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    Hi all i sat the test this morning and thought I’d let you know how it went, interview was straightforward few basic questions and I had to show my drivers license passport and birth certificate , you then go to a room with a client log on number and sit the test, you get 45 mins for 20 questions. Similar to practice tests just worded differently. Do study the material as everything you need to know is in there. I got 100% and was approved within an hour! good luck everyone fingers crossed to those waiting!
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    Thanks so much!
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    Hi when you say all documents does that include form 1195 and passport photo that someone had to endorse? I can’t find originals as I’ve moved twice since application!! I’ll look this weekend but wanted to know what documents did you present please? Thanks kerry
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    Is the practice test very different to actual test? Anyone know? I got 100% on practice test but I’n still nervous!
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    Happy with 23 May I have a lot going on so happy to wait till then!
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    Applied 16 March 2021 Interview and test received today for 23 May in Melbourne any tips???
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    Applied 11 March 2021 still no news. Live in Geelong and updated new passport in February still dating received. Hoping I c get an invite to test soon. Anyone else in Geelong waiting?
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    Timeline Victoria

    Hi I applied for citizenship 16/3/21, still no movement so interested to see other peoples timelines in Victoria please?
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    Anyone done IELTS recently?

    Hi all I have my general ielts next week and I'm starting to get nervous! I'm practising as we speak but just wanted to find out what kind of things did you get asked in speaking test? What 250 word essay topics did you get? I have no fear over the letter bit, and I'm sure the listening bit is ok. Reading one I'm a bit nervous about. I would live to get 8's in all 4 areas, how hard is it really? Many advice would be appreciated!! Thank you kez
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    Applied in Melbourne in Jan 2021. No news yet. I don't have my UK passport either as I have sent it to UK to get a new one so hoping I don't get called for test before I get new passport. Guessing i need to show it at the test?
  11. My timeline; Applied for parents visa and exemptions on 1 November. Exemptions granted today 8 November. Visa status still says received. They fly on 8 December (pending visas) waiting nervously.
  12. Exemptions through! Are they linked to visa application or do I need to upload the whisk to each of their visa applications?
  13. Exemptions have now progressed to under consideration. Hoping these come through today then visas start to move!
  14. Yes I included my birth cert too with both my parents on it!
  15. Those who have applied for exemption can you tell me what you said to justify? I just put we want to visit our daughter who is PR as we’ve not seen her for two years. We are in good health and plan to stay with her in Victoria for 6 weeks. I’m hoping that’s ok? also I couldn’t work out bulk lodgement attachment template so I copied application saved it and attached it. Also attached their passports snd my Passport my PR (vevo check) plus a photo of us. Hoping that’s enough too.
  16. Hi all my timeline; Applied for my parents exemption on 1 November 651 visas applied same day flights booked for 8 December (yikes) nervously waiting!
  17. My parents have applied for 651 and travel exemptions on 1 November. They fly to Australia on 8 December so are very nervous the visas etc wont be processed in time. Any other recent timelines out there?
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    651 visa and exemptions

    Hi all My parents have applied for 651 and travel exemptions on 1 November. They fly to Australia on 8 December so are very nervous the visas etc wont be processed in time. Any other recent timelines out there?
  19. Kezzles

    PR granted!

    Hi everyone thought I’d update you as I have t been on this forum for a while! I moved to Australia April 2014 with my partner we spoilt up 11 months later but luckily my employer sponsored me to stay, I then got made redundant a year and half later but again found another employer to sponsor me, I hated that job and was lucky enough to be sponsored again by My current employer. I then met my now husband in 2015 and I applied for my partner visa February 2016. It took 11 months for part one to be granted and last Saturday I finally got my PR granted. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster and I’m now relieved and happy as Larry!!!! Thank you to anyone who has listened and given me advice along the way and for those going through tough times if it’s meant to be it will work out! best of luck kez
  20. Hi all I lodged my on shore Partner visa 801 yesterday and I have already been asked to get a health examination done. I was under the impression applications are taking 12-18 months but health examination would only be valid for 12 months. Is this right? I don't want to rush and get the health exam done if it then becomes invalid, but I don't want to delay my application either. Any advice experience with this appreciated. thanks kez
  21. wow so quick!! thanks for replying :O)
  22. Hi Prakash, how long id it take to get your new nomination approved/tranferred please?
  23. Kezzles

    Timeline 820 Partner visa-onshore

    how long did 820 take?
  24. Hi all, Thought I would start this thread to follow any others waiting for their visa to come through! Applied 26 Feb 2017, application is ready to be assessed, all documents uploaded inc medicals and police checks. Patiently waiting hoping no visa changes come this way!!