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  1. Chicken - Wish I'd worked at yours I might have lasted longer lol i think it was 170 I was paying to share a room with another girl and the unit wasn't nice at all although to be fair it was lovely compared to that picture lol. The guy owned 3 different "hostels". So 4 people in each unit at 170 each but he had around 6 units where I was. Then the same at the other locations. Made a fortune for doing nothing really. Hired us out to contractors. When I got there I found out that he was paying the backpackers $20 each to tell other backpackers to come
  2. 1 day in Perth

    Get the ferry over to south Perth and it's a nice walk along the river. Take lots of pics for me there's places to have dinner and there's a nice ice cream place in the little shopping centre bit nearby.
  3. 3 Days in London

    Yeah the Harry Potter studio was cool, if you're a fan then you would really like it. Go see the lion king musical and secretly film it for me
  4. Medicare or travel insurance?

    I got Medicare and insurance. I used go walkabout but didn't have to claim in my 10 months there
  5. The real truth about spiders please!

    In the 10 months I was there all I bumped into was 2 golden orb spiders outside, some sort of green spider, one spider that just looked like a UK house spider and a dead tiny huntsman. I was hoping to see a proper huntsman to scare people back home I was worried I was going to find them in my shoes or in my tent etc but it wasn't bad at all. In the outback we had these things that they called stink bugs, they were like cockroaches but they spray you. Was the stuff of nightmares, I'd handle a spider over that any day lol
  6. Career change; the day has finally come!

    Congratulations! Well done
  7. Nursing Agency Sunshine Coast

    Healthcare Australia has a few jobs but I don't know what type you are. https://www.healthcareaustralia.com.au/jobseekers/job-search/?category=Nursing&sub-category=&type=&location=QLD+-+Sunshine+Coast&Keywords=
  8. Help needed

    I used a company called ultimate oz. they help with that stuff but I just used them because I wanted to meet people straight away. I don't know if it was worth the money though, probably not because I didn't travel with any of them after the week. It's easy to set up your bank account, I applied for mine while I was in the UK. I can't help with farm work really, there's some good links on this site that the admin have put up. There's also some agencies etc. Have fun! I'm sure it'll be a great 1 or 2 years
  9. Farm work around Dunsborough

    The job shops a good one. I spoke to a hostel in busselton that do farm work. Can't recommend them because I didn't use them but maybe it's a option to try. Check out gumtree if you haven't been already but just be extra careful with that one. There's another 2 agencies that I got told about, I'll try remember/find their names for you
  10. Backpacker Discounts - YHA

    Totally regretting this haha
  11. Backpacker Discounts - YHA

    I had one. But I didn't use it in shops etc, just at the hostels. Never even thought of using it other places, oops
  12. backpack required ?

    My suitcase has been through quite a lot lol i think it's covered in red dust. It's coped well though! I think if I was doing it again then I'd get one of the wheeled backpacks just so that when it comes to stairs I could carry it. If I was going to Asia I'd get backpack too but you really don't need one for Australia and if there's health problems then they aren't ideal
  13. backpack required ?

    Haha yeah I caused a bit of a stir with this topic in 2015. I went with a suitcase and for the majority it was fine. Pavements are decent etc. It even went to the outback lol. The only time it gets a bit of a pain is when it comes to stairs. Maybe you could compromise and get one of those backpacks that have the wheels. I think osprey do a good one. My travel buddy had one and he could take it places like Thailand etc. But I'd say my suitcase was fine for 90% of the time
  14. First stop Perth!

    I didn't have much luck in Perth either but both of my jobs were in WA. I just had to leave the city and go more remote
  15. Perth

    I think I commented on the other thread about it, hopefully It posted