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  1. Any suggestions as to how to send rolex watches?

    Why not just wear them and have them as named items on insurance? My everyday watch is an Omega Speedmaster which goes with me whenever I travel; never been a hassle at all.
  2. Would you cancel?

    No. Pyongyang knows full well that it only takes one strike by the US and the whole country is effectively obliterated. We are going to Japan in the new year, of all the things that concern me it rates well below getting boarding for the cat.
  3. How did you decide on area?

    Went where I was offered a job, simple as that. Ended up in regional Queensland which in hindsight I should have looked in the first place (hate cities). Been here 13 years, married a bloke who also escaped the city and two kids later...
  4. Child care in Sydney and Surrounds

    I'll answer based on the advice of my best friend who has her own family daycare business. You may find criteria are different in various locations and schemes, as previously advised, check out what any particular scheme says as they are the ones to give you the best advice. 1)The formal qualifications you need largely depend on the scheme; mine expect their carer to be working towards Cert 3 in child care, though they don't need it to start. They require regular first aid certification with anaphylaxis response. Plus blue card 2)One carer is allowed 4 kids who are not of school age, and an additional three who attend school as after-hours and holiday care. Note any child of your own counts as one of these spot up to the age of 13. Also note that any child that comes into the house such as school friend counts towards these numbers and if you have a spot inspection and they find more children than you are authorised to have there, they will come down on you. 3) Many landlords will not allow childcare to be set up in their homes; my insurance specifically forbids it. Plus, you're in a flat. Not the ideal situation to have up to 7 kids stomping around. Your home needs a safety check and you basically have to pretty much do risk assessments for everything in it. 4) You can set that yourself. Price I pay is $7.50 per hour, per child. CCR / CCB subsidises that, and there's normally a family levy which the scheme takes. Cost depends on how much stuff you want to buy. 5) Get quotes. It will vary from area to area. 6) Yes. 7) Much as people think, it is not easy money. Certainly the scheme mine are in, the carers are expected on a daily basis to have targets for the children (sharing, imagination, etc) and the write a report for each child. Daily. there is also of masses of paperwork to deal with; risk assessments for everything, forms for every excursion, dealing with parents who can be pretty obnoxious. Your home is not your own and becomes a workplace, and you have to take into consideration nuisance complaints (especially in a rental unit!)
  5. British Citizenship by descent

    The British government has a step by step thing to fill in which will give you an indication: You've never had to renounce British citizenship to gain Australian. There's limited reasons why they would - such as a yen to enter politics or avoid national service - and it's not something that would have been done automatically.
  6. Hi I'm in Mackay and I have an autistic brother, though he's always been in NSW and things may have changed significantly since he was at school. As a family we found that autism support in Australia was not good compared to the UK; over there he had support, case workers, residential special schooling and adult employment support. In Australia he was given a disability pension and basically left at home. However, in recent years Centrelink has been volunteering to give him other means of support, such as a money referral support so that anyone chasing money off him has to go through Centrelink to get approval - the idea is people can't rip him off for being naive with money - though he's tight as a duck's bum in winter so that's not really necessary. There's also the NDIS which he's been accepted for; we don't know what exactly that's going to provide long term yet, it might be a part time carer or similar. Now, specifically for Mackay; the school my boys go to has a special needs unit, and indeed a colleague with an autistic son was referred to this school because they are set up to deal with kids who need a bit more intervention. I don't know how many other schools around have a similar unit but there is support locally. Can I ask what you find too quiet where you are? If your kids like sport there's more than a hundred clubs to choose from; mine do Little Athletics but you'll find pretty much all martial arts, all forms of ball sports, everything to do with water (though not surfing, the Barrier Reef stops that, we have pretty flat sea), dressage, go-karting, drag racing. You name it. You'll likely find summer weather horrible compared to NZ. Our summer is like you'd get in Singapore - we are in the tropics after all, but winter is glorious and that's when most of the sporting season is. We don't have the brights lights of Brisbane, but Mackay is one of the largest cities outside the southern corner so we aren't exactly lacking in facilities. Rents are currently pretty cheap though there's a couple of major long-term infrastructure jobs which will probably push them up in the coming years. Crime is pretty low overall though there is an ice issue, but that's being found increasingly everywhere. It's been nearly 100 years since anyone was eaten by a crocodile locally, but stingers are an issue in summer, though the lifeguards drag the water and close the beaches if anything nasty comes in. The beaches are uncrowded, there's plenty of boat ramps and fishing facilities and good, locally grown food. Let me know specifically what you're after and I'll answer honestly, pm me if you don't want to post here.
  7. Australians who travel the most

    Never had an issue with Flight Centre and they've always honoured their price match. They aren't perfect and will certainly try and flog their own insurance products to you, but they've also always taken care of me and have generally been pretty good to deal with. I wonder with the poster above the timing comes into it; to get the fare match you have to come in *on the same day* with a quote that's been taken all the way through to the payment page otherwise it's not considered valid. I've done that numerous times and they've always matched it; the advantage of doing that is that they also waive any credit card fees as the price has to match no matter what your payment method is.
  8. Working in the mines- ex British Army.

    Things are not so dire (at the moment) In Queensland coal; there is, at least temporarily, an upturn in the industry and several sites are recruiting greenskin (inexperienced) operators again. Saying that, they come through labour hire companies like Workpac so there's every chance that come the next blip they'll be laid off. Personally I've recently worked on the preliminaries of four new mine projects within three hours of me - we are at the stage of designing haul roads and hard infrastructure so they are pushing ahead. You tend to get the booms when construction is on the go and that's probably the time your tickets might be of use; under our legislation ( which is possibly different in WA) while a site is under construction you require civvie tickets, when it turns into a mine proper they become irrelevent and you need the RII mining ones. But again, you'd have to see if you can convert your tickets over through an RTO who may charge a motza to do so, and unless you have a visa already you may not be given the chance. Other avenues you might explore could include large international project management companies like Bechtel who seems able to get their workers on major projects anywhere in the world.
  9. Issues with Air BnB Neighbours

    We've had success with noise prosecutions. Our ones have tended to be against corporations making nuisance noises - we once had a brothel complaining that an engineering company was doing to much night testing in the vicinity and the vibrations were upsetting the customers (!) - but talking to a consultant who specialises in it will give the OP an indication of his chances. Can't speak for everyone but we don't get involved in it if we don't think there's a valid complaint simply as it wastes our resources and the client's money.
  10. Moving to Mackay

    Hi. Dunno if you've seen the fairly recent thread on Mackay, it might have been started by Paige. There are areas of Rural View and the Northern Beaches to be avoided, I spoke about them in that thread so won't repeat it now. Rentals are easy to come by presently though the market is picking up; I've just raised rents in two of my places for the first time in 4 years. $100k is easily livable at the moment. If you want to know anything specific about areas and what facilities are there drop me a pm.
  11. Issues with Air BnB Neighbours

    We actually do monitoring for nuisance noise, the stuff we do comes under the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (or DEHP / DERP or whatever they are called this week in QLD, changes regularly). You can seek a noise abatement order, which our monitors are there to provide the info for. The landlord is then responsible otherwise they get prosecuted. You'd want to talk to an environmental consultant. It ain't the cheapest thing in the world to get the monitoring done (anywhere between 2-4K depending on how long the monitors are in use for), but if it's seriously bothersome it's probably worth the investment, especially if you can get your neighbours on board.
  12. Brisbane - darkness?

    We don't have daylight savings in Queensland, and being low latitude there's less variation through the year. As others have said, you don't get the long twilight hours in summer, but neither it is sunset at 4pm in winter.. There's a lot of us here who have never encountered dengue fever or anything else, so don't worry about the mozzies.
  13. Insurance for interstate ambulance cover?

    Quick google says this: Queensland residents travelling interstate If you are a Queensland resident and you receive an invoice for pre-hospital medical care provided to you by another State/Territory Service, you are requested to forward the invoice, along with evidence that you were a Queensland resident at the time of the interstate treatment/transport to : Queensland Ambulance Service Governance and Management Services Unit GPO Box 1425 BRISBANE QLD 4001 The Queensland Ambulance Service will then make the necessary arrangements for the invoice to be paid on your behalf. Ambulance isn't free in Queensland, we pay it as part of our electric bill for some reason.
  14. £10 poms history question

    It wasn't and still isn't a condition of emigration that you had to renounce your British citizenship - had your mother done that she would have been granted a certificate that states she was no longer a citizen of Britain. If she was a British citizen, got on a boat and became a permanent resident of Australia, she's still a British citizen unless she's made an effort to renounce it. What's your date of birth? If it's after 1983 you'd likely be a citizen by descent. If you're unsure send an email to the UK immigration people, they are very helpful - I had to query whether I was a citizen or citizen by descent to see if my kids are eligible for a passport and they were very quick to respond.
  15. £10 poms history question

    My dad was in the same sort of boat; came out in the mid 60's, only took out citizenship a couple of years ago. No, he didn't hand in his passport when he arrived. He was a permanent resident in Australia all that time, but a British citizen.