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  1. Quokka2005

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    Please take care of yourself kate. Hope you both feel better soon x
  2. Quokka2005

    Australia wants Backpackers to leave

    Also think it’s a bit of mixed signals though. I kept reading things about their visas being extended to help farmers and that they’d changed the rules etc
  3. Quokka2005

    Australia wants Backpackers to leave

    My bf’s best friend came home early, arrived back yesterday. Luckily he managed to get 10 months in before all this happened. He got his farm work so least he has the option to go back before the age limit
  4. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    @simmo let us know you’re ok! Hope you are
  5. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    The lady I mentioned from my mums side of the family is doing a bit better. I think she’s off the ventilator but her kidneys are damaged apparently so she needs dialysis. my mums still not well, one minute she’s feeling A bit better and then the next day she’s back to being unwell. She says her chest feels heavy etc. Unsure wether it’s bacterial lung infection - the doctor gave her antibiotics but said to stay at home etc and treated it as if it’s coronavirus. Wish we knew for certain though
  6. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    @simmo Get well soon!
  7. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Me too . Her family have been told she’s critical now. I’m so worried about my family. I’ve obviously got to go to work everyday and they don’t even have masks they can give us
  8. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Someone from my mums side of the family is in intensive care tonight with it. She’s on a ventilator. She had asthma though. I’m hoping she recovers. it’s scary though, I read about the young girl today who died with no underlying health issues. There was a young man too
  9. That sounds scary. You sound like you’re in reasonable health so I can see why people who are high risk have little chance of recovering
  10. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    I’d prefer a pay rise lol. Thank you, it’s nice to be appreciated. It’s all a bit scary at the moment. I can’t drive and I hate using the bus for work in this situation but I’ve no other choice. My mum and boyfriend both live around an hour away by train and I don’t think I’m going to see them for a long time, we aren’t sure wether to risk it. My bf is a support worker too so he’s a bit worried about carrying in the virus to work. I don’t see them that often anyway but I miss them already. And I really miss my gran, she understands what’s going on but I think she still feels a bit abandoned
  11. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    That must be a really hard situation for you, I’m so sorry. I agree though - the better option is to take the risk, we can’t abandon people. I just wish I could wake up tomorrow and it was all back to normal
  12. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    Thank you. I wish I could just stay at home. I feel so bad about my gran, she feels abandoned because we can’t go see her. We would need to go on public transport and it feels too risky as she has COPD
  13. I think you should phone for some advice if you’re still having trouble breathing. I’ve had pneumonia twice and it’s not something you mess around with
  14. Quokka2005

    Corona Virus

    It’s all just a nightmare. A lot of my friends are working from home but I don’t have that option since I work in social care. Once the Health and social care workforce start to get it it’s going to be chaos.
  15. He tries to steal food off my plate! He’s such a friendly wee guy. I just wish sometimes he has a mute button at times