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  1. Can you bag a bargain home in your area?

    553 according to a quick, unrefined search on realestate.com.au with a max price of $350k. Can't be bothered trawling all the way through to see what's on offer, look at the first few pages show a variety from older freestanding homes on large lots, through to modern units on the river. We had a few hard years but there is a turnaround happening, southern investors are coming back into the market and overall there's a very optimistic feeling around here right now.
  2. Rent Rise

    You can appeal against excessive rent increases. This link tells you how: http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/Tenants_and_home_owners/Renting_a_home/During_a_tenancy/Rent_increases.page Effectively are you paying fair rent compared to the rest of the houses locally? Try negotiating with the landlord (via the agent if that's who they go through). Sometimes it's not in the landlord's interest to lose a tenant as generally the time the place is vacant plus the advertising costs is greater than the amount that the rent would have brought in.
  3. 29 years in Oz... still don't feel settled.

    This was my job, and from the information given there'd be pretty much no chance of being assessed as a home student; we waive the international fee if the student had been temporarily away due to a parent's overseas employment - particularly relevant for the armed forces, but also things like long-term overseas secondments. Just moving back with a British passport is not grounds for home student status. However, it's not as bad as all that; the three year residency basis (or as it was officially put at the time was that you had to be ordinarily resident for reasons other than higher education) can only be two years if you become resident before the 1st September, as that's the date taken as being the cut off point, so if you become ordinarily resident on the 30th august, as far as fees are concerned you've been resident for one year the following day. How this works with the Student Loan Company I don't know, they are independent of the university. Bear in mind too that your fee status is set at the start of the course and does not change, so you wouldn't be able to pay international fees for a year then drop it to home fees once you've been there three years. Things have changed in the last couple of years, and Scotland may have a slightly different system, so it is worthwhile checking with universities as VS suggests, however, I would not be assuming there's much of a chance of it happening.
  4. Moving with kids to Mackay

    Please let me know how you go with your decision. We need doctors here, especially specialists. They've completely rebuilt the Base Hospital recently, they've almost finished the construction of a brand spanky new cancer centre which mean we won't have to go to Brisbane for treatment anymore, as well. The Ring Road is one of a number of large projects happening at the moment - there's a couple of big bypasses and road realignments in the works; a massive new athletics centre being put in right now, there's longer term plans for the airport to go international though the authorities are being a bit schtum on where that'll be to (NZ is front-runner at the moment). There are also a heap of new pit developments happening within a few hours of us which is attracting the investment back into town and according to the radio we now have one of the lowest regional unemployments in QLD. If you want any further info please don't hesitate to pm me.
  5. Moving with kids to Mackay

    I moved out by myself and cranked out the kids in Mackay, however, I know several families who have moved out here from the UK with their kids, settled in, bought houses and are happy here. Kids are adaptable; in reality it's no different for them to moving to another city and starting a new school; my parents moved me between Australia and England four times between the ages of 2 and 15 and while I resented them at the time, I soon made friends and settled wherever we ended up. While there may not be the attractions of the city, frankly I find the complete lack of commute time to be totally worth it, though you do have to alter your schedule to get things done in the day due to the lack of evening light; being near the equator we have fairly even day/nights, so not that horrendous long darkness in winter, but also we don't get that lovely twilight in summer either. I won't lie about summer - it sucks big time, however, you just get on with it. Personally I walk the dog at 5.30 in the morning to avoid the heat, and it's not uncommon to see families doing their bike rides together in the early evening when it's not as sticky. The trade-off is that winter is absolutely glorious; think constant 25 during the day, 15 overnight and no rain for months - that's also when the outdoor sports season is. Can i ask what you do for a living? Most of the people who move here from the UK seem to be attached to either medical professions or heavy industry. There is a huge resurgence in the town right now and there's a very positive feeling around.
  6. Moving with kids to Mackay

    Mackay is a pretty family orientated town and there's loads of people who have come from the UK, so your kids won't be regarded as freaks, don't worry. Do they do sports or anything? yesterday was the big sign-on expo and 130 clubs were there so there's loads of different things for them to do. You may find Mackay a bit of a culture shock after London, though we are one of the largest regional towns in Queensland, we are just that - a regional town so don't expect bright lights big city sort of deal. The plus side is you can accidentally leave the garage door open all night and no one has a poke around in your house (as i did last night, oops). If you use the "search" button you'll find lots of recent threads about Mackay and good places to live, good schools etc. If you have any specific questions please ask, I have two kids and know the feeling!
  7. Advice

    We used to be able to employ WHVs for much longer periods as our engineering company was split into 4 ABNs and a holding company. If we liked the person working for us we would just transfer them between the different subsidiary companies. Doesn't answer your question directly, but ask your boss whether they have that sort of arrangement, it worked for us for ages until we were bought out by an international company.
  8. Cheap Flights to South America

    Is that Qantas codeshare with Latam? I've seen them down to about $900 out of season from Sydney, though sometimes it's via Auckland. It's very early to be getting prices that far ahead, normally 300 days out you'll be getting all the airlines. Last year Latam had a good sale on which was in October for travel early / mid 2018. I'm doing that route April next year so have been monitoring prices.
  9. Childminding in oz

    My daycare was $7.50 p/h, $10 out of hours and different rates for sleepovers. Be aware though, there are a *lot* of extra things the daycare are expected to do on top of that (assuming you are part of a scheme and not just advertising on FB); you have to do daily observations, risk assess everything, have a home that meets regulations for ceiling height, daylight and temperature etc, plus if you have your own kids under 13 they count towards the maximum number of children who are allowed in the house at any time. My lady is actually trying to get out of it now as the red tape is getting unbearable. If you don't own your own home also bear in mind that the landlord's insurance may not allow it - my insurance with Suncorp had a clause specifically forbidding a tenant from running their own business within a home. I queried it as my tenants were self-employed concreters but insurance said it was for things like daycare that could potentially cause damage (don't shoot the messenger on that one, it's what they said!)
  10. Name Change Certificate

    You can download stat dec proformas, is that what you're after? Here's the link to the Australian High Commission's choice of form https://www.ag.gov.au/Publications/Statutory-declarations/Pages/default.aspx
  11. Japan with kids

    Just arrived back on the weekend. Found Japan very easy to get around - station announcements are in English and Japanese so not difficult in the slightest. Did a couple of Viator day trips to Mt Fuji and on the bullet train, but did find the governing factor was the endurance of Mr 5, but didn't expect too much otherwise. Didn't like Tokyo too much; it's kind of seedy but the people are friendly and really cannot do enough to help you out. If you've seen the original Total Recall, with the constant noise and advertising, you kind of get the idea what it's like. Skiing was fantastic in Sapporo, went the Club Med route which was exxy as a single payment, but when you consider that it includes all meals and ski tuition, the numbers aren't too much different from New Zealand. We loved it so much that a return trip is on the cards, though this time I'll go via Singapore on a daytime flight and stopover for a couple of days - we went ANA via Sydney direct, and the return leg was 30 hours of travel which was hideous - got the kids a couple if cheap tablets to play which were sanity savers! Next time we will fly via Osaka as we elected not to do too much travel with kids and ski gear in tow. I'd really, really recommend that anyone in the same position books airport pick ups; while the trains are great and relatively easy to navigate, doing it after an overnight flight with a fractious family is not the greatest start to a holiday.
  12. Bread making

    I just use a Kenwood with a dough hook; works fine every time. Our oven has a proving setting, but generally it's warm enough on the kitchen bench anyway (sometimes the tropics has its benefits)
  13. Bread making

    I use Lauke brand http://www.laucke.com.au/Catalog/breadmixes Apparently Woolies have stopped stocking them but Coles still does.
  14. Advice for moving back to England

    From what I'm reading, providing you didn't rescind your British citizenship when you took out Australian, you are still a citizen with full right of abode in the UK and you don't need a visa of any sort, is that what you're asking? If your partner was born in the UK with at least one UK citizen parent, in all likelihood he is a full citizen already as well. UK immigration has an online checklist called "Am I a UK citizen?" (or something similar) if he's unsure. Again, unless his citizenship was rescinded, or there are circumstances other than those I'm reading in your post then there's no barriers to you going back to the UK.
  15. Beachfront house mid-north Qld

    Sarina itself has a giant bronze toad equipped with wifi. Dead hi-tech up this way...