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  1. My tenants are pretty much always initially put on a six-month lease - simply as, if they turn out to be not that great it's easier to end a lease than to try and get them thrown out - works for the tenants too; if your house turns out to be a lemon or the landlord is not good you can get out without having to break lease. After that I let the tenants choose what term, most of them elect for a year.
  2. Wouldn't worry about it too much; it's going to be a completely meaningless concept for her. She might understand that she won't see her friends anymore but in reality that's no different to going to a different school. My brother is autistic and has that whole hate of change thing on a different level, a major life change was easier for him to deal with than a simple break in routine. And yeah, with ping-pong parents I got the "we are moving halfway around the world" several times, I remember really resenting the last move when I was in high school, but wasn't given the choice so had to lump it. I don't actually remember the earlier moves too much.
  3. Eera

    Moving back to UK for A levels

    Can't speak for the UCAS route but the majority of OS students applied directly to us or through their agents, we were set up to not care about GCSE as many nationalities don't do exams at 16 and there simply isn't a plethora of equivalents out there. Nowhere in the UCAS application is there anything that says "No GCSE's then no go" - frankly people have all sorts of qualifications like BTECs , NVVQs, even O-Levels still pop up; you have the option of "other" and you can put in there Year 11 and the subjects. In the Personal Statement make a big thing about how you experienced overseas education and the richness and diversity you saw etc and that will be of good standing with the assessors. If in doubt then please talk to the universities themselves - UCAS is a centralised administration portal who don't actually make calls on admission - the universities may be able to put your mind at rest.
  4. Eera

    CEFR refer to measuring the proficiency

    Not exclusively no; I have CEFR B2 in French. Of course you can get CEFR in English but I don't think it's recognised for immigration purposes.
  5. Eera

    Relocation allowances

    We used to offer a flat rate $10k for senior professional staff; and that was expense reimbursement, not handing over the cash . It's been a few years since we took on anyone international so I don't know what the current go is - we allow $2k for interstate relocation though.
  6. When QLD gets it's 90% double-dose vaccination (predicted to be early-mid January), international borders are open with no need to quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers. You need to search for the International Travel Roadmap - it's a bit harder to find that the domestic one.
  7. Eera

    Moving back for school

    My parents were ping-pongers and I moved between the school systems four times. The only issue I had was that we moved back part way through GCSE years and I knew nothing about the history syllabus nor had ever done a European language. Survived fine, took a little to catch up but school was willing to help me out with some after-hours tuition; can tell you all about British Political History (1884-1924) and am conversationally fluent in French to this day. Moving at the start of schooling will have zero effect later on. Don't worry about it.
  8. Swim between the flags and you'll be fine. The most dangerous things in the sea is the rip and people who overestimate their abilities in the water.
  9. Eera

    Advice for a new Career in Mining ?

    In terms of automation, it will drop the amount of boneheads needed, but as the machines are remotely controlled from Perth or wherever as soon as a light comes on they get parked up and the fitters have to go see them and whack them with a hammer - no crew to do diagnostics on board, so trade qualified staff are in increasing demand. It's only haul trucks and I think some of the larger rotary shovels are being automated: graders, scrapers etc are as far as I know still using operators. I know people who are setting up the systems in Queensland and they take *a lot* of setting up - one bloke I know has been at the same mine for at least 5 years trying to get it underway. Mining in Australia is not going away and there is always going to be a need for qualified professional staff and mech eng is needed for the basic day-to-day; upgrades and installations etc, not necessarily the futuristic things like full automation; I've been doing mine geotech and longwall design for 17-odd years now and there are no indications that the sector is slowing down. Saying that, there don't tend to be massive numbers of engineers full time on site, not compared with tradies (and if listening to Fitter OH's complains are anything to go by, they are just there to make impractical changes to his machines and get in the way, but anyway...) But many consultancies have specific mine-related staff who specialise in the area too so there's always that option.
  10. Eera

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics thread

    There's an entire division behind the scenes specifically there the ensure that the equipment used falls between certain criteria. Same way as throwing equipment has to be individually measured and signed off by technical. I did a couple of racing wheelchairs for the North Queensland champs - it involves many, many measurements! Haven't yet done a racing limb though. Bloke who mentors me was in charge of the Tech Shed at London and Sydney Olympics, plus a couple of world championships. I'll have to ask him how it's done specifically. I complianced the discus that Matt Denny threw for his 5th a few weeks ago. there's a little sticker on it with my name signing it off. Vicariously proud!
  11. Eera

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics thread

    100% agree. I'm president of one of the largest athletic clubs outside of the QLD metro area, I'm also an internationally-accredited athletics judge (which means I spend an awful lot of time looking at feet to make sure no one steps out of a circle) and can count literally on one hand with fingers to spare the amount of tartan tracks north of the Sunshine coast. I've seen time and time again our young athletes having to move away to pursue their training because there's too much distance, too little infrastructure, not enough coaching facilities - one talented long jumper (multiple state level winner, came second nationally twice so far) was literally driving an 8 hour round trip a couple of times a week to get to training. Once they get to a high level there isn't the financial support they need: one of our athletes won the IAAF U20 world championships but was unable to go to Olympic trials because he had to finish his apprenticeship. Bloke I work with was in the Australian U20 hockey team, and basically gave it up because the senior team lost sponsorship and the pay for essentially full-time work plus the expense of getting to training camps etc was $30k. While many Australian schools are blessed with paying fields and we do have wonderful organisations like Little Athletics and Auskick, once someone starts to get serious about sports, the higher level support is not there in most areas.
  12. Eera

    Taking dog to Oz?

    Nope, in QLD you can only charge maximum 4 weeks' rental for bond and you cannot charge anything more than that for pet bond, key bond etc - if they are going to be held then they have to be integrated into the total maximum bond. - up to a weekly rental of $750 (or was last time I looked), it's fair game what you can be charged for bonds after that amount.
  13. Eera

    Has anyone done The Lap?

    Would you believe that my company has the contract for the shutdown and remediation of Argyle? Full lifecycle between you and me hey. Have you been along the Tanami track? I don't think it's as rugged as it used to be but they've been making noises about sealing it recently and would like to see it while it's still got a bit of mystique about it. Just had a look at that zebra rock place, how intriguing! Hahaha, the croc thing made me laugh - I work with a lady who's from a real old north QLD family; she goes bush a fair bit and has all these photos of her in various rockholes. I asked her if there were crocs and she said "yeah, but only freshies, no salties". They've all got big teeth, that's a nope from me.
  14. Eera

    Has anyone done The Lap?

    That all sounds fantastic. Gibb River Road is very much on my radar - more I look into that part of the world the more I realise you could spend years there and not scratch the surface. Good to know about help being on hand, vehicle is a Colorado so should have readily available spares, husband is also a mechanic which helps if the facility and bits are available. I once knew a bloke did a lot of off-roading who insisted that he'd only carry zip ties and duct tape because if it can't be fixed with those then you need to be carrying the spare part and he wasn't about to load his vehicle down just in case. I admire his spirit, though I haven't seen him for years and there's a chance he's still waiting for RACQ to find him out Woopwoop.
  15. Eera

    Has anyone done The Lap?

    I knew you'd have some words of wisdom! Honestly some of your stories are so awesome. Thanks for the offer matey, no doubt I'll be hitting you up for some spots and ideas. And don't worry about the barra spots - one time husband said "I'm going fishing. There's chicken in the fridge for dinner" which pretty much sums up what happens when he wets a line