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  1. pinkpom

    Is it still worth it?

    Thanks so much for the replies everyone. You’ve given me lots to think about. @Ausvisitor if you don’t mind me asking - where did you live in the UK? We are in the south east, so costs are very high in the UK anyway, but yes I’m totally aware how high costs are particularly in Sydney. Housing and food would be higher for sure. I’m just wondering if we would notice the increase as much as someone who moved from regional UK. We have neither a big house (just a standard 3 bed) or a nice car, but to be honest we’re not very interested in cars (totally happy with cheap but reliable second hand) and are aware we’d have to live in a unit while starting out. We live a fairly simple life in the UK and would be looking to continue that. My salary would pretty much double by moving over so we could take a little bit of a hit on OH’s and still be slightly better off financially particularly with the childcare subsidy I think. Just been having a conversation with my cousin about rates and our council tax works out double to what hers are in Queensland! I think I’m pivoting to maybe Brisbane. Also have some family and friends nearby. I don’t think OH would go for a career change, but I will speak to him about everything that’s been said on here. I’ll also get him to look at maybe doing a qualification over here that might lead to some better job opportunities. 3 days in the office would be ok but we’d need to look carefully at the commute times. @GeeBee we would also think about rentvesting! It’s interesting how rent prices (although they’re astronomical) don’t really translate to mortgages, so you can rent a house for much less than buying. I suppose it’s because they are mortgage free. How did you find the move and setting up? Do you have children?
  2. pinkpom

    Is it still worth it?

    We were actually thinking slightly further north - Hornsby, for example. The train time is 45 mins in the morning according to Google maps, I’d guess the total commute would be about an hour - we’d have to rent close to the station. And I do know there’s a rental crisis and that might be difficult. We are prepared for the first year to be tough while we establish ourselves. That’s the same as the commute time he does here in the UK. I’ve done a fair bit of research and it seems a lot of companies are still offering hybrid working - 2/3 days in the office and the rest WFH. There’s a lot of chat about family friendly policies and flexibility, same as the UK. Is that not the case then? Are they just paying lip service to it? I’m reading articles about how WFH is here to stay and companies are responding to it. He’s in the office 2 days a week at the moment and it works well. An hour commute twice a week is fine. But if the job adverts are not being truthful and there’s still a culture of being pressured to come into the office for long hours then yeah, that wouldn’t work for us. He’s in finance but not hugely high level in a very pressured role. Mid level financial services really. Thanks for the tip about going south. My family are all north so I was concentrating there to have a bit of support from them, but I’ll have a look down there.
  3. pinkpom

    Is it still worth it?

    I would have a job before I got here. Employers are snapping my hand off, to be frank ( I was slightly worried one of the hospitals wouldn’t let me leave when I visited ) but certainly I would be funding our lives on my salary for a bit until OH got a job. Childcare would be less with the subsidy, housing costs would be more in Sydney. It would be doable but tight. I guess as long as my partner got a job fairly quickly (and I know there’s lots of jobs at the moment) we would be ok. Just not as better off as I was hoping! We are travellers and coming for an adventure is a good way to look at it. OH is definitely up for an adventure!! We are very strong as a couple and aware that the first year or so would be tough. We’ve been honest with each other and I don’t think it would cause friction - or not anything we couldn’t get over. It’s definitely not all about money. I like the idea of a later school start as I think we start kids too young in full time education in the UK. We’d very likely get private health insurance as a benefit once OH got a job. We are keen for a simpler life, lots of greenery and outdoorsy stuff. I’ve been looking at the upper north shore in Sydney as it seems to deliver a compromise - but no beach I think it’s just a matter of adjusting expectations really. But then also looking at it through the lens of those adjusted expectations, if you see what I mean. Still a fair bit to digest and think about.
  4. pinkpom

    Is it still worth it?

    Having a bit of an existential crisis here - please be kind! I lived in Australia several years ago. Loved it, great quality of life, financially better off, found the healthcare system great, lived by the beach in both WA and Sydney and just generally fell in love with Australia. Had to return to the UK for various reasons which I won’t go in to here but they are no longer an issue. I have never felt settled in the UK and now want to return, but have picked up a partner and had a baby along the way. I still have a PR visa. I’m aware OH and baby will need a visa and have spoken to migration professionals regarding this. I’ve recently had a research trip back to Oz, to Queensland and Sydney, to see where we would want to move back to (have some family/friend support in both places). I’ve been horrified by how much costs have risen without it seems a corresponding rise in salaries. I’m in healthcare (nurse) and partner is corporate. I’m aware he may well not earn the salary in Oz he earns in the UK but mine will be higher. Essentially we will be financially no better off really and certainly the Australian dream of the house by the beach is pretty much out of reach. Healthcare seems to be going the same way as the UK eg crap and difficult to access, it’s crowded in Sydney and Queensland would be difficult in other ways - namely employment prospects for OH. I don’t really know what I’m asking for here. Reassurance that it’s still an amazing way of life and definitely worth the move, really. Anyone moved recently with success stories? There certainly still seems to be people trying - why and what’s made you do it? Sorry about the long post!!
  5. Thanks Quoll. There may be a risk with applying for a partner visa from the UK though as Paul Hand has mentioned above. Lots to weigh up!! Thanks for your input
  6. Thanks Paul. It does seem that there’s a difference of opinion between agents and the knowledgable people on this site - I have been told it’s not usually a problem if the applicant is from the UK. But it’s exactly this point that’s making me look at the onshore visa. It’s an expensive gamble otherwise!!
  7. Thanks very much for replying. Yes that’s what we’ve been told by a very well respected agent. I won’t go into the details, but financially it would be much better if we didn’t have to weigh out the money for the visa/agent till the end of next year. So just trying to figure out all the options and decide what’s best.
  8. Good stuff, hope it all goes well
  9. Thanks Ken. I’ve read unemployment is exceptionally low at the moment. He works for an investment bank in financial services. Location wise would we need to go to Sydney or Melbourne? I have friends telling me Brisbane could be a possibility. I can work anywhere so we can head to the place most likely for him to find work
  10. It sounds like you have personal experience - were you able to get work and how long did it take you, please?
  11. Okay so you were already on a working visa then?
  12. Currently mulling over options to get back to Aus before my PR travel facility expires next October. If we (me, partner, baby son) go and do an onshore partner application my understanding is my partner would switch to a bridging visa with full work rights after tourist visa expires. I have heard employers are reluctant to hire people on bridging visas - does anyone know if this is the case? Financially it wouldn’t necessarily be a disaster, but I would worry about isolation/loneliness for my partner not having a job and meeting people and also the effect on his career being out of work for a year or so. He works in finance. Any responses appreciated, thankyou
  13. Oh dear. Might be a problem there. Obvs I’ll need to speak to an agent, but can you briefly advise of the definition of ‘usually resident’ please?
  14. Just that really - I have PR but living in the UK currently. Want to sponsor my partner so we can go to Australia but we have a 4 month old baby. Do we include little one on my partners visa as a dependent or do we need a child visa for him? thanks in advance
  15. pinkpom

    DESPERATE!!!! To rehome or fly her back to the UK?

    Thanks so much to everyone that has been supportive, means a lot. Off to work now (life goes on somehow doesn't it) but I'll definitely check out those rehoming places. Just worried that if she starts over grooming they'll think she's too stressed and put her to sleep but hopefully if I explain she's fine once she settles they'll understand. thanks again xxxx