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  1. Love my induction. My mother in law recommended one when we reno'd the kitchen as the kids would have to make a real effort to burn the house down with it. I have no issues with burning at all - you do need decent heavy-bottomed pans though, and pans with a large indent for a name brand can cause them to get hotspots and shut down. The one thing I wish I realised before doing the reno is that the prettiest stone surfaces aren't necessarily the best choice. I pretty much clad the entire kitchen in stone and selected a very nice looking surface which unfortunately is very soft and gets damaged easily.
  2. Eera

    UK bank account

    Really? There's my savings account having to go elsewhere. Went them as thy have no overseas withdrawal fees on their debt cards. Bummer
  3. Eera

    UK bank account

    I had one of these from Citibank, I questioned it with them as it was going on about declaring taxes for the US and it seemed a bit scammy. Citi confirmed it was actually genuine and gave the reason for it : "Please be advised that the form is required to enable Citi to determine our customers tax residency(ies) to comply with our obligations under CRS. Penalties may apply (under local and other laws) if you provide false or misleading information". I basically told them it was stupid as I've never had anything to do with the US and don't bother me with it again. Nothing has happened since. If it's the same thing you can probably safely ignore it.
  4. Eera

    Camping and Caravanning in Australia

    Picked up the brand new wobbly box today. Just in time for end of school holidays, but oh well, manufacturing is outside of the control of the dealer. Planning on some local stuff first - up to the Whitsundays and so on, then start venturing inland and seeing some more of this great country. So exciting - not having to wrestle with wet canvas!
  5. Eera

    So who's going to New Zealand this year?!

    haha yeah. Apparently they are trying to swap everyone over to AirNZ but there's currently nothing that doesn't involve a massive layover in either Brisbane or Auckland. Hoping that they'll be upping the number of flights into something convenient soon!
  6. Eera

    So who's going to New Zealand this year?!

    I've had a trip booked since way before the announcement - missed out on skiing last year so the credit carried over. of course Virgin is not coming to the party who I have my flights with so in the midst of trying to rearrange actually getting there.
  7. Don't worry about it - he'll be fine. There's no meaningful distinction between the two countries from a 6 year old's perspective. It's more important that his parents are happy and settled. If he's got a very close friend he might miss him/her for a couple of weeks but kids are highly adaptable and will move on fast.
  8. Eera

    Christian Schools

    Seems to depend on the school; one of our local Anglican school prides itself on having diverse beliefs and happily accepts hindus, muslims, secular as well as christian. Another school not far away insists on both kids and parents being baptised.
  9. Eera

    Moving back to UK for A levels

    I used to do assessment for fees in a university overseas student department, things my have changed but I'll say what our criteria were. There's a caveat that I've not done this for a number of years, and how the Student Loans Company assess status is different. First off, its the university who decides whether you're a home or overseas student, so we have discretion for individual circumstances. If you wrote us a nice letter saying that you'd only been in the country for two years because your family had moved back from overseas and you considered your future to be in Britain we'd probably let you in as a home student. Bear in mind that your fee status remains as it was when you were assessed; if you were assessed as International at the start of the course, you remain International throughout your studies, so you can't do a year as an International then tick over to Home after doing a year and getting three years residency total Technically, people who board while having a residence overseas are NOT eligible for Home fee status - the criteria is "resident in the UK for three years for reasons other than education". If you have a mailing address or a rental or something I'm sure you can get away with using that - I don't actually recall that we checked too closely: a bum on a seat is a bum on a seat. A year of residency is determined by being in the country at the cutoff date which I think was August 31st; if you arrived in the country on August 29th, as of the 31st officially that was one year. If you have any queries, email the fees department of a given university, they're basically there to do this kind of stuff so are best placed to give you advice.
  10. Eera

    Five days of Quarantine

    You can lease multiple cars - I had two on the go prior to one lease expiring. The lease companies will bombard you with numbers showing how it's a huge advantage to you, but take the numbers with a huge grain of salt as they are assuming that you are comparing like for like - the same insurance, the same fuel costs etc. It doesn't work like that in reality and there aren't the large financial advantages there were a few years ago before the FBT rules were changed.
  11. Eera

    Five days of Quarantine

    It doesn't any more - a couple of years ago the FBT rules were changed which means novated leases now come partially funded from after-tax contributions; I pay more post tax than pre-tax on it. Plus you're pretty much locked into the servo brand and the insurance that the lease people dictate - it currently costs me considerably less to insure an Evoque than it did a leased Tucson because I can bundle my insurance. The advantage is basically you have a kitty automatically put aside and really don't have to worry about it too much - providing you don't go over the items they list which are commonly 4 new tyres in the lease and X many km per year in fuel etc. If you do, you have to make up the difference; if you don't you get it back (fully taxed) at the end of the lease. I've had four novated leases but won't have another one, there's no longer the advantages that there were.
  12. My auntie was the congregational leader of the Sisters of Mercy (basically head nun of her faction in Australia), and because there's not many of them around these days they had spare room. It was cool because she's one of those get-out-there-and-help-the-community sorts and had set up a drop-in centre for indigenous and islander people in Mt Druitt, with a bush tucker garden and storytelling area - so the indigenous youth could reconnect to the elders and their heritage - though it was open to any ethnic group who wanted to be part of it. I volunteered there while I was unemployed and met some wonderful uncles and aunties. We also got the local supermarkets to donate their day old bread and damaged tins etc instead of throwing them out so that anyone who needed food could come and get some.
  13. Intended to go to Kalgoorlie of all places (I like big holes in the ground). Missed the job I was going for as I was travelling in Tanzania when the interview came up. Ended up staying in a convent in Sydney, couldn't get a job in any of the cities, ended up in the regional tropics, been here 16 years now. Every time we go back to visit any of the major cities I'm very glad I'm where I am - can't image living in one now.
  14. Eera

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    Had the exterminators in and ended up with window tracks full of dead bugs. Had a great old time with ultra-macro.
  15. Eera

    Camping and Caravanning in Australia

    Ended up putting in an order yesterday; 15 foot in travel position, expands out to 19 feet with electric annex etc. Looking forwards to getting it and actually being able to get away in wet season - aircon, hurrah! March is ETA at the moment.