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Found 61 results

  1. rachuk1

    English Food Poms miss

    My sister was asking me; "if i had to pick 5 food items that i really miss from the UK what would it be?" I had to pick things that she could post out to me. this was great as i didn’t find it hard to come up with a list so hopefully they are on their way to me as we speak! mushy peas (quick soak dried peas) to have with my fish and chips! UK Cadbury chocolate bars Walkers Quavers crisps Blue Ribands walkers cheese and onion crisps If anyone else here in Australia is missing the Uk food - what would be your top 5? I love Australian food and the lifestyle no question about the quality of life and food here. I simply want a few of my favoutite foods that i have grown up with.... AND - does anyone know if they can get the mushy peas here in the Melbourne are (not the tin variety :biggrin:)
  2. Guest

    Who Do You Miss The Most?

    I am very, very fortunate that I still have in my life my family, including my parents and siblings and long may that reign.:wubclub: But I have lost several people that have been very close to me over the years, I miss them all to one extent or another, but the one I miss the most is my granddad.:wubclub::cry: Don't get me wrong, he could be a rather complex git, very black and white, and very old school, but he did instill (didn't know it at the time) an enormous sense of right and wrong in me.:yes: To always make sure your family is happy, not through monetary reward but just that family should always be our main concern and to look after them the best I could. As I said, he was very old school, some would say old fashioned but the lessons I learnt from him are with me to this day. Though he died some twenty years ago he still influences how I try and live my life to a certain degree, and his photo on my desk is a constant source of inspiration to me and long may it live. To go into too much detail would only bore you, but he was also a member of the Merchant Nave and tavelled extensively, and I think that his Travelbug gene somehow found its way into me.:notworthy::notworthy: Sorry if this thread seems a bit down, it's not meant to be, but to me the people I have lost in my life can 'sometimes' teach me more than those living.:yes: Cheers Tony.
  3. It looks dark and grey and rainy outside my unit but I know that it is mild too and the water is warming up. I gone back to Redleaf again as it's half the distance to Neilsen Park - 5.5k instead of 10k. What have I done today? Reached nearly 10,000 on my data entry on line typing test so that was a bit of good news! Better get my skates on!
  4. Guest

    What do you miss...

    Im a bit bored, and currently thinking of all the silly little things I'll miss when I move. Im not talking about major things like the family, or friends etc. Just little things like I'll really miss peas pudding when I go (for any of you that might be northern and actually know what this is!) The british obsession with the weather is something I'll miss too... MY OHs mam really missed seasons when she lived in OZ. She said there wasnt the definitive changes between spring summer autumn and winter.
  5. Even (well) past fifty I never lost this passion. There's a prime spot for acorns in the copse near my house and I loved scooping up a few (trying to avoid picking up any dog poo at the same time.) Then, a little further on there's a bridge over a stream in another prime spot. There's a pipe comes out of the wall and I'd LOVE to see how many acorns I could throw into the pipe opening. The conker trees where I used to go with my mates 50 years ago are still going strong too. I have to resist the urge to elbow the kids out of the way and grab a stick for chucking up. God! the pain of seeing a beauty crushed by a car! I used to pick up a few, put them in my saddlebag, then back in my own village, put them out on a wall. No kids of my own and there's no way I could actually GIVE them to kids in the street.

    I miss English roundabouts.

    Aussie ones are pathetic, remind me of a Polo mint.
  7. annagilda

    I miss Tassie sooooo bad!!!!

    That's it really, I traveled round Australia last year a s a Backpacker, and got stuck In Tassie. Loved it soooo much, cried when I left. I'm working on a master plan to get back though. Sorry for wasting your time, it's just my fammily and friends dont understand, and I know you guys will. P.S Tassie has to be one of the best places on the plannet!!! (incase you hadn't realised LOL!)
  8. pau1evs

    I miss the tv in the UK xxxx

    i have been here nearly a year and miss uk tv so any suggestions to look for dont miss corrie, eastenders,!!!! I do miss johnathon ross, and the happy dramas and comedies xxx watched the royal variety show the other night that was ok xxxxxx any ideas xxx :jiggy:
  9. For those who miss their TV shows you can get them usually about 8 hours after broadcasting on TheBox.bz This is a free p to p web site. It has practically every tv & radio show on it. I don't bother now with other progammes an proxy servers, unless I want it live. For Aussies overseas there is TheEmpire.bz this has all commonwealth tv shows. The Box usually it can be hard to join as there are only 100,000 members, but you can get a friend to invite you. TheEmpire.bz is easy as it has just started. I am a fan of Channel 4 "Four Rooms" it is broadcast on Wednesday evening, and is on The box when I get up on Thursday. This might help those who find it hard to connect with other methods. BTW it is virus free.
  10. Guest

    Things you will miss when you go.

    What are you going to miss when you head back home ? For me it will be Friends Family The wildlife Rainforests
  11. Well, sitting here in a rather chilly Hertfordshire at the moment, not moaning though, the UK has been very, very good to me, most of the time, but by Jesus do I miss Australia on this day in particular. Australia Day sums up what Australia is to me. Instead I am looking at my Australia 'wall' here in my living room, (citizenship certificate, oath of allegiance, and Boomerang I found as a seven year old boy on a Norfolk beach many, too many moons ago) I so wish I was there to celebrate what that country did and hopefully will continue to do for me. To wake up on this particular day either looking at the ocean with the sun glistening off it, or in the outback watching the sun rise over the red desert,:jiggy::jiggy::notworthy:. Or spending the day with family and then a few friends having a cup of tea,:shocked:, ahh, those were the days. I have celebrated many Australia days, all in my own way, I once spent it at Cape York and just sat looking out towards sea wondering what the great explorers must have thought on first seeing the land of Australia. Did they know at the time that Australia would grow into such a nation, one where people are welcoming, friendly, patriotic, (most of the time) and the first steps they laid on the land would signify the birth of a country (white) that has truly become my 'spiritual' home and a living 'soul', well in my heart and mind at least. Over sentimental, yep, and I know Australia has its fair share of problems, but at this moment in time I am trying my hardest to imagine Palm Cove in all its glory, with the Kookaburras calling, the sea lapping at the jetty, and then having a coffee at Pete's Place, absolute bliss. So while I sit here and contemplate what was, and will be once again, all I can say is this, congratulations Australia and the Aussies, you have one hell of a country and you were both good enough to welcome me with open arms some time ago. It is very difficult, if not impossible to convey what Australia means to me, it really is, unless Australia means the same to you, then you will come way near imagining how I feel. I'm not sad, (well a bit, :cry:) but I can honestly 'feel' the very soul of Australia as I sit here staring into space. So do me a favour peeps, (SERIOUSLY) no matter where you are, say a hello from me, a middle aged bloke sat in England wishing you and yours all the best for today, tomorrow and in the future.:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: See you soon.:notworthy::jiggy::yes: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  12. Even to Oz cynics such as myself there are several things I really do not miss about the UK... In an absolutely non-political, non-side taking fashion what are everyone's top 5 parts of UK life they are pleased to have left behind??? 1. Chavs (just watched Harry Brown - excellent film and really quite representative of my walk home in Islington when I had to run the 'chav gauntlet' every day) 2. Hanging on for hours on end to try and get through to call centres - stress levels at breaking point in frustration (Oz call centres generally have a far better ratio of callers to staff - with the exception of Telstra - who are utter shiite.) 3. The Jeremy Kyle show - despite being aware of how utterly wrong it was to laugh at these 'losers' it sucked me in like a dyson. 4. Road rage and being stuck in endless traffic jams - it once took me four hours to get from Waitrose in Holloway back to Islington (about 2 miles) 5. The assumption most utilities companies make that you OWE them money, the threatening letters, hanging on to speak to a grouchy 'customer service' operative.... The onus of proof that you don't owe money is entirely on you. It is even more irritating when they sell that debt on to a debt collector who will threaten you in every way possible to obtain money you never owed.
  13. TheOptimist

    I Miss You Sh7t Man No Way....

    If you are lurking out there somewhere, please come back Al! Its not the same without you! :cry: I know he was controversial at times, but I think he had a heart of gold and he used to make me laugh my head off. He also really cared about giving good advice to people moving to Oz. He is a legend I think! :yes: :hug:
  14. Miserable day up here,just having a ponder on what i KNOW i'l miss from my town,im sure most people are the same? Been done to death this no doubt but san fairy ann. Anyway this is what i'l miss,the old buildings,the river and the three graces and the craic!cant see it being the same craic in oz tbh [YOUTUBE]o_aaGT5ywKg[/YOUTUBE] Saturday afternoon,coopers bar,its like this every day,i dont bother with the "trendy" alehouses,no character! [YOUTUBE]_ynME6ie96E[/YOUTUBE] Heres what im looking forward to,to hopefully compensate,the ocean,i love the mersey and water/ocean,will you miss anything? [YOUTUBE]2G3ZnXMLQGE[/YOUTUBE]
  15. hey, my names Mazie im 14 and my mum and dad and i have just moved to Brisbane 7 weeks ago. i've left my brother and sister back home in England. i come from Essex, Southend. i have joined a school but im not really enjoying it, was wondering if anyone else was going through the same thing, if so get in touch and we can talk ! :cute: xxxxxx
  16. i got this idea from dave--thanks dave--say your returning to the UK from australia--what will you not miss about australia:wubclub:
  17. What will you NOT MISS about the UK? I'm not talking about the weather!!!

    to good to miss out

    We have put on hold moving to perth as the housing market in uk is nose diving again so we have decided to buy a second property as it is to good a oppertunity to pass up. For those of you in oz who have money to spare the temptation to move back to uk must be so tempting as you could make a killing with exchange rate plus when the tide turns which it will all you do is move back & make more from your £.
  19. Hi am just intrested by the response of all fellow expats what - treats do you miss most from the UK? I myself really miss monstermuch, walkers and readybreak. Bit childish for a 27 year old man to admit lol. I honestly dont miss it enough to go back and would never consider going back. I have also been able to identify my aussie treats since being here. I have to say that I am a fan or Carlton draught - at least 30 minutes in frezzer prior to consumption. I have heard from a few people that there are several stores dotted around Melbourne where you can infact buy certain UK treats. I am really not that bothered about buying any just intrested if there is a market here for that type of stuff. In my local coles the other day I did see a couple of shelfs dedicated to British produce. Had things like mushy peas, Brandson pickle, Weetabix, Mcvities bicces - but no Walkers or Readybreak lol. Anyway just intrested to hear what others think - have a nice day all - its a cold one here in melbourne:):biggrin:
  20. starlight7

    What do you miss most about Australia?

    Just browsing these posts I was wondering what those have returned would say they missed most about Oz? I have lived in Oz for most of my life but have been back to the UK for extended periods due to family circumstances. When I was there for a few months I missed Australia terribly and got homesick for family and friends. What I missed, apart from the weather was a relaxed way of life without the subtle pressure you can get in the UK.I missed the open spaces ( I was in London mostly), I missed the friendliness of passers by and also the understated humour, believe it or not.
  21. Guest

    Near Miss.

    After two asteroids just missed hitting Earth on Wednesday, September 8, 2010, NASA continues to look into better techniques at identifying near-Earth objects (NEOs), such as asteroids. A NASA panel is considering ways to protect our home planet from such impacts. :confused:
  22. I miss Australia because: I miss being able to walk down to Palm Cove jetty and let the sound of the ocean wash away all my fears and worries. I long for the early morning sunsets with the Kookaburras calling and crows squalling out for attention. I miss the sunsets overlooking the outback when all my thoughts were my own and as the sun set my worries disappeared. I miss being able to drive a few hours north and find myself in a place that doesn't judge, criticise or castigate me for just being me. I want to be able to show my children the very soul of Australia and what it has done for me in the past and hopefully will in the future. I miss the Daintree where we as a family would often wonder and find ourselves in the middle of one of the most spectacular scenes on earth. I miss my children running up to me on the beach when they had discovered yet another sea shell or tiny animal. I miss the smile on Ruth's face when we used to go to The Pier Market place in Cairns and just have a chat and a coffee for the afternoon. I miss the space and freedom to escape and not have to speak with anyone else. I want to smell the washed pavements first thing in the morning in Surfers Paradise. I want a person to look up from the ground and say, 'G'day, mate'. A smile in response to absolutely nothing, just a smile and a wink that welcomed me with open arms those many years ago. I want to walk through a huge shopping mall and smell, taste, and see different shops and cultures. I want to be able to sit at my favourite road side cafe in Perth and order a Flat White and people watch for the next thirty minutes or more. To see someone that even for the barest of seconds takes the time to say, 'Have a nice day'. I want to turn up at Sandfire Roadhouse with my family and order a Mrs Mac Steak and Cheese pie and as a family sit in absolute nothingness and laugh and fool around with my wife and kids. To look a little further and realise that we are only a few short hours away from seeing the Dolphins and Turtles at Monkey Mia. I miss going into Coles and bitching that they still haven't got my normal brand of breakfast cereal in. I want to walk down Cable Beach once again hand in hand with Ruth watching the Camels and ocean gently lapping at our feet. I want to be able to say to Ruth, 'Come on, lets have a wander around the Sunday Markets and buy some crap'. I want to walk out of the door in Darwin and be hit by the heat and humidity. A heat and humidity that you could roast a chicken in. I want to sit on the South Mole in Fremantle on a Sunday afternoon with a fishing rod in hand and catch nothing again, but was still happy just to be there. I want to return home and see Ruth and my children rush toward me and tell me what sort of day they have had at playgroup. I want to be in Carnarvon without a bean in my pocket and find the kindness of strangers which ever way I looked. I want to pick peppers on the local farm and return to my unit aching, but to find a friendly local who picked me up and took me out for a drink. I want to get wrecked once again in the tavern and find myself sparko on the beach with several bottles around me. I want to walk the esplanade in Perth with my family while we strain to see all manner of sea life and indeed human life. I ant to take a walk down St George's Terrace and see the business people going about their merry way. On a sunday afternoon I want to go to Freo and have a capachino down by the markets. Have a ciggy and another coffee and while away the hours thinking about nothing. Most of all, I want to take my family back to a country where it expected little of me but gave in such huge proportions. A country that expected little of me, except to acknowledge that Australia was and is as giving and as generous as ever. I want to return to a country where I felt 'accepted' and let me be myself. But more than this, I want my family to see a country that was there for me when there was nothing else. A country that warmly embraced me and comforted me when I was in despair. A country that gave me the will to carry on and has once again made me realise what is truly important in life, and that is simply being happy with the people I love and the ability to maybe, just maybe return with my loved ones to a country that I dearly love. Sorry about that folks, I'm not fed up really, and I haven't had a drink, but just got to thinking about Australia a lot lately. Don't always like it, but as I have said above it has given me a lot and I know if I never manage to get back there it has still played a hugely significant part in my life. Cheers Tony:embarrassed:
  23. rockola57

    D'yer miss British Comedy?

    Do ya miss gassing away in front of the TV,laughing away at your fave comedians and celebs? I do!Could do with Wossie,Gervais,Harry Enfield,Paul Whitehouse,Ronnie Corbett and Jack Dee amongst loads of others to brighten up the proceedings here,could you?:biggrin:
  24. hey guys im a newb here...just wondering what ppl miss from england! i went on a shopping site today and god i would have killed for the crips and chocolate i was seeing! so is it just me? what do u miss??? thanks A x
  25. Interested to know, what us returning home guys are missing most about the UK. Im missing the supermarkets and the great selection of food, George at Asda,Tesco and Marks and Sparks food. Tesco finest food, was my favorite, beautiful meals, that I could just pop in the oven,,,I cant be doing with making stuff from scratch, it just does not taste the same Im in Tas, so theres no IKEA or COSTCO here, and getting anything from the mainland, just costs a fortune in freight I miss my wonderful Dr and Dentist, and havent been able to find either here, that are as good as what I had at home I miss my wonderful Vet,and again havent found a vet here, who has anywhere the knowledge that my Vet in the UK had I miss just being able to get into my car and pop down the road, and get everything I need, a few minutes away from home:chatterbox: Medication here is so expensive, I hope I dont get sick again, because I cant afford the medication, and having to pay to go to the Drs, really cheeses me off. It is rare that anyone in Tas bulk bills, so you have to pay in full Im missing my old life so much. I would love to know what others miss