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  1. flag of convenience

    Doom and gloomers

    Well I'd say close on half the Poms I've known have left over the course of twenty years. Not all through disliking Australia, just tiring or time to move on. Not all returned to Britain some went to New Zealand, one went to Spain, others to Canada and a couple moved to Thailand. Just shows there are plenty of places to experience adventure. By all means praise Australia, but remember many find solace in life in other avenues as well. Really means little at the end of the day providing contentment is found in the place one call's home. Who cares if some knock a place? Just point out your own experience without bothering about comments differing to yours.
  2. flag of convenience

    Doom and gloomers

    No one knows anything. But the crux be aware if coming to Perth, boom times are in the past. It remains a rather expensive city, with little guarantee of anything. It may or may not work out. I don't see a thing wrong of warning incomers of hazards to successful settlement. Every chance many will discard warnings anyway and believe what they want. So be it. Lots of Aussies though have bleatingly awoken to rather serious issues in the economy impacting on them personally. Out to dinner tonight and the conversation in part reflected on the hard times incurred by mutual aquatinters. If newcomers don't chose to take heed their problem.
  3. flag of convenience

    Employment in Perth

    They say all roads are out of Perth at the moment. Times are tough here. Best secure employment prior to turning up.
  4. flag of convenience

    Doom and gloomers

    I'm afraid I don't really see it like that. This is an Australian Migration Forum, inclusive or should be of the varying opinionated sides of the equation. Just who are these folk that are apparently trolls or at best doomsters? I am not sure I can think of one. People do come on a tell horrid tales from time to time of life in OZ but usually expire from the forum without sticking around long. While perhaps confronting for the 'purists' (see no evil, etc) and lets introduce a form of censure ship on this forum controlling negative feedback which does rise its head from time to time, it would IMO greatly diminish the forum and be akin to Facebook or another state thread that springs to mind, which reeks on the verge of being tedious for the tone dominant. No doubt many would welcome such a move as suggestions have been made to rid the forum of Chewing the Fat and maintaining the forum on a purely migration information basis.
  5. flag of convenience

    Sydney superiority

    Sure does help though. Complaints easier to endure than the opposite I'd expect.
  6. flag of convenience

    Doom and gloomers

    I equally think unhappy ones have felt intimidated to post on this forum. Certainly in the past, pre down turn times and wages appeared high compared to homeland. (in many cases) Rather obvious IMO when times get tougher more negative comment will reflect the times. Just the thread heading could be seem as a little condensation, to those with the experience of enduring declining conditions, under prevailing circumstances and the changing fortunes for many in the nation. We get it that some come from far poorer conditions and Australia is a rather large step up, but long termers may well, or those not so long here but impacted by those conditions may well see things differently.
  7. flag of convenience

    Sydney superiority

    Amsterdam city centre would give Sydney a run if size is what is being referred to. When I lived in Amsterdam, (80's)its population was around 700,000 smaller than Perth WA, but probably fifty times more things going on and to do. Last time in Berlin was under going a make over. But regardless of change and personal preference, Berlin has a bigger population than Paris as you failed to note.
  8. flag of convenience

    Sydney superiority

    Well I can tell you the growing number of street sleepers here in Perth, is a shock to most thinking Aussies. We are not America and heaven help us as we increasingly appear to be taking that road.
  9. flag of convenience

    Sydney superiority

    They do, but no reason for the rapid increase in homelessness besides deliberate policy of exclusion, which I admit is a growing problem.
  10. flag of convenience

    Sydney superiority

    I think you are right. Sydney and Melbourne to an extent appear increasingly built around hype. Worlds best city to live. The list goes on. In fact we almost flew earlier to Sydney just to catch the fireworks, as my partner seems to get some bizarre satisfaction from them and has seen the Sydney one before. It took all off two minutes to veto that plan and go to Sydney four days later.
  11. flag of convenience

    Sydney superiority

    What you are missing of course, is that there are simply not enough shelters to go around. You also hadn't considered the fact that housing in Australia, is no longer cheap, thus unaffordable with Centre Link payment on the private market. Besides being unaffordable there is a lot of stigma, deliberately fanned in cases by authorities blaming the homeless for predicament, which in turn means very hard to rent on the private market. As I noted earlier, many shelters are at best band aid measures, allowing respite and a roof for a limited period of time. It could be a few days to a few months but under funding reg's there is too, often a time frame involved. This country is crying out for affordable shelter. The situation will only worsen unless the will develops to turn things around. I wonder why you consider people would make a deliberate decision to be homeless? In a land of next to no security of rented tenure, limited rental government allowance, few state housing options, high immigration, it is little wonder that vulnerable are cast aside.
  12. flag of convenience

    Sydney superiority

    But you overlook or are plain unaware that Berlin has a larger population than Paris. Three and a half million compared to about two and a half million for metropolitan Paris. Berlin is hardly a village. Amsterdam while having a small population metro wise being well under a million. It should be remembered that city is often included in a far wider area that adds substantially to the population.
  13. flag of convenience

    Waterfront Expensive Perth Lunch

    Canberra has never been known for it's cheapness. Too many over paid public servants. Perth entered the frame as rip off city somewhere in the latter naughties I guess. These days? There's a recession in Perth, time reality reflected the times.
  14. flag of convenience

    Dilemma Oz or UK

    Local government provides them as far as I'm aware. Yes can be decorative. We have lots of such things around where I live. Mixed results. Some locations are seldom in use. Others get more of a workout. I guess the protective nature of parents prohibits greater use without their presence.
  15. flag of convenience

    I made some mistakes when I was young...

    We only learn when we realise just how little we really know. Let alone letting go what is really very unimportant.