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Found 37 results

  1. genepint0

    Bipolar and Visa Subclass 180 / 190

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here would know anyone who has bipolar (or any mental illness) and got their visa approved? I'm hoping to be approved for visa subclass 190 but I saw the in the medical questions, they are asking if you suffer from any mental illness. Would it be grounds for refusal of my visa? I'm very stable and I'm able to manage my moods with medication and psychotherapy. My fear is that this would prevent me from migrating to Australia in spite of it not affecting my ability to work and live a normal life. Appreciate any feedback on this matter... Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a query regarding points claimable for Australian skilled work for a Subclass 190,189 application. I have one year of post-qualification work experience in my nominated occupation of Environmental Consultant. I have been working with my company from November 2018. I received my qualification in April 2019. My skill assessment says that employment from the period between April 2019 to April 2020 is considered as a period to achieve the required skills. As per the letter, I have 0.2 years of 'skilled' work experience. Please can you advise me if I can claim any points for my work experience before April 2020. Regards,
  3. Australia is a popular destination for all aspiring immigrants around the world. The favorable factors like a thriving economy, a plethora of job opportunities and welcoming culture makes Australia a top choice for immigration. Australia not only promises you a better quality of life or multicultural society but, it offers you an equal opportunity to grow and develop as an individual. Australia offers a permanent residency with a validity of up to five years via specific PR visa subclasses. The top and the most popular visa subclass via which you can apply for Australia PR, includes Subclass 190 Visa and Subclass 189 Visa. So, in this article, we will discuss the general eligibility criteria for Visa Subclass 190 and 189. Both the visa subclasses follow the point-based system to evaluate the applicants and provide permanent residency in Australia to eligible applicants. In this point-based system, an applicant must score a minimum of 67 points or higher to qualify to apply for an Australian PR visa. About Visa Subclass 190 and Visa Subclass 189 The Skilled Nominated visa Subclass 190 is designed for those skilled workers who are nominated by any state or territory of Australia. With this visa, you can live and work anywhere in Australia permanently and you can also include your eligible family members in your application. While, the Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 is designed for those skilled workers who don't have any sponsorship from any state or territory, a family member or an employer in Australia. With this visa, one can live and work anywhere in Australia permanently and can include eligible family members in the visa application. Common PR Visa eligibility requirements for Visa Subclass 190 and 189: To get an invitation to apply, you must: Have relevant experience in a nominated occupation that has to be mentioned in Australia's Skilled Occupations List Have a positive skills assessment done by an authorized assessing body for a nominated occupation Submit a valid Expression of Interest through SkillSelect Age between 18 to 50 years Meet basic requirements of General Skilled Migration, including health checks, character checks, and English language abilities Score minimum of 67 points on the points test You can include only the following family members in the application: Your partner Yours and your partner's dependent children Yours or your partner's dependent relative With this visa subclass 190, you and your family members can: Live and work permanently in Australia Enroll in Medicare, Australia's dedicated medical scheme that is covered for health-related expenses Study in Australia Travel to and from Australia for up to 5 years Sponsor your relatives for Australian permanent residency Access specific social security payments Apply for Australian citizenship (if meet residency requirements) Please note, the above list outlines the general Australia PR Visa eligibility requirements, further eligibility requirements may be applicable as per different visa subclasses
  4. Hi all, Thought it might be useful to those of us going for South Australia state sponsorship to compare notes and timelines. Average processing time is stated as being 9-10 weeks. Our migration agent has said applicant numbers are high so this time frame could well extend. Despite technical glitches with South Australia's online system we have lodged our application today for subclass 489 state sponsorship (75 points incl. SS). We were having problems adding in all the employment details so South Australia advised us to submit anyway and forward the remaining items separately. The demand for my nominated occupation must be quite high as it's status has already changed to "low availability" less than a week after the list was released!!! It took months last year. Fingers crossed and best of luck.
  5. Any nurses had invites in the last couple of months? I’m checking my emails relentlessly but still nothing ? I’m on 70 points too
  6. 1 month to go until the new skilled occupation list is released. ??? With an occupation on the short-term list, I have to hope that it is still there come 1st July and sponsored by a state. Well and truly "bricking it" I have to say. Good luck to all others in the same boat.
  7. Zoflow365

    190 visa NSW

    Has anyone ever moved on a 190 visa sponsored by NSW but never lived in NSW?
  8. Hi all, I have already achieved a positive skills assessment for 139913 Laboratory Manager (3.4 years) and was hoping to apply for state sponsorship with South Australia on July 1st (not able to apply now due to high 90 points requirement, I only have 70). I have just realised that South Australia require "at least 1 year of skilled work experience in the last 3 years", see http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/nomination-process. Please also see section 5.2 of http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/nomination-process/skilled-nomination-requirements, which states "Skilled work experience is defined as at least 20 hours per week of paid employment in a skilled occupation on the list of state nominated occupations. The skilled work experience does not need to be in your nominated or closely related occupation...". VETASSESS have not accepted my current role as being closely related to Laboratory Manager, but have included my two previous jobs. So in accordance with VETASSESS, the last job I had that was relevant to a Laboratory Manager ended November 2015. Even if I were to apply SA state sponsorship now, my nominated skilled work experience would only be 9 months (March to November 2015). In July, I would only have 5 months (July to November 2015) of nominated skilled work experience. My question is are South Australia as rigid as VETASSESS when it comes to deciding what experience is closely related to the nominated occupation? My reason for asking is that the job I do now is very similar to what I did before, only it is a more senior role with added commercial responsibility, but no direct reports and fewer laboratory based activities (hence why VETASSESS did not accept it). Any guidance/advice on this would be appreciated. I am so worried that I may now not be eligible to apply for a subclass 190 with South Australia.
  9. Hello Everyone, I have received invitation for state sponsorship from Queensland for visa subclass 190. However as per the occupation list my occupation is listed for Visa subclass 489 (provisional). My occupation is Insurance Agent - 611211. Is this normal to receive such invitation or is error. The invitation clearly says i have been invited to apply for visa subclass 190 and need to upload the documents in the link provided. Hope this is not a mistake from the case officer since my occupation is listed under visa subclass 489. I had written email to case officer however did not get any response from the case officer in this regards. I only have 5 days left to submit my document.. should i go ahead with the flow and apply for 190. Please help urgently. Thanks, AJ
  10. Dear All, I am seeking suggestion from you as I couldn't avail the opportunity to apply for WA State Nomination despite invitation. This is because my occupation 511112 was under Schedule 2 for which I need to show Full-time 1 year job contract while submitting application within 28 days limited timeframe. Since I am based in Bangladesh that's why it was tough for me to arrange the job from here within the said timeframe. Now I received the email from WA Govt. mentioning the followings - "Your State nomination application has now lapsed and been withdrawn. If it is your intention to pursue State nomination with the Government of Western Australia, you may be eligible for a second invitation if a new expression of interest is lodged in SkillSelect." What does it mean actually? Should I submit new EOI or my current EOI serves the purpose in the coming days. Please suggest!
  11. I have come across this section in IMMIACCOUNT which is asking me to fill up my educational details: "Highest recognised qualification This is the highest recognised qualification that the applicant has undertaken and not the highest qualification relating to their nominated occupation. Example If the applicant has completed a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree, the applicant should select the Masters degree as the highest recognised qualification. If the applicant has nominated Accountant as their occupation and hold a Bachelor of Commerce, but have also completed a Doctor of Philosophy, the applicant should select the Doctor of Philosophy as their highest recognised qualification." I have completed a Bsc degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and received a positive assessment on it. However, I have also completed all the 14 papers of ACCA qualification and I am an affiliate. Therefore, should I mention "ACCA qualification" as my highest recognised qualification. Please note that I dont know if it falls under the "Recognised" category since i have received neither positive nor negative assessment on it. Moreover, I have not mentioned it in my EOI. So, am I going to confuse CO by mentioning it? Or should I avoid mentioning it altogether? Please help. Tau
  12. Hi All, I am just wondering if WA Govt. gives me state nomination, Can I fly-in-fly-out to another AU state or country within 2 years of my arrival?
  13. Hi All, Please suggest me - I have received invitation from WA govt. for Subclass 190 but my occupation is under schedule 2. So it requires 1 year job contract. Does it mean that without job contract I can't apply for state nomination? WA State Govt. gives me 28 days time to submit the application. Thanks for your kind suggestion.
  14. Hi All, I am seeking your kind suggestion regarding WASMOL Occupation List. My occupation is under Schedule 2 which means that I need to submit 1 year full time contract to WA State Govt. I am applying from outside Australia and was wondering anybody has any idea regarding the followings - 1. If I invited from WA, should I submit the said job contract within the 28 days timeframe? 2. Is this mandatory to have job contact for WA State nomination finally? 3. Any chance approving state nomination without job offer? 4. Any advice who were successful securing WASMOL Schedule 2 nomination outside Australia. Thanks in advance for your kind suggestion in this regard.
  15. Carolann

    ANMAC Skills assessment

    Hi all, Does anyone have any timescale of how long anmac are taking to process a full skills assessment. I know their web page says around 12 wks but was hoping to find people who have experienced a quicker turnaround (forever the optimist). Their website also gives a case study of a nurse that had their positive skills assessment after 7 wks. We are using an agent based in Queensland to help us emigrate, but I have a deadline of having to have lodged my visa application before my 45th birthday on 15th August (need the 15 points). IELTS score 7 14/2/15, skills assessment commenced 13/4/15. All documents have been front loaded to our agents except for the medicals, as we don't have a HAP no. as yet. House is sold and all of our eggs are in the basket, so desperately hoping the skills assessment is quick and the invite is timely so that we can lodge the visa application. Has anyone had any other experience of applying for the subclass 190 visa? Its great to read everyone's experience. We all deserve medals for coping with the waiting! Carolann:rolleyes:
  16. mahfuzul80

    Subclass 190: July 2014 Gang!

    Hello, This thread intends to get the update of EOI application and progress, State Government Nomination, Visa Lodgement, Visa granted etc. Thanks for sharing your info. PS - I lodged EOI on 29 July, 2014 and waiting for WA state government invitation.
  17. Dear All, I lodged my EOI through SkillSelect end of last month. I am looking for WA State Sponsorship (Subclass 190). As I already lodged my EOI, does it mean that WA will send invitation automatically when they think it should be? I mean should I wait or need to do any formalities beforehand? Thanks for your suggestion!
  18. Hi All, I my occupation is listed in WA SOL under Schedule 2 and Available. So I believe I am eligible for WA State Sponsorship (Subclass 190) since I met all minimum requirements and I already lodged EOI through SkillSelect. Now my questions are - 1. Will WA search/assess EOI by own and send the invitation to apply for WA State Sponsorship? I mean do I need to wait till automatic invitation or I need to do any other formalities beforehand? 2. Under Schedule 2 Occupation and as per State Nomination Criteria http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/2013-14%20State%20nomination%20criteria.pdf (Page 3), do I need to submit evidence of full-time contract employment at the time of applying for state sponsorship? Or it belongs to the applicant applying within Australia? For me, I would like to apply from outside Australia. 3. If the above answer is yes, then how likely to get employment offer who stays outside Australia? Thanks in advance for your kind attention.
  19. Hi All, I would like to know whether Subclass 190 holder can have access to any jobs or not. More specifically, can 190 holder can do state government jobs? Also please let me know if there are any other constraints accessing job market for 190 holder. Thanks in advance!
  20. I am a British registered nurse planning to apply for the subclass 190 visa permanent residence visa. I am registered with AHPRA and will have 60 points if I get state nomination. I have a few questions. Could someone help? 1. Can I apply myself or do I need to apply through a migration agent. Is it difficult to do by myself? 2. Should I get ANMAC (special) assessment first and then state nomination before I apply for EOI or am I supposed to apply for state nomination and EOI together. 3. What is the time frame to apply once invited for application. I need to know as I work full time in case I apply myself I need to plan the time. 4. Is form 1276 the identical to the online application form e-visa form 1393? And am I supposed to submit health and character documents along with the e-visa application. 5. There is any e-book,guide or book which could help in applying for the visa?
  21. Hello, How likely states giving sponsorship (Subclass 190) from CSOL list? Do you have any idea? I can see Northern Territory accepting applications from CSOL list. Can anybody confirm me? Can apply for sponsorship (Subclass 190) any states if my occupation in CSOL but not in SOL list? Thanks for your kind advice.
  22. Dear Friends, I am seeking your valuable advice for submitting EOI for Australia Immigration. On the Education tab I found the followings- * Honours in Science, Business or Technology * Bachelor in Science, Business or Technology Basically, my education in title is Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics and it was 4 years long full-time study in Bangladesh. I would like to know which option I should select? Is there any major difference? Thanks in advance!
  23. hi there, I finally got subclass 190 nomination and I am collecting documents to submit to DIAC... I am wondering if - after getting the visa- I am supposed to land at canberra within a certain period or if I have the choice to postpone the landing for a few monthes or even a year ??? And BTW, is there any multimedia or graphic designers in this forum ?? I would love to help anyone with similar conditions to mine out of experience... thanks guys
  24. Hi i have a debit card issued by a bank in the uk. I would like to know if this will be accepted by dibp to pay application fee for subclass 190 visa through immiaccount. Thanks
  25. hi folks, I have another question (I hope I`m not spamming ) ... With all the pessimistic opinions about the job market and also according to my own research (in the field of Multimedia, graphics and visual effects) I am starting to seriously worry about getting a job in the first weeks upon my arrival in canberra. 1 - My question is if it`s legal to find work in sydney while staying with my family at canberra. Am I obliged according to subclass 190 to work in canberra ?? has someone here tried to do that ?? is it even a good Idea ?? 2 - Also I have another question . is queensbeyen area inside ACT ?? I mean am I able to stay there in the first two years ?? sorry if my questions sound naive or something ...I benefited greatly from you guys during my nomination process and I succeeded thanks to you... don`t fail me now