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  1. Lindor

    Free school meals

    Free school meals in 70’s UK were never provided for all pupils, only those whose parents were on low incomes or benefits and Margaret ‘milk snatcher’ Thatcher as Education Secretary stopped free milk for primary school children in 1971. The Labour government stopped free milk for secondary school children in 1968.
  2. Lindor

    Timeline 820 Partner visa-onshore

    I was expecting to wait around 15 months but I submitted my application for second stage partner visa 801, on December 18th 2016, it was granted on May 2cnd
  3. I looked in the day before and there was was a bit of stirring going on, 3 posters seemed to be missing yesterday. I wonder if that was the difference....
  4. Seems nice and chilled on here this morning
  5. Lindor

    House sitting in uk!

  6. Lindor

    NHS entitlements?

    So was I PB and I still pay tax in the UK, but I got a £600 bill last year as I wasn't entitled to NHS care because I'm not 'Ordinarily Resident' in the UK and it was deemed non emergency treatment, which is free. Had I been an Australian Citizen I would not have been billed. Costa 123 and family will be entitled to NHS care because they will be resident citizens.
  7. Lindor

    what are you doing right now?

    Not for me Dom, meat is murder! :wink: xxx
  8. Lindor

    what are you doing right now?

    Just in from a lovely chilled Christmas in July.
  9. I started work in a home for the elderly when I was 18. A few weeks in, I helped a man to the toilet, he was very unsteady on his feet and had arthritic hands. When we got there he pulled his zip down and then he started to wee before he was ready, so I got hold of it, pointed it at the toilet, face burning, not knowing where to look and willing him to finish quickly. When he did, he looked at me and said "well shake the drops off"!!!
  10. A squadron of Pelicans on the South Perth foreshore yesterday!
  11. Nice walk along the river at Guildford last week Raindrops on the trees looked beautiful.
  12. 2 to 3 times a year.