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  1. Irishgirl1

    Australian Films

    Lantana Paper Planes (kids) Last Cab to Darwin The Black Ballon The Castle All great movies
  2. Irishgirl1

    Illiteracy in Australia

    I have always said that I am not great at writing, my grammar is pretty dire I can admit that, I did most of my education in Ireland before we moved to Perth ! I was not happy about it being just on 15 so at school I didn't try very hard. But I am delighted to say my Son just got his Yr 5 Naplan results and is at the top of the Graph in everything and way above the figures for Australian Average and well the school average wasn't the best which is a worry, I really should get him to type my posts for us lol. He puts me to shame what he can write and do for a 10yr old, so I can't agree and not just using my Son as an example but I think Australian Teachers are doing a good job .
  3. Irishgirl1

    Just how bad is it?

    A blessing I would think xx
  4. Irishgirl1

    Would you remarry?

    I don't think so, my Husband is the only person who has ever been interested in me at all !
  5. Irishgirl1

    Cheap Eats

    I have to admit Jamie's Italian was not great this time but my first visit it was fantastic ! I love to eat at Durty's Nelly's in Shafto Lane, we have never had a bad meal and the servings are amazing I really enjoyed The Lucky Shag for lunch a few weeks ago, it was my first time there I took Stacey to Crown Resort, we had Dinner in the Casino, it was $22.90 for a buffet with free soft drinks, tea and coffee, although not like the Buffet at The Atruim which is $75 a head xxxxx
  6. Kev don't worry , you have raised amazing boys, he will be fine xxxx
  7. Irishgirl1

    Happy Birthday To The Pom Queen.

    Happy Birthday to an amazing Lady, I hope you enjoyed your special day xxxxxxx
  8. Irishgirl1

    Perth Suburbs

    well I would say if you have no kids and you like Freo, Brentwood and Melville would be the best, good luck
  9. Irishgirl1

    Perth Suburbs

    Hi Sarah they are all pretty good suburbs, although Brentwood and Melville would be closer to the City and just down the road from Fremantle, depends if you are looking for schools as well, but you can't go too wrong.
  10. Irishgirl1

    Too many!

    I know I just read it on Perthnow, so tragic indeed, thinking of their families, R I P xx
  11. Irishgirl1

    Describe above

  12. Hiya Bottler, my parents and friends who lost their houses in the Bushfires the majority of them had GIO and they were amazing, $5000 to them all straight away, their assessors flew over from Sydney two days later, they had no issues at all, I only mentioned this as I know you are in a fire prone area xxx
  13. Rest assured his Girlfriend is a gorgeous person and I wouldn't say she is that type, I am sure Dom and his Girlfriend will meet up with Stacey and show her a few places xx
  14. Irishgirl1

    My travel thread

    I'll stay quiet from now on Stacey but if you need any help I will be on FB, if you are here in Perth for Christmas you are welcome to come and spend it with my family, if you need accommodation I can help, take care of yourself xxxx