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  1. If you looked up the things he’s said then you’d probably be shocked.
  2. My Facebook memories came up today saying that it’s been 7 years since I came back from Perth WA. I’ve also just moved to Perth in Scotland . My happy place in Perth was getting the boat over to the other side (south Perth I think) and then overlooking the city. I’ve found a similar happy place overlooking the river Tay
  3. Quokka2005

    How many members were here from the start?

    Glad to hear harpo is doing well!
  4. It’s just the fact it’s usually tiny and falls apart. The m&s one started crumbling as soon as I tried to make a sandwich . I’m sure I’ll start to find out which ones are better. I just really miss the Morrisons salt and pepper bread as a treat! Never going to be able to have it again
  5. I got m&s bread a few days ago and it fell apart. But I could have just been unlucky. I’ve found one company called genius and their one seems to be the best so far. Gluten free stuff is just so expensive, a loaf is almost £3
  6. He’s fine, a bit of a scoundrel at times
  7. Hey. im ok thanks, just been working and started university again this week. My health hasn’t been great, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and b12 deficiency 2 weeks ago so I’ve been feeling pretty crappy but hopefully on the mend. The gluten free diet is hard though. Still not booked anything for the wedding, think we’re going to hold off a while yet. Other than that nothing new!
  8. I’m so sorry to hear this, it’s always hard saying goodbye
  9. Hi everyone Hope you’re all well!
  10. Thank you. It was ok lol first one living with Paul so that part was nice. My mum was supposed to be coming here for dinner because we didn’t feel we could cope with going to my aunts the first year without gran. But she ended up with the flu so she couldn’t come. Then I was working the 1st so didn’t do anything for new year. Double time at work though lol
  11. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and new year
  12. That’s me finished university until next year, can’t believe that’s been 12 weeks. They aren’t exaggerating when they say it flys by haha