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  1. BobHatton

    UK Pension

    There is no reciprocal agreement for pensions between Australia and the UK anymore (I think it ended in 2001?). This means that you apply independently for your UK pension (through the International Pensions Website - download the form - fill it in and post it back). Your UK pension (whatever you're entitled to) will then be treated as income and you have to tell Centrelink about it. What this means is that Australia then takes this into account and adjusts your Australian entitlement accordingly. You don't need to do anything further; Centrelink works out the exchange rate on a monthly basis based on the CBA buy rate of pounds sterling. Just be aware that in Australia ANY income is counted (there are upper and lower limits of course) as the pension here is fully means tested both on income and assets. In fact, so much so that it pays to NEVER work or own a house here as you get full entitlements to everything.
  2. BobHatton

    Scarborough or Cleveland ? ( Brisbane £

    It all depends on where you're going to be working. Scarborough is on the North side and Cleveland is on the South side. Both would take about the same amount of time into the city to be honest. Both are on the coast (obviously!) but to my mind Cleveland has a lot more to offer. It's almost like a small town in itself with all the amenities it needs including a railway station whereas Scarborough to me feels just like an outer suburb of Brisbane albeit on the coast.
  3. BobHatton

    Best way to buy a car?

    Either peruse Gumtree in your given area (i.e.https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-hervey-bay/l3005249) or simply use carsales.com.au. Also look on your local supermarket notice boards as these can be a good resource. As far as financing goes, you can go direct to the car dealer for it or better still go to your bank. Either way work out who gives the best deals. There are plenty of 0% fees going around at the moment to entice you in...
  4. BobHatton

    How long before it felt normal to live in Australia

    Give it at least three years. We've been here 20 years now and everything feels 'normal'. In fact we've forgotten what life in the UK is like...
  5. BobHatton

    How to take care of your pet when you work full time

    There are plenty of pet sitters around to be honest. They'll either come to your house or you take them to theirs. Experience tells me that they charge between $25 and $35 a day. Hope that helps.
  6. BobHatton

    Shipping a big green egg

    As you say, scrub it as clean as you like but you will still pay a charge for 'defumigating' once it arrives in Oz....and it'll likely be quarantined until its done.
  7. BobHatton

    Real estate agent for Caloundra, Mooloolaba

    Recommend a real estate agent? In Australia? You're kidding me right? They're all over-paid, under worked and under skilled. That's why they're real estate agents - because they can't get a job doing anything worthwhile.
  8. BobHatton

    Potential move to Toowoomba

    Toowoomba does have some of the best schools in Queensland - or so I'm told...
  9. BobHatton

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    And many old Queenslanders that are over 100 years old are still standing. Don't worry too much...
  10. BobHatton

    Stamp Duty

    Yeah, I read that. I think it depends on who arranges the mortgage for you to be honest. We were accepted, although that was in January 2003 - things may have changed. This is taken verbatim from the Queensland Government site today; To be eligible for the grant: You must be at least 18 years of age. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (or applying with someone who is). You or your spouse must not have previously owned property in Australia that you lived in. You must be buying or building a brand new home. The value of the home including the land is less than $750,000. You must move into the new home as your principal place of residence within 1 year of the completed transaction and live there continuously for 6 months.
  11. BobHatton

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    Public Transport in Australia? You're having a laugh aren't you? Anything outside the capital cities is, lets say wanting to say the least. Cyclones - Caloundra would experience the southern winds off a cyclone literally once in a lifetime (last time would be Cyclone Wanda in 1974) so don't worry too much about that. Caloundra is a beautiful place with beautiful beaches and still reminds me of a typical seaside town of old, we love it... I still say you can't go wrong with Hervey Bay..
  12. BobHatton

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    Hmmm, where to live on the Gold Coast eh? In short - nowhere. Choose somewhere a lot nicer, less crime filled and less bogan if you want somewhere to retire to. We've lived in Hervey Bay now (about 3 hours north of Brisbane), best climate, all the facilities including health needs met and within a couple of hours to the Sunshine Coast but without the exorbitant prices. You won't regret it!
  13. BobHatton

    Stamp Duty

    That is not true. We moved from NZ to Australia in 2003 (after being in the UK for many years and having owned several houses including two in NZ) and we were able to get the first home owners discount as we were buying our first home IN AUSTRALIA.
  14. BobHatton

    What would you do?

    You certainly wouldn't get anywhere near 5% from a 'normal' bank savings account - you'd be lucky to get 1.5%! As another poster mentioned, you say that you'd need 5% interest on your savings to pay the rent and utilities etc. Let's make an average of $1600 a month rent and $250 a month on utilities = $1850 a month so let's say $2000 to be sure. If 5% interest on your savings would cover this then you'd have to be seriously rich and have at least $500,000 in savings. I'm not saying you're not rich but to think of living like that then you probably don't need a job!
  15. BobHatton


    Unfortunately everyone has to pay stamp duty in Oz........even if you buy a second hand car privately off George down the street!