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Happiest and Saddest Cities in Australia

Guest The Pom Queen

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Guest The Pom Queen

WOLLONGONG is home to the happiest Australians while Hobart rules the roost as the capital city with the biggest grumps, according to a study of more than 100 million Instagram photos.



The study, by iPhone travel app Jetpac City Guides, ranked photos from around the world with a smile score that analysed the pixels to determine the average size of the smiles in photos.



"Smiles on the faces of millions of people in millions of photos are the most direct measure we have of happiness," the Jetpac study says.



"A small grin doesn't score as highly as a broad smile. Smiling for the camera is a cultural habit that tends to be the same around a country, so the relative happiness of a city rises above any posed smiles."



The study found some surprising results, including that the people who live in Canberra, the home of endless (and sometimes pointless) political debate and roundabouts, are somehow much happier than the people who live in Byron Bay, where the debate typically concerns whether to surf in the morning or the afternoon or both.



Darwin beat out the other state capitals with a smile score of 34.8.





From happy to sad: Australia's cities

1) Wollongong (43.4)



2) Townsville (40.1)



3) Canberra (35.0)



4) Newcastle (34.9)



5) Darwin (34.8)



6) Cairns (31.2)



7) Adelaide (28.7)



8) Gold Coast (28.4)



9) Byron Bay (27.3)



10) Brisbane (27.2)



11) Perth (25.6)



12) Fremantle (25.0)



13) Sydney (24.9)



14) Melbourne (22.6)



15) Hobart (19.8)



Source: Jetpac City Guides Instagram survey

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Perth at number 11 very low I have to say, so many love their lives in Perth,

it will be Happy as next Wednesday when we all get to meet you Kate xx

Canberra is 2nd why is Conventry always Grumpy then lol:wink:


Canberra is third - wow, in that case the other places must have really miserable people!

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Really? I thought Wollongong would rate wayyy down the list.. Has anyone been there? Its an industrial town. And Hobart up the list... ?


What kind of smiles are they rating?


The real happy kind, the evil kind or the kind that says I really want to shoot everybody:jimlad:

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