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Found 408 results

  1. Me and my girlfriend (Australian citizen) are currently living in the UK and have a mortgage. We are looking to move to Australia and when we do so renting out the property we both own in the UK. My question is would mortgage companies in Australia look at this and think we have two mortgages to pay and reject us? Or would they not factor it into play as rent covers the mortgage even though it is “another mortgage” furthermore I’ve read up about the tax threshold and know I’ll have to declare it on my AUS tax return and I’ll be WELL under the threshold. if anyone can be of help that would be great! Thank you!
  2. Guest


    Hey, So, just wondering how school works here in AUS. Like, what grade do you graduate, what are the schools called, Middle school, High school, Secondary school, etc. etc. Just basic info. Considering I've come from the US, I may need to know as much info as possible. Ta C.P.
  3. Guest


    Looking to move over to aus, i have partner plus two children were under 30 and kids are 1 and nearly 3. I think the uk has had its day my partner cannot find a job in the uk she has no skills but is currently going to college learning about payroll, im mechanic started out in cars but now has moved to hgv/plant. I have companys ringing me asking if i want to live/work in aus car dealership offering 60k is this enough to live on? also hgv company offering 78k at most or a mining company offering 90k Were looking to live in the the vic area?
  4. Hi, My family is seriously looking into moving to Perth (well Butler area) but i'm unsure what jobs/grade I should be looking into. Im currently a Band 7, community Matron / Advanced Nurse Practitioner, I have a few degrees, post grad and Masters and im a Registered General Nurse and Learning disability nurse trained and a nurse prescriber. I have the emergency and minor injury medical care (clinical Medicine Masters), I work with people with chronic health conditions/end of life and im also a registered nurse specialist in emergency care and primary care, Learning diability and Epilepsy. (I've been busy ) Do I have to start from scratch in aus? Do I have to redo my specialist qualifications to be able to work as a practitioner in aus? Do nurses prescribe in aus? What is the wages for the grading that I could be applying for. Im really confused and it all hinges on what my wage will be if we can actually do this as I have an elderly mother who I finacially support in the UK. I have googles like you would not believe but im not getting any where fast. Thanks for your help in advance. Sal:v_SPIN:
  5. My husband and I are thinking of /hoping to move to Newcastle, Aus. I am a NZer and my husband is British. He works in the construction industry in the IT section, but his skills don't quite correlate to the skilled immigrants list. I have a brother in Aus who is an Australian citizen. Do we need a Visa if I am a NZer? We have a 2yr old and so it would be my husband who is working full time. Any help or suggestions for good sites appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi, I received a sponsorship letter from the South Aus (SA) gov in Sept 2008. I realised that their rules changed on 1 Jan 2009, but they confirmed that I still fall under their old rules (6 months to lodge an appl with DIAC as opposed to 60 days). I therfore completed my DIAC application last night online, and where given a TRN as soon as I made the credit card payment. I was taken to a screen with a document checklist, a function to attach scanned documents, and a function to create a password. I had a look at the document checklist (and realised that I had MOST of the required documents), so the next step would have been to scan the documents this week and attach them) I wrote down my TRN (as I am supposed to fax it through to the SA gov) I created a password (the function required it be entered twice) MY PROBLEM: When I tried to access the attaching of scanned documents to applications function afterwards, it kept on refusing my password. This worries me as I would like to get the documents attached to my application as soon as possible. I am not sure why my password being refused, but the DIAC site is quite vague on what my alternatives are. It states that "Applications lodged on or after 1 September 2007...If you lodged a paper application or you are unable to attach documents to the application online through the eVisa system they can be emailed to the department...adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au...When your application has been assessed you will be advised of a further email address to use in providing documents. Please only send documents to that address" ???? - I am now 100% confused, do I email the documents (such as passport bio page, sponsorship letter, etc) to the email address stated, or do I wait for them to ask for ANY documents??? The SA gov letter states that I must "FAX a copy of the full Notification document with the TRN number from DIAC together with a copy of this letter to Immigration SA on +61 8 8204 9244" - my online application did not supply a full Notification document, but did supply a TRN. It did however supply a full copy of my application which states the TRN. What exactly am I supposed to fax and is there any way I can make sure they received it and are dealing with it? Any advise greatly appreaciated. Et
  7. Hi everyone , Just need to hear from anyone who may have had a legal battle to take kid away from ex to Aus and won maybe a sucess story .We plan to move next year but my ex has refused permission but we are willing to go to court .I know everyone will have diff situation but he has gt access through court at w,ends only he never has paid a penny and have had to get police as he is violent bully. Thanks Everyone Donna:v_SPIN:
  8. As the resigned possessor of a large chest - I tend to buy a lot of my clothes and all of my underwear in Bravissimo. We are planning to move to WA (yesterday?????) and wonder if Australia has an equivalent brand :cool:
  9. Hi Does anyone know whilst in Australia are you able to install on your pc and log on to BBC I player and ITV.com to watch recorded uk tv. thanks Rich
  10. Ok so. I met my husband 2 1/2 years ago and we have tripped around asia and europe, got married and vola. Now it is time to go home, however HOME is now Australia as thats where mum, dad, my brother and sister all live! Am I an eligible NZ citizen to apply for my UK born husband to migrate to Australia? Or do we have to banish ourselves to NZ to gain his residency there then go the AUs in a few years time. How complex is love? Thanks carla
  11. ruby1

    transfering to aus navy

    Hi in new to poms in oz and tring to find information about transfering to the aus navy. I have sent all my docs off and waiting to hear yes or no is anyone in the same boat or done it it recently would be good to talk to someone with this experiance. cheers:unsure: Stewart
  12. I have received an ATO demand for the Medicare levy - is it normal for most Australian taxpayers to pay this as a lump sum after submitting their tax return? I assumed it would be deducted from my pay via PAYE (though I work for a large bank so I assume our payroll know what they are doing). This is my first full tax year as a resident. No objection to paying it - but I don't want to be paying it twice over! Note this is about the levy, not the surcharge (which I don't have to pay as our income isn't high enough). Also we are thinking of selling our UK house, which I bought in 1999 and lived in it until Sept 2009, when I came to Aus. It is now let to tenants. I have had it confirmed by HMRC in the UK that there will by no UK capital gains liability if we sell it within 3 years of leaving OR have five full UK tax years after leaving the UK before selling. So if we sell before Sept 2012 we are OK - but what is the situation with the ATO concerning CGT? I assume any liability would only be on any increase in value since 2009 (which would be slight in any event...). Thanks Alex
  13. Hi All, Been out here over 20 yrs and I have read some really disturbing threads and posts on the forum in the last couple of weeks so here's some simple good old common sense advice. You can take it or leave it but it's all from personal expierience and from people I know you have made the move here: 1. Are your skills required here? are they on the shortages list?? If not stop here, as you most likely will NOT get in. Try again in say 2 yrs time the list is updated quite often so keep looking if you have the 'bug'!! 2. Apply and go through the process, don't try and take shortcuts, go with the flow. Personally I don't have time for migration experts, but that's a choice you need to make. They DO NOT have a backdoor entrance they can sneak you thru, no matter what they tell you, they just do the paperwork side of things and charge you for It. 3. Wait for the answer, could be a long time coming,so sit back and wait, nothing will move the immigration people here any quicker or in the UK. 4. If you get in and are granted visas it's time to sell your house, car, any business you may have or are involved in. DO NOT keep any of these before you come out here, all of these are EXCESS BAGGAGE and will be like a rope around your neck. Get shot and and dispose of these. You are coming out here to live you can't keep a foot in each country. If you can't let go or are thinking of a 'lets try it and see' approach then the chances are you will not suceed as you'll be coming here with too much EMOTIONAL baggage. NOT GOOD for you or fair to AUSTRALIA, which has been good enough to give you a chance of a new life in a new country. 5. Once your ready book tickets and buy ONE WAYS ONLY. This will stop any temptation for you to go back and see the relatives in the first 12 months. 6. Book your removalists and get out here when you are ready. 7. Tell the relatives you'll see them again when THEY can afford to visit YOU. Not the other way round. You will need every $ you can earn and save in the first 3 years to set yourselves up unless you are coming out here with Saturdays lotto jackpot!! This is honest advice and i hope it helps!!! Happy days Stefan
  14. We'd like to ship a bedframe from the UK to Aus - the UK supplier is unable to export it themselves but happy to transport it to a suitable UK port etc. I'm struggling to find a company who will quote on this as it's not commercial and/or a container load. We can wait for it to be shipped - we don't want the high expense of air freight. Total weight of the 3 packages is approx 180kg. Any suggestions on who could help? Thank you!
  15. Hi there, If this has been covered in a previous thread, apologies! We have got our PR visas and were planning on going out to QLD in 2012 and looking for work. However, my hubby's company have started discussing the option of employing him remotely in AUS. (He's a web designer). Does anyone have experience of working for a UK company whilst in AUS? Did you get paid into a UK bank account -pay UK taxes or did you have it transferred into Aussie bank account and pay full taxes that end. We are going to consult an Aussie accountant when we go to validate our visas in Feb, but any advice from people in a similar situation would be gratefully received!!
  16. Petals

    Aus growth aokay

    Good article to read in today's age if interested in how the economy is going to go in Aus. http://www.theage.com.au/business/local-growth-to-aid-surplus-20111128-1o3ed.html
  17. Guest

    migration to aus

    Can anyone please suggest me the best immigration consultant for AUSTRALIA with a affordable rate TIJO MATHEW:cool:
  18. Hi All My old Sony laptop is getting a bit "creaky" so am about buying a new one here in the UK before we fly out late November. Is there anything I need to know regarding compatibility etc before going ahead? Secondly, what is the best way to get a temporary email address in Aus before we settle down. We shall be moving around WA quite a lot. Thanks
  19. Hi, Just curious on how living standards compare between working in IT in Aus & UK. Planning on going to Aus mid-way through 2012. Currently work in Networking as a perm in the UK. Want to know how I would do moneywise when I go to Aus, as a perm or a contractor. Specifically Sydney or Melbourne. Cheers :biggrin:
  20. Just thought I'd post this as it is the one thing that always slips my mind till the last minute. This year I'm super organised and cards are being written this weekend and posted next week! Royal Mail have it all listed. Cards (and parcels) sent via airmail have to be posted by Monday 5 December http://www2.royalmail.com/greetings International Airmail Mon 5th December South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand Fri 9th December Eastern Europe, USA and Canada Mon 12th December Western Europe I haven't been able to find the cut off for Aus - UK airmail but it will be around the same time. Will post it when its announced. Sea mail cut off point was back in September sometime. Anyone wanting to be organised that far in advance can make a fair saving on costs for shipping though. Worth keeping in mind for next year if you want to send larger parcels of non perishables. Our family sends parcels this way a few times a year and it works well.
  21. Guest

    Hi new in Aus Tax

    Hi can someone please tell me how i can apply for a tax number for my husband. Also as i am a non working housewife do I also need a tax number? please advise, sorry if this is a repetative question, we have looked on line and asked questions but the replies we get keep on referring us back to the same website. :embarrassed:
  22. Hi All, my first post on here. I've just seen a job advertised in Melbourne which I would really like to go for (I'm currently in the UK). It's in quite a specialised field in academic research, but unfortunately does not come with any sponsorship for international applicants. The correspondant for the job has said that anyone is free to apply for the job but must be legally eligible to work in Australia. So, my question is how practical is it to apply anyway, and upon success apply for a visa (given I would have a job lined up) - I think the employer may give some lee-way for this. Or am I living in dreamland here and may as well forget about it? The closing date for applying is 2 weeks or so away and I think they'd be wanting someone to start pretty soon (at a guess, Jan/Feb at the latest). Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Gavy
  23. Guest

    Debt owed to commonwealth aus

    Just wanted to know. I have just applied for a visa and am aware of the importance to clear all debts owed to the commonwealth Aus. How can you check if you owe anything. I met with an accident before my travel offshore and i know I have a hospital bill to pay which was suppoed to be taken care of by my insurance company and hasn't. I also have a ortho bill with a clinic. How do I locate what I owe If i dont have the bills or name of the place.. WIll this affect my visa application.
  24. Guest

    temporary visa in aus

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information. My husband and i have been together 2 years and married for 1, he is currently on a temporary visa. We are currently in scotland visiting his family for a couple of months. The relationship is not going well and we have been discussing ending it. If we decided to have a separation or get a divorce and i was to go back to aus is his temporary visa still valid for another year or would he have to stay in scotland/ uk? Would really appreciate some help. Thanks Heaps
  25. Hi guys Iam applying for Perm Res from 457, been in Oz 7months, do I need to apply for an Oz police check? I have already sent for UK police check and a colleague @work just told me that I need an Oz police check too. I thought a police check is only necessary if uve been in a country for 12months or longer?