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  1. Hands Morgan

    Blocklaying / Bricklaying

    Good afternoon, Moving out to Darwin in the next couple of weeks, I"m a 40 year old bricklayer in the UK. I used to live in Queensland for 3 years where I've worked on the building but was mainly brickwork, only did blocks a few times. I known the work is different more block laying in the Northern Territory, how hard is it to get up to scratch there? and is there a lot of work? My partner is starting a job in health, so I will be looking for something around August. Any advise would be welcome. Kind regards, Paul
  2. Hands Morgan

    Moving to Darwin

    Thank you for responding, we have been looking on line and see many properties come up, but the news we are seeing over here is housing shortages and large queues to view properties. Wanted to understand is if it is difficult to get a rent as we have no recent history although I will be employed by the Government on arrival. Thank you for reading and you help, Kind regards, Stacey
  3. Hands Morgan

    Children's football in Darwin

    Thank you everyone, this is very helpful. Kind regards, Stacey
  4. I am due to move to Darwin with my four children in June, and a concern the children have is are there any football teams for them to join for current age groups 13 and 10, I wish this was my only concern!! My 13 year old has played at at a high standard in the UK, and wants to get playing straight away. Any recommendations and advice on how the leagues work would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Stacey
  5. Hands Morgan

    Moving to Darwin

    I am moving to Darwin in June and I start my new job in Palmerston in July from the UK. I have four children and am wondering if the rents are really hard to obtain with a budget really of no more than $600 per week? And are there any short term rentals / caravan parks (as we stayed in one of these in Brisbane and it was okay for a temporary period), you could recommend. Thanks for reading. Kind regards, Stacey