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  1. mrsr1976

    Shipping Kitchen Utensils

    We shipped our chopping boards, knives and knife block. No problems. The shippers wrapped everything carefully. I believe it's just untreated wood that poses an issue. Hth. [emoji16]
  2. mrsr1976

    Can I take ......

    I realise they do sell cleaners in Australia [emoji4] It's just that we're clearing our whole house out and I see no reason to throw them away if they can fit in the container and in a sealed bag they can be safe from spillage.
  3. mrsr1976

    Booster seat for 7 year old

    Hi my daughter is 7 and tall for her age but in the UK she still sits in either a booster seat with a back or one with no back. We are emigrating to WA on Dec 3rd and am wondering whether to ship the booster seat for her? I see that after the age of 7, children can either just have an adult seat belt or a booster but do many people still use a booster after the age of 7? In the UK, they are in them until they are a certain height or aged 12, whichever comes first. Safety is my priority and I'm happy to ship a seat, I just wondered what others do and whether its expected and if there is a certain type of booster? Thanks
  4. mrsr1976

    Can I take ......

    Great thanks, also I suppose household cleaners etc are fine. Such as vanish spray and things like that?
  5. mrsr1976

    Can I take ......

    Anyone know where I stand on taking own gel nails machine? I am a bit worried about the acetone in a container. Am I better to throw and buy new and just take the varnishes etc?
  6. Ok so the shippers come a week today and I have few questions if anyone can help?! I plan to take our washing machine and tumble drier. How clean do both have to be? I have taken out the detergent tray and there's quite a lot of build up behind it... Should I just clean off the excess or will they really check this? Also the tumble drier... I can hoover the fluff compartment but how clean do they want it to be? Also shoes, what are people's experience of shoes and cleaning them? Thanks [emoji106]
  7. mrsr1976

    I wish that I'd taken...

    We don't watch terrestrial TV, it should work with Netflix, shouldn't it??
  8. mrsr1976

    I wish that I'd taken...

    We have had two quotes for a 20ft container to ourselves which will fit 2 bed frames, lots of chest of drawers, all crockery, clothes, 1 adult bike (hard to spec new one) 3 sofas, 4 bedside tables, ikea kids storage units plus drawers, bookshelf, dining table, chair, a doll's house, rocking horse, all the children's books and toys, washer and drier, ironing board...bedding, towels, saucepans, toiletries, weights equipment, tools, Sonos speakers, 2 50" tvs, saxophone, keyboard etc you get the idea! [emoji106] 2 days packing and loading (done by them) shipping to Perth and unpacking to each room. One was £3900, other £4500. We need to ship asap so that the stuff gets there for Jan as we have an airbnb for a month when we arrive in Dec. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth it as we'd have to buy all stuff there.... Both agents came to out house and assessed, they were really helpful and Saif which items would be allowed ect eg no raffia or seagrass rug. The house sure is going to be empty when the stuff has gone! Very pleased.with both agents,. Just got to compare what we get for the money to make sure they offer the same!
  9. mrsr1976

    Adhd/depression meds and support

    Hi we are moving to Perth on Dec 3rd and my husband has ADHD and depression. At the moment he is fairly stable(despite the stress of the move!) with his current meds and I really want him to continue taking them. Does anyone have any experience of being prescribed ADHD meds and antidepressantants when they moved over? He's currently on Medikinet for his ADHD but has taken Elvanse also. He's on mirtazapine and agomelatine for his depression and insomnia. I know yiu can choose a GP, we have a PR visa so would qualify for Medicare straight away I believe. Would it be fairly simple to get these prescriptions? I really don't want him to have a break as it affects his sleeping really badly. Also has anyone got any experiences of any support groups for adhd or AA in and around Perth, as it would help him deal with the transition. Thanks
  10. mrsr1976

    Kids vaccinations

    Hi my kids both have had all their routine jabs in the UK. To enroll in a school in WA do they have to have any extra ones that the UK don't offer? I think Hep A would be a possible one and the meingacoccal A, C, W, Y. If so, would I be best to pay and get them done here before we go? Thanks
  11. mrsr1976

    Woodwork tools

    Hi can we take a circular saw and jigsaw in the shopping container? They have little bits of sawdust in. Them and so would be a challenge to get sparkly clean! Also how about weights equipment? Some of the weights have little bit of rust, would this need to be scrubbed off?
  12. mrsr1976

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    Think we'll leave the car... Too much hassle and we may be stuck with it over there..... Better to sell here for a bit of cash to buy something more appropriate over there! Are there a lot of camper /transit vans that are modified for sale over there. We currently have a Ford transit with an extra seat as we are a family of 4 so needed an extra seat. It's so handy as you can sleep in the back! We would want another one similar really
  13. mrsr1976

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    He is hoping to set up doing photography. He has experience in the property market over here. I have a possibility of a job nearer central Perth for Jan so will need to move over that way after xmas. We love Yanchep Park and all like fishing and the quiet life.... Being from Cornwall originally, I'm not too worried about being in the sticks!
  14. mrsr1976

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    Thanks for the advice, the lagoon looks so lovely and we have booked for a month opposite the beach as we didn't want to mess around over Xmas. It'll be strange enough as it is[emoji319]but the lady said Shelly leave us a tree out so the girls can decorate it [emoji4]
  15. mrsr1976

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    Thanks for all your advice! I think half the battle is the hubby and me agreeing on what we take or leave....the le crueset isnt that high on his agenda but the speakers are!! Had a quick look at ikea and it seems we can get cheap beds and a sofa and a few other necessities for about $1000, I guess its weighing up whether we want our own stuff out there, but the problem is, we will need it in Jan as I will hopefully start work at the end.of that month, so it wont get there by that time probably, then we will have to buy stuff anyway to.make do.when we move into a longer term rental! Our stuff isn't expensive, most of it's ikea anyway so we may just start again with bed and a sofa, then look at gumtree for a few bits. The idea was to get a movecube to go in the next couple of weeks with the rest of our summer clothes (we.only have 30kg each limit on flight), kids toys, music stuff, electric stuff,.maybe mountain bikes. Then send the rest nearer when we go ourselves as we cant do without tumble drier etc before then really. Do long term rentals come with any white goods at all? I had a look on the good guys website and it seemed like most of the fridges and freezers are separate, ours is a half and half and really efficient so I do want to bring it. Also someone mentioned fitted wardrobes- do most rentals come with? If bit we could get a hanging rail I suppose our wardrobe is very bulky and heavy but doesnt have much room really so would be a waste of time bringing. Were looking at booking for a month in a holiday rental in yanchep as we love it up that way and the hubby goes skydiving a bit further north so its helpful to not be too far from that. Any opinions on Yanchep in the summer as we've only been in winter! The other place is Two Rocks, opinions on there? We don't really want to be that far up when I start work, as most of my job opportunities are close to central Perth and I would imagine its a.busy commute for the school run every morning! Sorry for the long post, any further advice would be great!