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  1. EmilysDad

    Flight via USA

    To complete… Esta approved and valid until Oct 2024 application and process quite straightforward even for a tech phobic like me.. aside from ID details it’s mainly a series of yes/no questions to answer, pay your money and then wait…
  2. EmilysDad

    Flight via USA

    Thank you so much, I eventually found the Qantas site which is much clearer than the British one. As UK (and Aus) are included in the visa waive scheme an ESTA is needed, costs $21us and has to be applied at least 72 hours before departure
  3. EmilysDad

    Flight via USA

    Thanks so much for the replies, can I clarify it’s an ESTA needed. Not a visa..?
  4. EmilysDad

    Flight via USA

    Hi, have valid visitor visa for entry in to AUS. Usually travel via East/ Singapore/Dubai etc. This time flights are via USA. No intention or plans to leave the airport.. Do I need a visa ? ESTA?? Neither??? many thanks
  5. EmilysDad

    What Book are you reading??

    Oo thanks Marisa, I’ll check him out..
  6. EmilysDad

    What Book are you reading??

    I’m over from the UK visiting family and try to read “local” books, from the library. Last time here read a book I found fascinating, re-read it again (two years later).. same experience.. thought provoking.. Sand Talk- How indigenous thinking can save the world by Tyson Yunkaporta Also enjoyed Dust Off The Bones.. good thriller set in Queensland by Paul Howarth
  7. EmilysDad


    Thanks Tulip 1, that’s reassuring. My NHS digital one arrived early this evening, and I have printed copies so that should suffice
  8. EmilysDad


    Hi, good news re the pre-departure testing now no longer required I’ve encountered a bit of grit with my DPD, be grateful for some advice/thoughts. I need to upload/attach my vaccinations certificate, I have the travel version from the NHS, the problem is I have a two page paper copy and it won’t let me upload more than 1 page. I’ve tried scanning and zip them but the site won’t accept this.. Am I missing some obvious fix?? I’ve applied back to the NHS for a digital version but not sure if this will be with me in time, my other thought if I can only attach 1 page will be to attach the one with details re vaccine 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 on the basis it’s implicit I’ve had the first and will have the original paper cert with me… TIA
  9. EmilysDad


    I’m flying via Singapore so I believe at the moment I’ll need proof of vaccination but not vaccinated travel pass as I’ll be in the Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane. I will re check nearer the time (fly on 25th April ).
  10. EmilysDad


    Thank you
  11. EmilysDad


    Thankyou I’m so excited
  12. EmilysDad


    Hi, sorting out documents for my trip later this month and wanting to check I’m not missing anything. I have a valid passport and e651 visa. I need to do my Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) 7 days before departure. Need Vaccination Certificate (already requested) PCR within three days of departure (or supervised Rapid Antigen within 24 hours).. HOWEVER on the website it states: “pre departure testing requirements will be removed for all passengers arriving/transiting Australia from 18 April 2022. If this happens I’m assuming I won’t need PCR/RA?? thanks
  13. EmilysDad

    Presents to take back to UK

    Not a genius idea but to confirm your thinking, Sports shirts have always gone down really well with my friends and family (of all genders) particularly State Of Origin, Aussie Rules and those with indigenous influence.
  14. EmilysDad

    Sending money from uk

    I’ve used Wise (formerly Transferwise) many times over the past few years. Always results in recipient getting more $ and costs less. Easy and quick once set up.
  15. EmilysDad

    Evisitor (651) and exemption processing times

    That sounds really tough, hope you get good news soon.. My understanding from what people have shared on PIO was visa first, then put visa number in application for exemption, I don’t know if that is a key difference?