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  1. case29

    citizenship from uk ?

    hey havent vbeen on forever some usual names still around lol, Anyway wev been in Perth 7 years and are just looking at getting citizenship,however we may have to return to the UK due to a family members illness.Does anyone know if its is possible to apply from here even tho we may be in the the Uk in several months time but return for the ceremony, Thanks
  2. Hi there friends, havent been on here for 7 years, wow some same names are still here very stormy, Ali, .hope your all good.Any way i have a question re the citizenship test application online,appreciate help as the Aus government makes the process so difficult, anyway here goes, when i first moved to Aus i declared some previous silly convictions and i was accepted into Aus .All good, now after 6 years i want to proceed with citizenship, there is a tick box section you go through for eligibility, when it asks if you hd previous convictions i as always ticked yes, the online form then dutifullly tells me i do not qualify. If was accepted as a permanant resident upon my initial application why does it reject me for citizenship, There is no adjacent information as to how to get round this, i have all my papers but its just a 'the computer says no'' all help appreciated, thoughts got to you guys moving here...what a rollercoaster