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  1. Stingray88uk

    Soon to be nurse emigrating to WA

    Cheers buddy. I’ll post updates
  2. Stingray88uk

    Soon to be nurse emigrating to WA

    Amazing how things have changed over the recent years. It’s the polar opposite here, there’s been a decrease in nursing students, and jobs are aplenty. Firstly, I’ve gotta qualify, then get 5 years experience- as per the visa requirements- and then try. If anyone has any positive news before then, please let me know! Thank you for your replies, I hope this isn’t the end of our dream before it’s begun X
  3. Stingray88uk

    Soon to be nurse emigrating to WA

    That’s what I’ve just said to my wife. Where would your recommendation be? I like Adelaide, I spent six months there in ‘08 (don't know how much it’s changed since!). But yes, we’ll have to contact an agent- again, any recommendations?
  4. Stingray88uk

    Soon to be nurse emigrating to WA

    @VERYSTORMY, not what I wanted to hear lol . Would it be worth emailing hospitals and enquiring? (And presumably not in Perth) It would be more advantageous to have a job offer in place wouldn’t it. Thank you
  5. Stingray88uk

    Soon to be nurse emigrating to WA

    Thank you both. I’ve done Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, but not Perth. In terms of employability and schools, where would you recommend? Being harsh on myself, using an online calculator, I score 70 points, but that would increase if I scored the highest in the English test- not sure if I would have to complete this?
  6. Hello everyone I’m currently in my third year of a nursing degree, due to qualify in September... several questions really, so please bear with me. Firstly, what are the odds of me and my family actually getting accepted? Secondly, a holiday over for myself, wife and two kids is knocking on £15000, so would you recommend holidaying first or just taking the plunge- what did you do, and would you advise it? And my youngest daughter is 8, how does moving schools work? She’s one of the youngest in her year in the U.K. (July), so how would the different year start dates work with her? Thank you x