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  1. I’m sorry to hear that bottler. Fingers crossed it’s very early, I think it’s really treatable these days x
  2. Haha no! Although I did think that at the time He been looking at rings for a few months but he didn’t feel it was the right time because my gran was about to die. I just wish she’d known, she really liked him
  3. Unfortunately he blabbed about looking at rings when he was drunk and asked what kind So I showed him a ring I liked and got measured because I didn’t know my ring size. Didn’t know exactly when he was going to do it but had a good idea it was going to be in Edinburgh. I would have been really shocked if he hadn’t blabbed when he was drunk, I didn’t have any idea he was thinking about it until then
  4. Oh god not Dave that was a long time ago, like 8 years ago. But thank you for the congratulations!
  5. Thought I’d share my happy news - I got engaged in Edinburgh last weekend 🥰
  6. Thanks quoll. Hope you are well x
  7. Thank you, my mum and aunt are struggling with it, they nursed her at home for a month so it was extra hard for them but they didn’t want her to go to a hospital if it could be helped. Least she’s at peace now but it’s still hard, I keep forgetting for a few seconds and go to phone her. Plus there’s loads of places in Glasgow that bring back memories of her
  8. Thank you. I don’t think she fully understood what I was even studying lol but she seemed pleased that I passed. I’m really missing her
  9. Thank you! I’ve not had the best year, my gran got cancer and died a few weeks ago, I was really close to her. So least this is a little bit of good news, I got to tell her I’d finished my course and passed the assessments but my official qualification certificate came in yesterday
  10. Thank you! I start on the 19th of September
  11. I passed my HNC and got into university to do occupational therapy 🥳
  12. I think he probably did lol he seemed quite jealous when Paul came to stay for a few days, he’s definitely a ladies cat
  13. Very rare for Scotland to get nice weather for a week and I’ve been in covid jail all week . It’s supposed to rain and snow when I get out of isolation