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    Driving on a UK License

    Im in Aus on a 457 and happily driving on my UK license, my 457 is up in a few months so havent bothered getting a NSW license. However, Ive been asked as part of work to drive a minubus, it requires an LR license and I was wondering how this compares to the UK licensing system and if I can legally drive LR (light rigid) In the UK I drove minibus with 15-16 people legally, and it says B1 but I dont think this translates to the Aus/NSW LR. Can anyone confirm / clarify or point me to the right needle in the haystack that is the government websites. Cheers. Robert Burns.
  2. RobertBurns

    LAFHA: Claim retros.pectively?

    fair enough the reason i never persued it much was that i was told that from my salary at the time (50k) the extra i would earn from lafha would be negligable can anyone confirm that please?
  3. RobertBurns

    LAFHA: Claim retros.pectively?

    My current employer, 2010 - current on a 457, refused to do any of the paperwork required for the Living away from home allowance. There has been a change of personell in the finance department recently, and they are more supportive. Ive already started the process of a 456 -> perm visa, but at the time of the 457 i had no intention of ever staying here permanetnly but circumstances have changed that so im happy to stay Is there any way to claim the LAFHA in retrospect, perhaps through tax returns, or have i missed the boat competelty? cheers
  4. RobertBurns

    downsizing - stuff to give away/sell

    I'm downsizing from a two story town house to a small unit and I have a lot of stuff to give away for free, and a couple of bits for sale. A lot of the free stuff was 2nd hand when I got it, its still in very good condition and it would suit probably someone who is just starting out here. Ive got the following for FREE: 1x wardrobe with double doors, mirror in the middle, 4 drawers at bottom and a double cabinet which can either sit above or below the wardrobe (modern/tall) 1x old solid wardrobe, dark varnish, smells of the old antique smell from my grandmas wardrobe back in the day, has a double door wardrobe and side door with shelves.(possible antique?) 1x glass (blue frosty glass) TV Cabinet, was probably originally for a massive CRT as its in that shape, but it fits up to a 50" plasma/LCD perfectly and it has 2 under shleves for foxtel, dvd, stereo, etc 1x CRT TV which is probably 32", Its widescreen, but its bloody massive, heavy, and would require a digibox to watch any TV. Would be fine if you were just looking for something to play ps3/xbox on or had foxtel to plug straight in. Also I got this from work when they were chucking it out so it has my works info engraved over the top of it. (i didnt steal it, honest) It would fit the aforementioned tv cabinet perfectly and I would even consider a 2 for 1 special offer. 1x Sofa / Fold out double sofabed - It works, its comfy, and has been in my spare room and all my visitors havent complained about it. Even my old man slept on it for a week. 1x Room divider / pin board. My spare room wasnt really a spare room, it was an un-used dining area that had the above sofabed but the room divider kind of gave a bit of personal space to. It also let me pin up bills and letters to remind me to pay when I walked past. 1x Coffee table. This is a small round wooden thing, polished varnish with a coffee mug ring or two on it but if you use a coaster these things dont happen. 1x computer desk with 2 drawers on the left but i think I've got rid of this already Ill just put it here just in case she doesn't want it. Also comes with a swivel chair you can spin round on till you get dizzy. I might have other stuff you might want, mirrors, etc. Give me a shout on here if you are interested? and these are for sale: Fisher and Paykel, stainless steel fridge freezer. One of the 'feet' broke off when I bought it but it works well. - $200. 4 seater dark varnished wood circular dining table. A couple of small scratches - $150 Electric lawnmower purchased from Bunnings less than 6 months ago, cost $100 new, used maybe 4 times, - $75 (it really is very small and would only do a small garden). I'll even throw in the $20 extension cable I bought as well. Located in Manly, but dont let that put you off. Driving here outside of rush hour is easy. Photos to follow.
  5. RobertBurns

    off to tasmania on holiday - what to see and do?

    The forum never emalled me to notify of replies to this so apologies for not responding. Thanks for the great suggestions. Fly today (sat) and got first 3 nights booked in hobart, and will just play it by ear from then on.C Cheers!
  6. RobertBurns

    off to tasmania on holiday - what to see and do?

    Wouldnt mind a ghost tour or something someone has suggested this http://www.hobartghosts.com/html/welcome.htm is it any good? Are there better? Also quite fancy going on like a fishing trip as well if anyone would recommend a reputable company?
  7. me and a mate are heading to tasmania next weekend for a week or so... have booked to stay a few days in Hobart but have no idea what to do after that. Looking for suggestions of places to go, things to see. Dont mind hiring a car and seeing a bit of the island. What beaches are good to go to?R Really poorly prepared for this trip so hoping some of you lot can give us some ideas of what to see and do down there. What kind of weather will it be like this time of year Ive heard its cold but even in summer? Cheers!
  8. RobertBurns

    innoculations for thailand

    thanks for the reply.. just going for 10 days in the sun, hotel by the beach, bit of snorkeling, scuba diving etc... Might head into the busy parts for a day trip or something..
  9. RobertBurns

    innoculations for thailand

    Im off to phuket next week, Ive never been to asia, so Im just wondering what, if any injections I would need? How would I go about finding out what I need, where would I go to get them, etc?
  10. RobertBurns

    Second Year WHV

    As above.. When I was going through this, I spoke to a really helpful person at the immi phone line, and they basically said if you can find a place that the 'shift work' or 'working week' consists of only a weekend, this is entirely acceptable as long as you work it for the 3 months. The biggest problem out there is a) the amount of backpackers looking to fake having done the the work, and b) the amount of farmers looking to exploit backpackers by paying them peanuts / really bad working conditions. If I could do it again, I Would go and work in the mines.
  11. RobertBurns

    Health insurance on a 457

    a medicare card is sufficient for the 457 requirement. However with regards to the levy, I believe you have to be earning over $70k for it to be relevant.
  12. RobertBurns

    Help needed with whiskey.

    Im glad you differenciated between whisky and whiskey.. a lot of false pretenders dont know the difference. To be honest, Ive only ever tried bushmills and jamesons, but both worth a try.
  13. RobertBurns

    Moving to Oz alone...

    I came over on my own on a working holiday visa 2 years ago, have got sponsorship since, and no plans to go back. Was back in glasgow for a visit for a week at xmas, and dont regret the move one bit. The way I look at it, I could be working in london or something. Id still speak to my family as often if i lived london or sydney. Getting back for a visit is a bit more effort/expense, and its a ****er getting up at 2am to watch the old firm, especially when we lost in extra time.. but I wouldnt swap it for anything.
  14. RobertBurns

    Living Away From Home Allowance

    Thanks for that. Im still chasing my tail with this... That Private Ruling doc says it applies to 2005-2009, is there documents that pertain to this current year?
  15. RobertBurns

    car private / vanity plates

    turns out number plates here are cheap. Ive got myself a nice private rego for $110 that would have cost over 5 figures in the UK