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  1. RFV88

    What counts as a 'criminal conviction'?

    Hey. It’s roughly around 90 days for first CO contact at the moment. If everything’s ready it could be granted then. I think the average is 8-9 months as that includes COs going back and forth with applications for further information etc. Bear in mind though I was onshore so the date of first entry wasn’t an issue. I think the date of police checks may impact this so something to consider. Good luck!
  2. RFV88

    What counts as a 'criminal conviction'?

    It was not declared as a conviction, as it was not a conviction. But all information was provided on the police check, subject access report, and a statement of events for transparency.
  3. RFV88

    What counts as a 'criminal conviction'?

    Just to close the loop on this in case anyone finds this thread who's in a similar situation... I received a direct grant for my 189 visa application today . I'm inferring from this that a reprimand is not considered a conviction. Thanks for your responses. Ryan
  4. Hi there, I've submitted a 189 application, ticking 'no' to any criminal convictions (which I believed to be the case), however my police check came back with 'No live trace'. The report I subsequently requested details the offence - when I was 15 I ripped school bus seat with my friends on the way back from school which was reported. This was a 'reprimand'; essentially a juvenile warning. I've written a statement detailing the events and how stupid and out of character this was but I'm worried that they may think I've lied by not classifying it as a conviction and clicking yes. Would this fall under what Australia deems as a conviction? If so am I going to have a problem with my application having clicked no to this? I'd really appreciate any advice. Cheers, Ryan
  5. Hi everyone, My employer is intending to sell their business while I'm on a 457 (issued 18 April 2016) and I currently have a 189 application in progress. I'm hoping some kind person might have some advice for me. I applied for a 189 visa on 12 November 2018 and was issued with a (currently inactive) BV-A. My employer has informed me of their intention to sell their company before the end of the year, and my visa will have to be transferred as the company will be merge with another (change of ABN etc). There are two potential scenarios: The new employer transfers my current 457 visa to their business Will this have any implications for my 189 visa application? What if, for example, my residency is approved prior to the 457 transfer finalisation? Will I lose my residency and be placed back on a 457?! The new employer decides not to nominate me and my 457 is cancelled Will I move onto the currently inactive BV-A or will that be cancelled too? If it is also cancelled, is there a way for me to continue to stay in Australia and work while the 189 application is in progress? Are there any implications here for my citizenship eligibility? Sorry - heaps of questions but this seems like a bit of a mine field so I'd appreciate any guidance. Thanks in advance, RV
  6. RFV88

    Fuzzy certified copy.

    Hey Djwbru, Apologies, I don't know the answer to your question, it seems from everything I've read across forums that CO actions can be subjective so there isn't a always a consistent approach. Having to provide a certified copy of a birth certificate when others haven't had to is a good example in itself. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to have a clearer copy if you think the CO might take issue. Could I ask, was your birth certificate issued in the UK and was it a short or long version? I'm trying to work out what I should upload to avoid unnecessary delays. Cheers!