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  1. Thanks for the update. We had our test last month and gathered we may have a long wait for the ceremony now. Luckily we have another 3 years on our RRV’S, although any travel anywhere is not looking likely for a while now but it’s no big deal on the scale of things!
  2. Cleowag

    citizenship from uk ?

    Hi, we are in Perth. Recently did our test. It took 3 months from application to test date. We've no ceremony date yet but from recent experience of friends, they have had theirs approximately 3 months after the test date. Hope this helps.
  3. Cleowag

    Overseas police checks for citizenship

    Not sure if this is helps but we validated our visas and were out of Aus for 15 months after that before we made the move, so we are required to obtain them. So from this I think it is from the validation date. We didn't obtain them when we submitted our application. We've had our test today and we've been asked to now provide them. So you could submit your application and then they will request it if you need one. Our application was processed really quickly, only 3 months from submission to test date. We are in WA so I don't know if processing times are quicker here at present. Hope this may help!
  4. Cleowag

    Soon to be nurse emigrating to WA

    If you come to WA, the cut off date for school years is 30/6. So your daughter would end up being the oldest in her year instead. She may end up repeating a bit of a year she's already done in the UK but I wouldn't worry about that. Our son did the last term of pre primary when we arrived when he'd already done a year of reception in the UK. It was better for him though as he's a June baby so now the youngest in his year. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Cleowag

    Mandurah/Rockingham and British Pies!

    Hi, We’ve been in the Halls Head area of Mandurah for four years and it’s a lovely place.Mandurah is growing all the time and lots of new houses are being built. Dawesville is beautiful and you can get a lot for your money down there.There isn’t as much infrastructure but it’s growing all the time. It’s about a 20 min drive to Mandurah train station from Dawesville and then 50 mins to Perth. There are plenty of areas to choose from from Rockingham down to Mandurah, all reasonably priced. You may see that Rockingham and Mandurah get bad press about drug problems but it’s certainly nothing compared to what I saw in inner City Manchester. The lovely Very Stormy who regularly posts on here used to live in Dawesville and I’m sure he can tell you a lot more. As for pies, I’m the worst person to ask as I’m a vegetarian. I’ve yet to find a good cheese and onion pie though!
  6. Cleowag

    Yellow Dusters

    If you PM me your address if you dare, I'll post you some! I got my friend to bring me some over from the UK, I can't live without them either. I'm in Perth too and yet to find any in the shops here!
  7. Cleowag

    Manchester Airport

    They did ask for all makeup to go in see through bags at Manchester. The security are issuing instructions all the time when you are queuing. Phone chargers, head phones, anything with wires has to be out of the bag in separate trays! Just be aware. They will give out bags at security too.
  8. Cleowag

    Manchester Airport

    Hi. We are from Manchester and had a visit back there in June. You may queue a bit to get through immigration. What we did find a problem though was going through security coming back. If you are departing from Manchester, allow LOTS of time for this. So many bags were stopped at the scanner and kept back for checks. Mine was kept back and I waited 45 mins for it to be searched. There was no reason for it! It cleared the search after all that. Very frustrating but there were a large number of people getting bags stopped for not putting toiletries in see through bags and then seeming surprised! It was a very fraught atmosphere and some people were in tears as they thought they were going to miss their flights. It wasn't school holidays either! Maybe we flew out on a bad day but its made us think twice about flying out from Manchester again. I'm glad that security is at least vigilant though!
  9. Cleowag

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    We’ve been here for nearly four years, I usually post on Perth Poms . It’s hubby who is a teacher. We have a child who isn’t into team sports! Unusual for Australia but there you go. yep I’m sure we will have friends in common, it seems a very linked community down here!
  10. Cleowag

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    We are in Seascapes!
  11. Cleowag

    What counts as a 'criminal conviction'?

    Hi Ryan, I have sent you a PM.
  12. Cleowag

    What to do in Melbourne on Australia Day?

    Thanks, that sounds great. They have a similar thing in Perth with the fireworks but it helps to be in the know to know the best vantage point to see them from!
  13. Hi, we live in Perth but are having an extended holiday in January to a few places. We will be in Melbourne on Australia Day. Does anyone have any suggestions of where the best place is to be on the day? We have an 8 year old but he’s not overly bothered by the standard kids activities. We haven’t booked accommodation yet so would appreciate any tips on where to stay or avoid! Thanks.
  14. Cleowag

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    Bring everything, warm clothes are needed and they come in handy if you ever travel back to the UK, Lego is the same price here and easy to buy but it’s good to bring the kids familiar things. We had a container and after clearing all the clutter and stuff we didn’t need, we brought most things. We’ve gradually replaced some over the three years we’ve been here but we were glad we brought what we did. Think we’ve chatted before on Perth Poms, fellow teaching family here too. We are in Mandurah so will be a distance from Yanchep but let us know if you fancy a meet up when you get here.
  15. Hi, we have been here for three years in Perth. We experienced all the feelings you have. Saying goodbye is awful and you’ll be in a confused emotional state! We were excited but also upset so it all felt a bit unreal. We felt a bit like we were in a bubble when we arrived. Just be proud of yourselves for taking the step and don’t worry if everything isn’t perfect at first. In between getting tax numbers, Medicare, cars and rentals, try to just have a few days doing enjoyable things, like a tourist would. We felt a lot better when our container arrived and we were reunited with our familiar belongings, we sent ours ahead of us too so it’s good when you don’t have too wait long. Make sure you take a photo of you all at the plane as you board, you can look back on it and be proud of what you’ve achieved. Good luck and hope it all works out for you, it’s not been easy at times for us but we never regretted it for a minute.