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  1. FOL

    Corona Virus

    I can't comprehend why people say "the economy is not that important, health is the only thing that counts". You seriously underestimate how a screwed up economy is impacting people's health - including a boatload of deaths. How many people can pay for mortgage and food when there is no work? The government will bail us all out? Impossible. Suicide, starvation, homelesness all will be at all time highs.
  2. FOL

    Corona Virus

    Speak to your case officer. They may extend the deadline.
  3. FOL

    Corona Virus

    Nah, closed is closed. Imho it should be closed even interstate. (For WA at least)
  4. FOL

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Congrats buddy, are you going to get divorced before or after your kid is born? Edit: ah he did less than 2 weeks ago. Classy bloke
  5. FOL

    What are you doing for New Year?

    I'm in Perth. There is fireworks at 10pm over here as well, but we have to travel a bit and it is jam packed with people. After the fireworks almost everyone goes away and that's it. Sure you can stay at the venue, but at a street or estate level there is hardly anything going on.
  6. FOL

    What are you doing for New Year?

    NYE down under is quite boring (as a young family) compared to the Netherlands where we are originally from. There is fireworks everywhere and everyone is outside partying with everyone. Over here, without a clock you wouldn't even know NY has started already.
  7. FOL

    What's Your Poison?

    Sugar is terrible. Very bad and very very very addictive. Edit: sorry derailing topic.
  8. FOL

    What's Your Poison?

    My poision is sugar.
  9. Your life will be hell if you will have kids and you are still struggling. Don't do it, your future kids deserve better. Not saying you shouldn't have kids. You should if you want to. But life is tough when you have kids and if you already have a rough and unstable situation, you will make your life, that of your partner and of your kid(s) unpleasant.
  10. FOL

    Is this really summer in Australia ?

    Your question is wrong. It should be "is this really Melbourne's summer?" Then the answer is: yep, that's Melbourne. Perth 33 to 38 in the next few days.
  11. FOL

    UK General Election Predictor

    Sjeez, he does NOT know how to debate. No wonder they are behind in the polls.
  12. FOL

    UK General Election Predictor

    With Labour's upcoming loss (let's be real) there's nothing in Boris' way to get a Brexit right? Even a no deal Brexit is possible again as he can now revert the Benn-motion?
  13. FOL

    Best video calling Aus to Uk

    Facetime, facebook messenger, whatsapp, skype, they are all fine and all free. Just make sure your internet connection is stable and fast.
  14. FOL

    Three snakes in three days

    You're right... should have said "in Perth"
  15. FOL

    Three snakes in three days

    I wish we had pythons in the wild over here...the only snakes we have in WA are the ones that actually kills you (albeit after being some kind of threat to them)