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Found 25 results

  1. EmilysDad

    Flight via USA

    Hi, have valid visitor visa for entry in to AUS. Usually travel via East/ Singapore/Dubai etc. This time flights are via USA. No intention or plans to leave the airport.. Do I need a visa ? ESTA?? Neither??? many thanks
  2. Hi all, ok, things coming along here and a little less stressed now everything got packed up by John Masons last week, as you may know we (wife & kids 3&12) fly to Oz on 8th Jan 2012 with a 2 night stopover in Singapore (universal studios visit, got to be done !!!) this is my intentions but not sure if I can do it this way so would like some help if you can, cheers - Fly from Man to Singapore arriving on 9th @ 07:55am in terminal 2 - check in all baggage, all but 1 of cases that we will use in Singapore, at left luggage - spend 2 full days in Singapore - book in at Transit hotel at approx 4:00pm on 11th Jan so we can have a rest prior to our flight at 01:00am on 12th Jan from Terminal 3 to Perth - Arrive in Perth @ 06:20am on 12th Jan all fresh and ready to go !!!!! !!!!!! Now it got me thinking last night when i was looking at the transit hotel and where it is, in the departures transit hall........... - What terminal would be best to leave the left luggage so easier when back in airport and leaving to Perth? - would we have to check in first with the airline? - can we do this with bags at 4:00pm or take the bags to the transit hotel and check in when desk opens? - what would be the situation with immigration at Singapore and going through etc...where are the hotels situated? any ideas ????? thanks Gary -
  3. The Pom Queen

    Singapore Transit Hotel

    Does anyone know if you have to be in transit to use them. We have to be out of our room at 12 pm the day we fly home but we don't fly until midnight and check in isn't until 8pm, so we are going to be exhausted and have the luggage.
  4. I think that the Pet shippers insurance will cover my dogs for any problems during in transit, but is there any sort of pet insurance for when they are in quarantine and generally in Oz, like the Uk thanks Cal
  5. Should we book one? We have 6 hours stop over. I am thinking kids and swimming pool - do we get towels? Do we need to book a room for all 5 of us? or would we be o.k with eg a triple? We don't need the extra beds - more of a bag and wee -pee stop. And if we book one which terminal or are they all close together that it won't really matter??
  6. Guest

    Transit through Dubai / UAE

    Afternoon all, Not sure how many of you listened to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 on 21st Feb. there was quite a long discussion about the things that are going on with regard to tourists travelling to, and transiting through UAE / Dubai. Apparently there has been a marked increase in the number of Britons / westeners being arrested for drug related incidents while transiting through these countries. and not for smuggling drugs - but merely having the suspicion of drugs about their person. a couple of people have been arrested for having 0.003 grams of cannabis on the sole of their shoe - or on their person. that is smaller than a grain of sugar. one swiss guy arrested for having 3 poppy seeds on him from a bread roll eaten at heathrow. Now i know that most of us on here will not find that an issue. but some of the other things that people have been pulled up for include Melatonin and Codeine. for those of us who buy melatonin to combat jet lag (it is available over the counter in the USA). some people have codeine with them for pain relief. I AM NOT TRYING TO CAUSE A PANIC FOR PEOPLE TRANSITING THROUGH THE MIDDLE EAST!!!!! but the link to the web site below shows the story behind what i am talking about and a link to the list of stuff that is banned there. i think it would be worth checking any first aid kits or anything like that that you might be travelling with - and ensuring that there is nothing on the list of banned substances - or that you at least have doctors letters about them if they are essential. i have a friend travelling through dubai on sunday to melbourne and have advised them to check it out. Fair Trials International: News : Charity issues urgent warning to all travellers to UAE after Briton is imprisoned for 4 years once again - not trying to induce panic - just inform people what i have heard!
  7. Hi all, Wondering if anyone could offer their experience of the transit hotels at Singapore airport? i am trying to book it on their website as the rooms are offered on a 6 hourly basis (13 hour layover we have) and it won't let me select the times we need, only an overnight stay? Anyone stayed there in transit or anything you could offer us about how you booked with them as their website doesn't appear to be very functional? :chatterbox:
  8. Hi, Has anyone used the transit hotel at sinapore airport. I believe its in the terminal so you can get a rest without going through customs etc and then having to check in again. It looks pretty good, anyone with good or bad experiences with this? Thanks alot
  9. Hi We fly in August to Adelaide and the flight arrives in singapore just after 7am local time and departs at 23.50 the same day so we were going to book a day room in the hotel, just wanted to know what everyone thought of the hotel, have you done the same??? etc. whats the airport like?? Is there enough to keep a 13 & 11 year old occupied?? Thanks
  10. Guest

    Beijing visa for transit?

    The lady in flightcenter didn't exactly instill me with confidence when she told me she doesn't think I need a visa to merely transit at Beijing airport for 6 hours en-route to London from Sydney, flying with Air China. I'm British, and apparently we used to need a visa even to swap planes, but recently this has changed????? I don't wanna balls this Christmas up so does anyone know for sure? Cheers.
  11. Hello again all, so our flight to start our new life is heading out monday , we decided as we have small children to break it down into 2 smaller trips. We have 16 hours in Singapore so we planned to take advantage of the free tours and experience the city, then head back to the intransit hotel for a 6 hour kip. We noticed the website for the intransit hotel says please do not clear customs as you will miss the hotel, so we are wondering how do we get out to see the city then back in? maybe im just misinterpriting or being silly but i cant find out any info , any simular experiences? and advise on singapore? thanks
  12. Hi all My cat is coming to Oz with us and I was wondering about the insurance side of things. Most insurance companies cover holidays abroad but not outside Europe and thats only for a short period. Does anyone know if its possible to insure your pet or is it covered by the people who transport them, then will I have to get cover the other side???? Any advice would be very welcome.:GEEK:
  13. Englishlover

    BA 10 transit via Bangkok

    Have you ever transit in Bangkok? The flight is as below: Sydney - Bangkok arriving at 10:55 pm Bangkok - London departing at 12:20 am I am worried about the time for transit in Bangkok airport. Can anyone provide some useful information? This is the first time I transit.
  14. so we are off xxx all flights are booked for 24th jan shippers coming in 18th 19th 20th yipppppppeeeeeand house rented fingers and toes crossed xxxxx another tick off my list today car has gone !!! werid !!! not even got my own car !! 2 young adult black cats next that know !!!!!!!! and no room anywhere !!!!! cant wait for furniture to go XXX to really go though house so the carpets are CLEANED !!!! for the new tennents xxx walls are all touched up with paint !!!!! just hope dont get snowed in xxx to rip up lists xxx 3 kids later are so excited to see daddy but sad to say good bye but no its farewells as we will be back for the PARTY !!! and CHILL or rather BOIL -5 to 45 STRESS i might be rocking in the corner xx until container arrives as long as it all fits in LOL xxx WHY DIDNT WE GO TO FRANCE OR SPAIN TRANSIT VAN AND CARAVAN AND KA ON BACK but i am geting there xx less than 2 weeks i hope its all done carole
  15. Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has transited via dubai with emirates in the new terminal 3. First time I have ever had to do anything like this! How easy is it? Erm, what do I do???? lol
  16. Guest

    Pet Transit Times

    We're about to have our dogged shipped from the UK to Perth and were just wondering if anyone knows how long the transit is - i.e. how long the pooch will be in a crate? Cheers!
  17. monkeymandness

    Transit Hotel Changi Airport

    Hi all, does anyone know if you can book a room here for 2 adults and 2 small kids to share. Are going to Perth in 4 weeks and just been told our flights home have been changed. We now have 6 hours to kill in Changi Airport. Wanted to book a room so we have a base to dump out stuff, go for a swim, have a shower etc..... When I look at web page it says you can get single room, double room or one for group of 3....... Also do you get towels in room and at pool? Would save a lot of room not having to carry 4 of those around!:eek: Can anyone help?????
  18. What is everyone's opinion on marine transit insurance? At £2K this is a very expensive form of insurance, anyone not taken out this insurance, anyone has and had trouble claiming, anyone think that its a complete rip off and waste of time?
  19. The Bray Family

    Damage done in transit

    Hi My fridge got a small dent in the door whilst in the container.Contacted the makers they can not get a new door as the part is not avalible in australia.the insurance company want a quote to repair the dent. Anyone know who to contact for a quote? would it be a Refrigerator repair company? Thanks sarah
  20. Well, oh and I have decided to bite the bullet and try and book our flights this week some time, for the middle of Jan. Might be a bit rash since the visa hasn't come, but our agent says that even if it isn't here (it's a 457) we can come on a business ETA because for the first four-six weeks in Australia hubby won't actually be working, just the odd meeting etc. Anyhow, I have a couple of questions about Singapore Air and the A380. We flew Qantas last time and whilst they were fine, we heard that Singapore are better with children (not that we had any probs with Qantas), plus the oh has decided that he would like to go on the A380. So, are Singapore better with children? What is the A380 like to fly on and am I right in thinking that you can plug things like laptops in (to play dvd's for our toddler if the entertainment doesn't meet with her approval)? Looking at the flight times, the A380 leaves either at 11am or 10pm. When we flew in Sept, we had a midday flight which was terrible - the children didn't sleep so I was wondering if anyone had experience of the night flight with young children. Also, because we would prefer to land in Sydney late afternoon/early evening we were thinking of a few hours in transit hotel in Singapore so we can get the second flight we want. Any advice/experience of this would also be great. Would we need a visa or anything for the transit hotel, or since you don't leave the airport, not? I presume that if we book the tickets and then our plans get held up in any way, we can change them for a fee. Any pearls of wisdom etc would be most gratefully received. Thanks!:hug:
  21. Hi All, I've just been looking on the Cathay Pacific website at their seating plans. I thought the middle aisle was rows of 5 seats but it's actually 4 seats. Just trying to work out the best way to seat 5 of us and wondered if anyone had any advice? There's me and my husband and our 5 yr old son, then twin boys age 2.5yrs. The twin boys get on well although they do have their moments!! If it were up to me, I'd sit hubby on the middle row of 4 with the 3 kids and I'd been sat at the back of the plane with my headphones on :biglaugh:. Also, I thought we had a 4 hr stoppover in HK airport, but it's actually 5 and a half hrs. Does anyone know if there's a transit hotel there that we can book into? I tried looking on the HK airport website but can't find anything. Thanks Angelcake P.S If anyone else is flying to Brisbane on 28 Nov via H.K can I apologise now and suggest sitting as far away from us as possible:wacko:
  22. Hey guys and gals We are playing the waiting game at Singapore Changi airport, 4 more hours to wait until our plane leave 23:35 (Singapore tiime) and we land Melbourne 8:45 am (Oz time) Just had a very welcome shower so we both look fairly respectable for our age and 12 hours on a plane LOL With all our ups and downs and the kids deciding not to come, the house etc I did not think we would get here - BUT we are almost there, on a one way ticket Will post more after we land Karen X
  23. Guest

    Insurance in transit

    Like most people I guess we will be making maximum use of our luggage allowance on our flight over to Australia & having had the unfortunate experience of lost luggage in the past I am mindful of the possibility that literally all my worldly goods could disappear into the T5 black hole :arghh: So how does insurance work? Right now when I fly my possessions would be covered by both 'personal effects' insurance I have as part of my home contents insurance and holiday insurance but the 'home contents' will cease when I no longer have a home in the UK and holiday insurance is not applicable. How did anyone else get around this? Thanks Jules PS DH thinks no-one else would even think about this....I said it's just as well I did! PPS I was glad someone else posted about life insurance because I was worrying what would happen if I fell from the sky on the way over
  24. Has anyone taken out their own insurance on furniture and possessions? I have some sports memorobilia that the removal companies insurers say, can only be insured for replacement value and not what i paid for them. Never heard so much bull in my life. How can a one off, be insured for replacement value if it can't be replaced? Thats why you bloody well insure things! Can anyone recommend an insurance company that does the transit insurance? Thanks in advance Paul
  25. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help. Does anyone know a company that does specialises in insurance for pre existing medical conditions?? My parents both have medical problems, but my mam has been told from a couple of insurance companies (inc Saga) that as she is on a waitlist for a hand operation that they will not insure her, they will not even exclude this from the policy they just cannot insure her full stop. Can anyone suggest anything, she knows that when she is Oz she will have some sort of emergancy medical cover with the reciprical agreement but she is concerned incase they take ill during flight or at one of the airports. Has anyone ever been in this situation or knows what would happen if they were ill in transit. Really deflated as my mam is really trying get here and she cannot travel if she cannot get any insurance. Thanks everyone Em x