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  1. blondie

    Starting Out in Sydney?

    Just remembered though we had permanent residency as soon as we got there so that mY have been why we got the health card .. sorry if I misled,
  2. blondie

    Starting Out in Sydney?

    We lived in Sydney for 7 years and my son has asthma and eczema with the exact same allergens you mention. We lived in north west Sydney (west pennant hills) I found his eczema cleared up completely. His asthma was slightly better but I think that was because we were in the suburbs, lot of houses and manicured lawns, not much in the way of countryside. Our house had hardwood floors throughout. It was a very dusty environment and I had to dust a lot more inside the house. We were told by locals to avoid the south west area as it had very poor air quality. I applied through centrelink for a healthcare card which we got and then just paid a flat rate for all his inhalers and medications. You may find that the school fees you have to pay for a public school could be equal to a private one so I’d advise check out both. 700 a week is a bit on the low side.
  3. blondie

    18 year old returning without parents

    https://www.autism.org.uk/get-involved/jobs/employers.aspx This may help a bit. The equivalent of a YTS is now the Apprenticeship scheme and can be found on the Gov.uk website. There is very good support for students with learning needs within further education but you may have to pay overseas fees for any courses he wants to take. Good luck
  4. blondie

    Primary school teacher moving back

    My daughter qualified as a teacher whilst living in Sydney ... high school for her though. No problems getting employed back in uk as a newly qualified teacher.
  5. blondie

    Claiming Benefits in the UK??

    We had to apply for disability living allowance for our son and weren’t awarded it as we didn’t meet the 3 year residency requirement. We had continued to pay tax in the UK whilst in Oz but that was deemed irrelevant. I can’t comment any further as I don’t know the full rules but as the government are systematically tightening the controls on benefits for people already living here I would suggest you err on the side of caution.
  6. blondie

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=steve+hughes+offended&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari watch all the way through .. funny guy ??
  7. blondie

    Getting a mortgage on return to UK

    So sorry to disappoint .. I contacted him yesterday but he is going into hospital for heart surgery and not taking on any more clients for a time.
  8. blondie

    Getting a mortgage on return to UK

    Rubbish ... make sure you are on the electoral roll, obviously build up your credit score etc. We got a mortgage with the TSB .. no worries. Can send you the details of our financial advisor if you would like.
  9. blondie

    Mass housing development in the UK ?

    Pleased to report my daughter and partner have just returned from 4 days in London and had a great time .... no mugging, assault or theft , plenty of great vegan food, markets, pubs, theatres, jewels and
  10. blondie

    Parent attacks daughters bully

    Rightly or wrongly the man stopped the bullying. My son was bullied in the local scouts group by a particularly nasty child, his mother was on all committees and boards, a really nice lady so nothing was ever said to the family. My son was pulled out of scouts and his tormentor stayed. Fast forward a couple of years and I heard that the bully was now a victim himself and suffering anxiety ... all I could think was .. good, he deserves it. Name and shame all bullies, pull them out of their sports, hobbies and classes. Put them on litter duty at recess, teach them in separate classes and book the whole family into therapy.
  11. blondie

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    I believe genetic memory is a perfectly valid 'thing' ... how does a bird know how to build a nest for the very first time ?? The first time I went to Scotland, it rained every day but I felt very comfortable and cosy there, very much like I was at home. My family grew up in the west country but it transpires there is a family line back to Scotland, so who knows !! We have been back 3 years with its ups and downs but I feel very much that I am home again. We had a short break in February for some winter sunshine and when we were flying back and I could look down and see all the trees and houses etc I felt something in my chest 'click' into place, like a piece of a puzzle being slotted in.
  12. blondie

    Going back to the UK - Property Prices

    We were lucky to find a big open plan barn conversion in Somerset ... had to get a mortgage but husband had a job so the TSB coughed up ? we have definitely not downsized at all.
  13. blondie

    Anyone renewed their Aus passport in UK recently?

    I just got really antsy ... but while sat waiting I had a lightbulb moment of realisation that I find it difficult to conform and therefore NSW drove me slightly mad with the beauracracy ?
  14. blondie

    Anyone renewed their Aus passport in UK recently?

    We did it last year, interviews at Australia house and then it took about 10 days to arrive in the post. Be prepared to queue outside on the street though before you are allowed into Aus house before your allocated time slot.
  15. blondie

    Greetings from the UK

    This :))