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  1. Quokka2005

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday kate X
  2. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Even if it only lasts the 3 weeks it’ll just happen again in January when the numbers shoot up again
  3. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Thats me locked down again for 3 weeks
  4. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Parts of Scotland are likely to go into tier 4 this week
  5. Quokka2005

    Simply the best

    Aw that sounds lovely!! It snowed slightly when I went in the January but not when I went in December. It’s just such a cool place, my boyfriends really into history so I think he’ll like it
  6. Quokka2005

    Simply the best

    I had some Langos but it wasn’t as good as it was in Berlin Christmas markets. Berlin’s on my fave list too, been twice and desperate to take my boyfriend there
  7. Quokka2005

    Simply the best

    I forgot about budapest! Me and my boyfriend went there this time last year and it was great. So cheap and beautiful. The thermal baths were really nice although very busy in some bits. Hope to go back again when possible
  8. Thank you, I’m sure it’ll be okay. It’s just extra stressful when it’s the second time this year. She’s to get an operation wether it’s benign or not, just want it over x
  9. I’m not sure how much of 2020 I can take. My mum was at the hospital today to be checked and after an ultrasound and mammogram they said there’s a chance she might have breast cancer. She’ll get her biopsy results next week. This will be the second tumour of the year if it is, few months ago it was her bladder. I really hope it’s something benign. Either way thank god she went with her instincts and asked the doctor to refer her when she first felt something different
  10. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Thank you. He died this morning, at least he’s not in pain anymore
  11. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Thank you, the sad thing is he’s still holding on. I think that’s been a week but there’s no hope for him, the doctors are just trying to make him as comfortable as possible. His wee mum is in a care home with dementia, she doesn’t know yet, she wouldn’t deal with the information till it’s happened and she can’t go to the hospital anyway. Heartbreaking
  12. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    My uncles brother is in the hospital dying with covid. Last week they thought he was going to be discharged and then he just crashed and his lungs gave up. Only in his early 50’s
  13. Totally random thought but I remember years ago @Parley said he thought I’m dyslexic. Turns out I most likely am! My college screened me and The result was moderate level. They won’t give me a proper diagnosis until I go onto HNC level next year, needs to be an education psychologist I think. Bit annoying
  14. Quokka2005

    Simply the best

    Australia but also love Italy and Spain. I was in Venice this time last year
  15. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    That’s most of Scotland closed down all pubs and restaurants for 16 days except takeaways/deliveries. I had my last hurrah last night