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  1. PrakashM

    Changing Employer and occupation on 457

    It took just 1 day. Applied on Wednesday and got the nomination approval mail the next day.
  2. PrakashM

    Changing Employer and occupation on 457

    I got my nomination approved last night. Thanks for your time Raul
  3. PrakashM

    Changing Employer and occupation on 457

    Sure Raul will do. Thanks and really appreciate your help.
  4. PrakashM

    Changing Employer and occupation on 457

    Thanks Raul for the prompt reply. Much appreciated. One last question reg qualifications - I have following with me 1. Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, which was provided during original 457 visa application 2. Resume (over 7 years exp in IT) 3. Payslips (from current employer) Anything else that i may need? Again, thanks much for your assistance.
  5. Hi Raul/Other experts, Sorry Raul, i had to tag you for a quick reply as i found you advising quite promptly and precisely. Question: I am working on 457 Visa (Analyst Programmer - 261311) and found another job with another employer who has nominated me but with a different occupation (ICT Business Analyst - 261111). Will the nomination face any problem? Are they closely related occupation or do i need to give any documentation to prove i have relevant skills? If the case officer does ask for additional information to assess my skills, what sort of documents i can provide? Can i provide my resume which mentions Business Analysis as well? The migration agent from new employer told me there will not be any problems. But i have my doubts. My new employer is a big employer in Australia. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks