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  1. Eera

    Five days of Quarantine

    You can lease multiple cars - I had two on the go prior to one lease expiring. The lease companies will bombard you with numbers showing how it's a huge advantage to you, but take the numbers with a huge grain of salt as they are assuming that you are comparing like for like - the same insurance, the same fuel costs etc. It doesn't work like that in reality and there aren't the large financial advantages there were a few years ago before the FBT rules were changed.
  2. Eera

    Five days of Quarantine

    It doesn't any more - a couple of years ago the FBT rules were changed which means novated leases now come partially funded from after-tax contributions; I pay more post tax than pre-tax on it. Plus you're pretty much locked into the servo brand and the insurance that the lease people dictate - it currently costs me considerably less to insure an Evoque than it did a leased Tucson because I can bundle my insurance. The advantage is basically you have a kitty automatically put aside and really don't have to worry about it too much - providing you don't go over the items they list which are commonly 4 new tyres in the lease and X many km per year in fuel etc. If you do, you have to make up the difference; if you don't you get it back (fully taxed) at the end of the lease. I've had four novated leases but won't have another one, there's no longer the advantages that there were.
  3. My auntie was the congregational leader of the Sisters of Mercy (basically head nun of her faction in Australia), and because there's not many of them around these days they had spare room. It was cool because she's one of those get-out-there-and-help-the-community sorts and had set up a drop-in centre for indigenous and islander people in Mt Druitt, with a bush tucker garden and storytelling area - so the indigenous youth could reconnect to the elders and their heritage - though it was open to any ethnic group who wanted to be part of it. I volunteered there while I was unemployed and met some wonderful uncles and aunties. We also got the local supermarkets to donate their day old bread and damaged tins etc instead of throwing them out so that anyone who needed food could come and get some.
  4. Intended to go to Kalgoorlie of all places (I like big holes in the ground). Missed the job I was going for as I was travelling in Tanzania when the interview came up. Ended up staying in a convent in Sydney, couldn't get a job in any of the cities, ended up in the regional tropics, been here 16 years now. Every time we go back to visit any of the major cities I'm very glad I'm where I am - can't image living in one now.
  5. Eera

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    Had the exterminators in and ended up with window tracks full of dead bugs. Had a great old time with ultra-macro.
  6. Eera

    Camping and Caravanning in Australia

    Ended up putting in an order yesterday; 15 foot in travel position, expands out to 19 feet with electric annex etc. Looking forwards to getting it and actually being able to get away in wet season - aircon, hurrah! March is ETA at the moment.
  7. Eera

    Aircon queries?

    Or just set it to dehumidify instead. Depending on where you live just taking the moisture out of the air makes a massive difference and it doesn't get too cold either - I find aircons generally are way too cold but by just drying out the air it becomes pleasant, and it costs much less to run as well (caveat: I live in the tropics where you can chew the air in summer, don't know how well this works down south but give it a go - you never know)
  8. Eera

    Aircon queries?

    Actually, from memory it was the return pipe that was icing up, and that was because the internals were filthy and the fans weren't effectively blowing the cold out so the refrigerant returning to the compressor was still cold. It was the comprehensive clean that sorted that issue.
  9. Eera

    Aircon queries?

    If it's icing up it's technician time, we had that issue, I can't remember what it was but it was an easy fix - might have been low refrigerant. Also often just cleaning the filters isn't enough - especially if you've got one near to the kitchen; you need a periodic proper clean when the tech basically dismantles the unit and hoses it out. Doesn't cost much, about $80. The amount of crap that comes out of them is amazing.
  10. Eera

    Camping and Caravanning in Australia

    Does anyone have a hybrid camper? Looking to upgrade from our camper trailer because where we are, dry season is kids' sport time, and wet season is basically our free time - and packing up wet canvas in the rain is miserable. The relative compactness and outdoor kitchen appear to me more than a full size caravan does. Going down to the caravan expo at the Ekka, end of the month to check some out.
  11. Eera

    Holiday plans - where to ?

    Our NZ ski trip was cancelled a couple of weeks ago (probably for the best, since found out Remarkables are only currently operating lifts on weekends and school holidays). Instead we transferred our credit to Norfolk island in late October. We are supposed to be skiing in japan in January but I'm not overly hopeful that's going ahead; and next year I'm booked to go on a photography trip around Galapagos islands and Atacama Desert, but again, I'm not hopeful that it's going to come off. Instead We are thinking about going to the places in Australia that we've talked about going but have put off because we could go overseas instead - Kimberley, Lord Howe, Winton etc.
  12. Eera

    Aircraft fleets

    They would have originally assigned the aircraft to the route a long time ago. Once the flight dates are actually near they'll likely just use whatever is going to be most economical for the numbers booked. Looking on Plane Finder they are currently using 777s on the DXB-PER route.
  13. Eera

    Aircraft fleets

    I just found out I can do that with Plane Finder. Never liked them simply because discharging 550-odd people at a time caused huge congestion in immigration; and when you looked out the window all you see is wing. Super impressed with the A350 though.
  14. Eera

    Aircraft fleets

    According to The Points Guy (as of 4 days ago when the article was written) every A380 in the world is currently grounded apart from those operated by China Southern.
  15. Eera

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Took this pretty much bang on a year ago in Chile. One of my favorite photos.