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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys, I was on a student visa till two weeks ago (20 January 2021). I lodged a subclass 476 - skilled graduate visa in 2020 (11 November 2020) and was issued a bridging visa C with no work rights. I have two issues now. Firstly should I have been issued a Bridging Visa A with work rights? Secondly when I do a VEVO my status does not display, I am scared the bridging visa is not in effect. HELP ME PLEASE!
  2. HI everyone, I applied for state nomination 190 from Tasmania on June 11 2018. I was able to secure a 4 years contract with an employer in my occupation. I have not received any contact from the state yet. Meanwhile I talked to my employer and asked them if they can sponsor my visa, to which they agreed. My initial thought was that sponsor from an employer will speed up the process, but I am quite surprised and, to some extent horrified to learn that employer sponsor visas actually take longer than skilled migration. Now I am confused about which option i shall adopt. Shall I wait for state nomination or shall I go from ENS 186/187 ? Has anyone got 186/187 visa quicker than skilled migration or they are all taking 24 months now My occupation is mechanical engineering and I am on 65 points currently.
  3. Hi All, We have just filed for 489 Visa, South Australia On Sept 4, 2017 with 75 points. (Management Consultant Job Code) We are done with our medicals and getting PCC on coming Friday. Any idea about the existing timelines for CO to be assigned. And visa grant timeline? Thanks in advance. Also, I would like to connect with any members on the forum who are already in Adelaide for clarity on certain things like expenses, jobs etc.
  4. ilovefeffer

    190 NSW Visa - Nursing

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, It's really interesting reading everyone's experiences and tips. I am a newly qualified nurse (4 months working), wanting to apply for a 190 NSW visa - I wondered if anyone knew what the chances are of it being granted it with only 65 points? (Age 36 = 25 points, English language = 20 points, degree = 15 points, NSW sponsorship = 5 points). I lived in Perth for 2 years several years ago, and am desperate to get out of London and back to the sun!.. But very nervous of spending so much money with no guarantee of the visa being granted. I have contacted several visa agents, and have been told they've had similar cases granted for 190 NSW. But not sure that I can trust them! Thanks so much in advance for any help, Sophie
  5. Hi. I graduated in 2016 with a bachelor of nursing. I started my grad program last year and finished this year in February. The rotations for my grad program included Surgical ward, Rehabilitation, The NSW Eye centre, and main theatres. All these rotations were 3 months each but I have a cumulative experience of 12months. So I submitted my professional reference for ANMAC however they requested that I provide more information about your individual daily tasks, clinical skills and competencies as observed by your supervising nurse. So with that being said how do I write a reference that includes all these components. Also, do I have to apply under one ANZSCO code? The visas I am applying for are the 189 visa or 190. If you have written a letter recently could you please help me out.
  6. Designation in payslip can be differ in roles and responsibility while applying for Skilled Migrant Visa in ACS?
  7. I don't recall seeing this discussed on the forum to date, but those who have or who are lodging an EoI should be aware of the following provision in the recently published migration regulations: The applicant’s score, when assessed in relation to the visa under Subdivision B of Division 3 of Part 2 of the Act, is not less than the score stated in the invitation to apply for the visa. The score stated in the invitation to apply for the visa will be based on the EoI - so if it subsequently transpires upon the submission of documentation and assessment by the DIAC case officer that the points claimed in the EoI were too high the visa application must be refused, whether or not the actual points are 60 or more. Areas that are likely to be particularly prone to error and overclaims are work experience and qualifications, where it presently seems the information in the pop up boxes of the EoI are insufficient and some would say misleading. Relevant work experience (for example) is an area where it seems there is insufficient detail. For those who are looking at a State Sponsored subclass 190 or 489 EoI/visa application I would encourage a cautious approach to claiming points, as you should receive an invitation whether you claim 60 or (say) 75 points. Those who are lodging an EoI with a view to a 189 visa being granted are in a more difficult position, and unless they are across the issues technically - particularly in the work experience area - should almost certainly be engaging a competent migration agent. Unless things change at a legislative level - which I suggest is improbable - I fear we will see quite substantial numbers of applicants being unsuccessful in the coming months, as the general prioritisation of EoI's with more points means there is an inherent bias which encourages overclaims by intending migrants. Best regards.
  8. can anyone suggest their experiences with Pearson Test Of English-academic?.. is it easier to get 8 band or >65 points in(pte) than ielts? i do know that the whole exam is conducted on computer and it is US based but i want to know how one goes about its preparation. i am curious to know from the people who enrolled in this exam thanks jonathan
  9. http://theconversation.com/skilled-migration-strategy-falls-victim-to-red-tape-busters-28062 Although few working Australians would be familiar with the work of the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, all of us depend on it to some degree. In a shortsighted move, the government has decided to abolish the agency, and the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency Repeal Bill is currently before the Senate. What does the agency do? The AWPA identifies skill shortages in the domestic economy, and those it deems too severe to be met by the current domestic workforce are then added to the Skilled Occupation List. An overseas worker can apply for permanent residency in Australia, so long as they possess the necessary skills. For other skill shortages, AWPA advocates greater domestic training and investment, thereby encouraging the government to invest in developing the local workforce. Best regards.
  10. Hi All. Till recently my husband and I had an extremely comfortable and well settled life in Pakistan and had no intention of moving anywhere. I work for a multinational Beverage company as an Advertising Manager and my husband owns a farm. Last year we had our baby and it made us rethink our life here. Our friends' children were being sent back home from school owing to 'security threats' and we decided that we didn't want to bring our baby up in such an environment. After a lot of due diligence and reading we thought of the Australian Skilled Immigration program. I have recently started my application process and my credentials are currently with VETASSESS for verification. Given my skill set, I had to apply for the Regional Sponsored Skilled Immigration (190) and the only state requiring my profession (advertising specialist) was Canberra. Honestly, having read up on Canberra, it's very exciting as given the basic premise of our move is to give our baby a secure environment to grow up in and a good education, Canberra seems just the right place. We look forward to building a good life for our small family there. The only problem is that Advertising Specialist nominations for immigration are limited in Canberra and I have to lodge an application with MIS before requesting a regional sponsorship. In my application, among other things, I have to send proof that there are opportunities available for Advertising Specialists. Now unlike New York, where I have lived before, I cannot come across any good Marketing/ Advertising recruitment portals. All opportunities seem to be in states other than Canberra. If anyone can guide me, I will be very thankful. Just need to know if there are any portals or newspaper classified links which may point me towards Communications, Advertising or Marketing jobs failing which I fear my application will not be strong enough. I've tried the popular ones, Seek, Michael Page, Hays and a few others but it seems as if Canberra (or ACT) has no such opportunities. Looking forward for some positive support Thank you Allie
  11. Hello, We are thinking to apply for skilled migration to Australia, Mu hubby is a Soft: Engr and have 5 yrs experience and all other requirements. besides- I am a Computer Science graduate but i don't have experience in Software engineering. I have 2yrs experience in SEO and 7 months Teaching experience. I am also having a 4 months Graphic Design certificate soon. Now, May I show my Bachelor degree in Computer science education and Job experience assessment documents while submitting EOI??? :mad: may be I will not get point but will that work to show my qualification. may i take IELTS test??? Or I have to show nothing!! If I don't get my qualifications assesment how I can get higher study, or job after going to Australia (if everything goes well :rolleyes:) plz suggest me the best option!!!
  12. Hi All, My situation:- current visa = 485 (graduate skilled) Age = 23 expiry = May 2014 Skills assessment = ICT Business Analyst IELTS = scored 7 each living in NSW Work = Data Centre / Help Desk- since march 2013 (permanent job) My elder brother is Australian Citizen = but lives in Sydney, we both have lived and worked in Adelaide for 1 year from 2011 to 2012. (should it make a difference??) My brother is also willing to move to regional area to help me score points (his work can accommodate flexible arrangements) Question: I currently score 55 points on skills select, I want to explore my options of getting permanent residence. Any assistance will be appreciated. Age = 25 points(cos I am 23 not 25) australian study = 5 Bachelors degree = 15 IELTS = 10 (7 each scored !!) total = 55 I hope I will get another 5 points for working in Data Centre /helpdesk for 1 year in March 2014 (please correct me if I am wrong) ---------------------------------------- What are my best options as I have seen that state sponsorships are no longer an option for ICT business Analysts? Thanks for you input
  13. carlybond

    ACCA skills assessment

    Hello, I am looking at getting a skills assessment done so I can submit my EOI. I have completed up to F9 of my ACCA so am now part qualified. Will this be seen as equivalent to a bachelors degree by ICAA or CPA or would I need to be fully qualified to pass the skills assessment? I also have 10 years accounting experience (but working in property managment), 3 years of which have been in AUstralia. Would this be of any help? Any advice gratefully received as I dont want to spend $330 on an ILETS test and $500 on a skills assessment to be told I dont have enough qualifications. Thanks for your help! ​Carly:biggrin:
  14. Does any one know the status of PIPFA for assessment for skilled migration by any of the Accounting body of Australia? PIPFA: Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (Recognized by IFAC) PIPFA MEMBER is called APFA: Associate Public Finance Accountant It requires a 1.5 year study and 3 years experience to become a member. I also have a Bachelors of Commerce (2 years degree) and 8 Years of Professional Experience. MY IELTS score is 7.0 (Reading 7, Speaking 7.5, Writing 7, Listening 7) Any one can tell me if I have a strong or weak chance for Positive outcome? Thanks
  15. sweetmaanu

    Can I claim point with Masters?

    Hi, I would like to apply for Skilled Migrant. Unfortunately I am not sure claim points for my academic background. I have completed BA History from India during the study time I used to work as part time web designer. Then I moved on to UK for doing Masters at London Metropolitan University. I have completed Graduation in Computing(6 month course) then MSc Internet Applications Development now I am working as Web Developer (2 years) BA History (3 year) Graduation in Computing (6 months) MSc Internet Applications Development(1 Year) Web Developer (2 years) Could you please tell me is theere any option to migrate to New Zealand with my qualification. Thanks in advance. Regards, Muhammed
  16. Guest

    Employment evidence

    I am currently applying to be assessed as a wall and floor tiler. They ask for evidence of 3 years full time employment. How do i do this as i am self employed ? Thanks, Phil
  17. Earlier this month the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced that it had sent out its first round of SkillSelect invitations to intending migrants to apply for an Australia skilled visa. In total 100 invitations were sent, 90 for skilled independent visas and 10 for skilled regional family-sponsored visas. Amongst the 100 invitations sent in the first round by DIAC, doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, accountants and IT workers received the lion share, all of which were the highest scoring candidates from the initial expressions of interest (EOI). Interestingly, the lowest points score invited was 75 points, significantly higher than the 60 point pass mark required for an EOI. According to DIAC, the highest score across the two subclasses was 85 points. These numbers demonstrate DIAC’s selection methods and suggest that settling for only 60 points when submitting an EOI could mean long waiting periods for an invitation, if you receive one at all. The next invitation round conducted by DIAC is expected sometime in September, with a larger portion of invitations due to be sent, however with more than 10,000 EOIs submitted since 1 July it’s clear that there will be significant competition for invitations. So what does this mean for you? It means that you need to carefully assess whether you are putting forward your best possible EOI against the DIAC criteria, keeping in mind that if you get an invitation, you need to be able to deliver an application that reflects your EOI! It’s all about understanding the criteria, and we can assist with that optimization process. Australian Migration & Visa Lawyers can assist you with your SkillSelect EOI and visa application, contact us to arrange an appointment. Our team of friendly and professional Registered Migration Agents specialise in all visa categories and are here to help.
  18. Guest

    where do i get assessed?

    i need to be assessed as a floor and wall tiler, i have my AQF111 but i cant find where to be assessed. please helllllp!!!
  19. I want to know where i can apply to be assessed as a wall and floor tiler. I checked VETASSESS but my trade is not on their list. Any help?
  20. Hi Guys, I have been regularly visiting this site and reading with interest for the past few months but this is my first time posting a thread. I was wondering if anyone could shed a light on our situation and the best option for us. Basically myself and my partner Quinn are both looking to move to Australia asap (potentially just for 12 months). The problem is that he has already used his 1st working holiday visa and unfortunately whilst he was in australia he broke his leg quite seriously and as a result was unable to complete the 3 months work. So we are left in a position whereby i can get a WHV but he can't get an extension. Am i right in saying there is no scope for extenuating circumstances as he was unable to complete the work due to his injury? Also does anyone know what the terms of a 977 visa are and whether he could actively look for work if entering Australia under this visa? We are trying to avoid the skilled migration route as his occupation is on the list but he hasn't yet got enough experience in his field to apply and we would really like to go before we have children etc. Thanks in advance for your help!!
  21. Hi all, it is going to be very much appreciated if anyone can give us any kind of information on our case: I had my offer letter from University of Melbourne for a 1 year long master by coursework program and I will apply for 573 student visa in a few days. However we are in the middle of a very big dilema. My husband - ICT business analyst- had his skills assesed from ACS, passed IELTS and got qualified for regional state sponsorship skilled migrant visa and he is planning to apply 475 visa offshore right after he gets the dependent student visa. Does this create any problem regarding GTE (genuine temporary entrant). What do you suggest us to do? We have 2 small kids and we want to spend these 2 years of processing time in Australia. We have enough funds to support ourselves because we sold our home. We don't want to mess up the longterm goal of 475 and then 887. After 1 year when my masters finish, I will apply to another 1 year-long program. But then it can be oficially known that my husband applied for skilled migrant program and so does this constitute a problem regarding a new student visa? I am afraid they may refuse my visa because we also applied to immigrate. I am really confused. Any input is desperately needed, please share your experiences. Kindest regards
  22. Hi everyone, I am a tiler without qualifications, i have been told i can still apply for skilled migration as long as i provide the relevant evidence and information. I am looking for the right skills assessment authority site/company to use. does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks
  23. Two bits of news forwarded to me today: The Australian hospitality industry has warned that changes the list of skills in demand as part of the Federal Government’s skilled migration program could leave large gaps in service provision in Australia in the Australia chief executive officer, John Hart, the new list is of highly qualified jobs which are “attractive to the Government, but not necessarily in shortage”. Meaning those who can lobby best or close to government e.g. universities get most benefits... From Peter Mares, "From queue to pool: skilled migration gets a makeover" THE CHANGES announced and implemented on Monday by the immigration minister, Chris Evans, constitute the most fundamental reform of Australia’s skilled migration program in more than two decades. Senator Evans has not only addressed an immediate and thorny issue – the problematic link between permanent migration and the marketing of Australian education – he has also signalled a major rethinking of how Australia selects skilled migrants for permanent residency.
  24. From Michael Danby chairman of parliament's joint standing committee on migration. It's better for us to sustain skilled migration. "MY good friend Barry Cohen's combative contribution to the de bate about Australia's population policy (The Australian, February 2) is a reaction to the debatable claims that Australia's population will grow to 35 million by 2050. He supports those who argue that we should cut back our migration rate in the interests of our stressed environment and our strained infrastructure.........Migration contributes enormously to our economic growth ......Migration has been of great benefit to Australia in the past, and if we are smart it will go on benefiting us in the future. " Finally some sensible news coming out.....