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  1. blondie

    Is it worth Shipping a BBQ to UK

    We brought ours back, it works fine
  2. blondie

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    Ok .. that makes sense, thanks for explaining. It might still be possible for our son to travel back then as he has citizenship and wants to do his year work experience in Oz. Just might take all our saved up air miles for the flight
  3. blondie

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    I understand the leaving permanently exemption, but surely if you’ve applied for that then how do you get a flight a few months later to return to Australia? All we seem to hear is that there are thousands of Australians trying to get back home, unsuccessfully. This is a genuine question, asked with no ill intent.
  4. blondie

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    I don’t understand how you managed to get onto a flight to return ? Didn’t you have to apply for an exemption to leave ?
  5. blondie

    Very Difficult Decision

    We were in the same situation and returned to the UK 6 years ago, almost to the day actually. I came back every year for a uk holiday during the 7 years there, each time it was harder to get back on the plane. Have you thought about taking some long term leave and returning for longer, enough for the initial glow to wear off a bit and then seeing how you feel ? Or if returning is a real no go and you want to stay together maybe think about moving to Tasmania, greener and cooler ?
  6. In short no I wouldn’t return ... but yes there are things I miss occasionally, mostly superficial though. I came to the conclusion there is a ‘holiday’ Australia and the one to live and work in, no surprises I wanted to see the holiday one. Living and working in Sydney was my idea of hell but my husbands heaven. I would be happy to private message you to chat as your situation is 100% identical to the one I found myself in.
  7. As soon as we made the decision to go .. I initiated the idea on the understanding that we would stay for the duration of the contract and then come home. We had one quick recci trip to Sydney and it was during this that I reconsidered the whole idea. I felt like I had been dropped into a Chinese city, I had no idea and could only rely on my, clearly, outdated impression of Sydney. The navy then offered us a posting in Perth but that felt too overwhelming to start researching all over again so we plumped for Sydney. Stayed 7 years. Been back in UK 5 years.
  8. blondie

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    I get bitten by mozzies wherever I go in the world .. midges love me too 🥰. We lived in Sydney and I can’t say the Gold Coast was any worse than our suburban back garden
  9. blondie

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    We have a 4 bed townhouse which we are currently renting out. It’s in a gated complex called Runaway Royale, Coombabah. I know there’s a bus stop just outside the complex. The shopping mall (runaway bay) is about 3 minutes by car and there is a much bigger one called harbour town about 6 minutes by car. There’s a health centre near-by. The residents in the complex are a mixed bunch, lots of retirees. It’s quiet and orderly. Brisbane airport is under an hour away. Maybe that’s a suburb worth exploring ?
  10. blondie

    Starting Out in Sydney?

    Just remembered though we had permanent residency as soon as we got there so that mY have been why we got the health card .. sorry if I misled,
  11. blondie

    Starting Out in Sydney?

    We lived in Sydney for 7 years and my son has asthma and eczema with the exact same allergens you mention. We lived in north west Sydney (west pennant hills) I found his eczema cleared up completely. His asthma was slightly better but I think that was because we were in the suburbs, lot of houses and manicured lawns, not much in the way of countryside. Our house had hardwood floors throughout. It was a very dusty environment and I had to dust a lot more inside the house. We were told by locals to avoid the south west area as it had very poor air quality. I applied through centrelink for a healthcare card which we got and then just paid a flat rate for all his inhalers and medications. You may find that the school fees you have to pay for a public school could be equal to a private one so I’d advise check out both. 700 a week is a bit on the low side.
  12. blondie

    18 year old returning without parents

    https://www.autism.org.uk/get-involved/jobs/employers.aspx This may help a bit. The equivalent of a YTS is now the Apprenticeship scheme and can be found on the Gov.uk website. There is very good support for students with learning needs within further education but you may have to pay overseas fees for any courses he wants to take. Good luck
  13. blondie

    Primary school teacher moving back

    My daughter qualified as a teacher whilst living in Sydney ... high school for her though. No problems getting employed back in uk as a newly qualified teacher.
  14. blondie

    Claiming Benefits in the UK??

    We had to apply for disability living allowance for our son and weren’t awarded it as we didn’t meet the 3 year residency requirement. We had continued to pay tax in the UK whilst in Oz but that was deemed irrelevant. I can’t comment any further as I don’t know the full rules but as the government are systematically tightening the controls on benefits for people already living here I would suggest you err on the side of caution.