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Found 78 results

  1. Good day ALL, 25M, SEA region, Bsc Degree holder in shipping. Aspiring to migrate to Oz (WA) in the near future. Wondering if any migrant has taken the route of trade courses to get their PR ? Or any aspiring migrants here looking to take this route? Mechanic, Painter, Brick laying, Chef etc Feel free to drop a comment/PM and we can link up.
  2. Hi there, I'm about to apply the visa 186 DE - chef. My experience is 5 years working in my country and 1.5 years in Australia as a chef. The problem is when I came to Australia I didn't declare my 5 years employment in the last visa application, because I was working 2 jobs so I only mentioned the other one. Now I need to claim my experience to be eligible for visa 186DE, so it'd be something conflict between 2 applications. I have contracts, payslips, reference letter from my employer in my country and my boss is able to do reference for me. Will it be very risky for my application? How to explain to DHA about this? Anyone got experience please share, much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, Do we need to have 3 year experience after qualification to be eligible for visa 186DE? I'm a Chef: - 2 year experience as a Cook - 3.5 year experience as a Chef. - Qualification: Cookery Certificate IV (RPL) 5/2021. - Skill Assessment: in process - PTE 50 A restaurant in regional Victoria offer me sponsorship on visa 186 Direct Entry. Am I eligible for that? Is there anyone already get the visa 186 with less than 3 year experience after qualification? Thanks for your help guys. Vi
  4. Nepalese

    186 ens

    Hi there, i would like to ask about the s56 request for more information about the 186 nomination. I’m waiting for the 186 visa & nomination since 16 months & DHA has asked my employer for the some updated documents from the business within 8 days. Is it okey if we asked for the extension? Does this impact to my visa & nomination applications? Please suggest me Thanks
  5. Nepalese

    186 visa

    Hi Everyone, just wondering I’m waiting for the 186 trt visa almost 16 months, Is there any problem or delaying to grant a visa if you do have some credit cards to be pay off debt & not enough bank balance in your account? Some people says there should be a problem with granting a visa. Help needed, Thanks
  6. Gazobrien08

    Vetasses technical interview Chef

    Okay my name is Gary i have a vetassess technical interview tomorrow 7th of August I have been a chef nearly 13 year's and I am nervous about what's going to happen i know i should relax and study a little bit but my mind wonders the worst anyways since I can't find any help anywhere about anyone doing a vetassess technical interview i will give an update after i finish my one so I can let chef's know what to expect when they go in any hows wish me luck i keep yous posted.
  7. Hi guys, We are looking to make the move to Oz. We have family in Adelaide who will sponsor us and our aim is to settle there. We are both 43 yrs old so I believe the new 491 visa is the way to go as it gives us enough points to get there. However, before I go through all the motions I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice. My wife's skill is a Chef and she has been employed in the catering industry for over 10 years. She did do an apprenticeship program for a Hotel & Restaurant company back in the 90's which was an "in-house program" however she cannot find any documentation for this and the Hotel has since closed up shop over 15 years ago. Shes currently working as a Head Chef for a restaurant cafe which shes done now for about 5 years. My question is, will the skills assessment require evidence of the apprenticeship in order for us to proceed or will references from my current employer be sufficient. Alternatively, what other evidence would they require. Is the assessment done thru Vetassess or TRA. In regards to the English test, what is the minimum score to satisfy the Visa requirements. I only ask as my wife has dyslexia. Thanks in advance Chris
  8. Hi all, I’ve recently started my Job Ready Program as a chef and I’ve got two jobs as commis chef, one of them is in a Cafe which task are more related to plating and doing preps, there’s stove and oven as well as toasters. Would this job be accepted? I’ve tried calling TRA but they don’t have clear answer and I don’t want to take the risk my title is commis chef part time.
  9. 190 visa I have applied on may 19,2018 pastry cook with 60 points, anyone near the time frame?
  10. DukeNinja

    Chef for 189/190?

    Hey all, Has anyone successfully applied for a 189/190 as a Chef? I'm making some enquiries on behalf of someone. Thanks, DN
  11. ATL

    The new training visa 407

    The 407 is a great way to experience Australia whilst gaining new or enhancing current occupational skills. The visa is for both paid and voluntary internships for up to 24 months (the government decide on the length based on the occupation, the applicants work or study history, skills and qualifications, age etc). The sponsor of the applicant is not the employer and is required put the applicant through a skills training program in conjunction with a host employer. The training visa 407 can relate to any occupation on the CSOL list available here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/CSOL You can read all about this newly introduced visa here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/407- I welcome any questions, Ray Daniel Access Training & Logistics (Training Visa 407 Sponsorship Approved) Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  12. Anoop.

    Technical assessment for chef

    Hi guys, I am very new here. Could anyone let me know if there is any updates in the technical assessment for chefs? I am awaiting mine and if anyone could throw some light here regarding the expected questions and process, it would help me a lot. TIA.
  13. Is anyone waiting from November 2017 for their nomination or visa to be approved for a cook or a chef?
  14. Hey Guys, I am Chef by profession and have over 8 years of experience. For my EOI i didn't claim any points for employment. I got nominated by NSW. During the submission i provided my detailed resume. Do i still need to provide documents for the work experience, even though i didn't claim any points for the same and marked it as irrelevant on my EOI. Additionally NSW didn't ask for any employment documents and assessed my application in half a day.
  15. Hi guys I've 3 weeks until I sit my technical interview with vetasses for a chef, had anyone got a positive result from this. If so what kind of questions were asked ect
  16. kaka_45


    Hi I have given the technical interview on May 4th 2018. (Vetassess) Still i have not received chef stage two technical skill assessment results any help? Thanks! Kaka
  17. Hey everyone I'm new here and have just submitted my evidence to vetasess for skills assesment as a Chef. Could anyone give me an idea on specifics of what is discussed at technical interview? I've got the fact sheet which matches up close to my nvq that I did way back when. But hopefully someone can give me a better idea of what to expect
  18. Hi All, I'm applying for a 189 PR visa as a chef. Got my technical interview coming up on the 9th May and am terrified! I know my stuff but am AWFUL at interview type situations and am worried i'm just going to clam up and struggle with it. For the ILETS test at least there are samples online, but for the technical interview I can't find anything at all. Does anyone have any experience of this they'd care to share? Just what sort of areas are covered, what they ask, the format of the interview etc? Is it recipe stuff, eg how to bake a loaf of bread,or more the admin/healthand safety/staffing side of it? I know it's 2-3 hours and that's about it! Thanks to anyone who can shed any light at all!
  19. Hi guys, i have a plan A and plan B, both have been discussed on here. Now there's also potentially a back up plan. In 2002 i passed a Btec National Diploma in Hospitality and Catering Management and then i was a chef for 12 years. Thing is it's been over 4 years since i was a chef so i wondered if this would affect an assessment. I've asked the migration agent who has been advising me at OE (that we're highly likely to be using, i think it's @Richard Gregan who heads up that agency and he's been great too, calling my fiancee and leaving a message on Friday) and i'm waiting on a reply. I could potentially use my career as a chef to obtain a visa and get back in the kitchen! Any advice on this would be welcomed. Thanks, Lewis
  20. The Pom Queen

    Chefs Wanted in Australia

    The McGowan government’s ­decision to tear up the list that fast-tracked overseas workers to Western Australia has made it tough for Margaret River’s wineries and restaurants to put meals on customers’ plates during their peak new year trade. There are simply too few local chefs and trained kitchen staff to cope, says Amelia Park Tavern’s resident chef Gary Wilkins, who moved to Margaret River eight years ago for the relaxed lifestyle. “We’re struggling to get help and there’s a limited number of good local chefs,” he says. It has taken the importation of seven temporary chefs, one flown in from Sydney, to keep operating Amelia Park’s kitchen. “It costs management a lot more money to get people in,” Wilkins said. The labour cost — more than double the normal rate of about $25-$30 an hour — can reach nearly $100 an hour in some cases, when labour-hire company fees are included. Shortly after taking office, Premier Mark McGowan made good on an election promise to slash occupations that could be filled by overseas workers. He said changed economic conditions required local jobs to be kept open for the more than 90,000 unemployed West Australians, but his government’s cuts to the eligible skills list — from 170 occupations to 18, none of them hospitality jobs — has left the sector shorthanded. The government also withdrew Perth as a destination from the Regional Sponsored ­Migration Scheme, which offers incentives to lure foreign visa holders to less populated areas. Opposition tourism spokeswoman Libby Mettam said Perth’s hospitality industry was having difficulties recruiting staff as a result. “This is the first Christmas season for the hospitality and service industry where the impact of this shortsighted and ill-advised move is being felt,” she said. The changes have hit just as a wave of new hotels, bars and restaurants is helping to diversify WA’s resource-dominated economy. And with direct flights due to start between Perth and London, and Asian tourism on the rise, good hospitality staff “is high on the list of needs”, she said. “From a tourism perspective, there is no second chance in making an excellent first impression.”
  21. Okay, so I really want to move to Perth, WA. Luckily I've worked there as a Head Chef before on a holiday working VISA so I know Perth pretty well. Before I left to come home I was offered a permanent working VISA at the place I worked. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I had to come home back to the UK. I've been back now for about 2 years and all I want to do is go back out there to enjoy a better lifestyle and bring my partner (who came with me and worked in Australia too on the holiday VISA). I don't know where to even start, I've booked myself in for the IELTS test to prove I can speak good English. But what's the next move? Just approach Australian Businesses online and hope to get a sponsor again? Or pay thousands of ££s out to some random VISA company?Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it! Rob. Also I would like to add that I have been a Chef for over 13 years now, so I have a lot of experience.
  22. Hello Everyone, Going to face a technical skill assessment interview through Vetassess. So anybody who did already get through this stage would like to help? Any advice will be appreciated. I'm willing to know what kind of questions they will ask? So will prepare myself mentally. I'm not worried but don't want to take any chance. Thank you guyz..
  23. Sunset

    Paleo Pete

    Anyone else watch channel 7s Sunday Night program last night? He makes bold claims usually against scientific facts, heres a few: Paleo We promote an organic diet of small to moderate amounts of well sourced seafood and or meat from land animals, an abundance of colourful vegetables and fruit, (lower carb preferably as the majority of your intake) and good quality dietary fat as opposed to the criminal low fat movement. Avoid dairy We encourage people to ditch the dairy as a marketed health food from the dairy association for 3 months and see how their bodies feel without it. Some of his other claims are really out there, how do you stand on his whole approach to life and eating 'well'. Money spinners or does he talk sense?
  24. Alice6521

    Chef/Cook TRA Skills Assessment

    Hello everyone, My partner (a chef) wants to get a permanent visa for Australia. Right now we are intending on applying for subclass 190, state sponsorship. (If his English test goes really well we might try for subclass 189) We are currently getting the (ENDLESS) paperwork together for his TRA Skills Assessment. We're struggling to know exactly what to write for Part 8 / his Description Of Your Work (in own words) and exactly what we need in the letters from his employers (how much detail?!). I would appreciate any tips anyone has and if anyone would share with me their own documents (actual letters, templates, anything) we would be so grateful. Especially other chefs/cooks! Just for ideas and peace of mind, I would never plagiarize! Thank you, Alice
  25. Hi Iron Chef, I purchased my car (a 2005 911) in late November 2010 in London and we are aiming to move to Sydney in or around November/December this year, although there is an outside chance that we may need to move back in late September. Assuming we have to move back just prior to the 12 month anniversary of the purchase, do you have any ideas on how I can apply for the import licence and still get the car into Oz? Also, do you know if the Australian government is looking to reduce the 12 month ownership condition? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. Cheers J