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  1. em&paul

    WA economy and building industry

    It does seem like WA is going through some changes with its economy and the mining industry.
  2. em&paul

    WA economy and building industry

    Thank you for your reply. The construction industry has always been changing - it was the same in the UK and is the same in Tasmania - we'll just hope that the construction industry and economy stays positive in WA. Emma
  3. em&paul

    WA economy and building industry

    Thank you for the reply. Hope your move goes well. Where are you thinking of heading? Emma.
  4. em&paul

    3 dogs?

    Hi If you look at a property that is more rural than you might have more of a chance. Landlords who rent out their houses in rural locations often expect renters to have animals - dogs, cats and even sheep. Where in Tassie are you looking at moving too? Might be worth contacting some estate agents in that area and asking them if they have any properties on their books that would allow 3 dogs. Emma
  5. Hi Happy Australia Day. Recently there has been lots in the news about the WA economy and also the building industry - we're probably noticing because we're thinking of moving interstate but I was hoping to get some feedback from those in WA? I know news articles can favour one view or another so I'm not taking any article as right or wrong. When we were in Perth last year there was building work going on so I'd take that as a good sign. Does anyone have any knowledge of the building industry - specifically carpenters and the local economy? Hopefully someone can help? Thank you Emma
  6. em&paul

    Tasmania to Perth

    Glad the move went well. Now all we have to do is sell our house. Can't wait for warmer weather!!
  7. em&paul

    Tasmania to Perth

    Hi Tassie is too cold. Economy here isn't great - my daughter has been looking for part time work for 2 years now. Daughter is looking at uni in Perth. Emma
  8. em&paul

    Tasmania to Perth

    Thank you for the reply. Good news about the building and rentals. Emma
  9. em&paul

    Tasmania to Perth

    Hi I am hoping for a bit of advice if possible. We have been in Tassie now for 6 years but are looking at moving to WA - Rockingham area at the end of 2015. OH is a carpenter and just wondered what the building trade is like over there? Also I have heard that it is difficult to get a rental - is this right? Thank you Emma :notworthy:
  10. em&paul

    off to tasmania on holiday - what to see and do?

    Have a look at Discover Tasmania..............http://www.discovertasmania.com.au/ I would recommend a car as public transport isn't great. The weather is very varied at the moment but it has been sunny most days and usually early to mid 20's. Haven't done a ghost tour but I know there is one that goes around Hobart and there is one out at Port Arthur too.
  11. Hi I am currently doing my Early Childhood teaching degree - I had an NVQ from England - and currently work as a group leader in a childcare centre. I originally wanted to do teachers aide job until qualified but there wasn't any positions longer than 10 hours a week and as I needed to work I went into long day care. I believe as the new ratios and implementaion of the National Quality Framework are put in place into childcare centres then centres will have to pay teacher wages to qualified staff. A collegue of mine recently left to go and work as a relief teacher and she is getting regular work. Here in Tasmania I do believe that there are very few contracts being offered to new teachers but hopefully this will change soon. There are always plenty of jobs offered in the private and church schools for early childhood teachers. You can do religious study units onto your degree to help you get into work at a church school. I am considering this for my 4th year - I am starting my 3rd year this year. My suggestion would be to get out and do relief work as both a teachers aide and teacher as soon as you can. This will get your foot in the door and your face recognised. Good luck Emma
  12. em&paul

    Do you love Tasmania ???

    We lived in South East London and Tassie is very different but we like that. It used to take Paul at least 1 1/2 hours to drive to work each way every day into London. Now it's a 20 minute drive at most. Our quality of life has improved considerably. Yes the houses are colder - and we do miss central heating and double glazing but I do feel that's a small price to pay for what we have. There is always things going on whether it's a show or event and I think Tassie is beautiful and the people are very friendly. I think Oz is very diverse so there should be somewhere for everyone. Good luck with your move. :v_SPIN:
  13. em&paul


    We submitted our application and then sold our house. We moved into a rental and waited for our visa. It all worked out well for us and we decided that if we didn't get the visa we'd be happy to move anyway. Good luck Emma
  14. We have been here now for over 3 1/2 years and we didn't vsit before moving. We sold everything and just jumped - although we did do lots of research first. We don't regret it and we were always going to give it at least a couple of years. So I don't think you have to holiday here before living. Plus in my opinion holidays are not like actually living and working. Just my thoughts. Emma :v_SPIN:
  15. em&paul

    Do you love Tasmania ???

    Good luck with the move. Emma