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  1. I am scheduled to fly next monday business class Amsterdam to Perth with singapore airlines. Around 6k, so heaps cheaper than first class. Other than that I have no advice, just hoping I can get back to my family who are in Perth
  2. FOL

    Anybody instantly regret the move back?

    We ping ponged. I was in a bad place both in AU and my home country. Went back to AU after a year and settled since then. I think it helped to go back and live there for a year, but then again, the main problem was that I was not doing well mentally. Even if you could, going for a holiday wouldn't help you. You have to live there for at least a while to experience if that is it for you. During a holiday everything is better.
  3. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    It is an assumption, but they may make more from quarantine passengers than from the super low booking rate they have from tourists.
  4. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    Yeah, that's even worse. I have received an exemption to fly out because of compassionate reasons. At the same time that darn government causes that I can't go back. Either I won't see my dying mum anymore or I miss the birth of my child and leave my wife all alone while we already have a toddler running around. Well done Aussie government, well thought out.
  5. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    One person per row or geck even one row empty between, unless family, then they can sit in the same row. Would make a huge difference already.
  6. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    There are a lot of hotels almost empty, a lot of people without jobs and a lot of people who would like to come home and accept quarantine. Sounds like 1+1+1 to me?
  7. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    All that staff you talk about rather has work than no work. So be mindful of them and let people fly. On top of that, there are stories or economy class only having 1 person sitting there in the entire section! The numbers can be bumped up much more while still plenty of room for social distancing and safe handling imho.
  8. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    That was me not the topic starter (unless we are in the same situation). If it is about seeing a close family member possibly alive for the last time, you have to go imho. There is quite a bit of noise at political level regarding this subject, so hopefully they do aomething about the caps. It's stupid really. Hotels can make money as a quarantine hotel and people can go back home. Win-win and low risk if done properly.
  9. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    I haven't heard or exemptions being denied for direct family members who are terminally ill.
  10. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    Thanks Marisa, thought the exemption would have been sufficient. Unfortunately it depends what you call "lucky", it's on compassionate grounds. Hopefully I can get back... reading these nightmares everyone's having to get back while my (pregnant) wife and 2yo daughter are at home...
  11. FOL

    Flights to Perth

    Do you need a g2g pass when you got a travel exemption to leave Audtralia? I have an exemption and fly out beginning of october to come back 3 weeks later (if...). Need to be back before end of the year due to pregnant wife.
  12. That is a huge exaggeration. Yes Afro Americans may be subject to racism by police and get shot (and killed) more by them than 'White' people, it's still a very, very slim chance.
  13. Not my words. Although I can understand it to a certain degree, he explained there has been a mob raiding houses and burning things.
  14. FOL

    Mandurah/Rockingham and British Pies!

    It is quite a limited budget to buy a property for $350k. That usually attracts people from different socio-economic groups you may not identify with. Both Rockingham and Mandurah don't have a great reputation, but as some commented. Some areas may be better than others.
  15. The guy tried to defend his neighborhood by swinging with a machete. He already confirmed in an interview that was not the wisest decision. The riots and violence during these protests are terrible. "They" are hurting people who are not hurting them. It's stupidity at it's finest.