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  1. Thank you. I just wish I’d had the confidence to do it in my 20’s but better late than never! Kinda nervous about placement next year but hopefully it goes fine
  2. I think that was my previous course, I don’t think I’ve posted since I started this one. This course is more stressful lol it’s constant assessments although luckily they aren’t that long so far. I’m doing a lot better than I thought I would tho, I’ve passed everything first time so far
  3. I’m fine thanks, I’m at college doing a HNC in occupational therapy support. Start placement after Christmas. Other than that just the usual stuff!
  4. Hey How is everyone?
  5. Thanks! Any of you good at anatomy and physiology haha
  6. That’s me onto my second week of my HNC at college. I think my head will explode
  7. This website uses the word outback so that’s good enough for me!
  8. Well it was still outback to me lol I got a mining plane there!! The airport was like the size of my flat haha. I worked in ongerup too and used to call that remote too haha. Leonora had a lot more stuff and I had a much better experience. People brought baby kangaroos into the pub!
  9. That’s what put me off the whole farm work thing. Leonora was the most outback I went
  10. Is that not the guy from that horror film?
  11. Stay away from this one
  12. Just got my final results back there for my last assessment - that’s me officially passed the course. Onto HNC now, bit scared about that!