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  1. Thanks all for your posts/insight. Its such a hard decision. We can't move anywhere at the moment as we need to grow equity so for now we have to stay put and try be happy here. If by the time we have enough equity to move it will be back to Melbourne. At least there we and the kids have our old connections. I think the thought of trying somewhere new in Aus is just too much and the wrong knee jerk idea to being unhappy here. UK is always going to have that pull but we chose Aus for a reason and I think moving from Melbourne to Geelong and not liking it made me just want to give up and move back to the UK when I think in hindsight it's actually Melbourne we miss.
  2. Hi All, We've lived in Aus for 13 years now. Originally from Yorkshire. 11 years in Melbourne which was great but we always felt the pull some what. We had one child when we came, he was only 1 so basically Aussie and another here a year later. We moved a year and a bit ago from Melbourne to Geelong to get in the housing market and I'm not settled. I'm questioning everything and just want to belong, and feel happy like I did in the UK. I know I'm probably thinking through rose tinted glasses but the feeling just doesn't go. I'm also trying desperately to be happy here and greatful for what we have and have achieved. Maybe it just takes time to make friends etc but I can't see it happening as my kids are older now. Anyway my question is what affect do you think moving around has on children 13 and 10??? They are settled in Geelong but fo miss melbs friends. How do they cope long term with multiple moves? Is it good for them? Damaging? I keep thinking about going back to the UK, back to melb, trying Perth etc but up routing them stops me. Plus the grass been green effect. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks
  3. Zed

    Moving to Torquay

    Hi there, We recently moved to Geelong after 10 years in Melbourne so we could get on the ladder and if I could live anywhere it would be Torquay or Ocean Grove....i don't have the money though. They are both coastal and beautiful. I'd say Torquay is more up market and becoming more hip each day. We are in Leopold which is a suburb between the Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong and is the best of both worlds for us as 10 mins to Geelong and 10 mins to Ocean Grove beach. I love the Bellarine, bike trails, wineries and beaches but in not really into Geelong, though smaller and less traffic to me all the areas are just suburbs. Although if you can afford around the river that too is lovely. One of my Irish friends lives in Newtown and that's a lovely suburb. We are a family of 4, originally from Leeds. Still trying to settle here and meet friends so if want to know anything else over a coffee give me a shout.
  4. Hi all, Is there anywhere 45 mins away max travelling time away from Newcastle that we could buy for 700-750k? Not too far from the beach, family friendly, good community feel too. 3 bed house minimum. Would sacrifice the beach for country if we could have a bit of land and good community, as long as my hubby could drive to work and there are decent public schools. Thanks
  5. Zed

    Where near Newcastle

    Hi all, Is there anywhere 45 mins away max travelling time away from Newcastle that we could buy for 700-750k? Not too far from the beach, family friendly, good community feel too. 3 bed house minimum. Would sacrifice the beach for country if we could have a bit of land and good community, as long as my hubby could drive to work and there are decent public schools. Thanks
  6. Zed

    Which area in Sunshine Coast

    Thanks so much for this, great info
  7. Zed

    Which area in Sunshine Coast

    Hopefully we get some good tips Ken
  8. Hi all, My hubby and I plus to kids 10 & 7 have been trying to relocate to Qlds from Melbourne for sometime now and fingers crossed my hubby may have a job lined up in Noosaville. Please can you advise on good suburbs no more than 30 mins commute away from his work where we can buy a 3 bed for under 600k... We won't be ready to buy for 2 years so want to rent where we can buy later and not be priced out. Good public primary and high schools are important and no more than a 10 min drive to the beach. Good community spirt, cafes etc but doesn't need to be bustling. Just things to do for the kids etc. Thanks in advance
  9. Zed

    National insurance stamps

    Brilliant help. Thanks all
  10. Zed

    National insurance stamps

    Thank you.....this gives me something to work on. Appreciate your help.
  11. Hi there, I'm 38 and have lived in Australia for nearly 10 years now. Someone said to me I should continue to pay my national insurance in the UK so I can claim that pension too. I only paid about 10 years worth in the UK and haven't paid any since living here. Can anyone advise if this is true and how I should go about it? I'm reading lots of differing articles online. Thanks
  12. HI there, Currently living/renting in the Mordialloc area of South East Melbourne and love it. However, we just cant afford to buy here so we are starting to look elsewhere. Any recommendations for around 500k that has a great family lifestyle, inc parks, pool, cafes etc, plenty for the children to do when young and teenagers. Not too hot and humid (so not too far North), a beach nearby, good public schools and amenities such as shops, doctors and a hospital not too far away. I'm open to anywhere that is affordable, even if it doesn't have all of the above but is growing. Any further advice on Gold and Sunshine Coasts, North and South coast NSW would be really appreciated Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks all for your help, think we are going to stick with Frankston/South now maybe Seaford isn't for us.
  14. Sounds interesting, whats the show, Ill look out for it, thanks
  15. Hi there, My husband, I and two kids are currently living in Mordialloc and we love it here. The beach lifestyle, the café culture, the community feel and all the amenities that come with it for adults and kids. We have been here for two years now on a PR visa and plan to stay for good. However we are wasting our money renting and really need to buy. We have little deposit and I am currently a SAHM so only one wage. There is no way we can afford a place here so we are looking to move elsewhere and hopefully get back to Mordy one day. Anyway we are looking to spend around 400K and need a 3 bed place with a garden. According to Real Estate we can go to Chelsea Heights, Carrum Downs, Seaford or Frankston/South for this amount of money. Im leaning towards Seaford as it has the beach, shops etc as Mordy does and im hoping that over then next few years it will develop in the same way Mordialloc has. Does anyone know if this the case? Are there any plans to improve/invest in Seaford? Is Seaford a good place to start out as a first time buyer, will our money grow here? or do you think the other suburbs I mentioned above are a good place to put our money? Also any investor gurus out there who have any other recommendations, please let me know. Im doing research on the net and driving round places but its so hard to get started when you know nothing about buying and your in a different country. Another consideration for us is good kinders, playgroups and schools etc, with two very young kids I need things to keep them busy and id like to be able to walk to the local shops etc, this isn't a must but a like to have, I found this lacked in Frankston South although it was beautiful. Last and final questions, is it better to get on the property ladder somewhere else or better to stay in Mordi and save like mad until we can afford to buy here (prob 10 years! lol) as Ive been told buying to earn money, sell on and move up the ladder is very expensive here and isn't done like it is back in the UK??? Thanks a lot for your help.