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  1. Hello all ! It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for the last 2 years since applying and finally getting granted our 189 visas in April (2 days before my birthday, Amazing present!). However now the time has come for the wobbles.... we are flying 1 week tomorrow to Adelaide, have said goodbye to 80% of family and friends (which has been awful), and are now selling cars, getting houses on the market, stopping nursery, handing over our business which we built from scratch and moving in with my dad for the last few days. it is so hard saying goodbyes- to friends, family, the area we live, and our house, which both our children were born in and we rescued from a hideous wreck to make a beautiful family home, Which we have been camping in since June when we sent our container. we’ve just had word the container is 1 week out, which gave us the massive morale boost we needed at the weekend after just saying goodbye to very close family-it’s not sunk after all!! We were over in oz feb/March, have a fab Airbnb to stay in for our first month which we stayed in for our first week in adelaide in February, and are so happy with our decision to move...but his part is so bloody hard! Australia has been a dream of ours since we first went 7 years ago, and has since become the most amazing reality, but wow it is hard the last few weeks! so, apologies for the pity message and it’s length, but if you have time, I would be so happy to read your tales of moving and the first few weeks, and suggestions of fun things to do in the first couple of weeks ( 1 and 3 year old, moving to Adelaide) We are so excited and looking forward to it all, and to coming to the end of years of wondering! thanks all!
  2. Hi there, just found the following in relation to importing a car for personal use and NOT needing to empty the air con- can anyone confirm either way? Don’t want to get there and be stuck with a huge bill... https://www.environment.gov.au/protection/ozone/licences-and-reporting/importing-cars-boats-caravans (it’s the scenario 1 to click on about importing a car or fridge for personal use) second question (sorry if it’s alreay been covered). How long is it roughly from the car arriving in Australia until you can actually drive it? thanks all!
  3. Hi Iron Chef, hoping you're still doing this, trying to decide right now if we should take my car with us... 1) 2016/Mini/CooperS petrol/12000/with aircon 2) £14,000 3)$40,000 Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Just been granted a 189 PR visa, moving to Victoria in September. We're looking to buy a house at some point, and I know that Stamp Duty in Victoria is very low for first time buyers, does this include on a 189 visa or will we have to pay full stamp duty? Also, are there any other hidden costs we should know about? It'll really help us figure out our maximum budget. Thanks!
  5. maxia066

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    Oops meant form 80, silly fat fingers lol
  6. maxia066

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    Morning all, I’ve been following this thread but not commented up until now, just wanted to give you all a little hope! I’ve just had THE phone call from the visa agents, our 189 visa has just been granted. Application went in 1st November, 1st CO contact mid jan, uploaded extra info (including form 89 which we were asked for) immediately, and granted today. It’s a 189 visa for chef, I had 65 points, plus my husband and 2 young kids. we have to move by 23rd October due to when medicals run out so it’s all getting VERY exciting. We were over there in Feb/March sorting where we’d like to live, jobs etc and it was amazing, can’t wait to get over there and get stuck in to life. Keep the faith, 189s ARE being granted. Sorry for all the capitals, I am so excited just now. is it wrong to crack open the champagne for breakfast??
  7. maxia066

    Kindergarten help/advice

    Hi all, just passed our visa medicals for Australia so looks like all systems go for the move! When we move we’ll have dd1 aged 3.5-4.5 and dd2 1.5-2.5 Apologies if this has been asked a hundred times before or is covered elsewhere, there’s just so much information on here I struggled to find it! Can anyone tell me about kindy? What age do they start/how often do they go/are they usually attached to a school/how much do they cost? Are they like nurseries here or more school-like? We’ll either be in adelaide or Victoria, still got to make a final decision. Thanks all!
  8. maxia066

    189/190 Visa Applications from July/Aug 17

    We are 189 visa for chef (me) taking husband and 2 little girls, 65 points. It was a long waiting game from the EOI going in in June! Got my EOI on the 5th September, doing medicals in the next couple of weeks (due to preexisting condition that shouldn't be an issue but we don't want to pay the visa fees if refused). Then it's just a waiting game.... Hope it's all quick and painless after that!
  9. maxia066

    Visa medicals

    Hi all, Just had a date through for medicals, and wondering what it involves and how long it takes? Especially looking for info for kids, we've got 2 very young ones so want to be able to prepare them a bit so they know what'll happen. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  10. so i missed out this time, ah well, fingers crossed for next time! Thanks
  11. Hi all, Had our expression of interest in since the beginning of July. Have 65 points, but both July dates required 70+. Our agent said they were hopeful 65 pointers would be offered in one of the 2 August selection dates. If you are selected, do you get the invite to apply immediately on that date? Or is there still a chance I might get an invite to apply from the 9th August selection date? The waiting is so hard, I know I need to get used to it now processing times are almost a year, but just having the real appication in would be great. Thanks!
  12. maxia066

    VETASSESS technical interview chef

    thanks that's really helpful! Lots to brush up on now...
  13. Hi All, I'm applying for a 189 PR visa as a chef. Got my technical interview coming up on the 9th May and am terrified! I know my stuff but am AWFUL at interview type situations and am worried i'm just going to clam up and struggle with it. For the ILETS test at least there are samples online, but for the technical interview I can't find anything at all. Does anyone have any experience of this they'd care to share? Just what sort of areas are covered, what they ask, the format of the interview etc? Is it recipe stuff, eg how to bake a loaf of bread,or more the admin/healthand safety/staffing side of it? I know it's 2-3 hours and that's about it! Thanks to anyone who can shed any light at all!