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Found 40 results

  1. Hi, EOI can anyone advise? Where you fill out the education section on the EOI, do I need to list my GCSEs, A levels and PGCE or just my BA Hons degree for which I will be claiming the points?
  2. Guest

    GCSE schools and college age 16

    My son is in year 11 and currently doing his GCSE's, he is 16. If we wait until he has done them before we go (finish June) Will he go to school or college there when we arrive? He would like to do something sports related. Am I doing the right thing letting him do his GCSEs first? Any advice or information on where I can find on about school or college entry would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys i have a slight dilemma. My son is sitting his english GCSE's this summer (hes in year 11) and we are thinking of moving to sydney so i can be with my aging parents and he wants to finish school there because we are originally from sydney and have an australian passport. A school we think that looks nice is the Barker College ; It appeals to both me and my son. Unfortunately ive heard mixed answers to this question on yahoo and now i want to know for real whats the answer : i want to know if he can use his (good) GCSE results to get into Barker. On Yahoo some people say yes they can be converted, others say no, they dont mean a thing in australia:arghh:. I also know that school starts/ends differently;that it ends in mid july over here, starts september, while in sydney school starts/finishes january/december or somewhere along those lines. Because of the school start/end difference should i send my son 1 term (up till december) to start his A levels, or should we just make the move to sydney, settle in? If we do the 2nd option, do we have to start school right away or..... we've got until around april to decide if we will move back home to sydney. thank you guys so much for your help! :biggrin:
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Rafael, 17 years of age and currently live in the UK. I'm looking to move to Sydney ASAP to be closer with my family over there. Now, there are many things that puzzle me. (Apologies if I go on for a bit, but I appreciate it if you could help) Firstly, I have completed my GCSE's and currently in Sixth Form doing my AS. I've looked at my options but they're very confusing. I have been told that my GCSE's aren't equivalent to Oz High School Certificate, and that they are not good enough for TAFE. I've been told that I will have to study Year 11 and Year 12 at High School in Oz. Is this true? I have contacted TAFE on the other hand, and they said that my GCSE's are equivalent to Oz High school certificate. This is the link they sent me. http://www.detinternational.nsw.edu.au/tafe/downloads/tafe_acadrequire.pdf I would prefer it if I would be accepted into TAFE. Secondly, I want to do an apprenticeship in OZ. I have looked on the TAFE website but it doesn't have any for international student. There are only apprenticeships for onshore students. Is it possible for me to do an apprenticeship straight away? If so, is there any link or website? Everywhere I look, I can't find the right answer, so I would deeply appreciate it if you could help. Many thanks
  5. Guest

    GCSE Dilemma

    I am moving back to the UK because we have frankly had enough of this country and want to return home to Britain. I have lived there all my life apart from the passed two years. When I return I will be going into the beginning of Year 11 and I am worried that I will not know the adequate things and if it is all a bit late for starting GCSE study. Please help!! Thanks in advance.
  6. Guest

    GCSE in Perth

    Hi All, Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has a son or daughter who's at this stage of schooling. How they getting on and how does it compare to the UK ??
  7. Tappers2oz

    Got my GCSE result and......

    I PASSED!!!!! It took me 4 flaming years but i have finally done it! :laugh: I can now say i have a B grade in GCSE English! The 4 years were 1 year in school, the following 2 (yes both years i got a D!) years in college. Then a break for 8 years and finally did it this year. A lesson to people, NEVER GIVE UP. You can do it. :jiggy: :hug: Hope all others waiting for results have got what they wanted.
  8. wildbriz

    Finish High School in UK or Oz?

    Hi, Sorry if some of these questions have been asked before regarding GCSE's etc. We are currently based in the UK with Australian citizenships, left Oz after 15 years for the UK primary schooling for our high functioning autistic son. He is now 14 and starting his GCSE's. From what we can roughly estimate based on his current performance he is likely to achieve grade 3's in Science, English and Maths possibly with a number of other subjects as well. Does anyone know if his GCSE's could be converted / translated in to Australian equivalents? If so, would these be recognised by potential employers? Would having GCSE's as opposed to the equivalent Australian qualification be a significant disadvantage? Alternatively we could return to Australia and let him complete his schooling in Oz. This is not the easiest of decisions to make because of the difference between the UK and Oz in their support systems but we have come across a few high schools that look promising. In some high schools he would get some shared aide time in mainstream classrooms and access to a support unit continuing through year 11 and 12. We have been told that some special needs students leave after year 10 and go on to TAFE but the subjects they seem to study are more vocational in nature. I guess one of the questions we are trying to find an answer as to is whether Grade 3's in GCSE's would be equivalent to the completion of year 12 and, if so, would they equate to low or medium level passes? If any one has any experience with these conversions and can help we would be very grateful. Thanks wildbriz
  9. Lady Tottington

    Help GCSE's!!!

    I was wondering if anyone could advise us. We are wanting to return to the UK, after being out here in Oz for only 18 months. Although Oz is a lovely place it is also a very lonely part of the world. The dilemma we are facing is our daughter is 14, turning 15 in August she is currently in year 10 at a private school here on the coast. The question is how will this affect her going back to school in the UK and here GCSE’s. We cannot return till next Easter which means she will be in year 11 here and not done any of her GCSE’s has anyone returned during this time and their child been able to study GCSE’s. Would she be able to resit the whole of year 11 and still pass here exams. I hate the fact that we have to do this, and we feel trapped but as it stands our family is being torn apart as we so desperately want to return. I don’t want to ruin our daughter’s education but I feel sick everyday with upset and I feel that I have failed her as a mother. Any advice would be most welcomed Thanks for listening :confused: Sam
  10. Hi Everyone I have a dilema, I have 3 children but it is my 16yr old that concerns me the most. He is about to take his GCSE's in the UK and we are due to move to Melbourne end of Aug. I have been intouch with the secondary school and have advised me that he will start the end of yr 10 progressing to Yr 11 in Jan 2012. However he will be older than his peers at this stage. I have heard about continual assessment whereby he could use his GCSE as his first Yr of VCE and therefore go into YR 12 in Jan with his age group. Is this possible or did I just dream it somewhere. Any clear advise on this would be greatly recieved, as I am starting to feel a little frazzled by the whole moving lark right now.:wacko: Thanks
  11. Hi I am moving to Australia in may. i was wanting to start doing some Highers but don't know where to start and find out information about what they do for adult education is there a distance learning website or a learn direct type establishment because i want to get my self better meducted. Thanks for your help
  12. I need some advice, my husband comes to Perth in Feb/March and it is our intention that we follow in July. My problem is my son is in year 10 so next year he will be doing his GCSE's he has worked really hard this year and is on for A's and B's do I wait to join my husband unitl he has finished his GCSE's so instead of coming over in 2011 it will be 2012. I really don't know what to do for the best. Has anybody been in this situation who could give me some advice. Thank you Diane x
  13. twinkletoes35

    AHPRA reg and GCSE certs

    hi all trying to get my papers together for my nursing registration, after 20yrs I cannot find my GCSE certificates, contacted AHPRA who gave me a long list of other possible options. Has anyone else got there nursing reg with APHRA without producing there GCSE certificates and not done the IELTS test? thanks TT
  14. Hi - Sorry I know this subject comes up alot and from reading old posts I understood that GCSE's don't count in Australia. However reading the victoria education site it states that some overseas qualifications can be recognised and it quotes GCSE's as being recognised as equivalent to VCE units 1 and 2 (Yr 11) level. Has anyone had experience of having GCSE's assessed? How long in yr 11 does it usually take to complete units 1 and 2? Also do City Guilds exist in Australia as my son is hoping to acheive these in construction, motor mechanics and engineering. Thanks Vanessa
  15. Guest

    anybody taken GCSE in OZ

    We are due to fly out early March to Perth and have a slight dilema. We went to parents evening for our 16 year old son (who was due to take his gcse's in may/june) and the teachers asked if there is anyway he can complete his course in Australia, or take his final exam there. We are aware that Gcse's dont count for anything there anyway, but it would be nice for him to finish them off and get his qualifications. (just in case we have to come back for any reason, cant think of one at the moment but you never know.) Thanks Gary:arghh:
  16. Guest

    Moving to Perth after GCSE's

    Can anyone offer advice regarding getting my son into schools in Perth. We are moving over on a 457 (temporary) visa in June 2011 after he has completed his GCSE's. He should then move into year 12, which will be half way through the year. Not good as this puts him at a distinct disadvantage in getting any kind of formal qualification for completeing high school. (the WACE) I have contact a couple of schools to see if they would consider him starting in year 11 instead mid June, but so far have drawn a blank. They say it is not department policy to put students in different year groups. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this??

    GCSE's options equivilent QLD

    Hello We are moving to Gold Coast in October. My eldest son is 14 years old (well next Monday :biggrin:) and is due to start year 10 here in the UK. He has picked what GCSE options he wants to do here when he was in year 9. I was wondering what happens in QLD? Do they pick what subjects they wish to do and if so will it be when we arrive? I think he will be in Year 9 in Australia and start in Year 10 in January. He is 14 at the end of August. :unsure: Thanks Jill xxx
  18. bettyboo

    15 year old / gcse

    As we have been given a must enter Australia date before 11th of may 2011, do we just validate our visas come back and let our daughter take her GCSE 'S or do we just go for it. ( our only concern is if it doesn't work out she will have no uk qualifications ). Any thoughts.
  19. My husband's company have offered him a 2 year contract in Sydney, which we are really excited about. However, our daughter is 13 and I'm concerned about how this will affect her education. If we go, she'll spend the next 2 years following an Australian curriculum and then on her return will only have a year to work towards GCSE's - possibly not a good idea? (Whether we'll get her back into her oversubscribed school is a whole other issue...!) Our other possible option is to extend the contract for an additional year which would mean she would be able to do the School Certificate in Australia and then return for A'Levels in the UK. Does anyone know much about the SC? Is it compatible with going on to A'Levels? Have asked her school, but they haven't been too forthcoming. I feel like my head is spinning at the moment- this has all been so sudden!
  20. Guest


    Dear all We're considering moving out to the Brisbane area (dependant on my hubby finding work) in Summer 2011 after my eldest daughter finishes her GCSE's. Will she be able to transfer straight into a college over there to do whatever is the equivalent to our A levels? I'm a little concerned as I hear that GCSE aren't recognised out there. Does this mean she'd have to take exams again, which would seem rather harsh!! Tracy x:confused:
  21. ozzbound

    GCSE results today!!!

    Well its results day and we have been up to the school with our daughter. She did fantastic!!! 5 x A's; 2 x A*s 1 x B and 2 x C !!!! We are very proud :cry::laugh: It is so annoying that all this hard work she has put in stands for nothing in Australia. We leave next month and have no idea what she is going to do; she is not keen on returning to school and we are trying to sell the VCE as A levels but its not going down well....
  22. carlos66

    GCSE's are they worth anything?

    We are just about to apply for my SA state sponsorship plus visa at the same time and have been told by the agent that the timeline is about 4-6 months. We have a 14year old boy about to go into year 10, so we have a dilema, do we stay until he finishes his GCSE's or do we go sooner, as our friends in Brisbane have said that they are not recognised in Aus. Seems a shame for him to do all the work over here if this is the case. Plus he also has slight Autism (Asperger's ) so if anyone can shed some light on the support given to special needs in school. Thanks Carl
  23. Guest

    School Cert = GCSE?

    We are possibly moving back to UK at the end of 2010 - my eldest son will have finished Year 11 and my youngest will have just completed Year 10. Can anyone tell me if the Year 10 school certficates will count the same as GCSE's when we go back to UK and should they be able to study straight for their A levels? Can anyone help me - been trying to get in touch with people in UK but they take so long to get back to me amd we are so desperate to know so we can plan. HELP!!:notworthy:
  24. Guest

    Education after GCSE's

    Hi Everyone Would appreciate some help with whats the best option for 16 - 17 year olds education. I will be going on a temp visa so will have to fund my daughter's education until she's 18. I have found the fees for Tafe and know she could take a diploma there but does anyone know what the fees are for high schools? Not sure what is the best route to go? Dont think she will want to go to high school as Tafe will seem more 'grown up' as she puts it, but it will all be down to funding. Any help would be greatly appreciated :jiggy:
  25. Guest

    GCSE tutors

    We are considering moving to Australia and our 12yr old son is in 1st yr high school in London. If we came to Australia, could we hire GCSE tutors that keep him up to speed on anything he may be missing out on in the UK so we could go back if needed ?