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  1. wow so quick!! thanks for replying :O)
  2. Hi Prakash, how long id it take to get your new nomination approved/tranferred please?
  3. how long did 820 take?
  4. I know all good. Maybe ill get lucky as friend of mine got hers recently after only 10 month wait...
  5. I'm lucky I'm on a 457 so can work whilst the Partner visa is processing. Colleague of mine just had hers grated after 10 month wait so that was lucky, they also gave her PR straight away.
  6. HR manager is still on the list that may be an option?
  7. Hi all, Thought I would start this thread to follow any others waiting for their visa to come through! Applied 26 Feb 2017, application is ready to be assessed, all documents uploaded inc medicals and police checks. Patiently waiting hoping no visa changes come this way!!
  8. friend in work got hers after 10 months last weekend!
  9. thanks Maggie would they need to cancel it though seeing as its null and void as HR advisor is not on list anymore. I was hoping the bridging visa would just kick in but that would be too easy eh! losing my time served would be rubbish too as I have been here 3 years already.
  10. hi guys here we go again! I am currently on a 457(expires2019) as a HR Advisor. Today my occupation has been removed from the list. In February I lodged a Partner visa 820. Looking at worst case scenario as I haven't had much luck in the past, my questions is if I lose my job(currently on probation after my visa was transferred following redundancy at Xmas) would my 457 become defunct and my bridging visa linked to Partner visa kick in? My current 457 wouldn't be valid anymore as my occupation has been removed so I wouldn't be able to find another employer to transfer this visa. Anyone know how this would work? thanks all Kez
  11. Hi I just submitted mine onshore and we had to do stat decs to talk about our commitment to each other including emotional and physical...awkward but just be honest I am sure Immigration have read lots of different stories and you are just another applicant to them. Its better to add some emotion than not in my eyes. You have to write about the history of your relationship too. Loads of advice on the website on what to include. I have heard offshore is quicker as onshore is taking 18 months to process.
  12. thanks, I completed form 1022 as per Immi website advice and uploaded that.
  13. hi guys I lodged my partner visa last month (onshore) and I got engaged last Saturday :wink: how do I inform immigration? Do I just upload some new photos or complete 1022 and send that somewhere? thanks guys Kez
  14. best of luck too! lets hope we are lucky then and get processed really quickly!
  15. yes fingers crossed it means good things and a fast processing time!