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    Moving in 4 months, nervous about school/friends/moving

    Hi Emily, It's Laura using my parents account, I did try to add you on facebook but there are a lot of Emily Woodhouse's listed, can you private message me on this website to describe your profile picture
  2. Hi, We arrived on the Central Coast in November, family of 5 and got a lovely rental ok with no jobs. My husband is also an Australian citizen but I don't think that particularly swayed the outcome.We put a pack together of all our ID documents, a copy of our bank statement to prove we could cover the rent. We offered to pay more up front but they didn't take that option. We also put in a letter outlining our family, what our plans in Australia are and that we had been home owners in the UK and took pride in our home there and would look after any rental in the same way. Good luck with everything.
  3. Thanks for your replies, that's put our mind at rest. We can just get on with worrying about everything else now
  4. We arrived in Australia on Saturday and the first stop was to fly to Tamworth to visit family and drop off our luggage. We have budgeted for 4 months to spend the time checking out the areas we have considered settling in, look for jobs, rentals and schools. My husband is an Australian and I have a permanent visa. We have 3 girls, 16, 7 and 5 years. Our question is, because we don't know exactly where we want to stay we can't commit to a rental right now which also means we can't enrol the girls in schools, is it a problem that they will probably be out of school from now until the new school year starts at the end of January? someone one has told us this is illegal to do this and we could be prosecuted, obviously this has worried us and really not sure what to do now, any advise will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Yes you can and thank you, it's a great feeling, :biggrin: good luck with your journey
  6. :biggrin: OMG I'm so happy, my visa was granted 10 minutes ago!!!
  7. Congratulations Pointyhats, perfect timing for you, mine was lodged the same day as you, I'm not jealous at all that yours has been granted and mine hasn't :daydreaming:
  8. Congratulations christinaon18!! I've got the same case officer as you and applied 7th Feb so I'm hoping I may have your luck and get a grant soon although I'm being patient and working to the 8-9 month waiting time. Just out of interest, do you get notified by email or via post?
  9. SurreyFamily5

    Ye Gads it's cold here in Blighty.

    I work outdoors as a green keeper on a golf course pretty much every day! I start in the dark with a head torch on no matter the weather with no umbrellas and no roofed vehicles. Its a tough job in winter when its cold and wet, but lovely in the summer sunshine watering the greens with shorts and sun glasses on. I think the scenery looks nice when its cold but it doesn't feel good. Granted the rain provides the green but its not nice to work in. I am planning a move to the Gold Coast or central NSW where i hope to experience a good few more days sunshine. I know it rains and pours there too and gets blisteringly hot but i,ll try my luck
  10. Hi Iron Chef hope you can help advise me here, 2001 Toyota Land cruiser Colorado (Prado) 4x4 3 ltr turbo diesel Automatic 170 000 miles Air con Uk value £6000-7000 Aus value $14000- 16000 NSW Thank you.
  11. SurreyFamily5

    Child Visa Help

    Once they have citizenship can they still arrive in Australia on their British passports or do they need to have Australian?
  12. SurreyFamily5

    Child Visa Help

    Thank you for your help, we did think that would be the case but just wanted clarification.
  13. SurreyFamily5

    Child Visa Help

    Hi All, My husband is an Australian and we're moving to Australia next year. I'm applying for a spouse visa along with my daughter from a previous relationship (we have her fathers consent sorted) my husband and I have 2 daughters that have British passports but we're applying for thier Australian Citizenship. If this is granted and we apply for their passports, do they still need to go for through the visa applicaton process with medicals etc or do they go the same as my husband and not have to aply apart from being listed on the Spouse visa? Hope someone can advise. Many thanks, Tracey
  14. SurreyFamily5

    Best X Factor finals line up ever.

    I reckon Ella has the best voice i have ever heard on the show. She has such a real talent for expression and songwriting which (in my opinion) makes her THE one to watch. Mk1 are very marketable and current, the boy bands can make big bucks and James seems popular too. 1. Ella Henderson 2. James Arthur 3. Mk1 can i have 4? There are four judges? A wildcard maybe if one does leave? 4. Jahmene
  15. Hi, Does anyone have a template for the statutory declaration for a migrating child that they could email me please. It would be gratefully appreciated. If you can help, can you send a private message and I can give you our email address. Many thanks, Tracey