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  1. Eera

    Vacation Days (what's normal?)

    I've been in industry consultancy in Qld for a good few years, so may be slightly different in Victoria but the various companies I've worked for have all been much of a muchness when it comes to leave. 20 days is normal, my current company allows us to purchase an extra 5 or 10 days' leave per year through salary sacrifice (I've seen other companies off up to 20 days' extra). You will not be able to take personal leave as a vacation. Public holidays are paid extra days off, I think we currently have 10 per year, which tend to be heavily loaded towards the first half of the year. Long service leave varies state by state, from memory NT is the most generous with something like 13 weeks accessable after 7 years. Most states are 10 weeks / 10 years but you'd have to check with your employer. In some industries this is transferable across jobs - coal mining is one of them - but for the most part if you leave before your LSL matures you lose it (it can also be altered under industrial award, my OH got his after 8 years but that probably won't affect you if you're in professional services). It is paid out after redundancy after 7 years here in QLD (check with your state though). While leave accrues, your company may have a policy which forces you to take it after a set period, we technically do that after 2 years, though TBH I've never actually seen that enforced. My company allows you to take unpaid sabbaticals of up to a year after many years' continuous service, don't quite know what that is as a year without pay doesn't tickle my fancy so never looked into it, this may also be provided by other companies. In some industries, they allow you to get paid out on excess untaken sick leave but I've only ever seen people on Industrial Awards have this done.
  2. Eera

    Qualification assessment by EA

    As far as I know Poland isn't a signatory to the Washington Accord and there's a very good chance your degree is not recognized or accredited by EA. Approach EA direct and ask them what the procedure is - you may have to go through a Stage 1 competency assessment (Washington Accord degrees skip over this step and go straight to the Stage 2 assessment). They are very helpful and have a section of their website dedicated to helping potential migrants.
  3. Eera

    Depreciation Report

    They either have a branch there or they subcontract it. I recall there was a thread a couple of years ago that asked the same thing, and at the time there was no QS in the UK who could do them, but as I understand it this lot started about 3 years ago.
  4. Eera

    Depreciation Report

    Washington Brown does them, there's a link here: http://www.austexpatinvestor.com/australian-tax-implications-overseas-investment-property/
  5. Eera

    UK Passports

    Procedure changed on 31st Jan, previously everything was done in NZ, but now it's Liverpool, UK. They say to allow 4-6 weeks plus postage time. Cost according to the UK government online calculator is 86 quid plus 20 courier fee (will be converted to AUD by your credit card). https://www.passport.service.gov.uk/apply/how-to-apply has the details if you haven't already found it. The passport fee seems to have lowered a fair bit if that's correct. Didn't it used to be over $300?
  6. Have you checked out the migrant guidelines with Engineers Australia? be aware that Australia is a lot more rigorous in who can call themselves an engineer than the UK. Here's the relevant part of the EA website: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/For-Migrants/Migration-Skills-Assessment They are quite helpful, though they do state in black and white: "Candidates for articulation often feel that their work experience has enabled them to develop and demonstrate most of the practice competencies associated with the category to which they aspire, ie their target category. However, they must also demonstrate Stage 1 Competency – the breadth and depth of knowledge and enabling skills appropriate to that category. Without the relevant educational qualification, demonstration of Stage 1 competency can be difficult. It is certainly possible to develop extensive knowledge in ways other than a formal educational program, for example through experiential learning and self-study, but it has proved unusual for such pathways to provide the full range of Stage 1 Competencies, for example in the natural and physical sciences. Despite their years of experience, many candidates for articulation need to undertake some further academic study to fully develop their Stage 1 Competencies." Stage 1 Competency is basically the proof that you are qualified.
  7. Eera

    Living in Queensland

    Dolphin Heads is the main one: two story units right on the beach. There's another one which is pretty much under the flight path of the airport which I probably wouldn't recommend. https://www.realestate.com.au/buy/property-unit+apartment-in-dolphin+heads,+qld+4740/list-1 This link has some of the ones currently for sale, they range from studio to 2 bedroom, though check insurance cost as beach front in a cyclone zone can be exxy.
  8. Eera

    Living in Queensland

    I'm in Mackay and our winter in glorious: consistently around 24c and little humidity, though nights can get down to the low teens. Sunny pretty much every day. A very low temperature here is 14C which it might do over one week or so. You can buy holiday units in some of the resorts which they then let and manage for you for the rest of the year.
  9. Eera

    Getting skilled work on a working holiday visa?

    We've employed many skilled people on WHV, though mainly when we had project work on that needed some extra bodies.
  10. Both of mine were in Aus so can't comment on the UK system, but my experience was thus: went through the public system, no complaints, no expenses. First one was in the old "you breed 'em, you feed 'em" system where I returned to work after 3 months as there was no support at all and company didn't offer maternity pay (nearly killed me). Second one came in under the 18 weeks at minimum wage system, plus my company had introduced a 6 week maternity pay by then. These, plus my tax rebate meant I could take 6 months off and not be financially penalised. Increasingly companies are becoming more generous with their maternity leave; mine currently offers 20 weeks at full pay, and in my industry (engineering consulting) companies are tending to offer more to retain trained staff. Of course, these are discretionary payments and aren't in legislation so will depend on how long you've worked for and whom. I have no complaints about the Aus system, but then, have not experienced the UK one.
  11. Eera

    Can I bring - Clay and Glazes ?

    Pure mineral clays are not organic and are not deemed a biosecurity risk. AQIS are the people who deal with this. This link contains the import conditions which basically states that if you have a manufacturer's declaration or commercial invoice it's not subject to quarantine: https://bicon.agriculture.gov.au/BiconWeb4.0/ImportConditions/Conditions?EvaluatableElementId=315442&Path=UNDEFINED&UserContext=External&EvaluationStateId=f2d38f7a-8606-4fca-80d4-f32732704182&CaseElementPk=865361&EvaluationPhase=ImportDefinition&HasAlerts=True&HasChangeNotices=False&IsAEP=False We import rock soil and sand an awful lot for geochemical testing, it is kind of hard to navigate the system.
  12. Eera


    Contact Engineers Australia directly; they have a specific resource for helping with assessment of qualification for potential migrants. Start with this page :https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/For-Migrants/Migration-Skills-Assessment/MSA-StepByStep-Guide and take it from there. they are actually quite helpful and will point you in the right direction.
  13. Eera

    Mackay honest opinions

    In terms of..? Climate wise, fairly similar, not as sticky as Cairns. There's more industrial-type jobs in Mackay, and like Bobj says, more beaches. Rental situation is getting a bit tight at the moment as there are some large construction projects going on. What are you concerned about / interested in the most?
  14. Eera

    Job Agencies - Sydney

    As above. Also bear in mind that some companies will not deal with recruitment agencies as they charge something like 15% of your salary as a fee. We are one of them, and we have our own recruitment and HR departments so aren't going to pay for third parties to do their job. Check out who is actually recruiting on Seek and other job sites, there's no harm in firing off a letter of interest; previously we've ended up employing some people who weren't in the country when they applied as we liked the sound of them and were willing to wait, so it can happen.
  15. Eera


    We've found from experience that ongoing irritations like you describe maybe symptomatic of an underlying problem: OH developed really watery eyes and ongoing cough / aches and pains. We did the anihistimine and codrel thing but nothing would shift it. Eventually he went to the docs for a blood test to find out what he was allergic to. Turned out to be no allergies but really high cholesterol, Started on statins, after six more months of blood tests turns out he has hypothyroidism. Since starting on thyroxin all his other symptoms have cleared up. If it's really affecting you get it further investigated; we had no clue about this chronic immune system thing until we dug deeper because of fairly innocuous symptoms.