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  1. Chimera

    Tasmania to Perth

    We did the same move just over a year ago, shipped the furniture and drove the Nullabor. No problems with finding a rental or jobs.....and loving the warmer weather
  2. Chimera

    Chef required in Perth

    you have pm
  3. I wouldn't judge on her boyfriends love for her...I'm sure he loves her very much and doesn't see this as a fling. Maybe he loves Australia, maybe he just doesn't want to go back to the UK - who knows
  4. Chimera

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    You would need to define beauty, in my opinion it is beautiful !
  5. Chimera

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    We moved to Melbourne in March and moved out again in June. Finding work was impossible. Employers and recruiters just dont bother to return calls or e mails. Other half applied for over 120 jobs while we were there, 3 replied to her. We have moved back to Perth and she was employed within 4 days. Melbourne might be a beautiful place but also very expensive to live
  6. [quote=buzzy--bee;193 6112950]Where are you trying to live? Which suburb? BB we started looking in and around Eltham/Hurstbridge area but we will consider anywhere in commuting distance of the CBD. anything up to 45 minutes
  7. we are trying to secure a rental in Melbourne at the moment, mainly through realestate.com and I have to say that ALL the agents ~ without exception are crap ~ none of them return your call. We have applied for 4 over the last 3 weeks and none of them have been bothered to call us back, nor phoned the references we provided. Looks like we maybe living in the street next month
  8. Chimera

    Catterys near Eltham

    Thank you - all booked in
  9. Chimera

    Catterys near Eltham

    Thanks for the reply but its difficult to just pop in to have a look when we live inTasmania !!
  10. Chimera

    Catterys near Eltham

    Hi Guys we are moving from Tassie to Melbourne in a few weeks and need somewhere to put 2 cats for 2 nights. Any reccommendations ? we could just google or look in the white pages but personal experiences are far more valuable. thank you peter
  11. We are moving back to the Perth area at the beginning of March so we will need somewhere to live, I thought I'd try here first before trawling through the agencies... We have no preference on actual location but somewhere quiet is a must. We both intend to work in the city so good access to the CBD would be an advantage We have 2 cars and a motorcycle so either a car port or a garage is needed We are both non smokers We have 2 cats Needs to be a house, fairly large as we have accumulated a lot of furniture including a rather large dining room table We are looking at a minimum 12 months rental So if you have, or know anyone who has something that you think might be suitable please contact me. Many thanks Peter
  12. wimp.com makes me laugh
  13. Chimera

    Advice on bond return please....

    thank you - now why couldn't I find that !! I'll call them in the morning
  14. I' have searched and Googled but haven't been able to come up with an answer to my query so I thought i would ask POI. I have just left rented a house in WA, well over 2 months ago actually, and the agent has been a nightmare. It started when they extended my lease by 2 weeks without informing me, when I queried this they said that the dates of the lease is dependent on when the forms are filled in by their staff, so even though I signed up for a second 6 month period and gave them plenty of notice, because they did not fill in the paperwork in time the lease was extended, which caused problems when I vacated. During the 18 month rental period I had several issues with the property manager - causing me to formally complain to her manager, I knew this would cause problems with the house inspection when I left but I felt I had no choice (by the way, I got no joy from him either !!) I took a job on the other side of the country and gave 2 months notice to vacate, the date I gave her was the date I THOUGHT the lease was up. So i booked flights, car shipment and the removal men, she then tells me that I have another 2 weeks on the lease, so another 2 weeks rent, and she wouldn't inspect the property till her vacation date, by which time I was several thousand k's away. So of course she found many problems with my cleaning, even sending me a photograph of dried leaves on the driveway stating that i had to have them removed !!! I contacted one of her nominated cleaning companies to go in and sort out the 'issues', he attended her office on several occasions but the staff could never find the key to the property. The cleaner then began phoning the property manager to organise a time to go in and prepare a quote for me to complete her 'list'. The property manager never returned his calls. I always e mail the property manager as I like a written record of everything - she never replies. I think I was a good tenant, never missing a payment and never having any problems with my quarterly house inspections I then e mailed her manager to find out what was happening - he told me that the property manager was on holiday and someone else would call me. Surprisingly enough I got a phone call telling me that the form to return the bond was posted over a week ago, but they had not arrived. The lady I spoke to told me she would send them again I have just sent yet another e mail to the property manager, copied to her boss. She, the p.m. replied saying that she had received all the accounts and would be posting something to me tomorrow. There are now new tenants in the property So, finally my questions - sorry if I'm boring you Is there a time frame in which I should get my bond back ? Can she just get work done without getting quotes and having me approve them ? Can she just deduct whatever monies she wants to ? Thanks for reading, and hopefully thanks for the advice Peter