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  1. Que Sera Sera

    Radar revenue.

    Thankyou, not sure where I got 4K from. Sure someone must have told me that. Wonder howespecially with older cars you can trust your speedo to be accurate within 1k an hour?
  2. Que Sera Sera

    The GST carve up.

    Definately not fair and definately not known by many for sure.
  3. The issue you have is that there is no where to challenge what you may perceive as unforeseen changes to your contact. You've left one country to work in a whole new one, so your contract has to reflect the rights of the new country. You can complain to your "new" employer but if they don't agree you can't take it to the UK tribunals as you no longer live and work there and you can't take it to Fairwork as the employer is following their advice and giving you you're Australian work rights. Only your Australian work history counts in Employment Law terms here in Australia.
  4. Que Sera Sera

    Housing crisis due to immigrants

    What such as yours?
  5. Que Sera Sera

    From a 489 to 887 Residency question

    Medicals are only valid for a year, so I'd imagine your agent is right and knows your case.
  6. Que Sera Sera

    Four day working week proposed.

    I only work approximately 16 hours a week, sometimes more if needed and it is lovely, however I'm not the main wage earner and I don't need the extra hours but many I work with do and they also need the penalty rates that they get. Bring in a four day week that will all go and potentially the tax payer is going to have to fund the shortage in wages via Centrelink payments so it really is completely unworkable.
  7. Que Sera Sera

    Radar revenue.

    I thought you had to be doing 4k plus over the limit to cop a fine. Have things changed then?
  8. Que Sera Sera

    Do Aussies hate Asian people?

    I have to disagree with this, in my experience anyway. I work in retail and get asked by customers on a regular basis where my accent is from. When I tell them the response is almost always, oh I've been there, it's a lovely part of the world. No one has ever asked in a way that has made me feel uncomfortable.
  9. Que Sera Sera

    Urgent Citizenship Ceremony - Gold Coast/Brisbane

    Ours was lovely too. We could have waited and had it on Australia Day which would have been a bigger affair but we opted for a smaller more private one. We listened to an Aboriginal Elder and had refreshments afterwards, wine and nibbles. We went for a lovely family meal afterwards feeling very pumped and proud.
  10. Que Sera Sera

    My granddaughter is back home.

    Fantastic photos, and a lovely lady by the sounds of it too. What a proud Grandad you must be. Thanks for showing what wonderful opportunities there are for young people out there. We always hear far too much doom and gloom IMO. All that negativity must rub off on our young ones, making them give up before even trying. Positive role models are worth their weight on gold. Good for her.
  11. Que Sera Sera

    Four day working week proposed.

    Not sure it equates to more family time together? The same hours away from the home and schools are atill 5 days a week. Also I can see that being a further nail in the coffin for those that rely on penalty rates.
  12. Que Sera Sera

    Western Australia Closed

    Regional areas do need to be re zoned. I live in a so called regional area, where unemployment is much higher than the national average but still people arrive with dubious skill sets.
  13. Que Sera Sera

    Labour landslide in WA. Blueprint for Australia?

    Well, people were well and truly pi$$ed of with Colin ( Colon) Barnett, and with a deal done with Pauline Hanson it was the nail in the coffin. Loved watching the results coming in and the way Malcolm Turdball has just ignored the result. Mark McGowan seems a thoroughly likeable guy, we will just have to wait and see how it pans out. Glad to see the back of Barnett.
  14. Que Sera Sera

    Pauline Hanson racist or True Blue Aussie?

    I believe she is racist and what is more she clearly suffers from her inability to research anything before opening her mouth. She stumbles over the most basic sentence when in the public and has an horrific dres sense.............as a politician she'll go far :laugh:
  15. Que Sera Sera

    Do Aussies hate Asian people?

    Im sure some do, I'm sure every country has people who don't like other cultures, we are immigrants too, who are hard workers and can be perceived as pinching local jobs. Pauline Hanson is not typical of average Australia so what she says thinks and does is irrelevant. I've never witnessed any issues, however they have been reported in the press so clearly they do happen but are in the absolute minority.
  16. Que Sera Sera

    Sausage rolls versus pork pies

    Our local Coles deli does a lovely pork pie, also Scotch eggs and black pudding.
  17. Que Sera Sera

    Shark eats dog at Sydney beach

    The very fact that this has been reported in the news shows exactly how rare this is, however the snake issue is certainly something to be aware of, plenty of areas to walk dogs with no snakes though. Enjoy your walks in the UK.
  18. Que Sera Sera


    All good was going to suggest https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/tax-file-number/ if not.
  19. Que Sera Sera


    Ah do you have any old pay slips?
  20. Que Sera Sera

    Positive England reactions.

    The whole thread was set up as a counter "argument" to another thread, so has had the required effect for the OP. The U.K. Just like Auatralia is a very nice first world country and the likelihood is anyone emigrating either way will get on just fine with a bit of grit and determination and with the right research.
  21. Que Sera Sera


    Have you lived here before? You don't get a TFN unless you live here.
  22. Que Sera Sera

    first there was hurricane katrina

    Stay safe everyone sounds like Doris is causing major problems destruction and even death. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/storm-doris-live-updates-one-9904895
  23. Que Sera Sera

    Australia tops the list again

    Yeah, makes you wonder. A Millionaire in Aus dollars isn't that unusual especially if selling a British property, I'd have thought.
  24. 2 years notice for 150-200 to get a new job, isnt going to put people off moving to SA I'd have thought but thanks for taking the trouble to inform them.
  25. Que Sera Sera

    I know no one will care but...........

    Feeling very relieved , despite this forum putting the fear of God into us, reference employment in WA in the Engineering, Oil & Gas industry, my OH has received 6, yes 6! offers of employment when his current contract finishes in March. Doom & Gloomers, or reality merchants whatever they wish to call themselves are responsible for a lot of unnecessary sleepless nights in our household! Good luck to those still looking, do your research and remember to update your Resume and get it professionally done.