to the announcement, made by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), all new partner, child and family visa applications lodged by those who live in Pakistan or Afghanistan (except for applications made by Afghan nationals) will be processed by the Australian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan. Afghan nationals who live in Afghanistan or Pakistan should continue to lodge these visa applications with the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where the applications will continue to be processed in Dubai. For those who lodged their visa application before December 1, 2011, they will continue to have their application processed by the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand until further notice. If applicants' cases are transferred to the Islamabad office, they will be informed by their new case officer in that office. Permanent visa subclasses affected by the change are as follows: Child (Permanent) (subclass 101) visa Adoption (Permanent) (subclass 102) visa Aged Dependent Relative (subclass 114) visa Remaining Relative (subclass 115) visa Carer (subclass 116) visa Orphan Relative (subclass 117) visa Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa Partner (Temporary and Permanent) (subclass 309 and 100) visas Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa
  12. Hi all Pakistanis and overseas friends here!!! A quick question : How can I cum to know that FACULTY OF MANAGAGEMENT SCIENCES(University of Central punjab) PAKISTAN is a RECOGNIZED INSTITUTE in Australia??? THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE WRITTEN IN THEIR WEBSITE: "Within a short span of time, the college emerged as a highly reputable institution awarding a prestigious internationally recognized business degree." A suggestions will be welcomed ?????? Specially the pakistanis who are members and guests here and have the knowledge about this institution will be greatly appreciated. I want to know about the BBA(HONS) DEGREE RECGNITION IN AUSTRALIA THROUGH THIS INSTITUTE Thanks
  13. Hi all Pakistanis and overseas friends here!!! A quick question : How can I cum to know that FACULTY OF MANAGAGEMENT SCIENCES(University of Central punjab) PAKISTAN is a RECOGNIZED INSTITUTE in Australia??? A suggestions will be welcomed ?????? Specially the pakistanis who are members and guests here and have the knowledge about this institution will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Of course they were aware this man was in the Country. Tears for Bin Laden: Mourners take to the streets of Pakistan as furore grows over £650m we send to country that harboured terrorist mastermind Pakistani Religious Group Burns American Flag And Pays Homage To Bin Laden http://www.businessinsider.com/in-pakistan-a-religious-group-pays-homage-to-bin-laden-2011-05
  15. Hello Everyone! I am an Australian citizen currently living in Pakistan for the past 4 years. I have a husband here and 2 daughters aged 3 and 2. I am trying to apply for spouse visa for my partner. We couldn't apply before due to family problems but now I have conceived for the third one and I just want to go back. Everyone says it will take 6-9 months but I want to go in another 3-4 months, because I have to my baby there. I am just so fed up of living here and in so much tension. I had another question which is regarding my passport, Australian passport which is expired. Can I send in the application and send the passport later when it arrives? I think I shouldn't have to wait for the new passport because after all I am a citizen. Assurance of support is not a problem, because my husband has an okay bank balance needed for living in Australia for at least a year. And I also have my husband's and kids' passports ready. Please help me out here. I don't know if I have left out anything. I am just so stressed out. :wideeyed:
  16. Hi all, I was wondering if someone would be able to answer my question regarding Pakistan PCs. I filled out an application form for Pakistan Pcs and sent it to High Commission here in Australia but i dont know how long its going to take before i get them. Hopefully someone will come up with something. Cheers Asad
  17. Very Good Day, Hope you all are doing well. You must be well aware of the bad situation in Pakistan due to flood all over the country. The Citizens Foundation is helping them by providing 20 million meals to the people living in affected areas i.e. interior Sind, Baluchistan and Punjab. I would also request you to please help the victims by joining hands with The Citizens Foundation. You and your group can donate online http://www.ftcf.org.uk/ or by contacting at: Friends of The Citizens Foundation Suite 420, Regent House Business Centre 24-25 Nutford Place, Marble Arch London W1H 5YN Best regards Asif
  18. As the title says I was tracking my medicals on royal mail, medicals were sent 9th October, on route to Australia. Tried tracking the lung specialists report which was sent 18th October, it said it was on route to PAKISTAN!!!!!!!!! I phoned the medical center, and they contacted the royal mail and they said it has been scanned in PAKISTAN!!!!!!!.Good old royal mail hey. All's I could do was laugh, the poor medical receptionist couldn't apologise enough, royal mail said wait until 3rd december to see if they forward it on to Aus!!!!!!!!!! thankfully she didn't listen to them and has re-sent it .