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Found 120 results

  1. Coming to Australia? I’ve been here 8 years now and I’ve often thought of this Forum – I used it a lot in the days when I was applying for my Visa. Now I’ve been here 8 years – here’s my story and what I find the best and the worst and Oz! In 2010 after more than 2 years of jumping through ever bigger hurdles at last my Contributory Parent visa was granted and I became on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. In case the rules changed I immediately set about applying for Citizenship - another nightmare of paperwork - but attained Citizenship in 2011. Note: if you are computer literate and reasonably organised you can do the application yourself. If you employ an Agent you still have to gather the same info - but give it to your agent who submits it – don’t bother, do it yourself and save a heap of money. In 2017 - after 12 years each in Australia and not finding love - my two daughters decided to give up on Oz to return to the UK! Everyone expected I would go back, but by then had my own home and running my boutique, HoundDogHotel (still am) so I stayed on - because life here is, imo, far superior to anything the UK can offer. Having said that, there are truly some things an English person (especially a female) may struggle with. Others may have different views, here's my list: THE WORST Huntsmen Spiders. I posted pics of a massive one of these that died in my garage - it's leg span was almost 6". Everyone tells you they are fine and eat the nasty things, but when they are so fast its terrifying. Even more distressing when they keep turning up in your bedroom (one on bed head another one was on my pillow). I will never get used to them. Cockroaches. Disgusting. Even with an immaculate and clean home these things somehow find a way to appear in your house. Use Cockroach baits or you will see them all through summer if they find a corner to breed. Australians have a lot of great ways, but saying thank you at Zebra Crossings is not one of them. They saunter across and if anyone does raise a hand - bet your life its a Brit. It's obviously cultural as it doesn't bother Aussie drivers, but it drives me demented. It’s usual to go barefoot at the beach, but in Malls and shops? Feral! Now there's an Aussie word you'll get used to hearing. Many Aussies don't know what listening means and when you talk they often stare into space. But don't take it personally, they're not interested, they just want you to shut up so they can keep talking. Trades people (aka Tradies) think unreliability is an Olympic sport - and they excel at it. Time and again when booked for a small job they simply fail to turn up and you never hear from them again. Australia is not the relaxed land of Crocodile Dundee. It is a shockingly bureaucratic Country. There are rules, more rules, and even more petty rules. Basically Australia has monetised bureaucracy. You might have had years of expertise in a business, but will not be able to work in it here without going back to school to get a 'Cert IV Certificate' of some kind. I'd run my own successful Management Training company in London for 10 years - yet not allowed to train in Australia without paying for a Cert IV. In theory it is possible to get around this if you can prove you have qualifications - but getting the proof and paperwork together is so onerous most people don't bother and end paying for a joke Cert 4. When we had dogs in England the freedom to take them where you wanted was something I took for granted. Being here with a dog you’ll be shocked at the massive limitations on where you can take them off leash. Basically no where, unless it is permitted with a sign. The 'leash free' areas that do exist are few and far between, and the physical size of these Ovals is small. Considering there are 1,000s of beaches very few allow dogs - and you can't use the whole beach, just sections of it. Break the rules if you want, but fines are upwards of $250 per infringement. I really, really miss Epping Forest. Female? You will miss Marks and Spencer. Not the clothes - they became rubbish years ago - but dear God the food here is 20 years behind the UK. The ready meals in Coles and Woolworths are not fit for human consumption they are so poor. I have a very sweet tooth, yet supermarket cakes are so full of sugar you cannot taste anything else. Reason is that sugar is a very cheap ingredient. It amuses when Australians who have never been to the UK tell me the food here - especially their meat - is far superior to what we get in England. Having lived in both countries I can state positively the meat from the two main supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths is dire. Even the most expensive stuff is not even a close runner up to the quality at M&S for example. The Snags (sausages to you) they put on the BarB are revolting. Nasty and cheap. The bacon is – well it’s weird. Only Coles sells a specific ‘dry cure’ which is like the bacon you will be used to. And the bread is truly dreadful. Even so called specialist bakers make uninspiring pap. I can get decent bread at one French Bakers - except is 160 ks round trip. Considering this is a land of sheep - the clothes from the likes of Target are dreadful beyond words. Lacking style, cheap acrylic clothes and plastic shoes. A sea of tat. Myer and David Jones are better - but expensive, think John Lewis/Selfridges prices equivalent. The school zones which are 90 mins morning and again in the afternoon when you have to drive at 40k per hours = 25 mph = is plain annoying and unnecessary for such long periods - 90 mins twice a day. OK that is a long list of negatives - so why do I stay? THE BEST The light and beautiful open skies Australia has the biggest bluest skies that, for reasons I can't explain, seem vast compared with the view of skies in England No six month long Winters! Winters are not only mild, but some so called Winter days are better then UK summer ones. I used to get down with the Winters in England, but here with the light your spirits are lifted. Wildlife wildlife is big brassy and when when its not trying to kill you pretty fabulous. The birds are mainly huge (but they do have tiny wrens) and a huge variety of bird life. Pelicans bigger than small children, stunning Parrots, raucous and handsome Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, hilarious amusing and argumentative Rainbow Lorikeets. In my garden - and I'm not close to Bush, had Stick insects over a foot long, Water dragons right out of Jurassic Park, and yes the ever dreaded Huntsman. I have never seen a snake, dead or alive, on the streets. However, you would not walk off a path in summer as it is a risk not worth taking. In London one local journey regularly took me 40 mins to go 4 miles, whereas here, whilst Sydney traffic is pretty bad, living most other places it is a pleasure to drive around. Garden If you like gardening then some of the plants you can get are fabulous, exotic and colourful. I have a plant called a Mandeville and it throws dramatic red flowers all summer. The Aussies Poor listening skills and not staying thanks at Zebra crossing aside - Aussies are genuinely nice people. I’ve made loads of friends, they are welcoming and accepting of us Brits invading their country. You don’t see heaps of litter and filth along the side of roads as Aussies have enormous amounts of Civic pride. They tend not to litter as much as people in the UK do and are proud of their country and areas where they live. You will often see an individual clearing up litter in their street - and they won't get an officious council officer fining them for doing that. There are big community clear ups too and it's like big fun parties when locals turn up and clean up voluntarily. Aussies are so honest! Again and again people lose things which are more often than not returned to their rightful owners. On the same theme, there is far less crime than the UK. Moped thieves are unheard of, and whilst people don't leave doors unlocked in cities, burglary is rare. I've never heard of anyone being burgled in my area. The Housing It took a long time to get used to the different look of the housing here – hardly any garden and lots of house. Very individual styles. Different ways of building. But now I love it. Makes for variation and interest. My house here is far bigger than the one in the UK and having a smaller garden is great - lower maintenance. At the time I applied for my Contributory Parent Visa - aka buying your way in - the cost was $35,000 and a two year wait to be processed On top of the $35,000 you pay $10,000 bond (held for 10 years) and if you cannot support yourself and apply for Government assistance inside that 10 years you forfeit your bond. Seemed tough at the time, but on reflection I think it's right. I wish the UK was as strict with those who want to enter and live there. You certainly have no hope of turning up in Australia and taking houses and being given money. It just does not happen. If you’ve made it to the bottom well done! Be happy to answer questionsJ
  2. Hi, We are a couple in our mid 30’s looking to meet some new friends in Brisbane as we recently relocated here. We enjoy a nice glass of wine & love a good BBQ or heading out for drinks & food. Would be lovely to meet any other couples who enjoy the same things and would like to head out for a couple of drinks. (Please PM me)
  3. Sunset

    Paleo Pete

    Anyone else watch channel 7s Sunday Night program last night? He makes bold claims usually against scientific facts, heres a few: Paleo We promote an organic diet of small to moderate amounts of well sourced seafood and or meat from land animals, an abundance of colourful vegetables and fruit, (lower carb preferably as the majority of your intake) and good quality dietary fat as opposed to the criminal low fat movement. Avoid dairy We encourage people to ditch the dairy as a marketed health food from the dairy association for 3 months and see how their bodies feel without it. Some of his other claims are really out there, how do you stand on his whole approach to life and eating 'well'. Money spinners or does he talk sense?
  4. Sunset

    Plastic shopping bags.

    On the news earlier the WA powers are trying to ban the use of plastic carrier bags from all shops, as it is having an impact on the local coastline apparently? I am all for clean beaches and a cleaner environment, but when ever we walk the beaches here i can honestly say hand on heart we never see any litter only washed up seaweed. Now the areas around some shopping centres are sadly beginning to show the signs of litter drop, but thats allsorts of rubbish not just the grey plastic bags?
  5. Hi All We have been here now for just under 3 weeks. I know a lot of you wonder about costs and so forth. Here are some of the unexpected costs we have had. Satnav $150, essential for finding our way around. Plus I spent $30 on a decent map book, fab for looking at localities when driving around. Printer $150 plus ink $150, must admit we bought a slightly better than basics printer, but found necessary for printing the numerous forms we have had and CVs for job interviews. Driving Licence. $110 each. this was not necessary, but we had bought a car from a friend in Sydney so made the transfer easier. This also made taking out a rental easier. Working with children registration $80, hubby wants to work in a college, to obtain the necessary paperwork we had to pay out this cost. Food Costs Our first shop came to about $300, but you have to remember you have to start from scratch again, so all the stuff you take for granted in your cupboards, oils, bin liners, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, bug spray, washing powder. Its unlikely back in the Uk I would have bought all of these at once, but were needed here. I did not buy too much food in that shop either, bread, milk, beans, cereal and some meat maybe. Since then we have spent about $130 each time, and added more essentials when we go, probably at the mo going every 5-6 days. If you are switched on you can get some good buys, the first time we shopped we got Heniz baked beans for 97c, so bought a few tins. Also meat and veg seem cheaper than in the Uk, and if you look out for the specials. Alcohol is a ridiculous price, I drink souther comfort, so glad I brought a bottle in my case, as $60 here. Also brought Pimms as again $50. Bring you allowance in your case, I am then asking people who (hopefully) visit to restock us! The wine we drank at home which was australian was £8 in the Uk is $17 here. Eating out In the first week, we must have spent a fortune on food and drinks, this was from being in the car all day driving around looking at houses, so budget more for food. An average medium coffee is $4.50, and bottled drinks are about $3 upwards. We kept bottles of water in the car which have been bought at the supermarket. Food costs for an average meal, e.g. pizza has come to $100 for the 4 of us, and a Mcdonalds was $35, so much more expensive than back in the UK. Subway was also coming in at $30+ for 4 of us. Now we are more in the habit we are planning better. Fuel Cheaper than in the UK at approx $1.50 per litre, and the supermarkets give you 4c off a litre as well. Clothes I have had to buy a few bits and pieces, as did not pack for this wet spell we are having. Clothes are more expensive and don't seem as good a quality. My mistake was not bringing a decent work suit for an interview, thinking I would get one here, big mistake, costs a fortune for a suit which feels cheaper than next, but probably cost double. Will now be ordering from Next as they deliver here for free if over $30 plus M & S also deliver for free. (not sure how returns work...) Other We have also had to buy stuff that will become necessary once we have our long term rental next week, while we wait for the container. This included Beds for the kids, plus bedding, kids needed new beds anyway. Bed for us, plus bedding, which we will use as a spare once ours arrives. Table and chairs, left ours behind. Sofa, again left behind. Iron and ironing board, didn't think to pack, left in my rented house. New school shoes and uniform. School has summer and winter uniform. Summer starting the 7 Sept. Pens, paper and other stationery bits, again more expensive than back home. Essential for kids homework and form filling! Will update this thread if people find it useful, once I become more aware of more costs. Cheers Nikki
  6. simmo

    Would you eat....

    this? more http://www.cracked.com/article_20709_9-horrifying-foods-you-wont-believe-people-actually-eat.html this actually looks nice.
  7. pablo

    Food flasks..........

    Just going for the "WORLD EXTREME BORING THREAD COMPETITION" title,representing Liverpool,in the red corner......:dull::biggrin: Nah seriously,gonna start a new site next week,right opposite me fav greasy spoon,so thats dangerous with me,i already do everything thats bad for you to great excess,half man half pie me:yes: So,thinking of being good and getting a food flask so i dont batter the cafe "everyday" anyway,bought two over the last cpl of yrs,neither worked,freezin cold after a cpl of hours Ive googled it, but would like some expert advice from PIO food flask users:wideeyed: on what to buy,if this gets any replies.............i'l be suprised:laugh:
  8. I've been living in Manly for a year with my other half and a friend recommended this site as a way to meet new people. I'm in my thirties and love food and wine! Give me a shout if anyone fancies meeting up. Nikki
  9. This is a bit of a rant and I'm sure it won't stop anyone wanting to come to Oz, but you really do need to be aware of how cripplingly expensive it is out here. Having been in Oz since October 2010 I can give you proof of this and why I suggeset you bring everything and the kitchen sink with you in your container. The most important thing to bring (if not the whole bed) is to bring your English mattress. What is it with Ozzie mattresses? They are useless yet cost a fortune. In the Uk mattresses are made to be turned over and if you do so regularly with a good mattress they can last 20+ years. In Oz the mattresses - and believe me I hunted high and low - are a made in way that is obviously about saving money on the manufacture - but that saving will not be passed on to you! It is a nasty, inferior product at an inflated price. Their mattresses cannot be turned over, only around like a clock dial. All mattresses ar made with an integral topper. The deeper and more lush the topper the more you pay - and pay - and pay. I paid $1800 for a Queensize bed from Myer and that was 40% off as it was floor stock. I assumed at that price it would be a decent mid-range bed. No so - every morning when I first wake up I have back ache which only wears off when I walk around. Yet when I am back in UK (as now on a visit) and on my Vi-Spring - Oh Bliss. I wake up refreshed every day and never have back ache. Other things? Bring as much as you possibly can from bikes (especially quality mountain or road bikes) to Wet Suits and swimming costumes, trainers - sports equipment generally. Yes you can pay a lot for items in the Uk too, but the difference is you can shop around at places like, say, TK Maxx (or M&S during their sales) and pick up incredible bargains. The price of a my surf life saving swimming cossie was $55 which I thought was really expensive for a plain costume, but you need it to be on duty. Don't get me wrong, I love the climate, the place and the people.But I HATE the cost of living. Everything - and I do mean that - is just so expensive. Clothes can be cheap but when they are they will be cheaply made too with horrible material. Nearly all 'knitted' type tops are made with 100% Acyrlic. If you want wool anything you'd have to go to Myer or David Jones and pay a small fortune. And it's odd that it's so hard to find nice fine wool clothes as the one thing Oz is not short of is sheep. Other examples. In the Uk you can pick up a pack of four Crunchies, Mars Bars, Marathons etc for £1 which is 25p each - so lets say at exchange of $1.50 to the £1 that is about 38/40cents. Go into Coles or Woolies or Target - ONE of those bars is all but $2. A litre of Ribena in UK on offer can be bought at £1.24 so call that $2. On offers in Coles - $6+ . And Mozarella cheese which here (UK) works our at 65 cents for 125 gms is $4.99 in Coles or $3.99 in Aldi for 125 gms. Bananas. Well OK there were problems in Oz with the floods etc. But in Morrisons the other day a Kilo of bananas was 68p, so about a $1 a kilo. At the point I flew out of Sydney the price everywhere was between $12.99 - $14.99 a kilo. What can I say - I'm eating bananas like a monkey here as I can't afford them when I get back. For women - buy stocks of all your make-up. 3 for 2 Maybelline mascaras here work out at £5 each - so $7.50 and they are 10ml. Exactly the same product in Oz is not only $17 for one - but it is a 20% smaller size at 8ml !!! Finally, in UK I was signed up to a local authority for a direct debit of £21 per month which gave me Monday to Friday 8-5pm access to swim, use classes and the gym as much as I wanted. Normally I used the pool 3 times a week and did two classes - all that for $8/9 a week. I can find nothing even remotely like that in Sydney. One exercise class is $15 minimum and a swim $5. So I don't do classes anymore and buy a block of tickets to make swims a little cheaper. I don't know why the Ozzies don't protest at the prices they have to pay. But no one seems to care. When I do my whinging Pom bit my daughters (both Citizens and both earning natch) just say to me "Mum, build a bridge and get over it"! So I have to bite my lip and try not to talk about it, but all joking aside I really do find the prices and cost of living my biggest head ache and a genuine worry. Here in UK they are moaning about prices. Me on the other hand I find it so cheap it's as if they're giving stuff away. I'm returning next week to Sydney and I've bought as much as I can carry to bring back in my suitcase because it is soooo much cheaper. Bottom line everything is so much dearer in Oz even given the cost of a container you will save on what you would pay in Oz for often quite inferior goods.
  10. rachuk1

    English Food Poms miss

    My sister was asking me; "if i had to pick 5 food items that i really miss from the UK what would it be?" I had to pick things that she could post out to me. this was great as i didn’t find it hard to come up with a list so hopefully they are on their way to me as we speak! mushy peas (quick soak dried peas) to have with my fish and chips! UK Cadbury chocolate bars Walkers Quavers crisps Blue Ribands walkers cheese and onion crisps If anyone else here in Australia is missing the Uk food - what would be your top 5? I love Australian food and the lifestyle no question about the quality of life and food here. I simply want a few of my favoutite foods that i have grown up with.... AND - does anyone know if they can get the mushy peas here in the Melbourne are (not the tin variety :biggrin:)
  11. Went for the messages yesterday dinnertime,highlight of me week nowdays:dull::rolleyes:,anyway i only needed a few bits,she's away in wales visiting her sister(Biaaatch:mad::cute:)with her 9 year old american nephew who is visiting for 8 weeks apparantly! So i was at the till loading me gear on to the conveyer,the woman in front seemed to take a keen interest in my buys,she was having a good nosey,then looked at me with a kind of knowing look,as if to say to me "pie arse,you'l be dead soon yer fat bas7ard",call me cynical but thats what i reckon she was thinking:mad::laugh:. Anyway her gear was on the conveyor and it was all muesli,crushed up oak trees and pulses and fruit and bottles of water,leaves of this and herbs of that,and fibre this and weightwatchers that,fair enuf,each to their own. My stuff was a litre of famous grouse(£17:notworthy:),four 660 ml stella artois,and for me dinner from the bakery a steak pie,mince and onion pie and a meat and tater pie,i also had a family apple pie and a can of squirty cream(incase i get the munchies after a smoke:goofy:),and the daily mirror and lpool echo,so alrite not the healthiest shopping basket in the world but so what...i like that stuff! So do you ever have a nose what people are buying and make a judgement on their lifestyle whilst cruising the tills?yer nosey barrrrstards:biggrin:,cmon on now,fess up:wubclub:
  12. whoiam

    Oz Expenses snap shot

    Hi Everyone. I've been trawling all over Pio scavenging the various expenses threads. I'm going to put a breakdown below--pls correct me if I'm way off the mark.I'm sure it will be of help to someone! Rent--Anything from abt 350-1100/wk depending on where you live. Car - Pink slip -35 Rego - 300 /( 637 in Melbourne)/ 450 in Perth Ins -500-900/yr CTP - 450/yr Petrol --200-300/m varies with what u drive and how much. Electricity/gas -- 330 - 660/qtr--Again varies widely depending on usage and house I guess. Internet + Landline --- 70 -160/m(100 seems to be the average) Television cable --- 40-70/m Cheaper as bundle An excellent package of the 3 bundled together is available for about 215.Upto 320 if a full package of foxtel is bundled with Internet , landline and mobile.(Telstra). A great link on more latest info here. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/household/155757-cant-get-telstra-internet-no-credit-history-oz-3.html Mobile -- 10-30/m School fees ---- 400-700/m for 2 kids approx.Could be nil as well if using public school on PR visa. Extra classes -- about 150-600/qtr for 2 kids depending on classes enrolled Food-- 150-450/wk for family of 4-5. Health ins---- 140-300/m for a family of four. Amb cover-- 100/yr/family I'm not entirely clear about CTp--does it vary with the type and make of vehicle? and also rego--does that too vary? Any and every input will be much appreciated. Edited as more data is becoming available.
  13. whoiam

    Chinese for Dinner

    Have just ordered some Chinese for dinner - Spare ribs, special fried rice, king prawn fried rice and some chicken in Gung po sauce. The last one I've never tried so its a novelty. What's your favourite Chinese?
  14. Wondering whats so special about caviar:wub:. Its oft eulogized as a luxury delicacy of the rich etc etc. So when I came across it in the food hall of Harrods I thought --what the heck--might as well give it a go--dont want to leave this life without having experienced what caviar tastes like!:wink:. So lets just say I gave in to temptation and shelled out an X amount of money for an tiny tin of 'Caviar'--Sturgeon roe it is. Long story short I even struggled to eat what that tiny tin contained-- maybe my taste buds aren't attuned to that kind of 'luxury delicacy' or am i missing something? cant for the world of me fathom why its so expensive aand why its considered posh???
  15. Hi I'm a first time poster here... read a good few threads and seems there are some very well informed people about so I hope you can share some of that knowledge and pass it my way! Basically my partner and I are looking at migrating to Australia using a 176 subclass visa, she has relatives who live there and would be happy to sponser her and I could go as her De Facto, we have been together 12 months and have lived together for 6. We are both qualified Food Technologists with BSc(Hons), from what I can work out food technologists are on the SOL as 'Chemist'. We are yet to do our VETASSESS but will do so if and when required. My question is.... I believe I am right in thinking that even though our occuption is on the SOL and she has a family sponsor our applications would not be processed until 2012?? and thats on the premise we get them in by the end of 2009, which seems unlikely as its now the 5th of Dec. We would ideally not like to wait that long (durrrrr) so are thinking we might go out on a tourist visa allowing us to work for a period of 6months within 12months. While there we would aim to try and secure employer sponsorship for a permenant visa (any idea what visa this would be? possibly a bridge visa or do they then grant onshore 176??? also if this happened would the application then have priority or is it only employer sponsored applications on the CSL that go through as priority?) Are there any people out there who work in the Food industry or are perhapes Food technologists or in that field who know of anyone who has secured sponsorship using a tourist visa originally? or perhapes know the situation of employment in the food industry or good regions to look for employment in the food industry? If we gain sponsorship by an employer do people know of any obligations tied into the sponsorship such as having to work for the company for a set period after etc etc? I'm guessing this is variable depending on the company but some people must have been in this situation so all experiences welcome. Sorry for the high number of questions but if anyone could take time to help me out i'd be hugely grateful. Me trying to work out the best thing to do>>>>>:wacko: Cheers!
  16. Leeannetricia

    Uk food not available in oz

    Hey, moving to Canberra in a month! Much excited Anyway was thinking are there any uk food we don't get in Oz that I can bring with me Or are there any foods/snacks that are really expensive! Lol Was going to bring my friend over some wee Scottish treats as she moved over in November Any help much appreciated Cheers now Leeanne 1month away from The big move
  17. Guest

    Christmas Food

    Is it me or was it loads easier to buy Christmas food in the UK??? Yeah yeah I know how easy it is to knock up your own xmas canapes/party snacks but I am hanging out for the ease of loading up my trolley in Asda with a selection of ready to heat delicacies....anybody got some really easy ideas/recipes that I can freeze....and I mean REALLY easy http://groceries.asda.com/asda-estore/banneroffers/banneroffercontainer.jsp?listId=1215045022473&cmpid=ahc-ghs-list-val1Orgnl&referrer=cookiesDetecting
  18. Ok, so my experience has only been a 3 week reccie on the Northern beaches of Sydney, self catering, but my experience was that, yes, it maybe a little more expensive, but the food was alot fresher and nicer .................what do you think?
  19. Hi We have our 457 visas yaaaah I think and we are being moved by John Mason on the 28/29 November but I have been told that no food and no candles and our dining room chairs are a no no because they have untreated matting on the seats and will get burnt by Aqua customs upon opening if we try and take them? Is all of this right? Tkx deb 2 really desperate for answers as running out of time.
  20. Guest

    Sydney Food Blog

    Hi all, My mate lives in Sydney, he's a bit of a foody, loves eating out etc. He's set up this blog, it's only at the early stages, but might be worth a look for any newbies to the area. http://thesydneyfoodblog.com/
  21. The Pom Queen

    Airline Food Costs

    Airline Food Costs can cost you more than your flight ticket in some instances. A simple sandwich, beer and chips combo will set you back around $20 on Virgin, Jetstar and Tiger Airways, which probably doesn’t sound so bad until you hear the flight itself only cost you $15 Free airline food has long since gone the way of the dodo on low cost carriers and most budget travellers are happy to forfeit it for the sake of a great deal. To avoid astronomical airline food costs here are a few simple steps to help you ease your hunger pangs without breaking the bank: 1. Pack an empty water bottle in your luggage and fill it after you pass through security checks; 2. Steer clear of the sauv blanc - alcohol is always pricey up in the air and because it dehydrates you it’s not great while you’re flying anyway; 3. Buy some fruits before you leave, they’re a good way to combat dehydration. Just make sure you chuck them before passing through customs if you’re on an international flight; 4. Pre-prepare some sandwiches that won’t perish. Peanut butter seems to be the consensus - it doesn’t stink, fills you up and won’t wilt or go soggy; 5. It seems obvious but eat before you fly. It’s always a mad rush to the airport, but if you plan your time well and sit down for a solid meal before you leave you’ll be less inclined to cave in to expensive cravings mid-flight
  22. The Pom Queen

    Eating Fishy Food

    Following on from Maryroses thread re oysters. I have never indulged in any seafood only peeled cooked prawns, scallops and fish from the chippy, haddock, cod, flake and barra. I would love to try crab but have no idea how you eat it, the same with fresh prawns every smorgasbord as unlimited supply but I never take any because I struggle peeling them, I gave it a go and was pulling one leg off at a time and it must have taken me 10minutes so I gave in. There must be a Dummies Guide to Eating Fish Food
  23. The Pom Queen

    Traffic Light Food Tracker?

    "A new mobile phone application that helps track fat and sugar content in food has been launched in Melbourne today. The Obesity Policy Coalition says the new Traffic Light Food Tracker will allow shoppers to bypass the food industry's reluctance to support traffic light labelling. Traffic light labelling puts red warnings on foods high in fat, sugar and salt, and green labels on healthy options. Users can enter the fat, sugar and sodium quantities in their food items and save each item in their "pantry" within the phone app." Do you think people will use it, I can't see the point to be honest, it's like the new barcode scanner on the woollies app, you are suppose to scan all the items you need to buy on your next shopping trip, but come on, if you need to buy it then it probably means you don't have it in stock so therefore how the hell can you scan it to add it:wacko:
  24. pablo

    UK food in AUS?

    Just wondering what yer CANT get in aus re uk scran?like black pudding for instance?thats all this thread is,its NOT expecting AUS to supply our scran,its just me wondering is there any of the stuff we take for granted NOT available in AUS,thats all,its NOT a whinge:biggrin:,im just asking out of interest:wideeyed::smile:......(btw,NO aus v uk comments thx!:wubclub:)
  25. pablo

    Chinese food in Aus?

    Simple question really,where we live in the uk we have 4 or 5 chinese takeaways within a mile or so that deliver,its only a quid or free if spending £12 or over,so is the situ similar in oz?or do distances preclude this?in particular im talking South Australia,also just interested in chinese food in oz in general,as i assume choice will vary a lot between states. Just thought i'd ask about one of my fav foods because there seems plenty of info on Indian food,curries etc which im not overfussed on tbh. So whats your opinion on chinese food in oz and the choice/availability in your state?:wubclub: