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  1. Eera

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    I lugged close to $20k worth of microscope home to do work, found it was far more fun (and really distracting) doing macro shots of dead bugs instead. Arguing that it's teaching the kids science, but in reality it's me mucking around.
  2. Eera

    Rent to own?

    https://www.realestate.com.au/advice/rent-to-own-home-schemes/ Seems like a lot of hassle with a lot that can go wrong. The article points out that you're not on the title, if the landlord goes under and the house is repossessed you'll likely lose what you've paid; and should you not be able to get finance at the end of the rental contract you will lose what you've paid as well. It also says that generally you need a deposit to sign up, and may be required to pay maintenance and insurance etc. Doesn't sound too dissimilar from a mortgage without the security of title.
  3. Eera

    Horses in Australia

    It was one of those dumb "how did that happen?" things. I was dismounting him in a flat paddock and as I touched the ground somehow my ankle rolled and fracture dislocated both tib and fib. Othopaedic surgeon said it's the sort of injury they associated with high impact sports like speed skiing, I did it dismounting a still horse in a flat paddock! No long term effects though; luckily didn't damage the cartilage and have had the pins removed since. No loss of motion either.
  4. Eera

    Horses in Australia

    here is is in the blue bandage. At one point we had three horses with bandaged legs in the same paddock; The Field of Broken Thoroughbreds it became known as. For the itch I used to use permiterol solution; it was diluted in a spray bottle and just applied to him while grooming, it also kept the bot flies off him. I had groomed him about an hour before this photo, big bugger loved muddle puddles!
  5. Eera

    Drug and Alcohol certificate

    My bad, I misread that she *needed* to get D&A, rather than needed *training* to perform D&A. $650 seems to be about the standard; a quick look and you can get various permutations from $500 to $900. To go back to the question, if you are employed on the grounds that you have certification to undertake the test and it's a condition of your employment, it's your expense. If you get a job and they then ask you to do the training to extend your areas of work, generally it would be your employer's expense. As an analogy, we employ people on the grounds that they have X qualification, if they don't, we aren't going to pay for it. Once they have fulfilled that requirement any additional training they need to perform the work we require of them, we pay for.
  6. Eera

    Drug and Alcohol certificate

    The D&As we get done cost about $25. If it's the same sort (blow in the bag, pee in a cup, gives indicative positive / negative for 6 or so drugs) You don't need them to be done in a pathology centre; we use Totally Workwear. When a non-negative result is found then you go to a path lab where they determine the level of drug in ppm or whatever, that's probably the expensive one.
  7. It's not too much of a problem: I have a friend who I'll call Maria del Carmen Jerros Mello (not her real name, just for explanation purpose), there's a heap of permutations of her name and she gets mail and cheques etc issued to any and all of them. She just has a letter signed by a JP explaining that she can be called any of them (with a list) and shows that whenever she needs to do anything official.
  8. Eera

    Horses in Australia

    I had a Thoroughbred who was a fairly high-level dressage horse; he never raced as he was 17hh and physically too big (and dopey) to fit into the stalls.was the softest thing ever. We are lucky around here to have pretty good pasture so I only every had to supplement his feed to keep a bit of condition on him; lucerne was his favourite, so once a day I'd mix a bucket of lucerne with soy and vegetable oil. Downside is that we have Queensland itch which he suffered with unless I treated him over couple of days. Unfortunately I had a bad accident on him which involved two plates and 17 screws being inserted in my ankle and I completely lost my nerve. He ended up being sold to a lady from Emerald who's house opened up onto her paddock - she sent me a picture of him in her kitchen eating the fruit off the table, cheeky bugger. Still miss him but he's with a good owner who updates me on what he's up to.
  9. Eera

    What do I do for Xmas day?

    Most of the hotels and clubs have some kind of christmas lunch on if you don't want to spend the day by yourself. Magpies always does a pretty good one. I'd imagine Airlie would have a pretty good thing going on with all the backpackers away from home, though you'd probably want to book accommodation; I know the island tour boats are running (got a mate getting triple time as a first mate that day) so you could spend the day cruising the Whitsundays in company and have christmas lunch on board?
  10. Eera

    Keep studying (PhD) or trying to work

    Ahhh, I fully understand what you mean now, yes study and work is horrible. I did mine as I wanted to get into full time academia, long story short - no jobs, no prospects, went into engineering consulting instead. I was 27 when i left full time study but I got my job on the strength of having run a testing laboratory for the last two years while doing research, the actual PhD was irrelevant and TBH I've never referred to it since. You are totally right about the local experience thing; we've found that to mean far more to Australian employers than actual qualifications. When we are looking at resumes from people applying for jobs, we look at their work history first, then their qualifications. We favour someone with say, a Masters and work experience over someone with little experience but higher degrees..
  11. Eera

    Keep studying (PhD) or trying to work

    I can assure you from personal experience that doing a PhD is *not* a restful time. I'm sure others will disagree but again, speaking from personal experience in engineering consultancy and industry, a PhD is really not necessary unless you're in a field that emphasizes research capability; research and development - maybe, general consultancy or trade, no. It's a difficult decision; once you've been in industry and are earning a decent wage it's very hard to step back and go back to the low amount funding pays you. You could do a PhD part time if you so felt inclined (though it takes forever and adds to your workload). if you leave entering the workplace too late then you're going to be behind with building up a career and other stuff like superannuation. If you really want to do a PhD because you have a passion for research then go for it, just don't be under the illusion that's it's 4 years of not having to do much, the stress can be horrendous.
  12. Eera

    Buying a used car Queensland

    If you buy through a dealer they do the transfer paperwork for you, it's if you go private you need to go to the TMR (equivalent of the DVLA) to do it yourself, not the council. If you don't have a permanent address there's a Form F4408 that you can fill out which effectively says as much, but the dealer should be able to best advise you - they would have seen people in your situation a thousand times before. I guess rego is pretty much like the road tax in the UK, it's the fee you pay for using your car on the road and varies as per the size of vehicle and whether it's a classic or limited use. Rego comes with compulsory third party insurance, which covers damage to people, not property, so you'd be best advised to get proper insurance coverage as well (it's not compulsory here!). There's no such thing as an annual MOT in Queensland either - you get a roadworthy inspection done when you sell the car, and you'll need the certificate to register the car in the first place, but no yearly trip to the mechanic. You can be slapped with a defect notice by the police if you're belching black smoke or something, so maintenance is still recommended.
  13. Eera

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    In QLD the agent / landlord isn't allowed to take more than 4 weeks' rent for a bond (caveat rental amount <$700 per week), so effectively there's no point offering extra for a pet bond - legally they can't take it anyway. I once had a tenant do up a pet CV but generally the agent won't pass on anything like that anyway, the agent mentioned it in passing and said it was cute, but it didn't make any difference as I had said a potential renter could have two outdoor dogs and two cats which were not allowed in the bedroom. My agent basically doesn't advertise pets as welcome, but doesn't exclude them and will ask the landlords if it's acceptable to them.
  14. If you're still thinking about novated leases I've had four cars that way. They aren't the great deal they used to be as the rules around them were changed a couple of years ago and they are now done by a portion before tax, a portion after tax (mine is roughly 50/50 by the looks of it). What they are good for, however, is if you don't have the deposit, plus you can novated secondhand cars as well - check with the individual company favoured by your company what their rules are surrounding that, some will only let the car be a maximum 7 years old at the end of lease, some 13. There will be a balloon payment at the end of the lease which is set by the ATO, something like 40% after 3 years and 37.5% at the end of 4. trick is to get a vehicle that doesn't depreciate too badly as you pay the balloon and pocket the difference if you sell it (or lose money if it is a high depreciation car) While they aren't a fantastic tax saving, they are convenient as most things are taken care of - lease, fuel, tyres, tax, insurance etc. Downsides are that you are largely stuck with whatever fuel company the lease people decide (my last car was Caltex only, current one is Shell), and with insurance as well. When you go for a service or whatever you say it's a novated lease and the company takes care of it. Generally they will work by you pay into a budget every month, and the fees for each line item will be taken out. My leases tend to be based on 25000km per year, but I've never done that, and any money left in the account at the end of the lease gets refunded.
  15. A few years back when I was a minor I went to visit Australian relatives but when I entered the UK again I mistakenly used my Australian passport and got it stamped with 6 months. All my dad did was to ring up immigration, show them a copy of his birth certificate and residency and that was it. They just changed whatever was registered on the system and there was no comeback. I don't imagine your situation would be any different - they'd be dealing with this sort of thing all the time.