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Found 71 results

  1. Elenainoz

    shopping in oz

    Hi all! Recently moved from London to Melbourne, and seriously struggling with shops! UK highstreet spoiled us and we took it for granted! For a bit of background, I'm 27. Back home it would almost always be Next, Marks and Spencers, House of Fraser, River Island, New Look, warehouse, Oasis, and some bargains from Matalan and Primark. My style is simple and (i hope) young... LOL Does anyone have any tips for shopping out here? Any go to stores for particular items? I feel like there are very low quality stores (such as cotton on) that I thought might be on Matalan/primark level but aren't, and then higher end things, but not very much in the way of something in the middle! Anything I need im running to Zara and H&M at the moment, just out of habit, although i think they're AUD prices are outrageous! There are so many important issues that you carefully consider before a move like this, you don't prepare for comical problems such as this... I feel as though everything else is under control and this is stressig me out! That can only be a good thing i suppose, if this is the biggest worry!! Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Sunset

    Plastic shopping bags.

    On the news earlier the WA powers are trying to ban the use of plastic carrier bags from all shops, as it is having an impact on the local coastline apparently? I am all for clean beaches and a cleaner environment, but when ever we walk the beaches here i can honestly say hand on heart we never see any litter only washed up seaweed. Now the areas around some shopping centres are sadly beginning to show the signs of litter drop, but thats allsorts of rubbish not just the grey plastic bags?
  3. As most likely with a lot of people, I order a lot of things online here in the UK through sites like Amazon or Play etc. I can't seem to find a site for Amazon Australia. According to Amazon Australia Store | Buy electronics, laptops, cell phone and more at Amazon and ship them to Australia. it doesn't. While this site suggests alternatives (e.g. setting up a US Postal Address etc and then getting goods shipped from there), this probably is not gonna be any good for things like electrical devices etc I've become quite used to ordering items online as it just is more convenient especially with the hectic lifestyle I seem to have (or had!) in the UK. Amazon always seemed convenient as they have a variety of goods under one umbrella store,where I only need to register my credit card and address with one store. I imagine that I would have to login and register with multiple different sites for different goods. Any advice/tips/hints would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Just stumbled across this today. Millie http://www.ezibuy.com.au/next/womenswear.html
  5. Hi, I'm moving to Perth with my hubby and two young daughters in 3 months and want to stock up on goods here before we go. I've heard it can be quite expensive out there, so was thinking of stocking up on cheap toiletries etc. Can anyone tell me if it's worth buying loads of sun cream because its pretty expensive in the UK, and I was hoping it might be cheaper there? And also anything else you think I should take? Thanks!
  6. Forgive me if this has been done before - I've done a search but can't find it. I think it would be useful to pull together a list of Aussie websites that offer a decent online shopping experience. Let me start the ball-rolling: Baby Stuff http://www.gotoddler.com.au/ http://www.livingtextiles.com.au/ Bargains / General http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/ http://www.crazysales.com.au http://www.dealsdirect.com.au http://www.fishpond.com.au/ http://www.groupon.com.au http://www.oo.com.au/ British / Irish products http://www.celtickoala.com.au http://www.treatsfromhome.com.au Camping / Outdoors http://www.aussiedisposals.com.au/ http://www.bcf.com.au/ http://www.kathmandu.com.au/ http://www.raysoutdoors.com.au/ Chemist / Pharmacy http://www.pharmacyonline.com.au/ Classified / Auctions http://www.ebay.com.au http://www.allclassifieds.com.au http://www.gumtree.com.au http://www.graysonline.com.au Clothes http://www.boobytrapwarehouse.com.au http://www.ezibuy.com.au/ Cooking http://www.kitchenwaredirect.com.au Electronics / Electricals / Appliances http://www.BingLee.com.au http://www.DickSmith.com.au http://www.TheGoodGuys.com.au Food Shopping http://www.colesonline.com.au http://www.woolworthsonline.com.au Geeky Stuff http://www.jaycar.com.au Music / DVDs http://www.ezydvd.com.au/ http://www.JBHiFi.com.au Other Stuff http://www.discountink.com.au/ http://www.weekendnotes.com/ Phone Cards http://www.telephonecards.com.au/ Price Comparison / Money Saving http://www.infochoice.com.au/ http://www.shopbot.com.au/ http://www.simplesavings.com.au/ ----------------------------------- Overseas sites that Ship to Oz http://www.asos.com http://www.amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.com http://www.awear.com http://www.bookdepository.co.uk http://www.marksandspencer.com http://www.nextdirect.com/au/en http://www.riverisland.com/
  7. Totsy

    Okay, Australia shops?

    I'm moving to Australia later this year and want to know if there are any good shops? Also do they have shops like hollister, superdry, jack wills, river island or topshop over there? Thanks xx
  8. Hi All I havent been on here in ages due to the fun of moving countries, but here is our story so far and I hope it helps, and I hope I remember all of the important things! Flights- we set off on 15th Octber from Manchester, UK, flying with Singapore Airlines who were great. We had double baggage allowance as it was our first trip and I can honestly say we were well over our allowance and nobody said a word!! (I think it was because most of the extra weight was in our hand luggage). We had an 18 hour stopover in Singapore which we thought would be fun to explore the city, but after 15 hours of no sleep and hitting the humidity it was not fun and we spent at least 6 hours asleep in the airport. I would definitely recommend having the shortest possible stop over or book in to the hotel in the airport. Day 1 - we booked a short term rental stopping with an Aussie bloke in his spare room with our own bathroom and privacy, plus free internet, cooking facilities and the biggest bonus of having someone to ask about everything you need when you arrive. We booked through airbnb.com and it was a fraction of the price of normal holiday rentals, plus the bonus of making our first aussie friend. Rental - we secured a short term rental NOR in week 2. I would recommend pulling together a rental pack so that when you find somewhere you like you are ready to fill in thier application form and attach your own rental pack to sell yourselves. I work in Marketing so this was wasy for me. I included a profile of us and our dog, plus pictures of our rentla in the UK and references from our letting agent, landlord and neighbours. We managed to get the first rental we went for, without having any jobs at the time. Work - I managed to secure a job in the second weeks we arrived even though we came over on my husbands visa (he is a carpenter). I applied on Seek.com one week before we left the UK and had two interviews set up when I arrived, which was lucky (I am a Marketing Manager). My husband did not have as much luck and after a few weeks of intensive searching for work we were beginning to worry, but he managed to get a roofing job two weeks before Christmas so this is a weight off our shoulders!. Although, when you arrive you cant beleive how much building work is going on both NOR and SOR, thr majoirty of the enquiries my husband made they wanted WA experience. I would recommend to other carpenters to get thier ABN number and white card sorted straight away and then just dont give up, drive roud sites, check out Gumtree and you will eventually get a break. My husband has loads of experience and he brought his tools on the flight so that he was ready to work, but it was still difficult. He says it is like starting from scratch again, as the work is so different from the UK, the majority of work is roofing and carpenters tend to specialise rather than being, like my husband, able to do all aspects. There is also a lot less aspects of joinery here, as they dont tend to have skirting and the door frames arent made of wood, which was something we werent aware of. Shopping - back to the subject I am best at!! Shopping is really funny here as it is like stepping back in time. Sunday trading has only just been introduced and it is VERY expensive. You obviously have Coles and Woolworths for food shopping, but for clothes I would suggest UK websites ie ASOS deliver for free and you just have to wait two weeks for delivery. For BBQs and by stuff check out Bunnings or Masters (lik B&Q), for cheap household items I bought everything from KMart and Target as they had a great selection. Household items - we came over with very little as we only shipped 10 boxes of sentimental things. If I could do the move again I would have brought EVERYTHING!! Even things I thought were junk as the cost of even second hand goods out here is daft. We have spent a lot on some nice new furniture for the living room and bedroom, but most of our other items are second hand. We bought our dishwasher, washer and fridge/freezer from gumtree, alotuhg thrse are not the type of items I would buy second hand, I think you know as soon as you go to someones house if you want it or not, we met some really nice people this way. Garage sales are a must, there are laods of them every weekend, you just watch uout for a sign on the main roads. We have found that if you check out the really nice estates you get some lovely items. Its great for the things you forgot you would need ie lawnmower, garden items, a heater for the winter, plug adapters, fishing gear etc etc. I am now a huge fan of garage sales and I wouldnt even visit a car boot at home! Socialising- there isnt the same pub scene up North as we were used to in Manchester, so you have to be willing to get out and about a bit further from home. I find people are really friendly here and offer loads of advice and support. Dog - Our border collie Flossy, arrived in Perth two weeks after us. We used Petair and the service was great. The quarentine in Byford is a bit more tricky as the visitng times are so restricted and biased towards people who dont work, plus I wasnt a fan of the kennels which look like little prisons. She is 13, so I was worrried about how she would get on but she survived! She is so far loving Perth, particularly the beaches, she has found a new lease of life! Top tips 1. Hire a car from day 1 for at least a few weeks. We hired one on the internet for pick up at the airport, and it was a life saver 2. Insect security - shake your clothes before putting them on and particularly your shoes 3. Bring as much as you can carry! 4. Ensure you have air con in your rental. 40 degree heat needs it! 5. Get a SIM card as soon as you arrive. The Vodafone $30 ones in Perth airport are fine as you need an Aus mobile for better job hunting 6. Buying a car - second hand cars are super expensive. So if you dont have a lot of money get on Gumtree and be prepared to buy something with high mileage as it is just normal out here. 7. Working in the city - look at houses near the train line as the traffic is rubbish in to Perth 8. Buy an Esky (cooler) as you will use it most days It will save you money on buying drinks when you are out and about 9. Get your Medicare card as soon as possible as it takes weeks to come through, and you need it for ID, and you need it before you can get your Aus driving license 10. Bring your warm clothes. It does get cold. That is all I can think of for now! We are so far loving it and have no regrets. The weather has heated up considerably in the last week. Let me know if you have any questions! Lisa & Robert xxx
  9. Guest


    Hi Does anyone know where the best place is to get cheap furniture, in and around the Townsville area as I will be coming with nothing and really don't want to spend a fortune renting a fully furnished property. Many thanks
  10. Hi everyone Im a 21 year old moving to sydney in August/September this year with my family and scared about not making friends! would like to create some contact before I get there if I can I will be starting University The following year but I also work as a freelance makeup artist. I enjoy going out clubbing / dinner , shopping and just generally getting to know the place. I also listen to rnb , hip hop, dancehall and dance and a bit of african music:) (I am african) Hopefully there are people with the same interests as me !
  11. Hi all, This will have to rank as the most boring forum post I've ever made, but I'm going to make it anyway... Coming from Europe, we're going to need to rewire everything of course. So the question is, how much can we expect to pay for an Aussie mains plug, both the three pin type and the two pin? Second question, where would you head to in Australia for DIY basics like that? What's the equivalent of, say, Homebase, in Oz? There, I've done it. Don't tell anyone I asked... Cheers,
  12. I'm going to have a rant now, out of character for me I know... I'm trying to make the best use of my time and do some Christmas shopping online......what a joke. Online shopping is to be frank.... ****e in Australia. Just been on the Big W and Target sites to see that delivery is delayed due to unprecedented demand!! Might not be delivered in time for Christmas!! Its only the 6th December for Gods sake!! What I wouldnt give for the equivalent of Tesco.com or Argos online.......:mad:
  13. The Pom Queen

    Williams Landing Shopping Centre Approved

    Wyndham Council has approved stage one of the new $100 million Williams Landing Shopping Centre. It will include more than 28,000 sq m of retail and commercial office space including national brands and independent retailers offering a mix of fashion, fresh food, services and convenience outlets. These will include 4200 sq m Woolworths, a 7700 sq m Big W and a 13,500 sq m Masters hardware store. The 50 hectare centre will include 80 speciality stores, five smaller major outlets and a restaurant precinct. The centre is scheduled to open to the public in late 2013 or early 2014.
  14. Angela820

    Good Grocery Shopping for family?

    We are finally arriving in Canberra this week and will be staying in Short term acccomodation in Civic. We are a "foodie" family and I want to know where the best and cheapest places are to shop for fressh food and meat etc. I dont mind a "trek" anywhere - which are good markets - and are supermarkets vvvv expensive. we tend to shop in Tescos here in Blighty and I go to a local markst for fresh veg and fruit - but NOT the overpriced farmers markets here in England - Im talking about a proper market. I then go to to ethnic stores for my specialist spices/herbs/condiments etc. We dont really shop in "farmers" market here in the UK or dlis are they are all too expensive but we eat well. Any advice on this would be so appreciated. The hardest thing for me about shipping all our stuff was saying goodbye to all the spices and cooking things I have built up and collected over a number of years. All went to a good home but I want to start rebuilding the collection without breaking the bank. Are the markets in Canberra - like the overpriced farmers markets here? If anyone could advise that woud be great. We arrive on Tuesday!! leave tomorrow.. Places to avoid would be great to hear about too and is Costco worth joining. Whst kind of things can you buy in bulk. We do buy some things in bulk - rice, pasta, flour for breadmaking etc... but not sure what the costso there sells. We have a massive chest freezer being shipped so we stock up on bargain meats here in the Uk - where is good for this - and fish??? Angela xx
  15. Guest

    Online shopping sites??

    I am missing Zara and H&M and Uniqlo.... :sad: Can anyone suggest similar shops where I can shop online because I'm moving to the outback in 2 weeks and might need a bit of online retail therapy!
  16. Guest

    shopping alert

    things are more expensive now (worldwide) so we are all looking to make our pound/dollar go further--so i thought id start a thread to help people get the bargains out there--wether it be food/car insurance/household bills ect--when in aus i get my washing up powder from terry whites (chemists) it somtime comes on offer for 2-3 dollars,and i buy 30 boxes,the same box in coles is 5-6 dollars (prices may have changed in the last year or so) but you get the gist--so is the any other special deals out there to save members a bit of money--over to you
  17. Guest

    shopping in auz

    can anyone give me any website addresses for clothes and furniture shops in oz please so i can get an idea of costs there etc for when we do move and need to furnish the house... many thanks Joanne :smile:
  18. Hello! I am a first time poster. I will be moving to Brisbane in the next month as I have a job offer. We don't see ourselves staying for more than 2 years (yet!) and so we would like to get things for our flat/house as cheaply as possible as they will be donated after we have finished using them. So what I am wanting to know is are there any cheap shops out there in Brisbane? I am meaning charity shops or something similar to our Wilkinsons, Primark, Poundland etc. We will be looking for somewhere furnished but will probably end up buying toasters, pans, cutlery and bedding etc. ANY help at all please? :cute:
  19. Guest

    clothes shopping in perth

    Can anyone recommend any good clothes shops in Perth as I am sure they don't have a TK Max:wub:
  20. Guest

    shopping trolly technician

    The spar shop/cornwall has not(didnt) work as we would have liked , i have heard that i (we) could find away of getting back to oz . Shoping trolly tech I think all i need is wd40 12 month tex corse and i can (we) get a visa Dont want to get my hopes up ,but could this be a way. Many thanks :wubclub:
  21. Hi There, I've just moved here and am based in the Darlinghurst area in the centre of Sydney. I realise this is a pretty pricey area but to honest I am shocked at how expensive food is! I knew is was expensive but am really stuggling to find reasonably priced food. People are mentioning going to markets for veggies and meat. Does anyone recommend any good sources of cheaper food in central Sydney? I'm currently using Coles and Woolworths and it's killing me! Any hints or tips welcome :yes:
  22. Just moved from Adelaide to NSW, which I absolutely love. But I have left all my friends behind. My partner works in the city during the day, and Ive pretty much set up the new house and Im all organised. So Im getting a bit bored. Im looking for work but until then Id really like to meet up with anyone who likes a good natter and a spot of shopping. Im 36 (37 on Sunday), got no kids but love them, and live in Kincumber. A happy to travel to meet up with like minded people. Hope to hear from someone soon Louise
  23. I have become a bit of an online shopping junkie recently - I love sites like Catch of the Day, and the voucher sites (although had a fight to get my money back from Scoopon!!!!) This morning they featured some site on Sunrise and this was one that came up. There's heaps of clothes and makeup stuff at very reduced prices. It's called Ozsale Happy shopping!!!! I am going to waste a lot of time on that site today! :biggrin: Love Rudi x
  24. Guest

    Window shopping

    Hi, I am looking to head out to Australia on a working holiday visa and am currently in the process of finding places to go and live for the year. I am 23 and am looking for an area that is just out of the main cities but close enough to travel (there and back) in one day. I would also like a fairly lively sort of area with plenty of things for younger people to do at night. I will be looking for work when there so a place where there is plenty of opportunites, whether it be on a farm or in bars I am not fussy. All suggestions are welcome as I am just looking ideas for places and then I can do some further research into suggested areas myself. Thanks, Dylan
  25. Guest

    Window shopping

    Hi, I am looking to head out to Australia on a working holiday visa and am currently in the process of finding places to go and live for the year. I am 23 and am looking for an area that is just out of the main cities but close enough to travel (there and back) in one day. I would also like a fairly lively sort of area with plenty of things for younger people to do at night. I will be looking for work when there so a place where there is plenty of opportunites, whether it be on a farm or in bars I am not fussy. All suggestions are welcome as I am just looking ideas for places and then I can do some further research into suggested areas myself. Thanks, Dylan