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  1. rachuk1

    Waterways in Melbourne

    I have lived in waterways with my hubby and 3 kids since we moved to Australia in May 2010. It is VERY quite, I have only seen my next door neighbour twice in two years and I couldnt tell you anyone's names but the houses are lovely and the kids can ride around on bikes or skateboards as there are hardly any cars and it is quiet. the only downside is that there is not a lot of public transport here so we have to taxi the kids around (mums taxi). we have one bus on the estate an hour but luckily the end of the route is 1 minute from our front door. Although it is a bit secluded, the kids said they wouldn't want to move, they are 17, 15 and 12 and i think they like the fact that the roads are very quiet and can go out and about easily on bikes.
  2. I live in Waterways which is 5 mins from Mordialloc, I have also been looking at chelsea heights and aspendale gardens, they are both easy to get to the train station and I have friends living there. it is almost half the price of my rent in Waterways and my kids have a lot of schoold friends that live there www.realestate.com.au is a good place to look for prices etc
  3. rachuk1

    Scouse in the house

    We are from Runcorn which is 'almost' scouse :biggrin: we have been here for 2 years next week and have a few scouse friends
  4. rachuk1

    Melbourne Employment market 2012

    Sorry SRP I didn't realize :-(
  5. rachuk1

    Melbourne Employment market 2012

    Hi, I work on St Kilda Road which is close to the CBD, we have our own support desk for our products and I would be happy to forward your CV to our HR team. If you can private message me what kind of support / system you have experience with and I will let them know. Please Pm me for my email address. I've been here with my family for almost 2 years and we love it :-)
  6. I bought my first Entertainment book when i arrived 2 years ago and it was that good, i now sell them. All profit goes to charity and there are over $17,000 of savings in the book from hotels to McDonalds. You can order online and they get delivered; https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/1952q13
  7. rachuk1

    Mordialloc.... Seems to be very nice

    Hi Tony, We moved here in May 2010, we wanted a house in Mordialloc but there wasn’t any available so we managed to get one in Waterways which is 5 minutes away. my 3 kids love it and go to school in mordialloc. would definitely recommend it. We got our house from www.realestate.com.au website. I also work in the City and it is an easy commute good luck!
  8. I am Australian and my Hubby and Kids were born in the UK. although we have been together for almost 20 years, he needed a spouse visa. i think you need to prove you have been together for 2 years or more, you need to say how you met, get people you know that are australian to write to say you have been togfether, have photo's to prove it as well. we applied whilst in australia as i had a dealine to start my new job here when I moved from the UK. as soon as you apply, they put you on a bridging visa. whilst on this you cannot work or leave the country. within a few months, if there are no issues and you have completed the forms the permanent visa is granted. I completed all forms myself without the use of an agent and i had no issues. it was very easy Hope this helps
  9. rachuk1

    Best areas for first time snorkelling family

    Thanks for this Bobj, i'll take a look!
  10. rachuk1

    Best areas for first time snorkelling family

    Thanks for the response, i'll take a look online!
  11. We went on a family cruise to the South Pacific this year (Me, hubby and 3 boys 16, 14, 12). We really loved our first time snorkelling and decided that we would make sure our next holiday involved the snorkeling. We are after advise on any nice areas that we can go snorkelling without organised trips and that is safe for first timers with Kids. Any advise on locations and or hotels would be greatly appreciated as we have only been in Australia for 18 months, we haven't been able to get any recomendations
  12. rachuk1

    English Food Poms miss

    I agree with the first choice as they are so nice but have not got a clue what the others are is number 4 an ale or something? :laugh:
  13. rachuk1

    English Food Poms miss

    they still have the sweets but have re-named then opral fruits are now called fruit bursts but spangles are still around :-)
  14. rachuk1

    English Food Poms miss

    :biggrin: we moved her in May 2010 and we have not gone back for a visit, i dont want to go back so i am putting off my visit as long as possable. i am lucky that I was born here and moved to the UK when i was 5 do i didnt need visa'a or anything
  15. rachuk1

    English Food Poms miss

    I know what you mean, i dont want to go back. I prefer eveything here but do miss the mushy peas with the 'flake and hot chips'