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  1. watford

    Chef required in Perth

    Bumping we are still looking
  2. watford

    Property tax question

    Thanks that a great help
  3. watford

    Property tax question

    Yes it's now worth $40000 more than when we moved over but can I add that we spent $40000 on renovations thanks
  4. watford

    Property tax question

    Thanks first but I'm sorry do you mean how much was the house worth when we first moved over we moved over as PR thanks again
  5. Hello, just a quick question. we are about to sell our house in the UK, we have lived in Australia for 2 years, we bought a house here after 6 months. the house in the UK will be sold for more than the purchase price, after paying the uk mortgage any monies left we would like to pay off some of our australian mortgage, would we have to pay tax in Australia on any profits made from the uk house sale. Thanks alan
  6. Hello, Wondered if there are any chefs out there looking for full time work, day only, no nights, working 5 days out of 7. we require some one with a very good knowledge of food and experience of a very busy establishment. The position is in Northbridge, not far from the CBD. Permanent position but would consider 6 months minimum left on working holiday visa. If you require any more information please feel free to drop me a line, many thanks Mary
  7. watford

    new passport

    thanks for that
  8. watford

    new passport

    hi all any one no what form i need im about to get a new uk passport and need to move my 176 pr visa to it thanks Alan
  9. watford

    Flight Advice

    Hi Erin i have not used this site yet as don't need to fly but a friend in the uk did and saved a lot of mmoney the site is called flightfox.com have a look a see if its for you and please let me no if you use them thanks Alan
  10. watford

    Meeting people

    Hi Jenny, we have sent you a personal message mary and Alan
  11. watford

    Meeting people

    Hi my wife and I live just up the road in hocking no kids and late 30s early 40s I f you want to meet for a coffee let us know alan
  12. Hello all, not been on here for a while, Just a quick up date, we have been here 9 months both found jobs straight away, and decided to by a house after 3 months. the house we bought already had a tenant living with the previous owner, which she asked if she could stay, which we agreed to.she is now leaving after Christmas, knowing how hard it is for new arrivals to find accomodation when you are not in the country, most people do short/holiday lets which cost the earth for the first 4-6 weeks. Now that our tenant is going, we are thinking about renting out some of our house, for new arrivals for 4-6 weeks at a time which would consist of 2bedrooms, 1lounge own toilet and bathroom, garage space for 1car, and share of kitchen with us. We'd like to know your thoughts, has anyone done this? Many thanks
  13. watford

    Roleystone & Bedfordale needed urgently.

    have house 25 mins away with pool for rent 6 mths(break lease) east vic park not sure if that helps alan
  14. we have a 3 bed house with pool to rent (break lease) in east vic park for 6mth from july if that helps alan