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  1. Thanks quoll. Hope you are well x
  2. Thank you, my mum and aunt are struggling with it, they nursed her at home for a month so it was extra hard for them but they didn’t want her to go to a hospital if it could be helped. Least she’s at peace now but it’s still hard, I keep forgetting for a few seconds and go to phone her. Plus there’s loads of places in Glasgow that bring back memories of her
  3. Thank you. I don’t think she fully understood what I was even studying lol but she seemed pleased that I passed. I’m really missing her
  4. Thank you! I’ve not had the best year, my gran got cancer and died a few weeks ago, I was really close to her. So least this is a little bit of good news, I got to tell her I’d finished my course and passed the assessments but my official qualification certificate came in yesterday
  5. Thank you! I start on the 19th of September
  6. I passed my HNC and got into university to do occupational therapy 🥳
  7. I think he probably did lol he seemed quite jealous when Paul came to stay for a few days, he’s definitely a ladies cat
  8. Very rare for Scotland to get nice weather for a week and I’ve been in covid jail all week . It’s supposed to rain and snow when I get out of isolation
  9. Yeah it’s a lovely feeling living so close right now
  10. Quokka2005

    Earworm songs you can't get out of your head

    The soundtrack from encanto
  11. Thanks! I was worried that they’d be annoyed by a student just watching them but they seemed to like the attention. Met a wee woman who was 94, she was hilarious, lots of joking around and being sassy to us lol. Looking forward to hopefully meeting my mentor next week
  12. I think the ward had just reopened after being closed with covid. I’ll need to toughen up a bit I think and switch off because I’ve been thinking about the patients tonight and it’s reminding me of my grandad being in hospital. He was so desperate to get out that he tried to shout on the physio at all times of day and night so that he could get out quicker. But he never got out
  13. Thanks! So I turned up and apparently I wasn’t supposed to be in because my mentor has covid but nobody remembered to tell me . So I got to shadow some other OT’s and physio’s. Was a bit overwhelming because the hospital was so busy but it was a decent first day
  14. I start my hospital placement tomorrow, for around 4 months. So nervous!!
  15. Quokka2005

    Hello from tonyman

    I know! Think it was 6 years. I still miss it a lot when I look at my pictures. Life seems very grown up and boring at the moment But really hoping I can afford a holiday back there in a few years, I’d like Paul to see some of the scenery too